The Eternal Everlasting Love In Arrange Marriage OS

Hello guyzz this OS z a collaboration of Nitya( Nitu+ Supriya)…. It z basically a surprise for all of you….we have done a humble effort to plaster a sweet smile on your faces…

Hope you all love this effort of Nitya….this name z just not a fusion of two different names and persons….But it z a venture together built by two different minds….So Guyzz this z our first update together…Nitya will be back together maybe after a couple of months as we both are appearing for boards this year….So hell busy this days….Still we are working on the our togetherness through NITYA!!!!….

Shree mamma…this z the surprise I was talking about….you are close to both Nitu nd me….you hold a special place in our hearts….hope you like our efforts…love you mamma…
Readers pls forgive us if there are any typo errors….love you

Arjun Mehta stays in Delhi works as an architect in Mumbai and has a brother Neil Mehra..
Neil Mehra elder bro of Arjun….He works as an engineer in HCl technologies, Noida… He z married to Samaira, a elegant classy woman….
Samaira also works as an admin department HCL….

Neil’s and Arjun’s parents stay in their native place as they want to live a peaceful life away from the noise of the city and occasionally visit their kids…
Neil and Arjun live at different places as they work at different localities and they meet in weekends at Neil’s place

Arjun lives in Gurgaon whereas Neil stays in Noida…Now lets come to our heroine Radhika..
Radhika is a doctor by profession and currently practicing in Hyderabad…she stays with her parents in Hyderabad….She and Sam are childhood friends as they both did their schooling together in Hyd…
Lets go to the story now…

A beautiful room is shown…its gratified with the scent of lavender and decorated with various decorative equipments…..A girl was shown sitting on the bed and with lot of nervousness written all over her face…
Yes Radhika was sitting on the bed as it was her 1st n8 with our hero Arjun
(Here Ardhika r married couple )

Arjun enters the room both of them exchange their smiles but still they are feeling awkward so to avoid the silence Arjun started the convo
Arjun : 1st ill change and then You can go change too….
Radhika :ok mr Mehra
Arjun and Radhika changed into their n8 clothes
Arjun :Radhika You can sleep on the bed ill sleep on couch
Rads : why couch?!

Arjun asked amused tone,” You want me to sleep on the floor.”
Rads : I mean we will sleep on the bed You on r8corner and I on the left corner.
Arjun : are You sure?!
Rads : yes I am sure….couch won’t be able to accommodate with your height….you won’t sleep peacefully there…plus I know couch are very uncomfortable when it comes to tossing and turning sides….They give a backache….Sleep here itself.”
Arjun : ok good n8
Rads : good n8 mr Mehra

Next morning they got up and they were ready to leave to Delhi…
Rads bid a tearful farewell to her parents and friends and left with Arjun to hyd airport to reach Delhi
already Neil, sam and Arjun’s parents left to Delhi for welcoming Rads

In flight

Rads was all nervous and tensed and it was clearly seen on her face
Arjun : Are you traveling in a plane for the first time?!”
Rads : no actually…. I am scared of takeoff and landing.”(with a innocent face)
Arjun :hmmm ok then …………………… You can catch my hand whenever You get scared.”
Rads wid shocked face stared at him with her almond shaped eyes wide opened…
Arjun : why are you glaring at me?!…You are scared r8 so hold my hand.”
Rads,” OK.”

Rads clutched Arjun’s hand tightly while takeoff and while landing also Arjun pacified her by holding her hand in one hand and rubbing her back by other hand….
they both reached Delhi…Rads got a warm welcome by Arjun’s family she didn’t felt alone as Sam never left her side… Rads and Sam were best of friends from childhood though they weren’t together for lot of time but still they were like soul sisters and moreover Sam was the one who bought Radhika’s alliance for Arjun..
Rads was taken to Neil’s house after reaching Delhi for her Griha Pravesh as per Arjun’s parents wish..
Now it was time for Ardhika to leave to Arjun’s house…Both Arjun and Radhika were having an inner battle of awkwardness as they were scared that how they will spend life with each other….will they ever become like a normal couple or not?.

