Our eternal love (Twinj, Yuhi, Sidni, Swasan, Raglak) Promo and Intro

Our eternal love (Twinj, Sidni, Yuhi, Swasan, Raglak)
2 guys n 1 girl is shown fighting..they r pillow fighting..soon the room was filled with pillow feathers n their laughters..but soon their laughter changed into tension..they all saw around the room n started searching something..whole room was a mess..the girls says”Bhai it was ur fault..u started..” the 1st boy says”Oh really..it was my fault or his..n urs was too..” he said pointing towards the other 2..the 2nd boy said”ya..really bro..it was my fault only..the thing that happens in this house between we 3 the ultimate reason for it is me..right..stupid persons..” the girl says”stop talking nonsense..

find my project..” 2nd boy says”correction madam..not my..its our..ok..if u dont know how to say our..let me teach u..its spelling is our..say our..ok..” the girl gets irritated..she says”shut up..n bhai what r u seeing come on help us find OUR project..” “it was ur projects not my..so all the best..byee” saying so he leaves n the girl n boy makes a ‘hawww’ face..they both gives death glare to each other n starts searching thier projects..
Next scene..
A very big haveli is shown..there fire shots r heard n then the next thing was 2 men threw another man out of the house who was injured n probably dead..then inside the mansion we see a man in his mid 30’s was holding the gun..then there comes a girl in her mid 20’s..she was coming there seeing here n there..she comes n takes the gum frm man’s hand n Shoot the man who was shivering in fear..the man smiled n her n she smiled back..she then took a bag n was going out when man says”u r not going out alone..beta there r many persons who just need a chance to take revange frm me..if u will go alone they may kill u..plzz take ur brother with u..” “come on dad..

i m not a kid anymore that i will have to take him with me always..i can go on my own..” said the girl..”but beta it is necessary for ur safety..” the man said..the girl said “i have learnt to keep myself safe i dont need anyone for my safety..atleast not him..” she said pointing towards the boy who was coming frm stairs..he was also in his mid 20’s..he says “its ok dad..if she dont want to come with me..” “thank god for the first time u said something because of which i m feeling good..otherwise the thing u know is only doing rubbish things..i dont know how come u r my brother..” said the girl..the man(their dad) said “mind ur language girl..he will come with u n that’s final..if u dont agree then u mat go to ur room..” “ok fine..” said the girl..n then the boy takes the cars keys n girl goes with him..the man thinks ‘when will these two will behave good with each other..hope everything will be fine soon..’

Next scene
A boy n a girl is shown coming out of the airport..another boy comes n greets them..he says “welcome bhai n choti..” the girl says “bhai..stop calling me that..” the boy says “ok ok fine choti..” the girl gives him death glare..he says “ok fine..by The way..how was ur journey..” 2nd boy(who came frm airport..) says “without u it was boring..” 1st boy says “I have not bought butter bhai..stop ok..” 2nd boy nods his head in left to right motion n says “so how was the meeting..” 1st boy “good..come mom dad will be waiting..” girl says “hmm..i m missing my moms gajar ka halwa..lovely..” both the boys shakes their head in side to side motion..n the trio leaves to their home..
Next scene
The same girl in 1st scene is shown entering in a house..she sees another girl of her age only n goes to her..she says “did u completed the project..if yes then plzz write mine too..” 2nd girl shakes her head in no n says “y..what were u doing in ur whole vacation..still there is more time left..do it..” “ya ya..y will u do it..u r no more my best friend na..u found a new one..right..” said the 1st girl..the 2nd girl said “stop ur emotional blackmail..give me..i will do it..” “no need..we r going for a picnic..i have already done my project..i was just testing u..” said the 1st girl..the 2nd girl gave her an ‘impossible look’ n said “where we will go..?” “dont know..” was the reply she got..”but i guess to some adventurous place only..u r going with me afterall..” she continued..the 2nd girl said “adventurous place..really..i srsly dont wanna come..” “m not asking..but m saying so pack ur bags..we will leave soon..” said the 1st girl n went after bidding her a byee..
Next scene
The same girl n boy in the 2nd scene r shown going To the railway station..there they were waiting for the train to arrive..then suddenly the boy saw some1 staring at the girl..he said “i m coming..” to the girl n went in the direction of the person was staring her..he took him to a corner n beated him blue n black..he then came back to hte girl..he sees towards her n when she saw him seeing her she turned her face away frm him..he too made his face in the opposite direction..then they heard the train sound n a smile appeared in their lips..they saw towards the gate n were waiting impatiently..suddenly they saw a girl stepping out of the train..they both smiled n went to her..the boy took her suitcase n trio went to the exit..they all settled down in the car..the boy asks the girl “how r u..” the girl says “fine bhai..by the way hows everyone doing..” “great..” says the boy..”listen na dude..why r u so silent..r u dumb..” said the girl..2nd girl said “u 2 were talking n i dont like to interfere in some1’s talk as well as life just like some1 else..” “dude..whats wrong..u both still dont talk with each other..guys come on yaar..for how much time will u both not talk with each other..u both need to talk yaar..” said 2nd girl..”not interested..” said both together..they trio went to their home..
▪Taneja family▪
Ramindar/RT Taneja: a cool father..owner of taneja industry..supports his children n love them all..

