Even death cant apart us (Part 1)

Suhani drinks water .
Suhani – last 6 years changed my life totally . How can i forget how we meet ??
Everyone was saying in college do you know a new boy came in college ??
Girls – he is so hot … omg !!
I just didnt cared for it .
Bcoz i was knowing that i m the best girl in this college .

In class room .
I was making plains with paper .
Just then that new boy came and picks the plain i was about to throw another plain but i saw him standing there .
He asked me my name .
I replied doing action that my name is suhani .
He too replied and i got to know that his name is yuvraj birla .

Next day .
Yuvraj came infront of me .
He said that he loves me .
I just looked at him .
He continued that he loves me and want a serious relationship .
I asked for a timepass relation.
He agreed .
We get to knew each other more and more and i liked him .

After a week .
He saw me talking with sambhav.
I went to him
He – suhani why you were talking with him ??
I – yuvraj you cant say me anything as u r like my friend nothing more than that
He – i …
Suhani – i know you love me but like you there are 1000 boyz behind me that doesnt matter to me
I left from there .

I was normal but yuvraj was totaly broken after our breakup .

After 2 days .
I got a call from anuj
I picked up the call .
Anuj – suhani plz come fast yuvrqj mom is coming and he is only saying your name to get ready .
Me – do something
Anuj – her mother will be very upset to see yuvraj in this state hope you understand .
He hang up the call .

I was not having any feeling towards him then also …

I entered his room .
I saw pratima aunty already there .
I went to yuvraj and i gave him water to drink .
I dreseed him well .
I wiped his tears .

When i thought that he is fine . I stood up to go .
He hold my hand and said me .
No one can love you how i love you and you will also never love anyone like you love me .
I just replied yes .

Pratima aunty told me that she is leaving .
Me – aunty dont go like this
Aunty – beta i was just worried for yuvraj but now i know you are with her
Me – yes aunty i promise i will never leave him .

Pratima aunty left .

I went to yuvraj .
Yuv – do you love me ??
I – yes and this time its permenent relation

We huged each other tightly .

3 years passed and we were in love .

But there was a change in our life ….

Guys think what was the change in there life .
Hope you liked it . At last you will know that why suhani is speaking everything
Plz comment guys and i will end it in 3 shots only .


  1. Bhargavi

    Its awesome and very interesting …plz do continue and update asap…yuvraj loving suhani first thats really cool!!!

  2. Radha

    Hi avni this is veru fresh and new concept .i like it alot.i really dont have any idea of that change.but i am excited to know what is it.pls post nxt episode asap dear.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.