Even death can’t separate us (OS)


Hey guyss sameera here thought of trying something new so I write a OS hope u all lyk it
A girl is seen buying candles n going to graveyard n sits there crying
It’s since 2 years u died I have been finding ur culprit to take ur revenge I got to know about him I will take our revenge today kunj she says
Fb shows
A girl is shown going to pastry shop she orders a black forest but the shop keeper says we don’t have that pastry now
Now only that guys buys it she request him to give it to her as it was her Best friend bday the boy smiles on her childness she goes thanking him
Days after they meet
Girl dad ask her to meet Mr sarna son kunj sarna and mr sarna ask kunj to meet Mr taneja daughter twinkle
They were happy to see each other n shocked too becoz their fathers declare that they have to marry
Days passes they go on date night outs n falls in love with each other
Their marriage day come twinkle is dresses in a beautiful lehenga and kunj in a dashing sherwani they got married with all the rituals
Someone calls kunj n he head outside but someone fires a bullets on him n he died at his marriage day fb ends
I got widow on my married day only says twinkle while crying
She lights candle on the grave n says I will always be yours even death can’t separate us

She goes to isolated place someone is seen following her n she gets inside that person holds her I know u will come here u think u were following me no I have made you follow me says twinkle “wow so u got to know I killed ur live ur husband said yuvraj smirking
I will not leave u yuvraj why have u killed kunj says twinkle
Bcoz of u my career destroyed n I destroy ur life by killing ur love said yuvraj
Flashback shows
Uv n twinkle were in a singing competition uv mixes something in twinkle sees him doing that n complaint about it he gets disqualified n his career destroyed fb ends
Another girl comes there clapping n says wow yuvraj I thought u were a good man n I married u but u destroyed someone’s life “no mahi it’s not true replied yuvraj
I have never seen a bl**Dy jerk like u I will kill myself n ur daughter too says mahi
U destroyed my life n I wanted to take ur life says twinkle while pointing gun at uv but she sees kunj standing in front of her n says u will not get anything by killing him he will repent himself says kunj n her imagination ends
Mahi takes gun from hand n says I will kill my daughter n myself too she points gun towards her daughter n twinkle comes in between she was talking her last breathe
I realised my mistake n I am very sorry I know I can’t give ur kunj back plzz forgive me says yuvraj he surrender himself to police n twinkle dies ……
A beautiful place is shown kunj is shown telling I know my twinkle can’t take any one life twinkle turns in white frock n says it’s u who showed me right path they say I love u to each other n hug
Twinkle says I told u na kunj

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  1. Awwwwww sameera cute n short…..
    Amazing do write more like this more….???????

  2. Mitali


  3. Tanishasharma2108

    You litteraly made me cry anyways it is just speechless pls post more OS pls you we really a good writter

  4. Shatakshi

    Sameera that was so beautifully written…
    N u express the emotion so well…
    Really loved it to the core????

  5. Fan

    Super os…veryunique story. …..

  6. OMG Sameera….Its Incredible

  7. Saby

    Sam it was so sweet, and cute
    really SUPERB….

  8. Kruti

    Awwww…..so emotional…luved it

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam yaar it was too gud
    chota packet bada dhamaka
    keep writing

  10. Sayeeda

    Superb…. rula diya yrr…
    Plzzz come up with more os

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww too cute n sweet story keep writing os also sam

  12. Angel_pari

    it was pretty sweet story 🙂

  13. Yashasvi

    awwww so sweet n cute os.11111111111111 loved it.!!!!!!!!!!!! sameer just owsm

  14. omg sameera osm yr

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