Especially for RagSan and SwaLak fans

Hello guys…..this is Sherin…..thought to write a small article….hope u like it…..especially for Ragsan and Swalak fans…

I am a crazy fan of Swalak and Ragsan….When Sanskar was introduced in the show…I thought they will pair him with Ragini…but the writers had a different plan….I was really disappointed….though I love swasan and raglak….i still cant accept them fully…..The chemistry between Ragsan was awesome…..First love can never be forgotten right???…..thats the reason I like swalak very much…..I read many fan fictions of Ragsan and Swalak….and I enjoy my favourites couples scenes…..The writers would have thought of a different story line….but unfortunately they have changed it……swalak ragsan always rockzz……

Ragsan really make a cute couple….hope to see them onscreen may be in another serial……..

Guys it is a small article about my views……and please share ur views also guys……it’s not to hurt anyone……guys pls do comment………then I also wrote a ff on Raglak-an invisible emotion….hope u guys remember it…..i am little busy so I was not able to continue it….i will try to post it…..

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  1. Hey Sherin! Even I am a crazy fan of Ragsan and definitely it is one of the cutest pair I have ever seen. I seriously hope that the story line was regarding Ragsan. I was really Disappointed when sanskar started liking swara but RAGSAN will always be my FAVOURITE

    1. Thanx joy for commenting….ya ragsan….they are awesome…..cutest couple…

  2. Priya15

    Hi di.. Even I thought the same.. I love ragsan to the core that’s the reason y I prefer to read ragsan ffs.. They make a cute couple.. For me always they r the best.. If writers had made them pair then may be Swaragini would have the same charm which it had at the start.. I mean after they changed the pairs swalak and ragsan fans quit the show(some of them, me too the one in it)… Loved ur article..

    1. Sherin

      hi Priya…..u are right….the show has lost its charm a little….and thanx dear for commenting

  3. Varsha

    Evn i thght d same, bt nw i lik raglak n swasan n swaragini as a whole

    1. Sherin

      Hii Varsha…..thanx dear for commenting…Swaragini rockzz….but still missing our fav couple onscreen…

      1. Varsha

        Me too dear, but they are good as friends

  4. Thanks for writting an article on ragsan.i am a crazy fan of them.i love them together very much

    1. Sherin

      Thanx Dhara for liking it

  5. Sammy

    Yeah even I am als. Writing an ff on ragsan and swalak .. MY STOLEN WORLD ….and I like raglak and swasan too ….well I can easily shift varun with helly and teju and Namish with Teju and helly .. because I watch swaragini as I love namish and varun a lot ..more than teju and helly and I really I can shift both of them with any actress 🙂 🙂

  6. KritikaRajpoot

    hi sherin i too thought the same but the stuoid Cvs and i would love to read an article on ragsan

  7. SPP

    I totally agree with you
    Even I love Ragsan a lot then comes Raglak
    I really wanted them to be on screen but got really disappointed
    I watch it just for Teju
    Thanks for this article dear

    1. Sherin

      ya Teju is so cute and a wonderful actress dear….and thanx for commenting…

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear

  8. Sherin

    Hii Sammy… ur ff MY STOLEN WORLD….it was awesome…..still now i am a silent reader in ur ff…..its very nice….thanx for commenting but i am not able to switch over between helly teju namish and varun….

  9. I also support with u

    1. Sherin

      thanx sanam

  10. i love swalak n ragsan….

    1. Sherin

      ya pooja….they are the best and thanx for commenting

  11. DC1

    That’s the thing… I was super excited to see Ragsan’s blossoming love after Sanskar’s entry but we all know what happened. Still I like Swasan and Raglak but love Ragsan and Swalak. I am glad that there are so wonderful writers who write Swalak and ragsan ffs. And I haven’t read Raglak- invisible emotion but I Will surely read it dear

    1. Sherin

      thanx DC for commenting….and ur ff on swalak and ragsan… was amazing…..and ur broken souls is also very nice…..i began to like ragsan very much from that story only

      1. DC1

        That is so sweet of you dear… Thanx for liking it

  12. hello Sherin……M ALSO A BIG FAN OF RAGSAN…..even i also thought that after Sanskar entry he will be paired with Ragini….but it didnt happened……..but i also like Swasan and Raglak pairs…….
    I would also love to see Ragsan pair on some other serial or in Yeh Hai Ashiqui or Love by chance…..
    Hope my dream will come true??

    1. Sherin

      hiiii sinzo…thanx for commenting dear…hope to see them oscreen

  13. Lila

    Thank u so much for writing this. I too I’m a BIG FAN OF RAGSAN. NO.1 FAN to be precise. I love them and Swalak. I too thought they will pair them but….. u knw… I don’t like Swasan and Raglak pair. No matter what. I can never like them. But I don’t go around bashing them as some Swasan fans do about Ragsan. Everyone has their on choices and opinions. It shouldn’t bother anyone what the other person likes or do.

    1. Sherin

      hii Lila….thanx for commenting….ya we should never bash anyone….ragsan always rockzzz..

  14. AMkideewani

    I’m also a crazy fan of Swalak and Ragsan, but when cvs made it Swasan and Raglak, I stopped watching Swaragini.

    1. Sherin

      hi crazygirl thanx for commenting

  15. absolutely right…ragsan-swalak make the cutest pairs loved them so much that’s why still can’t accept swasan raglak pairs little bit upset with writer also if they would make them pair this serial wouldn’t lost its charms but anyway ragsan-swalak rocks always least we have many beautifully ff

  16. Sherin

    hello sss……i too like swasan and raglak but still cant accept that fact fully….

  17. Ragz_teju

    I am a huge fan of teju and I like both ragsan and raglak as a pair

  18. Hi sherin mine thought also same. I never forget swalak and ragsan that’s why i simply quit the show. After that i had never watched swaragini. But I’m happy to write ff on swalak and ragsan. And thanks to you dear you had always supported me in my every ff. Thanks alot for that

  19. Jezza Chinnus

    Ya me to crazy fan of RAGSAN..
    i am not watching swaragini now.
    but used to read ff related to RAGSAN.

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