Episodic Analysis of Siya Ke Ram 30th March 2016

The Episode started with Kaikeyi rushing to meet her beloved husband. Here her love for her husband was expressed perfectly. Though she was instigated against Dasharath by Mantra her true love for her husband got exposed today. Though Dasharath married 3 wives we saw that all the three were respecting each other. Next we saw Sumitra’s anger as well her love. She respected her husband and her sister like Kaushalya. She couldn’t bear the pain given my Kaikeyi. She was brave enough to speak against Kaikeyi. During that time Mandavi couldn’t stop Sumitra though she was hurt by her words towards Kaikeyi. Though she was against Kaikeyi she respected her mother-in-laws as per her sister’s advice. This scene completely portrayed how all respected each other and their love for others.

2nd Scene:

We saw Ram doing the final rites for the deer. This shows his humanity towards all creatures in the world. His love is impartial towards all.

3rd Scene:

Here we saw Guru Vashisht preserving Dasharath’s body. Here we can see the Science Knowledge of our ancestors. Also the respect and patience of them to wait for Dasharath’s sons to return can be seen too.

4th Scene:

In this scene we saw Ram’s and Sita’s love for their beloved ones. They were able to feel the loss of Dasharath. This is known as spiritual love. Here it we have to note that both Ram and Sita were mature enough to proceed in their journey. They understood that they have to just be in present and neither to think about their past nor their future. Which most of us forget to do now a days.

5th Scene:

This scene was the best of all the scenes today. Here Bharat and Shatrughna reach Ayodhya and were able to feel the sorrow of their people. If he had been elder he do really deserves to be the king. Anyways to the episode the people were indeed angry on Bharat but they never uttered a word. They were at utter sorrow. When people are so depressed they become numb and just maintain silence. They did tell anything to Bharat as they still respected him as Ram’s brother. Though what they did was injustice as Bharat didn’t do anything we see the love and respect the Praja has for Ram and Dasharath. Next it was Bharat and Shatrughna coming to the palace and gets shocked seeing their two mothers in widow costume. Here we saw the love of the 2 sons for their father. In between we saw Mantra out of all this sorrow getting happy seeing Bharat. Though her thoughts were bad we can see her love and affection towards Kaikeyi and Bharat. On the whole the episode was as usual so emotional. And today it was Bharat and Kaikeyi who rocked the show. The directors staged the episode perfectly. HATS OF TO THE SIYA KE RAM TEAM.

I give 3.8 out of 5 for this episode.

Credit to: Wellwisher (ww)


  1. Roy

    we are inviting and discovering many things and highly prasing our science but in reality all this thing were lost and we are finding them again as all these knowledge were with rajvaidya they used to be educated in true means and these kinds of people were in thousand

  2. Ishita

    Great well wisher
    U should try your hand in literature ??
    And ya i was amazed to see the science of that time?
    U r a great writer?


      haha….. thank u so much ishi for this compliment….. actually i said this to my mom bcoz she has done english literature but she as well as my frnds wanted me to have this as a hobby….. but i have an idea to learn it….

  3. twinkle

    awesome analysis ww di 🙂
    i was amused to see the science of that time 🙂
    your writing skills are awesome 🙂

  4. jay

    SUPRRR WW………..great writing dear………. i agree with ishita u should try literature dear…….ALL THE BEST

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