Essay on Silence by Ooshi

Whenever i posted any article it’s topic was decided by God and He gave me the thought to right on the specific topic but in my previous article i requested my readers to suggest me a topic to write article and the only reader who suggested me a topic was Hemi/Hemita ,who is also my sister,so today i am writing article on Silence Speaks suggested by her.
What is silence? Can a person always got silent completely? And can silence always gives peace? These are some of my question from which the second isn’t easy to understand.
To me silence is a situation when tongue stops talking and we get keep quiet. And my second question has a close relation with my topic as well as silence. Now what is my mean by complete silence. Complete silence means to be silent by heart and mind as well. As we know
Face is the index of mind

But i want to add heart in this sentence as well because it’s true. So when we get silent completely it gives us peace and our face speaks the same by its gestures. And we can understand it easily by watching a relaxed face.

But the complexities are on a person’s face who can’t get complete silence easily and it’s the problem the responsible and serious people faces in their life when they became free that’s his/her mind/heart starts thinking about the tensions they had so he/she can’t gain complete silence as well as relaxation and it can also seen easily by watching a person’s face having such situation but the fact is we can’t help him/her to sort out the tensions/problems but just try to relieve him/her for the instant and we can’t understand his/her situation till then we ourselves face the same situation.

Silence speaks more than the tongue. There are many things which a person can’t say but his/her mind thinks about that matters all the time and needs someone to know his/her untold thoughts and wishes. And this makes life very complicated.

Silence is a best way to speak but desperately needs someone to understand him(silence).

Now it’s time for suggestion so i want to suggest you that when you are alone then try to be friend with God as God is everywhere. He can see us,listen us so just speak to Him whenever you had many thoughts or tensions and have no one to speak so just speak to Him. It will decrease your burden and He can also give you the solution by giving you any thought or through any person. If you can’t speak to Him loudly(feel awkward) then speak heartily as He knows our inner self too.And one more thing no one can be The Best Friend except Him as He is The only one who remains with us always although we can’t see Him but He keeps eye on us everywhere,stops us from doing any sin,solves our problems and decides the best for us so always believe Him as He knows us more than ourselves.

Now a question raises when He knows us better than ourselves then what’s the need to talk to Him the same. But actually we doesn’t talk to tell Him about our condition but to remove our loneliness and to be friend Him and there shouldn’t be any hesitation to tell God that we are worried and in asking for help from Him as in praying we does the same so does it but in a friendly manner as well.I don’t know is it right or wrong but i does the same. If someone came to know that it’s wrong so don’t forget to tell me. It will be mine pleasure if you share your views with me.

Till then next article
Take Care yourself and others around you.
Always Be Happy and try to make happy others.
Keep smiling and Try to spread smiles around you.

Examine yourself and point your bad habits

Then Try to decrease the bad habits and develop good ones.
it’s category is humour because TU didn’t had any category which suit my articles or me.(May be)

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  1. Ooshi

    0 comments no wonder it’s my bad luck that my all readers are silent but i will still write for my self,my readers and the people who love me and my writings take care

  2. Renimarenju

    This is the first time I am reading your article…..You should have submitted this article in fan fiction original……Don’t tell that there is no category for including your article….Don’t tell that it’s a bad luck ….. See god has gifted with a talent of writing……And about comments, probably when u finds no comments on an article, it will discourage us……But don’t think it as the bad luck…..Think that you got a platform for expressing what you feels, what you can write and whatever be the outcome, it comes later…..You have said about silence which had made many of us to remain silent as all can think about silence twice….. In lonliness also the power of silence, and an unknown self confidence which is hidden in you can lead you to go ahead and I have experienced this personally…….God tests a lot, but certainly each tough tests are the big lessons which will boost your life…..Do write more articles on TU and post it on ff original…..This is an original work,…..So that’s the right place……All the best

    1. Ooshi

      happy ? u replied agreed to u too and i didn’t find that category there r just 3 humour,episodic analysis and ff here on i will not leave like that

  3. oh ooshi!! I must say your words are too great and inspiration.
    i admit whenever i feel lonely and sad, and is unable to share it with others( b’caz they dont feel bed), i share it with god.
    True words, for me god is a friend with whom i can share my feelings very well.
    and every day i spent 5 mins from 24 hours to talk with god.

    and yeah dont be sad that no ones is reading it, because it doesnt matter that everyone reads it and likes it .
    what matters is everyone understands it and respects your opinion.

    atb for your further writtings…..
    take care

    1. Ooshi

      happy u replied thanks for being here and here on i will not right such comments and about ur habit it’s good

  4. Appi , this article really inspire me a lot ….I think u should submit it in Fanfiction original ….I am in love with ur articles ….Love u

    1. Ooshi

      love u too Dear

  5. Nila_27

    I loved this…A perfect one on silence
    I liked each and every word….your writing is awesome
    Keep writing like this…Take care!

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented,loved it and the who has lovely sisters like u all and heart like me how can that person stop him/herself from writing

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