eternal love (episode 1)

Hello everyone i was a silent reader before but i wanted to write so i thought of writing a fan fiction on swaragini
I have already given a intro of characters
This story of swaragini is based in delhi .
So here goes the first chapter:
1 girl is seen sleeping in a big blue color bedroom decorated beautifully sun is rising and so is the girl

She is our beautiful swara she wakes up and immediately ran to washroom to get ready
She comes out and is waring a simple red crop top and blue denim shorts
Now seen shifts to another room a guy has just come from jogging and went to washroom to get ready he is none other than yuvraaj yes brother of swaragini
He gets ready and is wearing camel color trousers with white shirt and black blazer he is looking extremely handsome
Now they both thait is swara and yuvi get ready
Swara : gud morning bhai

Yuvi: gud mrng shonu
They both wishes each other and went to raginis room
Its their duty to wake her up she is the lazy bug of the family so she takes time to get up they ernt and tried to wake her up but being a lazy bug she don’t get up easily so they pour full jug of water on and said combinely
Swara and yuvi : guuuudddd mooorrnig ragoooooo
Ragini immediately woke and she was dam angry she started running behind both of them then they showed her time it was already 7:30 so she immedeatly ran to washroom to get ready
Both swara and yuvi gave hi-fi to each other and went to dining area laughing
At dining area-

Sumi- u both( pointing to swara and yuvi) first go to temple and pray
Swara and yuvi : okay mom
Sumi : and has ladoo woke up or not
Swara : yes mom she has woke aup and then she giggled and said she must be coming
Both prayed and when turned they found ragoo already there beside them ready for college their eyes popped out thinking that a girl who take smore than 1 hour to get ready has got ready in less then 20 mins
They went to dining area and then greeted their father
Shekher : aaj ladoo itni jaldi kaise uth gai shone
Swara : papa aaap bhul gaye aaj rago ka pehla din hai college ka
Yuvi: haan dad vaise bhi use uthaya kisne hai to ready to hogi hi na
Rags : still pretends to be angry di and bhai i m not talking to u
Shone : are ragoo sorry tu uth hi ni ri thi sooo
Rags : are di sorry mat bolo main to vaise bhi aapse nhe bhai se gussa ho
Shone: vo to main bhi hoon
Yuvi : still confused par kyun

Rags and shonu : aaj aap bhot important cheez hume dena bhool gaye
Yuvi : nope i can never forget so here is your chocolate
Rags and shona ran towards him hugged him and take the chocolate
Sumi : yuvi tum inhe chocolate de de kar bigad rahe ho
Trio at the same time maaaa
Precap: introduction of boys and college
i hope u all like it and dont warry its just the begning

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