Essence of love one shot


Essence of love
(initial part written by kritika)

a big mansion of London is shown. Then we see a big room with a mentally challenged person denying to eat medicine from a ruthless man. Ruthlessness can be seen in the man wearing black suit’s eyes.
The mad man is wearing a yellow kurta.
“lucky eat this medicine” the ruthless man is trying to forcefully make him eat the medicine.
“ no me-medicine ra-ra ragini…umm..ragini”
“just eat it I said..(screams) eat it”
He somehow makes the mad man eat medicines and turns. His face can be seen. Black orbs, deep eyes, fair complexion, perfect face cut, hot figure. Sanskar.. he is sanskar maheshwari. A ruthless person. Who only and only cares for his brother, meantally disabled lakshya maheshwari.

On London bridge, a girl is watching the bridge dividing for the cruise to cross the river thames. The girl happily records the beautiful view in front of her.
Her friend calls her “so swara..finally you got time to do some fun from your busy schedule”
“yes dia. Today I took leave from office”
“woah! Swara lets go to London eye. Its too beautiful over there”
Both girls seem to be damn happy. They both are enjoying whole heartedly.
“shit..dia. I completely forgot today I have fixed a very important deal with mr. meaheshwari. Sorry sorry sorry but gotta go!”
“swara but..but.. you..”

Swara cuts her and leaves in a hurry “bye..see ya”
Dia sighs and leaves.
“yes mr. meaheshwari”
Sanskar smirks “you are 3 seconds late ms. Gadodia”
Swara sighs and ignores his question.
“let’s start the meeting”
“I’m impressed ms. Gadodia. Lets finalize the deal”

A big mansion is shown. Its not like the other mansion. Its different. Swara is seen entering the room with a food trolley.
“see gini. I bought food for you. Common eat this.
“why are you doing this” a girl spoke whose face is covered with scarf.
“sh.. you know na. how much I love you. Now come on eat it.”

There’s a party for the merged project of gadodia’s and maheshwari’s.
Swara and sanskar come as couples, hand in hand. As soon as they enter they are surrounded by media. But without paying heed to them, both goes inside the party. People praise them, congratulate them. But they know these all good wishes are fake. Those people are jealous of them. An announcement is made. For dance. Sanskar takes swara to the dance floor. Swara goes surprised.
The song starts. There deep eyes met. They had an eye lock. His one hand was on her waist while the other on her shoulder. Her both hands rested on his shoulders. He moves one step forward, so does she. Holding her right hand, in his hand he twirls her. He twirls her and twirl her and twirls her. In this process, whenever they face each other their gazes met. They continued dancing until the song finished.
After some time, both went to the garden area for taking some fresh air. They were talking too. Spending some quality time with each other.
“so.. tell me something about yourself ms. swara..”
“me? What do you wanna know?”
“I’m swara gadodia. The owner of gadodia company. Anything else mr. maheshwari?”
“ me sanskar n yeah would you mind telling something personal”
Swara nods in no “I’m an orphan. My parents left me some years back..tell me about your family”
“same difference..well do you miss ur family?”
“of course I do..because I love them. Very much” her voice was deep which sanskar failed to notice.

“okay okay”
Suddenly sanskar pins her to the wall. Swara gets shocked. Her eyes widen and she breathes heavily.
“ need to scare. There’s a wild dog here”
“here…how come here”
“there’s a jungle nearby”
Silence engulfed them. Their gazes met and didn’t move. They were slowly leaning in. their lips met. Her eyes were closed, so were his. They kissed each other. Both gave in. it was a soft kiss. Slowly they parted because of lack of oxygen. Silence again engulfed them. This time awkward silence.

“I need to go.. bye” swara muttered and left.
They met daily. They didn’t need a reason to meet. swara was unaware of the growing feelings she had for him. She considered him more than a friend. But sanskar knew what was it. Both of them craved for each other.

Later, sanskar decided to propose her. A beautiful journey to London eye would have been the best.
He took her in one of the cabin of the eye. The eye started. They were slowly moving up. Swara was in awe seeing the beautiful view of London. Sanskar just sat down on his knees and took out a little box which had a beautiful ring in it. Swara was surprised to see this.
“swara before I met you, I never understood how empty my life was. I was so lonely swara. my heart is perfect because you are inside. i love you swara…will you marry me?”
“I will” swara said tears brimming in her eyes.
He stood up and they hugged each other.

