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Hii friends ..this is me .. Your AM aka Avijit …finally I come to write a small episode analysis . I wanted to do this from many days …so the day have came …. I will giuve a brief analysis of 16th April and upcoming 17th April episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed .
So starts πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ….

In yesterday’s episode we all were shocked because our super hero viplav was stabbed by Raja awasthi, the one who wanted to ruin our cutest vidha jodi πŸ˜› …. Mishal was just superb in that scene ..it was nearly 20-25 second collapsing scene of viplav but superb acting by mishal …the way he come between Dhani and raja to save her was really superb and the stabbing … The rod went through viplav’s belly … The sound of it coming out of the belly and the expression of mishal was superb . we can feel the pain by his shievering lips and eyes…really awesome performance by mishal … But yesterday eisha was just superb … Standing ovation to this new comer … When raja stabbed viplav and he fell upon the ground then Dhani did not cried .. She took the temple’s bell ..and beat raja badly and turning him red …. Eisha portrays the scene beautifully ..the expression of her …really superb …she acts so well in such a young age in the temple … In almost all serial when hero was injured heroine cry and cry and pray to god but here Dhani did not do it ..she roared like a lioness “rajaaaa” … Just nailed it …this small things make our IKRS different from other serials …..
Everyone praising eisha and mishal only …but I will also praise for raja aka kushwant walia ..great acting by him in a negative role …superb too ….
Next is hospital scene … Dhani again proved she is great marathon runner πŸ˜› .. She ran from the temple to hospital ..good … Now coming to the serious point … Kanak beautifully portrays the love of a mother to his son ..she have the fear of her son’s death like her husband …. Our big balloon ji … Everything is happening for him … His plan backfires ..and his grandson is hanging between death and life … Then our heroine came …she trying to console everyone …she was also depressed but trying to console all by acting acting like viplav ..really viplav’s acting by Dhani was good ..she consoled kanak also ..but she can never understand Dhani …. When Dhani hugged her then kanak throws her ..so real ..it don’t seem acting …. Then the episode ends …
Now today will happen that kanak blame Dhani for coming in his son’s life to ruin …but our savitri like Dhani will not defense ..and pray for viplav’s life (what we saw in precap) …. Viplav heartbeat stops ..but don’t worry she will save her definitely ….
By seeing new olv I am sure viplav will save …new olv was too cute ..viplav atehi romance suru πŸ˜› ..full of kissing scene in shalini’s room ..

Now what a pathetic situation is showing in IKRS about hero’s death but colors is not giving a single promo …how bad it is!! If this time TRP will not increase then it can never increase .. So then only hope to change the timeslot between 8-11 …

So guys how was it ?? First time tried ..hope you all liked it … If yes then comment otherwise do whatever you want to do πŸ˜› πŸ˜› … Bye bye

Credit to: AM

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  1. Gud analysis……..u nailed it πŸ™‚

  2. Bhai….first attempt of analysis and dil khush kar daala…. each and every character of IKRS is simply superb…… Protagonists ko dekh ke pyaar aata hai…antagonists ko dekhke unko maarne ka mann karta hai…..that means they are portraying their roles in superb way…..
    and loved your analysis too… πŸ™‚

  3. Good avijit. Liked it very much

  4. Super analysis, please don’t stop at just this ,look forwards to reading more. Xxx

  5. mujhe laga tha post nahi hoga πŸ˜› .. itne buda analysis kisiko nahi hoga

  6. AM aka avijit aapne toh kamaal kar daala. Kya analysis likha hai aapne. Main toh shocked ho gayi thi ki yeh aapne likha hai. Bura mat maano main bas mazaak kar rahi thi. Par jo bhi ho aapne bahut hi accha analysis likha hai.

  7. this is not a analysis but this is totally bullshit gali commode

    1. oh I see ..thank you much ..you are so innocent … negative comment mujhe chahiye tha …. mene kaha bhi hae ..gali dena to dil kholke do … mujhe bura nahi lagega

  8. Kya kamaal ka analysis publish kiya tumme Chotte πŸ™‚

  9. Arey waah Bhaia aap ko ithna ache se likne aatha hai…
    Nice one….

  10. Well done AM! I didn’t see the episode, but read H Hasan’s update. Brilliant analysis. As Anne said, hope to read more again soon!

