Me and you – episode 3 by Sukor

How dare he to push my chakor? It was just a game. I am boiling mad right now at chakor. I was just trying to protect her. No need to yell. Especially no yelling at Suraj. My dad doesn’t even have the courage to yell at me at so who’s she? I have doubts about going to the shop with her. Suraj is thinking about if he should go or not and his phone rings.
“Ragini’s number? ”

“Hello” I speak
“Hello Suraj, your sister meet with a accident on azaadganj main road” the stranger says.
I feel a tear making its way out my eyes. Not my ragini.
“Okay, I will come there as fast as I can”.
I run out of the cafeteria and I feel everyone’a eyes on me. Chakor runs up to me.
“Suraj,what happened? ” she asks
“My sister had a accident”.
“Oh my god,let’s go”
She holds my hand and indicates me toward the door.
“Are you sure you want too” I ask
“Duh, sure I am sure”.

We go out to my jeep and reach our destination.
I see ragini lying there with her eyes shut. I run to her and hug her. Her head is painted with blood and she has several injuries on her arms.
“Ragini,wake up” I tell her.
Tears start coming rapidly seeing my little sister’s situation.
Chakor puts her hand on my shoulder.
“Suraj let’s get her to the hospital”.

Precap: ragini’s death

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  1. Aqua

    Wow… so much blood. Nice ff. Pls continue❤

  2. Sukor

    Thank you i love your Os as well!!☺

  3. Pls update the next part soon….I really like your ff….waiting eagerly for it…

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