Leela Taneja: a cool mother..wife of ramindar taneja..she is also supportive in whatever her Children does..but nothing wrong..

Yuvraj/Yuvi Taneja:a cool, carefree, hot guy..the eldest son of the taneja family..20 years old..is helping his father with the family business..he is also studying..3rd year of his college..his passion is writing n thinks that if he will get a chance he will surely write something..but his father wants him to become a big businessman..so he is studying business management..loves his siblings but often fights with them but the fight is just full of love..dont have hard feelings for any1..

Sidharth/Sid Taneja: a cool, carefree, bold, hot guy..he is twin brother of Twinkle taneja but is elder than her..18 years old..he is also helping his father with the business but is also a college going guy..he has passion for photographer n says that if he will get the chance he will surely become a photographer..but his father wants him to become engineer..so he is studying engineering..he also loves every1 n always fights with her twin sister twinkle..

Twinkle Taneja: a cool, carefree, bold, smart, hot girl..she is the youngest in the taneja family n twin siater of Sidharth taneja..18 years old..she sometimes helps her father n brothers with the business..but she has passion for music..her father wants her to become a doctor so she is studying science..she loves every1 n always keeps on teasing his brothers which always cause fights between them but its always full of love..
▪Sarna family▪
Manohar sarna: a don..but good at heart..his wife diedBecause of a drunk driver n frm then he became a don..loves his children alot..but often gets sad n tensed seeing them fighting..he wants them to unite soon..

Usha sarna: Late mother of kunj sarna n ragini sarna..was hit by a drunk driver n died..but she loved her children alot..

Kunj sarna: a cool,hot, handsome, caring but carefree guy..he is 20 years old..elder brother of ragini..he is studying engineering but his father wants him to become just as him..a don..he listens to his heart n does whatevere his heart says to do..he has a passion for painting..he loves his sister but shows it to every1 that he also hates her just as she does..but he is violent when it comes to his sister..his family is his life..

Ragini sarna: a cool, hot, smart, bold girl..she is 18 years old n is studying engineering..she has passion for dance n also she wanted to study business management but as she is not allowed to go alone she has to study engineering..she hates his brother because shw thinks that vecause of him she has to do whatever his father asks her to do coz she is a girl n he is a boy so he is given more freedom..but that is not true..its just her thinking..except for her brother she loves every1..but she still cares for him..
▪Maheshwari family▪
Raj maheshwari:Father of sanskar, roshini n laksh..has a business of jewelery..he is a loving,caring father..loves his children alot..

Simran maheshwari:Mother of sanskar,roshini n laksh..she is wife of raj n loves her children alot..

