Eternal Love (Ragsan Few Shots) – Prologue

Sanskaar – veer
Ragini – diya
Swara – aashi
Laksh – arjun


It was that particular moment when everything him felt different, he felt different.

All the others noises from the restaurant fell in deaf ears except for the melodious laughter of the pretty lady sitting on the table ahead of his.
Those mesmerizing eyes held him captive. It all felt so different yet so right.

But all of a sudden he felt confused. Confused as to was this right of him to think of someone whom he had seen only a while ago, whose even name was not known to him.
Is it right of him to think about someone this way when he already have a girlfriend, who is sitting right infront of him. Is it right????



Veer Singhania: One of the youngest and successful ​business man of the country. Aged 26, he had inherited his business from his father. An energetic and enthusiastic guy who had lost his mother at a tender age and his father completes his family. At the same time serious about his work. Is in a relationship with Aashi from their college days.

Diya Khanna: Beautiful, charming and full of life. This 24 year old Khanna princess had recently stepped into her father’s business and had given major contributions to their success. Her world revolves around her family and friends.


Aashi Mehra: Beautiful, hot and in short a diva. In a relationship with veer since their college days. Life for her partying and enjoying​. A full of self girl.

Arjun Malhotra: A close friend of veer. For him life is all about money. Gets what he wants.

Sanaya Kapoor: Best friend of Diya. More like a sister. Charming, naughty at the same time understanding. Can go to any extent for her loved ones.


Hey guys…. Since ‘second chance’ is coming to its end I thought of starting a new story…..
I had changed the names of the characters from the usual swaragini ones….. And the story focusses mainly on the leads. Others won’t be having much of a space as the story proceeds…
Hope you all would like this along with the changes….. This one would be a few shots and I can’t assure when I would be posting the​ first part…..

Hope to meet you guys sooner…. Feel free to tell me how you found this one….

Bye till we meet next time…
Take care and stay blessed….

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  1. superb but don’t change their name. thank u so much for RAGSAN

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    Interesting prologue dear?

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  7. we can’t connect when the name are changed.. so please don’t change their names.

  8. Awesome

  9. Shrilatha

    Hey awesome ..and guys names r’s veer and diya…our tevar only…

  10. Lovely7

    Please use ragsan names instead of new names

    1. Lahari

      Ha..i have also same feeling

  11. Naz_Temish

    Wow wow so interesting……Love at first sight ???…..update soon??????

  12. Amazing update second chance dear

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