Eternal love… manan (Intro)


Hey people, i am jazz. I am writing an ff, but will wrap it in a few episodes. Actually i had it prepared a long time ago, but just some registration issues. Hope you like it. And please do comment , its a request.
Intro ;
Manik malhotra : handsome man of 24. Married to our nandu. Only heir of malhotra industries. Loves sister mukti and mother nyonika.
Nandini murthy malhotra : sweet girl of 22 . married to manic and loves him a lot. From a middle class family. Has a sister navya and bff alya.
Navya naveli : chirpy girl of 22 . adopted daughter of nandu and her parents. Actually, she is nandu;s aunt’s daughter who died in an accident. Loves nandini a lot. She is engaged to cabir.
Mukti : a hot girl of 23. Loves bro manic and is married to abhimanyu thakkar. Friend of nandu, alya and navya.
Cabir : a smart, funny boy of 24. Rich . loves naya and is engaged to her.
Alya vedant : a beautifull girl of 23. Married to dhruv and loves him. Best friend of nandini. Harshad’s sis.
Dhru v : a cute boy of 23. Loves alya. Best friend of manic. But he is not as rich as manik.
Nyonika malhotra : mother of manic and mukti. Very powerful . loves only two things the most : money and manik. Hates nandu and wants to throw her out.
Neeraj malhotra : owner of malhotra industries . loves all his children even nandu. Simple and supporting , especially fir nandu.
Synopsis :
Manik and dhruv meet nandini and alya in mukti’s wedding. Manic fell for alya and alya for dhruv . whereas, nandu fell for manick. Dhrulya fall in love and decide to elope. Thus, breaking manik’s heart. Nandini doesn’t know about his feelings and thinks that he reciprocates to her feelings for him. They get married and manic hate andu. But with time, her cute habits and innocent behaviour he starts liking her . after a few months, due to financial problems dhrulya begin having fights . alyaa leaves dhruv and comes to malhotra mansion looking for nandu. Nyonika keeps her in their house so as to kick nandu out. She manipulates alya and makes her believe that she loves manic.
While manic falls for our nandini.
So, whats gonna happen now ? will manic tell nandu or obey nyonika ?
Think… btw plz do tell me if you would like me to continue. I won’t continue if you won’t want. So plz tell me even if you dislike it.
Loads of love….:-)

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  1. Continue no problem it’s goo

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  2. Nice concept c ontiue

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  3. It’s good and please continue u came with a concept please continue

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  4. awesome dude , i simply love it. upload fast please.

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  5. Nice start jazz cont dear…

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  6. Reallllly nyc yaaar…keeeep going..

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  7. Nishita

    Itz nice story jazz..continue 🙂

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    Interesting one, keep gng

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