Eternal Bliss (A TwiNj OS)

Hii guys! ‘Ts Laddoo here! Well, after one whole year of TU for me….time to try my hand at writing. Plzz….anything except chappals and tamatars! I don’t write that bad, though. Ignore typos and try to understand short forms. And if I get 15 comments atleast, will be up with another OS soon. So, here  we go!

Scene I

Man:Maa, m going to office. Will get late….dnt wait fr me. Byee!
Mom:Kunj puttar, hv ur brkfast atleast.

(Guessed it rgt, it’s our hot n happening Kunj….miss u Sid!)

K:Maa, main bhookh hartaal pr thode hi hu. Khana kha ke hi jaunga.(Am not on any fast. Will have breakfast and then leave.)
M:Aa jaa puttar kha le.(Come nd hv it, my son.)

And then he leaves for ofc after hving brkfst.

Scene II
Girl:Ooh yeah….umm….
Bebo main bebo….dil mera le lo….
(She’s just wearing a bra and palazzo and standing in front of the mirror with a hair dryer in her hand….chhote bachhe….aankh band?)

Suddenly a lady comes and switches off the radio.

Girl:Bebo main be….ye gaana kyu band ho gaya?(Why did the music stop?)
Lady:I switched it off. So Madam, when are u going to get ready? Come on Twinkle, today’s the first day of ur ofc and u r singing Bebo? Hadd hoti hai (That’s the limit.) I want you downstairs completely ready within 5 mins. Get it?

(Yep….it was our Twinkle. Hehe….kapde pehen le Jasmine….)

T: Yeh maa bhi na. Let’s get ready sweetheart.

So, our Twinkle is a s*xy girl in her mid twenties. In her college, every boy was behind her. But she….like Sheila….(M so s*xy for u main tere haath na aani) So she wouldn’t pay heed to any proposal. Today was the first day of her office. And she….busy with her own makeup.

Breakfast table

T:Maa, ab mujhe chalna chahiye.(Mom, I shld leave now.) M taking an apple along.
Mom:Wait Twinkle….sweetened curd….have it….quick….

And then she left for ofc.

Scene III

A girl hurriedly enters the ofc and barges into a room without knocking.
A man is sitting in a revolving chair facing backwards. (Already guessed abt them maybe.)

Man(without turning back):So Ms. Twinkle Taneja, firstly you’re late. Half an hour late. Secondly, you have barged inside ur boss’ room without knocking. Thirdly, I think you’ve forgotten this is ur first day at ofc.

(So it was Twinkle….kya Twinki….ho gyi na late!)

Twinkle(to herself):Siyappa! Baba ji madad kr do na plzz. Iss baar last tym hoga pkka.
(To boss):Sorry Sir. I’m so sorrrrrryyyyyyyyy. I didn’t know and I ain’t used to all this and Sir actually what happened was that….(full on bak-bak)
Man (turning back):Oye chup kar Siyappa Queen. Kitna bak-bak krti hai. Uff, ye kabhi nahi badalne wali hai.(Shut up Siyappa Queen. How much will you talk? This girl is never gonna change.)
T:Kunj! You! Here!(So it was our Kunj, you see!)
K:So had you expected Harry Potter as your boss?
T(murmurs):Would have been better than you.
K(with his perfect one eyebrow up look):Did you just say something? See Siyappa Queen, now I’m your boss and you should learn to respect me. Get it?
T(sarcastically):Yes Sir. (stretches it)
(To herself):Kunj, my Kunj, after so many yrs.(A lone tear escapes her eye.)


Kunj and Twinkle were childhood frnds. Best frnds actually. Twinkle had developed a secret crush on Kunj and she loved him. She didn’t know of Kunj’s feelings and didn’t  want to break her friendship with Kunj. So, she never confessed her feelings. One day, she found a msg for her.
It read-
My dear, dear Twinkle,
Dress ur best and meet me at XYZ hotel at sharp 8. Will be eager to meet you. A surprise awaits you.