Sanskar maheshwar: a cool, carefree, hot guy..loves every1..20 years old..eldest son in the family..studying business management..helps his father in his business of hotel..his passion is for cooking..he cooks delicious food..he loves every1 n helps every1..but he keeps on fighting with his siblings..he also loves to play pranks..good at heart..

Laksh maheshwari: a cool, carefree, hot, loving guy..19 years old..younger frm sanskar but elder frm roshini..studying acting(srry dont know what it is called..)..he has passion for playing guitar..he loves every1 but still fights with his siblings..loves to play pranks just as sanskar..good at heart..

Roshini maheshwari: a cool, smart, bold girl..17 years old..youngest one in the maheshwari family..she is the apple of every1’s eye coz she is the only daughter of the maheshwari family..studying fashion designing..modeling is her passion..she is good at heart but she is always fighting with her siblings..but she loves every1..
▪Khurana family▪
Manish khurana: late father of swara khurana..died due to heart attack..but he loved his daughter very much..

Mona khurana: mother of swara khurana..loves her daughter very much..is having a hotel business..is working as her husband is no more..

Swara khurana: a cool, carefree, bold, stylish, beautiful girl..best friend of twinkle..she is like her sister..18 years old..the only heiress of khurana family..she also visits her company n helps her mother coz she is alone handling the company..she is studying science..her passion is eating..hehe..her passion is for travelling..she loves to travell..loves every1..
▪Khanna family▪
Suraj khanna:late father of mahi khanna..died in a plane crash..has a magazine company..loved his daughter very much..

Aastha khanna:late mother of mahi khanna..died in a plane crash..wife of late suraj khanna..loved her daughter very much..

Mahi khanna:a cute, cool, carefree, bold, smart, beautiful girl..18 years old..sister(maternal) of ragini n kunj..she is the only heiress of khanna family..now the owner of the magazine company of his father..she loved his father n mother very much..will now stay with manohar..studying fashion designing..has a passion for reading..loves every1..
Finally guyz..
I m back..
Now let me intoduce myself to u all..m a regular but irregular tashan e ishq member..
Guyz i dont know many things about swasan n raglak coz i dont see swaragini but i have heard many things about them so thought to include them in my ff..
This is my first try of ff with so many charachters mainly so many couple..
But this story was revolving in my mind so thought to jot it down..
So about myself..m jasmin(fake name)..12 years old..going to 13 this year on 4th of june..studying in 7th n going to 8th standard in this year after my results..i guess this is enough..
So guyz as it is of sooo many couples i guess i can get 30+ comments..come on guyz..m greedy but if i can get 15 comments in just frm tei..this is the ff of 5 couples..n m just asking u guyz 30+ comments..
Ok now something else..
Did u liked this story..?
Hope so..*finger crossed*
Guyzz tommorow there r my Tests n m here writing this story for u guyz..
Now second thing..i might be irregular coz of exams..i will post its 1st part ofter 17th of march or before it..it will be depended on my preperations for exams..but even if i post it in between my papers i may post small epis..
Now guyz there r 2 options for u all n i want every1 to choose any1 frm them
1) I will post it on sundays n the epi will be long enough..i guess..but as i m posting this promo n intro on friday it may get posted on saturday so dont expect me to post it the very next day..i may post the next episode on the next sunday or directly after 17th of march..
2) I will post it on 3 or 2 days in the week but the epis will be small but will contain every couple..i guess..if u r choosing this option then tell me which days..i may not be able to post it on the same days but yeah i will try to..n sometimes i may post only 1 epi in a week due to some circumstances..m telling u guyz i may post the epi after 17th of march..
Guyz..i may not be able to post in may n april some days like 2-4 weeks coz m going to my brothers wedding..n i m not sure if i can post before 17th of march..but i will try..dont forget me guyz..
N whoever commented on my 2s last shot..ty to every1..
Love u all..
Be cool..
Be smart..
Love every1..
Love me :P..
Love u all..

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  1. Sohi

    Hey jasmin welcome to tei telly updates dear
    You are very young writer good see your talent
    Plot seems very interesting
    Do continue

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm sohi di..will surely try to write soon..