Simultaneously they reached Arjun’s house around 11:00 am…
they reached to a very big gated community… Rads was happy seeing the society it has parks club house.. swimming pools, gym… small restroom also…
Arjun showed her the society
Arjun : Radhika this is the society where we stay I hope You liked it.
Rads : yes Mr Mehra I liked it
we stay in 16thblock 20th floor
Rads : Oh…kk

Arjun : lets go inside
Rads : yeah
Arjun and Radhika entered the house together… My place resembles my bachelorhood But now you can change according to your wish as we have stay together from now…
Rads : thank you Mr Mehra…
they both settled on sofa and had a good candid chat about their childhood….likes and dislikes…some funny yet memorable moments of their life….some happy proud moments which were close to their heart….They talked endlessly without feeling any boredom…
Arjun : You can call me Arjun.. Don’t be formal

Rads :hmmmm ………… ok Arjun

Arjun,” that’s like a good wife.”
Radhika cheeks heated up hearing that wife word…Arjun understood her discomfort so he quickly diverted the topic…
Arjun : I guess You have never been to Delhi Tomorrow we will go on a outing….I will show you the city we will have our lunch and dinner out itself…
Rads : ok
Arjun : Radhika You can wear clothes according to your wish…I don’t mind you wearing anything.. (wid a smile )

Rads : thank You
Rads POV,” Omg he z so understanding.”
Rads went to freshen up.. she wore a white top and toned jeans and completed her look with her wedding locket and ring….She tied her long hair in a ponytail which reached her mid waist…
Arjun : so You’re ready lets go

Rads : chalo then lets go
Arjun took her to malls… India gate and few more famous places in Delhi…they even visited Taj Mahal on Radhika’s persistence….She was bewildered by its beauty…Her eyes brimmed with happiness and Arjun felt an amazing satisfaction seeing her smile reaching her ears….
Arjun : Radhu let’s go and have lunch nah I am feeling hungry.
Rads was shocked to listen radhu and that too from Arjun
Arjun,” I can’t call you Radhu?!”

Rads : no no…Nothing like that You can call me yeah even I am feeling hungry.. lets go nah.”
Arjun took her to one of the famous restaurant and they ordered the lunch and waited for their order to be served….

Arjun,” so tell me something about you.”
Rads smiled,”hmmmm …………….i believe in simple life….I love to be independent I give freedom to my loved ones and expect the same from them I am a doctor by profession… I am a daddy’s girl and I love music and I play keyboard and guitar.”
Arjun : wow that’s wonderful so I get to hear nyc tunes from today ah.
Rads : yeah

Rads : so what about You… koi gf in past?
Arjun just chuckled hearing that question
Arjun : No no I was single
Arjun: I am an architect by profession.I love Nesam a lot and they are more like best buddies… my salary is 50lakhs per annum and I own a restaYourent in lajpat nagar…
Rads : wow

Meanwhile the food came they enjoyed the food together and they went to sightseeing…
Rads was standing the garden and enjoying the cool breeze
Arjun : common Radhu ill make You taste the best chole kulche.. You will love it
Rads : really!!!… chalo then

they both had mouthwatering chole kulche and they enjoyed eating it…they both were admiring each other Unknowingly…
Arjun : Radhu its late now again we will get stuck in traffic lets leave now tomorrow again we will come here…
Rads : yeah even I am tried
In the car….
Arjun : so You know driving?!.

Rads,” haan I know to drive but my mom and dad would allow me to drive only wen one of them was beside me or my friends…I couldn’t experience real fun of driving as I knew I was being watched by them.”(with a sad face )
Arjun : So mom and dad are strict?!
Rads,” no they are super cool but very protective abt me…you know disadvantages of being an only daughter.” She said with a exasperated expression which made Arjun giggle…
Arjun : hahahaha ill see how You will drive tmrw and will tell You whether You can drive alone or not I don’t want You to play dashing cars on the road( wid smirk )
Rads : see my driving skills tmrw…

Arjun : we reached home chalo get down we reaches our home…
Arjun was w8ing for elevator but Rads was going near stairs
Arjun,” Elevator is working so why to use stairs?!”
Rads : actually if I eat anything frm out I use stairs instead of lift it’s a habit ill climb stairs till 10 th floor from there ill come by elevator…

Arjun : hmm doctor brain ah chalo even ill come along with you.
Rads : hahaha come stop wasting Your time talking to me.
they both climbed till 10floor then took lift to reach 20th floor
as soon as they reached home Rads went to change her clothes she was Unpacking her n8 suits… she was hesitating to wear pajama shots as she didn’t knew whether Arjun will like it or not….
Arjun came into the room and saw Rads catching shots in her hands and standing facing him with a confused look on her face…
Arjun : What happened?! Go change and come soon even I want to change….
Rads : ok I am going…

