Even god wants us to meet….twinj (Epi 1)

Hi it’s me manya I am going to write a little different ……
Epi starts
A modern but traditional girl , cute chubby Sweet very beautiful girl ( we knw twinkle )
A dashing hero smart hansom none other than Kunj
So llet’s start
A girl is shown sleeping with blanket ac fan evrythig
An old lady shouts her name twinkle
Nd twinkle sill sleeping. The old lady is revealed to be leela…

A hot hansom boy jogging in the road nd all the gals staring him ….Our Kunj….He re turns home Nd greats his family …evry1 settles down fur bf nd Kunj started shouting czz it was the first day of their practice

Same here with twinj
L . Tw get up u forgot abt the practice? ?
Tw. Maaaaaaammm 2 min
L. Agerily shours
Tw. Haaam mmmaaeeaaa I woke up ohhhh shit it’s 10. I’ll be late shit by naaa by evry1

Kunj also drives for his practice
On the road both twinj cars in opp direction but both of them dinnt see…..

Credit to: Manya


  1. Aastha

    hi dear u started to wrie ff when no one is there…all tu fans r busy…so donot be sad if the no. of comments will be less bcauz when all be free they will of course comment…. come back guyz i am missing u all( crazy ritzi akku pali sanam sweetue anushka lovleen and many more …come back and plz comment)

    • Actually m a dancer so that’s y
      This ff is nt exactly like tei….but will be different 1
      Nw my xams r going on ill write evrydae 1
      After mah xms I’ll write more than 1 okk
      Nd I’ll introduce to the rest charecters afterwards in the

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.