“congratualtions pretty couple. You are officially married now.”
Swara and sanskar smiled at each other.

“common man kiss her now”
Swara blushed and sanskar leaned on her. She closed her eyes and they kissed. A soft small kiss. They parted soon.
Everyone congratulated the newly wed couple. A girl wearing a white simple gown and scarf covering her face completely hugs swara and congratulates her.
“Aww sanskar your home is awesome. I mean your choice of colors and all is just awesome” swara spoke once they entered their house.
“sanskar..what happened? Why are you so silent?” swara spoke when she realized sanskar not responding to her.
But sanskar said nothing and they reached the room. Sanskar closed the door and hold her tightly.
“sanskar..its its paining”

“let it pain. I don’t care. I just married you for my revenge and manly needs”
“yes..n I will fulfill that now.” He spoke and kissed her lips, she tried pushing him. But all in vain. He was too strong.
He undressed her and pushed her on the bed. He forces her to fills his lust.
Next morning.
(Written by Labdhi)
Swara wakes up and remembers everything……she is totally broken……she composes herself and gets ready……she is wearing her a white and navy blue dress……looking very beautiful……sanskar wakes up and sees swara ready….. sanskar is very happy as his revenge got completed
Sanskar: where r u going
Swara: office (bit scared)
Sanskar: ohkk…..u can go but don’t double cross me……otherwise u know it’s consequences
Swara nods……swara leaves……bit she doesn’t go to office instead she goes to gm…..a lady comes there……she tells her everything…..the lady gets very angry……she decides to confront sanskar……but swara stops her
3 months go like this……sanskar is always torturing swara……swara everyday goes to gm and cried her heart out
So 3 months leap
Now it was enough for swara……one day she confronted sanskar
Swara: enough…..what have I done sanskar that u r taking revenge from me……what is my fault
Sanskar: do u wanna know……it is not ur fault but ur sis fault…..ragini gadodia fault
Swara: stop ur bullshit…..don’t dare u accuse my sis
Sanskar: come wid me
He drags her to a room

Sanskar: see he is my bro
Swara: laksh maheshwari urf lucky but what happened to him
Sanskar: ur sis and lucky loved each other but one day ur sis left him……and from that day he became like this…..but how do u know him
Swara goes to laksh
Swara: lucky come wid me
Laksh: uh…mm……..Sammie
Swara: yup lucky ur Sammie…….now u have to come wid me
Laksh: um…mm no
Swara: please

Laksh: mm…..ok
Sanskar: where r u taking him
Swara: for making u both know the truth
Three of them leave the house and leave gm
They enter the house……swara asks them to stay quiet
Swara: dii…..come out fast
A lady comes out…..she is the same lady who used to go everywhere covering her face….but today her face was not covered……her whole face was black… if it got burnt…..she is our ragini…..ragini is shocked to see sanlak with swara
Swara: see her face sanskar …..she had an accident so her whole face got burnt….she felt that lucky wouldn’t love her after seeing her this form… we both came here
Ragini: Sammie what r they doing here……lucky what happened to him….nd what is dis bl**dy sanskar doing here
Laksh: um um…..rag….ragi…..ragini
Ragini: lucky……what happened to him….plzz tell me Sammie
Swara: Di sanskar and lucky r bros…..sanskar feels that u betrayed lucky…..and even feels u responsible for Lucky’s condition
Laksh hugs after seeing ragini
Laksh: umm…. Mm….don’t leave me again plzz (he was happy seeing ragini)
Swara: Di sanskar took revenge from me coz he took laksh revenge from me coz he couldn’t locate u
Ragini: how dare u sanskar…..u spoiled her life
Sanskar: m sorry m really very sorry……ragini swara after seeing Lucky’s condition I felt very bad… I decided to take revenge from u but I got to know swara being ur sis… did all this
Swara was feeling dizzy……suddenly she fainted
Ragini: Sammie…….sanskar call the doc fast
The doc arrives…doc checks swara and comes out

Doc: there is nothing to worry……she is fine
Ragini: but what happened to her doc
Doc: it’s a good news she is 3 months pregnant……but plzz take care of her coz she is very stressed right now
Ragini: ok doc……thank u
Swara hears everything as she got consciousness
Ragini: I will go to Sammie
Laksh: nope…..I will go to my Sammie

