me and you episode 8 by Sukor

Precap: Suraj get yelled on and Chakor and Suraj are in a forest.

Chakor runs behind Suraj. She trips on a piece of rope and sprains her ankle. She shouts in pain. Suraj heard the scream and comes running. He sees Chakor sitting on the ground holding her ankle and silently crying. He sits down.
“Are you ok, what happened” he said worryingly.
“Does it look like I’m okay, huh” Chakor says in frustration.
“No, but how did you fell or trip” he asks.
“I tripped from a piece of rope because of you”
“What did I do?” Suraj asks.
“You planned this whole thing without any plans or thinking” she says.
“Sorry. Let’s go” he said, his hands toward her in support.
“I don’t need your help”

Suraj was feeling rejected so he took off without saying anything.
“Idiot” Chakor said under her breath.
She tries to stand up but can’t and falls back down. She yells in pain and frustration. She tries to stand up again but was unsuccessful. After a min or 2, suraj comes back and picks Chakor and carries her back to the tent without saying a word. Chakor feels a little guilty. * He recently purposed to me and this is what I do, bad*.
“I am sorry for my behavior, Suraj” She says sadly.
“I am sorry, Chakor for planning all this without thinking” he said while holding his ears innocently.
“Ahh” Chakor says and hugs him.
“You thought about the romantic stuff but just forgot the basic stuff so it’s ok” she says remembering the flowers.
“Are you making me feel better or worse” he said
“I tried” She says happily.
“I am still feeling bad” he says with a grin.

Chakor smiles and gives him a little sweet kiss on the cheek.
“Better?” Chakor asks.
“I will make it work with that” he says. Chakor laughs.
Suraj’s stomach rumbles.
“I am hungry” he says.
“Well there might be something to eat” Chakor says and she walks into the tent.
Suraj looks curious. Chakor comes back with two granola bars, a handful of gum and lifesavers. She hands a granola bar to Suraj.
“Where did you get all this” he asks while taking the granola bar.
“From my purse and there’s a little bit from stuff in there.”
“You keep all that stuff in a purse”
“Yes” Chakor said while munching on her granola bar.
“Girls” Suraj whispers.
“What else is in there” he asks.

This is all guys, I hope you guys enjoy this and I need a little bit encouragement. This ff isn’t getting that many comments and I think that it’s just a waste of time, me writing this if you guys aren’t liking this so please comment your opinions about this ff.

Precap: Finally out of the forest and rishta ki baat with parents.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome. It was very cute update. I love this ff.

  2. Another superb update !

  3. Preet dear ,
    it’s not a waste of tym . I really loved it n it’s concept . this ff is so sweet n romantic one . so keep writing
    coming to episode its really cute ,I lyk their nokjhok wala pyar . waiting for next one . post asap

  4. Nice update, it’s a sweet story, please keep updating.

  5. just adorable fiction..

  6. just adorable fiction..loved it..keep writing..

  7. It’s a cute epi with nok jokes. Love it.

  8. Truely i wona say smthing dear i like ur evry ff.u r writing three ffs right.n i like all the dear its not time wasting dear i lov u ff.n sory for late comenting.

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