  2. Baby

    Hey jasmin… 🙂
    I remember u n missed u yr…..
    Loved d intro srsly u r nailing it….
    Loved d promo n everything manohar n kunj r scary yaar…..well still loved it….lods of love…..☆★♡♥☆★♥☆★♡♥☆★♡♥all couples intro was fabulous….post as u get time baby…..
    Love u…….. 🙂 🙂
    Well m 16 n m in 11th hope u remembered me……

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm baby di..i surely remember u..how can i forget u..n i knkw they r scary but after sometime they will come back to their human form..hehe..i will surely post if i get time..love u too..

  3. Presha

    Awesome just loved it do continue soon

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm presha di..will surely try to post soon..

  4. Jasmin

    Tyvm presha di..will surely try to post soon..

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome…eagerly waiting for first part

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm purnima di..will try to post soon..

  6. Ramya

    Awesome jjasmin
    In very young stage u have great writing skills
    Post according to ur convenient no hurry
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm ramya di..i will try to post it soon..love u too..

  7. SidMin

    Interesting …. Loved the plot …
    All the best for your exams …Post when you have time 🙂

    1. Tyvm sidmin dii..i will post as i get free..

  8. Loved it…. Post soon

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm sana dii..i will try to post as soon as possible..

  9. Wow jass the promo and itro seems really interesting post asap…..

    1. Jasmin

      Hey manu..tyvm,,will post soon..

  10. IQRA222

    Awesome loved the plot jasmine welcome to tu
    And that’ s upto you on whixh time u want to post your ff but just be too long

    1. Jasmin

      Tyvm IQRA222..i will try to post as i get free..n i wont be too long..

  11. What the hell what the f**k is it so many characters ughh just hate it i mean i was sooooooo happy that u were not posting ur bl**dy writing s and now you again come u r just a bl**dy b*****d yukkkk what kind of ff is this even a 2 year old kid will say it is bullshit if u have some shame na then never come to wite something bl**dy idiot its so bad that even if i puke on this story then my puke will be more bad its worse u understood never come back never ever n if u come i will understand that u r a shameless girl n i know that u are lyin that u are 12 years old no no u are not lying because only a 12 year girl like u cam write such bullshit stories i dont give a shit to your story and plzz never come back

    1. IQRA222

      hey sara who the hell are u to say such things to jasmine. u are not asked for negative comments. its her story and its up to her how many characters she wants she can write ff with that u are no one to stop her. and u dont have any right to bash her writing’s like this. kindly do not discourage any writers like this. i am asking u , do u write any stories ? no because if u were such a good writer u would never have written things like this. its a request please do not bash writers
      sorry if i hurt u

      1. Jasmin

        Tyvm IQRA222 to reply it to her n shkwing ur politeness..tyvm..

    2. S u r rite sara its so f**kin confusin she z nt at all a gud riter she wans 30 + cmnts huh she cnt evn gt 20 + cmnts she rites so bad she rites wrst she z nt at all gud enogh 2 b hre she z juz wstng our time stupid girl tell meif u don noe hw 2 rite y u rite then d stry z f**kin brng i don wanna wst my time by rdng ur stry hate u

      1. Jasmin

        Hey seema..iff u r confused tell me where u r..i will clear all your doubts..n if i m asking for 30+ comments then whats wrong..every writer wants to be appriciated..n if i m wasting ur time then kindly dont read this story..no hard feelings..love u..

    3. Jasmin

      Tyvm sara for your opinion..but this is not the right way to put ur opinion..u should have told me calmly wkthout bashing..this is completely not accepted that u r bashing some1..n yess i m 12 years only n if u find this story bad then plzz tell what i should do so that it can be good..actually write 1 story n then tell me that how should i write..i m not saying that u will write bad but m saying that 1st write n then say something to others because they r taking time to entertain u n if u r finding this story soo badthen kindly tell me where m going wrong or dont read it..no hard feelings..thank u..

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