Rads dumped the shorts inside and she was taking out pants to wear that for night….
Arjun : Why what happened?!…why you kept the shorts inside You can wear them infact You should wears shots only till oct – nov because the climate will be a bit hot here…Scorching heat suffocates alot in pants…wear shots.”
Rads : ok I was thinking to wear or not
they both change in to n8 clothes and slept on the opposite side of the bed
Next morning Rads was 1st to wake up…she freshened up and went to kitchen to make breakfast…
Rads made cheese pasta for bf

Arjun got up in mean tym… he didn’t find Rads on the bed..He was shocked to see Rads already in a nice white long skirt…His POV,” She z a morning bird.”
Rads ,”Gm Arjun go freshen up… we will have breakfast together.”
Arjun,” GM dear.”

Rads blushed hearing dear frm his mouth but hid it very smartly by the curtain of her dark stresses…
Arjun went to washroom to take a bath for the day… Meanwhile Rads removed a pair of denims and black v neck tee from his wardrobe and all his necessaries…
he was shocked to see them as everyday he keep searching for them…
Arjun : thanks for that…I always search my things…Now everything is perfect.
Rads just smiled at him in response

Arjun : lets go for breakfast
Rads : I prepared pasta lets have
Arjun,” Oh wow I was thinking to ask You tat whether you want to hire a cook or not.”
Rads,” no I love cooking.. I learnt a lot recipes from my mom and sam.”
Arjun,” pasta is very tasty so when are you looking forward to eat Your handmade food You cook really well.”
She realized that Arjun had finished his pasta but her plate was still full and untouched…She was so engrossed in talking to him that she forgot about her poor stomach begging her to feed it something…She shoved the spoon in her mouth and Indeed it was very delicious…She praised her cooking skills in her mind…

Arjun,” I take You for shopping… we can buy you some stuff.”
Rads,” ok ill change and join you soon.”
Rads wore a red lower and a black crop top and came….Unintendedly Arjun said beautiful while admiring her beauty from head to toe…
Rads just blushed at his comment they both went to get new things for their house…

Rads took all tings necessary for the house and she took curtains and all the other stuff…
Arjun,” like your taste….Your choice is good.”

Rads with a guilty expression,” thank You… I guessed I bought a lot nah.”
Arjun,” then why am I earning money for us to enjoy luxuries right!?.”
Arjun,” chalo we will shop something for You now.”
Arjun chose some clothes for Rads and Rads chose for Arjun…Rads went to the cash counter to pay the bill for their shopping…

Rads asked the cashier to make a bill…He calculated and gave her the bill… Rads was about to give her card to him but Arjun caught her wrist and nodded negatively…
Arjun,” Excuse me why are you paying the bill when your husband z with you… let me pay nah.”
Radhika’s face turned crimson hearing that ‘your husband’ from him…But she quickly composed herself and spoke,” Just like tat…why shouldn’t I pay the bill?!…we are wife and husband r8 so we should share things nah then why not this bill.” She argued back in a soft tone….

Arjun in a naughty tone,” hooo if you would have told before I would have bought 2-3 pairs more nah (with smirk on his face )
Rads hit him on his shoulder playfully and paid the bill and both reached home
after having dinner they both started arranging the things… they changed the curtains, sofa covers ,dining cloths, cushion, bed sheets, wall paintings, wall hangings….
Arjun,” finally now its looking like home.”

Rads,”yeah our home.”
With that one sentence she stroke a chord in his heart and he fell deep mutual feelings for her…
Arjun : Tomorrow I have to go to office lets sleep nah
Arjun and Rads wished each other and went to bed

Next morning the same thing happened Rads was the 1st one to wake up…
she woke up and freshen up and prepared bf for herself and Arjun too.. . then she thought of waking up Arjun
Rads spoke shaking him gently, “Wake up!!!!… Arjun wake up!!!… wake up…its already 7 am You have to go to office nah.”

Arjun in a sleepy tone,” Radhu please 5 mins… pakka promise after 5 mins I’ll wake up.”
Rads knew that he won’t wake up so she remained firm on her statement,” no wake up now.”
Instead of waking up Arjun kept his head in Radhika’s lap encircling her small waist with his large manly hands…. she felt butterflies in her stomach and blushed to the darkest shade of the red… Rads also caressed his dark locks and pampered him like a baby by patting his head lightly.
Rads again spoke,” Arjun please get up nah…. You have to go to office.”
Arjun in a drowsy tone,” Good Mrng radhu.”