  11. AM kya main v tumko bhai bula sakti hu? ☺
    super analysis…bahoot achcha likha hai kal k episode pwr cut ki wajase dikh nahi payi badme online site pe toh dekhi thi bt jab raja viplav ko rod se marta hai wo scene cut huwa hai.tumhari description ne dikhne ko aur man kar raha hai.ha reel scene hai bt real me mera man dukhega jarur kyu ki Mishal ko chot lagegi na uss scene me ?
    colors channel ki wor se Olympic marathon me dhani ko vej diya jaye toh sure gold medal lekar aayegi ?? sorry it’s a joke part☺
    kal ki episode k last scene me kanak n dhani ne kamal ki acting ki matha chumne ko man kar raha tha ?

    1. yes ..of course ..you can call me bhai ..thank u

  12. guys don’t praise me a lot for making me happy only ..don’t worry … I am very very free minded πŸ˜› πŸ˜› …I want to start episode analysis so start it ..it is not good at all … gali dena chahte ho to ji bhar bhar ke de sakte ho πŸ˜› .. I will not mind … it is fun to see negative comments ..I really enjoyed it …

    next time I will give my best …pehle bar se koi perfect nahi hota … ..so comment whatever you want ..but say truth πŸ˜›

  13. Good! I have also seen that Goosebumping OlV.. relieved on knowing that he is alive! ??

  14. wow sooo nice i like it
    then wats that olv

    1. it is in shalini’s room … they are romancing …and kissing …. πŸ˜› ..viplav hospital se atehi romance suru kar diya . then there was a long interview of DT ..that’s it ..sirf romance tha ..aur kuch nahi πŸ˜›

  15. Kya bahat h chhote,pure k pure scene yad krdiye ho.very gud analysis.u analyze every scene.its very gud

    1. thanks dadi πŸ˜› …

  16. U came late but it was latest.u nailed even minute details.whatever u wrote was what i felt after seeing ystdy epi but one thing i can’t agree.eisha managed the situation very well with her excellent acting but when police arrested Raja,she said “chale jao Raja”(i think she said so)that was not a pefect acting bcz i didn’ saw that pain in her dialogue that time.except this she did a perfect life like acting.once again thank u so much avi for such a beautiful critical analysis and for describing mishal’s acting in such an excellent way.that was totally awesome.keep doing this whenever u have time.

    1. thank u di .. yes I also agree with u .. I want more impactful dialogue of Dhani that time … but moon has also dark spots …so she is so young and it is her first show …small fault can be neglected … but mishal is moon which have dark spots but enhance it’s beauty of acting more and more

      1. Answer me one thing.. Aaj tak dhani ko kabhi achha dialogue mila hai kya??? 100 episodes toh wahi ghisipiti 2 lines bolke pass kar diya but thankfully Eisha is a very good actress. She any how managed to pull it by her acting skill without any proper dialogue. Eisha deserves a round of applauds..

  17. Wa chotte kya bath hain itna achi analysis …. Each line u remember well done..

  18. Wow avi gud analysis it was pin to pin.superb ma.ur right both vidhaani nailed their characters but I think there is prb only in editing.bcs when I was observed dhaani returns to temple after rajas arrest they suddenly show hospital scene n even today’s episode also they show after hospital scene suddenly they were in AN at shalus room.so our actors were superb but editing was fault I think .
    But avi ur analysis about episode were very nice keep it up.keep going on.

  19. Nice analysis Am. I think everybody commented here. Well done .

  20. Areyy. .chottee…u nailed it yarr…wht a words yarr…superb….continue it

  21. Well done AM , not bad at all.
    I’m looking forward for more.
    You know in everything one aspires to be or do gets better with hard work and perseverance.
    There’s always room for improvement.
    Good job

  22. yipeee ..itna kharab analysis firbi itna sara comments
    .thank u to all …next time I will be better ..

  23. all in one good job boy

  24. thank u raj Bhai πŸ™‚

  25. Don’t worry Avi!!! I also don’t hesitate to tell what I don’t like. So, if u r not doing good I am there to pull your leg.?.. I am very poor in doing taarif without any reason..?…ur analysis was not bad at all..& I love it when anybody praises eisha. Mishal ki toh Sab taarif karte hain & he deserves this but Eisha also deserves 2 b praised. All the best Avi!

  26. AM nice one. keep continuing

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