Essence of hatred [os]


Hello everyone!
Thank u sooo much for ur previous response and sorry to those whom i can’t reply.
So, here goes another short os. Sorry,next time i will write bigggg one.
So here it goes.


Sanskar maheshwari, a business tycoon from whom the world feared,was all broken today. He was all lost and defeated only because of his one mistake or was it a sin. Yes it was a sin. Yes he committed a sin. He destroyed the life of his most , his own love, his own life ,his own world his wife Swara. He was so blind in taking revenge from her parents. Yes, her parents, they killed Sanskar’s parents. But, was it write to take revenge from Swara , no it was not. But he never that in his revenge how this poor soul was suffering . He used her for taking revenge. He hated her. He tortured her both mentally and physically . He gave her all the pain in the world. But, this divine soul always bore all her husband’s tortures only because of one thing or of one feeling called-LOVE. Yes, she loved her from all her heart even after bearing all his tortures . Somewhere she had a hope that he will change, her sanskar will change.

He showed and made her feel the real essence of hatred but in return she always gave pure love. But for how long she could bera the hatred, she was no longer strong to bear the hatred in her love’s eyes for. Her all hopes were crushed by him, not even a single hope was left. At last, she took her LIFE! She left this cruel world, she left her love. She walked to the path of heaven leaving everyone behind. But as we know “we only know the real value of peoplewhen they leave us”. Same happened here. Soon he realised that she was the only angel who took his heart. She was his only family. He was so blind in love that he couldn’t even realise her love for him, his feelings for her, his love for her. But he realised all this but when he did it was too late because she left, she was no more here. She gave him the worst life time punishment of GUILT.

Yes guilt and regret, he was only leftwith these two things nothing else for his whole life. How much he cried, how much he regreted nothing mattered as it was too late. Nothing could be reversed. But still he had a hope that one day his angel would forgive him. One day he will confess his feelings. One day he will change this hatred into love. One day he make her feel like his princes, the queen of his heart. He will only give her love and make her forget all thepast memories. He will fill her heart with love and happiness rather than sorrow and sadness. He will remove this ESSENCE OF HATRED. This essence of pure hatred which destroyed their lives…….

………THE END………

So, how was the story. Plz coment and let me know. Plz silent readers also comment. Ur little words give me a lot of motivation. So, comment comment and comment.


So, this is shubhangi sharma signing off.


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  1. nice 🙂

  2. Shrinjal

    Amazing dear keep writing

  3. Rabia

    Awesome dea ?

  4. Maryam

    God it was Marvellous dear…I loved it…N I know all of the other readers will also love it…U are such a good writer dear…keep writing N stay blessed…

  5. Loved it…!!! I felt little emotional…!!

  6. Nagamanasa

    Amazing os dear…

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  9. Pooja26

    superb dear…….

  10. Nice

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  12. u made me cry
    it was so emotional

    i have a small advice
    ur both stories were amazing but pls make it a detailed one
    sorry if i hurt u

    1. Shubhangi1

      No i am not at all hurt
      Next time i will give more detailings
      Thanks for ur advise

  13. Sanswa

    Loved it dea

  14. Deeksha

    Nice dear….. Continue soon

  15. Srusti

    Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice dear and yeah it was emotional nd if u don’t mind can u write a OS on swasan with happy ending sorry if i hurt u dear

  16. Shubhangi !!! great OS dear.. !! love it … !!, keep writing like this.. !! TU people would love to read ur works.. !!
    God bless u..
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  17. Very nice

  18. Hemalattha

    awesome.keep writing like this os or ff.

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