Rads ,” gm Arjun… go freshen up and come we will have bf.”
Arjun nodded,” yes ma’am.”
Rads just chuckled at him…. Arjun went to take a bath…Rads removed his clothes, watch, socks, hanky and his deo…

Arjun was astonished seeing all things arranged for him and felt very happy tat she z also putting efforts to make this relationship a better one….
Rads was arranging the table meanwhile Arjun came in the clothes which Rads kept for him
Rads ,” I hope you wont mind me selecting your clothes.”
Arjun : Radhu its Your r8 to do it.

She gave him a smile…
they both were talking while having bf
Arjun : Radhu no need to do any work, alright?!…. cleaning stuff and all maid will come and do.”
Rads : ok

Arjun spoke,” ok Radhu its time for me to leave… ill come back by 6 in the evening.”
Rads was a bit gloomy about the idea to be left home alone… Arjun observed it
Rads went near door to send him off just then Arjun kissed her on her cheek and bid her good bye…
Rads was shocked with this unexpected kiss….She lowered her gaze and smiled biting her lower lip…
Somehow Rads managed to pass the day… in afternoon Sam called her

Sammy,” yoo chashni how z it going with Arjun?!… All set ah?!”
Rads with a smile on her face,” all set dear just feeling bored since I am alone.”
Sammy,” even I am getting bored re I am still on leave nah…why don’t we meet now?!”
Rads : ok…but where?!”
sammy : hmmm ambience mall its in gurgoan only…I guess you can manage to reach or you want me to book an ola for you?!”

Rads : sammy I’ll ask You something… You shouldn’t scold me…can I get Arjuns number…. I dint took it from him…I want to just inform him.”
Sammy,” Chashni are kidding me?!… You don’t have Arjuns number!!!.”
Rads,” Sammy pls stop being amresh puri….give me his no.”
Sammy,” I’ll watsapp you.”
Sammy,” ok then we will meet in ambience after tat Neil and Arjun also will join us… can have dinner together.”

Rads,” ok.”
Arjun and Rads convo
Rads,” Arjun Its me Radhika…I hope I am not disturbing you.”
Arjun,” No no dear You aren’t disturbing me.”

Rads,” actually I and sam made plan meeting in some ambience mall.”
Arjun,” Oh wow You 2 are enjoying… What abt me and my bro?!”

Rads,”You guyzz join us after office nah we can have dinner together.”
Arjun : ok then tc dear…but how will you go?!…you don’t know the routes here Radhu.”
Rads,” sam booked an ola cab for me.”
Arjun,” just call me once you are in cab.”
Rads : ok….Arjun you worry so much…I am not a little kid.”

Arjun,” You aren’t a kid…But you are my wife…Its a husband’s responsibility to take care of his wife like his kid…Don’t laugh now…Moreover I should know about your whereabouts.”
Rads giggled,” Arjun you are too much….OK byeee….see you in the evening.”
Her POV,” He z a righteous man…God please never let my any action hurt him.”

Sammy and Radhika reached the mall 2 besties were having a gr8 time…they almost roamed till evening in the mall they are having the best girl time ever….
Neil and Sam phone convo…
Neil,” Sam where r you both?!.”
Sam,” 7th floor near the ice skating counter.”
Neil,” ok I’ll be there in 5 mins.”

Neil reached there…. he also started calling Rads as chashni as sam calls her like tat . the trio are enjoying in the meanwhile Arjun also reached the mall .
Arjun with a guilty and mocking sad expression,” So I am late ah.”
Rads answered upfront,” haan You are.”
Sam,” hi Arjun how z married life?!”

Arjun just blushed but averted his gaze from them to hide it…But Neil noticed it anyway…
Neil in a teasing tone,” Look who z blushing…. the gr8 Arjun Mehra is blushing…. hayeee hayeee!!!!….Aftereffects of marriage.”
Arjun,” abey nauthanki stop Your drama lets have something.”
Neil : chalo we will have
they all had dinner enjoying with each other…After that they bid bye to each other left to their respective places..
in Ardhikas car
Arjun,” so how was your day?!”
Rads,” starting mein thoda sa boring tha but sam made it fun and enjoyable.”
Arjun,” hooo.”