This was it for Twinkle. She thought that Kunj too reciprocated the same feelings as hers. She dressed in a simple, black, elegant gown and headed towards to the hotel only to watch Kunj kissing Sanskriti. Well, Sanskriti was Twinkle’s frnd and she knew abt Twinkle’s feelings for Kunj. Seemed like Twinkle’s world was coming to an end. Just then, Kunj saw her and signalled her to come to him. She took baby steps and went upto him with teary eyes.
K:Twinkii, just today I proposed her. See na, u r late. If you wud have been here before, you wud have seen the Romantic Sarna.

Twinkle just nodded and went from the place. Few days later, Twinkle shifted from the place to some other place. She wanted to run away from that world. The world of betrayal. Thereafter they never met.


T(monologue):Why Kunj, why? Why did you return back in my life? I don’t want you back. I know you’ve moved on but why….
Her thoughts were interrupted when suddenly Kunj entered her cabin.
K:Twinkle, be ready at 8. We both are going out. And yes, before you refuse me, let me tell you, this is ur boss’ order.(And he left.)

Scene IV
ABC hotel

Kunj had brought Twinkle to a place, it was all dark and suddenly he vanished, just vanished.(Guys, he is not a genie!)
Suddenly a click was heard and lights turned on revealing beautiful decorations. A romantic setup was revealed.(M not very good at describing it, so m not describing also.)
Suddenly Twinkle heard a voice from nowhere.
Voice:Jab se tumhe dekha hai chain nhi aata
            Tumhare uss chehre ko dekhkar to ab chaand bhi nhi bhata.
            Aaj raat main tumhe dikha du wo sapna
            Jise chhodkar tu chli gyi, maana nhi apna.
Today, I Kunj Sarna ask you, my Siyappa Queen, can you love me the same as you used to all those yrs back? Can you accept this Sadoo Sarna? Can you spend not only this life, but all 7 of ur lives with me? (Then he came in front of Twinkle and knelt down before her.) I love you Twinkle. You are my life. You are the missing part of my heart. Can I get my heart completed? I will die without you.
T:Stop it Kunj! Dare u say this again! I love you too Kunj. That Sanskriti…
K:She never loved me Twinkle. She loved my money. M sorry that I ignored ur luv fr me.
T:Sshhhhh….never say so again. Now that we are in love with each other, no one can separate us. This is Eternal Bliss, Kunj. Dnt ignore this.

She was abt to say more when Kunj smashed his lips onto hers interrupting her. It was a long, passionate kiss, showing Kunj’s repentance, Twinkle’s love….their Tashan. They kissed for what seemed for hours. They parted away due to lack of oxygen. (Bechare saans nhi lenge to mar jayenge na?)
Kunj turned her around and kissed her shoulders making her shut her eyes. She could feel his soft breath on her neck, when he started giving open-mouth kisses on her neck, making her gasp. He bit her neck, making her moan his name.

Scene V
SARNA MANSION(5 months later,Kunj’s bedroom….oops, Twinj’s bedroom.)

Now, that TwiNj were married, it was their first night together. Slowly, slowly Kunj moved towards Twinkle and they kissed each other once again, this tym more passionately than before. And then….lights off.

Two yrs later, TwiNj were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Arohi, their Arohi…..and as all stories say, they lived happily ever after!

Phew, finally finished! Hope you guys liked it and weren’t bored! Bye bye!

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  1. Beautiful!!
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    Do come up with next os ..

    1. Thanku so much sayeeda….will be back soon with my next os….but this tym it’ll be swara and sanskaar. Even they need to be patched up as twinj. They’re my fav pair. But twinj is no less!

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  13. Laddo this os waa really sweet like laddo.. . Complete story of love in many ways…
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  17. So guys….I asked for 15 comments… 16….rgt now I gotta prepare for my exams….af tree r my exams will be back with my next os….

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    1. Sure baby….will definitely continue writing….and ur comment counts the 17th one….but m just waiting for my exams to get over….then I’ll write….well, my exams have not even started but will end after abt a month….so…..but will be back with a dhamaka….pakka….

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