Even God Want Us 2be Together Forever….twinj (tashan e ishq) OS

hey guys amaya here once again with an cute short os…..
here u go….

A gurudawara is shown people are coming and worshiping all are strangers don’t know each other but one can never oppose god or can say if god wants he can make two stranger fall for each other….that’s what happen in this story….
People In gurudawara are worshiping to god…and here one princess come wearing white anarkali open hair full of innocence come nd closed her eyes worshipping god nd from the other side one prince charming came closed his eyes nd worshipping…
After they worship they both go to the hall to serve people the food calld langar..yet they both didn’t know each other but still they saw nd stared each other…they together serve the food help each other nd also passed smile just for sake of humanity or something else..this ques was having no answer from either of the both side… at last when they were about to go the boy asked the girl

Boy – u came everyday I think…..i saw u everyday helping people
Girl – yes..i come everyday helping people gives me immense of peace nd happiness………….by the way u also come here everyday..isnt it
Boy – well yes…I too come here as by coming here I get lot of peace…..by the way ur name
Girl – twinkle….twinkle taneja ( jasmine bhasin ) nd urs
Boy – kunj sarna (sidhant gupta )…..ummm well I must say u r very different from other girls yet quite sweet nd simple
Girl – thanks…nd u too r gud I mean different yet the best guy I must say…
Boy – thanks….
Girl – okk soo bye I must go now..
Boy – ya…byee..
After this meeting they both were having a broad yet satisfied smile….they were happy to talk to each other…but why….they both didn’t know…
Kunj sarna house
Priya – chachu chachu…..chachu aa gye….
Kunj – hey my baby doll… he kisses his forehead and said so finally you wake up early (its 7 in morning)
Priya – yes chachu I woke up and now as per ur promise we will go out and play…
Kunj – sure my baby doll….lets come…
Kunj and priya went there…first they walked nd then suddenly priya saw rahul her classmate cum friend….
Priya – chachu…see my friend rahul ….come lets go there I want to play with my friend….
Kunj – ok ok my doll come..
They both go there when suddenly priya started running nd kunj was after her stopping her but of no use suddenly she fell…..rahul saw and goes there and the girl with rahul also went there…
Meanwhile kunj was at little distance the girl made priya get up and cups her face consoling as she was crying…
Meanwhile kunj too came and got tensed..he hurriedly goes towards priya and hugged her..the girl was twinkle but kunj didn’t saw her and twinkle was eyeing him lovingly seeing his concern towards the girl…
Kunj- how many times I have told u not to run but you didn’t listen
Priya – while crying …sorry chachu….holding her ears
Kunj – smiling at her innocence……wipping her tear he said its ok but not again…
Priya nodded..
Kunj stood up and said thanks to the girl but before completing he was shocked to see twinkle
Twinkle – I really loved the way u r just lyk every girl wants
They both smiled nd had deep eyelock both were falling for each other as if they didn’t want this tym to go..
Meanwhile the two children started playing and twinj sat at a bench nd started talking nd they became friends every day they came talk at the park they exchanged there numbers and started doing chatting all night…..both were madly in love with each other….nd one day –

Kunj messages twinkle
I want to tell u something really important can we meet tonight at xyz place
Twinkle reads this nd gets supeer happy she immediately replied ‘sure will meet at 7 pm ‘
Kunj to gets happy
At night they both came well dressed both were mesmerized to see each other….kunj was looking hot as usual wearing a black coat-pant nd twinkle was wearing a black gown…
Kunj – u r looking very beautifull
Twinkle – thanks…u too r looking handsome..
Kunj – thanks
There was complete scilence and after 2 min kunj said
Kunj – twinkle I m really bad at filmy dialogues but yes I want to say that whenever I saw u I fell in love with you again nd again…twinkii I love u…I really love you,…..nd I cnt live without you….
Twinkle – having tears of happiness said I love u too kunj I love u….
They both hugged each other…then kunj wipped her tears saying I don’t lyk tears I ur eyes whether its of happiness….
They both got more closer nd finally they kissed each other they both were enjoying the kiss…their tongues were playing with each other….a deep passionate full of love kiss it was….
After some time they broke it nd together they said I love u….
They were very close to each other…kunj kissed her neck her eyes and cheeks…twinkle also kisses his cheeks and eyes and once again their lips meet nd they kissed which was more deep passionate from the first….


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