Rads,” how was yours?!”
Arjun,” good but it was bit hectic too.” He gave her a I am tired look….
Rads,” hoo Arjun I am thinking to start my practice from next week actually I have best friend in hyd…. his bro has an hospital here in gurgoan it self…he offered me the job I am thinking to accept it…what’s your opinion?!”
Arjun,” what’s there to ask in this….just grab the offer.”
Rads,” w8 then I’ll call bhai and inform him he will feel happy.”
Arjun,” which bhai?!”

Rads,” arrey sorry you don’t knw nah vikki bahiyya my schoolmate he treats me like his younger sister we share a good bond.”
Arjun,” Oh nice…I met him in our marriage too.”
Rads,” yeah yeah.”
Rads informed her bhai and she has to join from next month
in the meanwhile reached home and wished each other good n8 and slept…
One Evening Together…

Arjun had bought four movie tickets and Nesam also joined them…Rads was super excited about the movie…This was the first movie with her husband….So it was a special unique feeling for her….
Theatre Hall…
Sanam Re was the movie they were watching….Rads was watching Pulkit with awestruck expression…Even Sam praised him a lot for his physic…acting….looks….Arjun and Neil both were irked seeing their wives praising another man so much….
Radhika was gaping at the screen with her mouth opened wide in a befuddled expression….
Arjun held her chin and closed her mouth,” Radhu at least close your mouth…Pulkit will perish if you stare at him so much.”

Rads,” Arjun he z so hot nah?!”
Arjun in a gruff tone,” You talk a lot….watch the movie..”
Rads couldn’t figure out that Arjun was a bit jealous as she was so engrossed in the movie that she didn’t pay heed to the grave expression on her hubby’s face….
Rads started crying when the climax scene came….Arjun gave her his handkerchief….
Rads with tears brimming in her eyes,” Arjun….he donated his heart for her…..People boast a lot in love….But he seriously proved his love….” She wept again….
Arjun was controlling his chuckles seeing her…He rubbed her back and spoke,” Radhu….that guy z very much alive….stop crying.”

Rads glared,” Arjun you don’t feel their pain?!….you are sadist.”
Arjun burst out laughing….He spoke between his giggles,” So if I don’t cry on emotional scenes in a movie then that makes me a sadist?!….Radhu crying z a girly thing.”
Radhika dragged Arjun out of the theatre….He was continuously pulling her leg…Nesam followed them too…
But someone tapped Arjun’s shoulder….He turned to see who it was….it was his friend from college…’Tania Shergil’….But Arjun didn’t know that Tania had a huge crush on him since college days….But Arjun always friendzoned her….

Rads had gone to washroom as Arjun joked that she look like a cry baby….her mascara had spread a bit and her make up flew away due to the sobbing on the climax scene….So she just left to wash her face…
When she came back…she found a girl hugging Arjun….They both were interacting with each other in a friendly way…Rads didn’t like Tania’s presence around her Arjun…She could clearly view that Tania had something for Arjun as her wife instincts raised up when Tania caught his hand…There was a feeling of longing in her eyes….

Rads took long strides towards them and looped her arm around Arjun’s muscle and smirked,” Arjun, you won’t introduce me to your friend?!”
Arjun wrapped his hand around her waist and spoke,” Tania meet my beautiful wife….Radhika..” He turned to Rads,” Radhu, she z my collegemate Tania.”
Tania’s face fell after knowing that Arjun is married now…She always hunted chances to be around him in their college days…She never confessed her feelings as she knew he’ll reject her…He was sophisticated and a strong believer in arrange marriage concept….So she could never raise courage to ask him….
Tania,” So Arjun when you got married?!”

Arjun replied with a smile,” one month back…”
Tania wanted to talk more because maybe this will be the last time she’ll approach him….
Radhika held Arjun’s hand tightly intertwining her soft fingers in the gaps of his long ones….She left no stone unturned in showing her right on Arjun in front of Tania….Tania couldn’t take it anymore so she just bid them goodbye and wished them happy married life and left….

Arjun was taken aback by Radhika’s changed behaviour in front of Tania….She was always shy when it came to display of rights on each other and affection….He was lost in his thoughts but Radhika snapped in front of his eyes to have his attention….
Radhika,” Don’t you think we are getting late?!….I am sleepy arjun…if you don’t hurry up….I might fall asleep here.”