Ragsan shocked seeing laksh talking normally
Sanskar: laksh how did u became normal…..I mean when did this happen
Swara: that I will tell u Mr. Sanskar maheshwari……a few days after our marriage took place…..I was seeing ur house when I heard some noises or u can say screams from a room…..I went inside that room and was shocked see lucky screaming……he remembered me immediately coz I was his best buddy yaar…..I made him calm and took him to doc who told me about his mental condition and the doc even advised if he meets ragini he can improve
Ragini: but I never saw him

Swara: every evening I used to take him wid me to our house when I used to come to meet u…..I told him to stand outside and see and not make any noises….this went on for many days……I could see improvement in him….f we days back he became completely fine…..but on my insistence he continued to act mentally ill… that I can know about the reason of sanskar revenge on me
Laksh: how could u think that I won’t love u anymore ragini…..I loved ur heart not ur face so don’t ever do this to me again….. otherwise I will die
Ragini: shh……never say these words again….m really sorry for what I did…..I won’t ever leave u again

Sanskar: thanx swara for all what u did even though I did such bad things wid u u made my bro alright…..m ready to give u anything u want
Swara: can u make my life normal as it was before…..u can’t naa……ohkk so I want divorce
Sanskar: But swara u r….
Swara: I know m pregnant….i heard what doc said…..after bearing all the tortutes u still want me to suffer na
Sanskar: swara I promise I will keep u and our child happy…..plzz don’t do dis wid me……I m really guilty for my behavior…. Plzz
Swara: ohhh please shut up sanskar m not gonna listen to ur stupid things…..u know what I really loved u but what did I get in return…..just torturing
Sanskar: I really love u swara…..I don’t when my revenge and hatred change into love but plzz don’t do this allow me to prove my love once

Swara: prove that u love…..u just have 24 hrs……otherwise u have to listen to what I say
Swara leaves in anger……sanskar is also tensed seeing swara……he also goes behind her…..swara is crossing the road in anger and she did not notice the truck that came from the other side……sanskar is shocked seeing that truck…..he runs and pushes her at a side…..swara gets a small injury in head……swara is shocked seeing sanskar lieing in a pool of blood…..she understands that sanskar pushed her at a side to save her but instead he had an accident wid the truck…..she immediately calls the ambulance and runs to sanskar
In ambulance
Sanskar: swara see dear……I really love u…..m really sorry for all what I did wid u…..m going now….plzz forgive me…I hope u understand that I really love u
Swara: sanskar see nothing will happen to u…..u will be alright….u have proved that u love me so how can u leave again

Swara informed raglak about all this and they immediately came to hospital
Sanskar is taken to ot…..swara is crying while raglak r consoling her
After 3 hrs
Doc came out
Doc: see he is in very critical condition…..his chances of survival r very less or u can say just 1%….if he gets consciousness is an hour he can survive
Swara: doc can we meet him please

Doc: ohkk but only one person
Raglak: go Sammie
Swara goes inside
Swara: don’t do this to me sanskar how can u leave me again… leaving me u r betraying me again…..plzz wake up sanskar not for me then at least for our child
She places his hand on her stomach…..swara is crying very much……her tears fall on sanskar……. He shows some movement which is noticed by swara she immediately called the doc…..doc sends swara out
Swara:I hope he is fine
Doc comes out after some time

Doc: he is out of danger … sometime u can meet him
After half an hour sanskar regain consciousness…..trio go to meet him
Swara: how dare u do this wid me….u felt that by doing this u can prove that u love me….just shut up who told u to put ur life in danger ( she continues blabbering)
Sanskar gets irritated so he pulls her and kisses on her lips to stop her talks… was passionate kiss……they part due to lack of oxygen

Raglak: ahem ahem we r still here
Sanskar: plzz let me and my wife give us some privacy
Raglak go outside…..swasan continue their work ( guys u understand)
After 7 months
Swara is in labour pain ….and is taken to ot…..she gives birth to a baby boy and girl
Sanskar goes inside and sees swara smiling
Swara: what will we name our kids sanky

Sanskar: u say Sammie
Swasan: Sanskriti sanskar maheshwari and swaransh sanskar maheshwari
They live happily wid their kids

The end

The glamorous duo: Labdhi & kritika

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