Me and you – episode 5 by Sukor

Recap: Ragini’s death and Suraj’s changed behavior
Hi, everyone sorry for updating late but I will try to write another episode soon. So let’s start

“What are you doing here, kamal narayan” chakor asks
“Chakor!!!! I should ask you the same thing. What are you doing here? Kamal narayan asks with silly grin on his face.
“I was here to see Ragini’s situation as suraj’s friend but suraj told me that his dad was coming to see ragini and you came”.
“I am his and ragini’s dad, you stupid. As Suraj’s friend, didn’t you know his last name??” kamal narayan asks.
“No, I don’t know, I never thought of it” chakor says.
“Whatever, right now I don’t have time for your stupid nonsense but I will take my revenge of what you did with me in your childhood.” Kamal narayan says angrily and then disappears into the hallways.
“What was that? How is he going to take revenge from me?” Chakor thinks aloud.
“I will think about this later right now I need to go to my mom’s house because kamal narayan could have visited them too”
Chakor is about to get out the hospital but her phone rings first. It is from an unknown number. Chakor picks it up thinking if it’s mom or dad calling from a different number to alert me.
“Hello “chakor says.
“Hi, Suraj is in danger so can you please come here” says an unknown but a weird and funny voice.
“What?? Where, how, when??”Chakor panicked.
“Someone will come to pick you up. They should be here soon”.
“Why can’t I come there” chakor asks speciously.
“Because there is great danger here and trust me, I am a good person”.
Chakor sees a black car coming.
“The car is black and it has S sign on it, you can go sit in it”.
Chakor goes and sits in it but is finding all this strange but goes with it since she doesn’t want suraj in danger.

Chakor’s pov
It has been two hours since we have been driving and we are still no at our unknown destination. I am so hungry, bored and irritated and let us not forget scared, nervous.
“When will we arrive, sir” I ask
“In a few minutes, miss” the driver replies.
The car stops at an entry of a natural forest but it is pretty deep. I could get lost here in a second. But why are we here???

I will leave it there for you guys to guess what’s going to happen next so until then bye.
Precap: Sukor scenes.

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