Arjun laughed and brushed all those thoughts aside….He cupped her face and spoke,” No issues dear….I would carry my sleeping princess home.”
Radhika blushed and lowered her gaze…Arjun lifted her chin to make her look in his eyes….They were staring at each other endlessly….But Neil’s voice brought them out of their dreamworld…
Neil fake coughed and spoke while humour dripping from his eyes,” You both have whole night to stare at each other….for now let’s go.”

Arjun and Radhika swiftly averted their gaze and left with Nesam….

As the days passed on their bond grew even more stronger… Arjun finally decided confess his feeling to Radhika…
Arjun,” Radhu I will send car for you in the evening at 5pm there is an office party wear something nice and come and I’ll send driver now send my suit with him.”
Rads,” yes sir.”

Arjun,” ok then bye I am in a hurry…see You in the evening.”
Rads sent Arjun’s suit with the driver… she dressed up in black one piece… She was looking very gorgeous and elegant…She left her midnight black hair open to sway with the fresh breeze…
Driver came to pick Rads…he took her to some resort…Arjun was w8ing for her at the entrance…He was blown away by seeing her dressed up so gracefully….
Arjun tucked her hair strands behind her ears and spoke,” You look beautiful Radhu.”
Rads gave him a shy smile,” thank You by the way You look very handsome today.”
Arjun,” tell me something new radhu.”

Rads gave him a sharp look and they both went inside she was hell shocked to see the hall she didn’t notice the way while walking as she was busy talking with Arjun…

the hall was decorated with her pics and a big I love You Radhika was written on the wall…A big heart was made on other wall with orchids….ARDHIKA was written in the middle….There was a fountain in the exact middle of the hall which didn’t had water but champagne flowing out….Radhika couldn’t bring in words to appreciate….It was the most beautiful place she had ever seen….
Arjun was on his knees now… he proposed her holding a diamond ring in his hand…He was staring at her with endless love and anxiety to know her answer…

Rads was in tears now… . she was shocked by this sudden proposal…her heart was racing…She was experiencing millions of emotions at that moment…her hopes rose up and reached the sky….her eyes
Arjun spoke in one breath,” Radhika I need believed in love but for me now definition of love z you…you complete me…I lose myself in your beautiful innocent eyes…my ears always want to listen you to your blabbering…my eyes only search you….” He paused and continued,” Radhika… I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you….I wish to be the father of your children…Radhika I want to grow old with you.”

He got up and cupped her face,” I can’t imagine myself without you… You bring out the best in me. Give me chance to be the luckiest man alive…Be mine forever.”

Rads accepted the ring and threw herself in his arms….he hugged her and lifted her up and twirled around…Whole hall was filled with her giggles when he kept whirling her in air….
He finally puts her down…

Rads confessed,” I love you too Arjun.”
Arjun,” Radhu I have one more surprise.”
Rads,” Arjun please now I’ll die waiting..”

He parted away from her and started unbuttoning his shirt…Rads face bloomed pink….she turned her back to him….But he made her turn towards him again…Her eyes widened in shock and surprise both…her expression was unreadable…Arjun had tattooed her name on his chest!!!….
Her eyes started pouring….she hugged him tight burying her head in his broad chest…she clutched his shoulders tight and wept…
Arjun coaxed her and rubbed her back to calm her down….he cradled her face and touched her forehead to his,” Radhu, I know you were insanely jealous that day when Tania hugged me and was trying to get close to me….I also noticed that you didn’t like it when my female colleagues use to eye me….Radhu I am yours…only yours…Forever….”

Arjun and Rads parted away and he cupped her face and captured her lips in a deep kiss which had love which would last till their last breath…it was their 1 st ever kiss a beautiful and sensual one…it was slow yet a passionate one…then Arjun scooped her in his arms and he looked at Rads for her permission..
Rads kissed him on his cheeks as giving him an assurance tat she z ready to be his….
He placed her gently on the bed and came on top of her…he pecked her forehead….her two beautiful brown orbs…the tip of her nose and finally claimed her lips again….

The room heated up with their desires….her moans and his groans filled the air….that night changed everything…..The intensity of situation was increasing with every kiss and touch they took from each other…Tonight was the night they’ll remembered forever…

Their love embarked with the colour of friendship…compassion….commitment…… wouldn’t fade away but instead will grow deeper and deeper with time…As long as they are together they knew they can face any storm life throws in their way….

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