Episodic Analysis of Siya Ke Ram 29th March 2016

Hey guys this wellwisher aka ww here….. I had been planning to write analysis for siya ke ram for a very long time….. Today I am starting it….. Hope you all support me….. Negative and positive comments are whole heartedly welcomed by me….

The Episode started with Ram, Sita and Lakshman coming to the point where River Ganga and Yamuna meet. Ram explained that the meeting of these two rivers indicates the union of 2 souls. THIS LINE NEEDS TO BE APPERICIATED. Ram also compared the union with his and Sita. He had valued and respected her sacrifice and love. Same way Sita an ideal wife just wanted to support her husband.

2nd Scene:

It’s with Rishi Bharadwaj helping out Ram. It indicates that though you are a Rishi you still respect humans. This scene needs applause.

3rd Scene:

Here it starts with Dasharath coming to his wives Sumitra and Kaushalya. He feels that he had been partial with them and is paying for it as Kaikeyi his beloved had given him the pain by sending Ram for van. Here we saw that our deeds and promises decide our life. Dasharath’s unknowingly done mistake had resulted in taking away his life. So does it mean that there is no chance to do penance for our mistakes? No. We always can do penance for our mistakes. Here Dasharath had realized his mistake and tried his level best to do penance that is why his wish to die in Ram’s lap was fill-filled through his imagination. He hallucinates Ram to be with him. He had immense love for Ram. Does it mean that he had been partial? No. Parents never are partial. Had it been Bharata or other 2 sons also Dasharath would have felt the same. Since it was Ram who got the chance go to van we were able to see his love for Ram. That’s side in the ashram Ram and Sita see an ill deer. The directors were perfect to show both Dasharath’s state and the deer’s state parallely. Here Ram and Sita feel the pain of Dasharath in the form of deer. When Ram cries Sita gets teary eyed. She is unable to bear it. That is love. Ram tries his level best to be composed. The directors perfectly showed the pain of both Dasharath and the deer. Both had their beloved ones near. Yet they missed the one whom they loved more than their life. The death of Dasharath was perfectly staged. The reaction of all the three queens, daughter in laws, Sumanta and Guru Vashisht was superbly done.

On the whole the episode was OUTSTANDING……. Best of all the episodes till date…. And the background tunes and music added the essence….. if it had not been the episode is nothing….. Especially the scene in which Dasharath hallucinate Ram……. Heart touching.

I give 4 out of 5 for this episode.

Credit to: Wellwisher (ww)



      Thank u ishi……….. its 4 Bcoz there is some correction….. Ram’s haristyle to be changed…. they missed dasharath’s love for lakshman……okay va?


      u will get something 1 plus 10 – 6…. type in the box 5 as answer….. thats all….

  1. Ambreen Shaikh

    Even Lakshman has accepted the VANVAS BT FATHER HAS NO PAIN FOR HIM??? No emotions for laxman has been shown either by Dashrath nor by Kaikai n Kushalya 🙁 🙁


      agree…… thats why i had given 4…… in 2008 ramayana series they showed but he they forgot to show……i think so…..

  2. nupur

    Great ananlysis dear…I ll agree wid u about dashrath & deer’s death scene…It was just superb…also d bg tunes were great..me too go with 4.5

  3. Yazhini

    Nice analysis ww…i hpe ths s ur frst analysis…. It’s really grt my dr ….grt wrk dne fr ths analysis…I vil nt give u 5 but I vil gve u 5+1….ths star s fr ur analysis dr…..keep gng my dr sis…bye bye….tc

  4. Jayesha

    Brilliant analysis… I agree with you dear…today episode was outstanding… With teary eyes …

  5. Gomathi Sundharam

    why all of them are not feeling for lakshman?. This is why because he is under the care of RAM, so they all think he will befine but Sita is not like that she is the daughter of another person. So they will ask questions to them. So they feel for sita.And mainly Ram was forced to go van (which he accepted whole heartedly)but Lakshman takes his own decision to go with his brother.

  6. jay

    Suprrr WW…………….
    Great Analysis dear…………… Yeah I too thought they hv missed laxman …Good Job Dear…..

  7. Brindha

    Gd analysis ww di…… Gd work di….
    I think what u told is true ……. I’m rating it as excellent analysis……..
    Loved reading it….
    Superb awesome analysis…..
    I don’t know what to say more than this…..

  8. sonia

    Show was very good. Only thing deer they used completely looks like a toy. When deer died and rishi hold the dead deer, it was not looking like a dead deer. Dead deer will be loose, not tight.


      haha true…. but in graphics its quite difficult to show like that….

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