What are we..? ~ episode 3 (raglak and swasan)

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@mayuri college, Delhi

Raglak were fighting with each other

Lucky – what is this Ragini

Ragini – what lucky, because of you I lost ….

Cutting her words lucky – Ragini Mata maf kardo

Saying this he took his hand towards his ear ?

Rag – no never lucky

Luck – ok then I’m going

He was about to go, Ragini hold his hand

Rag – ok I will accept your sorry.

Luck – thanks 🙂 will you help me

Rag – in what??

Luck – hmmm it’s kavya

Rag – ok lets see (kaise batau tumhe lakshh i lov u)

Both went to their class.

Luck – ragini see, the hotest chick is coming

Rag – hotest??

Luck – yes kavya

Rag – hmm what ever laksh

Luck stands and goes near kavya

Luck – hey miss beautiful, come sit

Kavya – can u please hold my bag ? laksh

Luck – yeah why not

She hands over him her bag

Kavya – laksh can u tell this loser to go from here

Luck – loser who??

Kavya – you don’t knw Ragini

Luck – what……?? Ragini??? Nope

He throws her bag ? so that it hits her face

Luck – see kava i knw you are beautiful, but your character sucks. How dare you call my Ragini a loser, it was me who asked her to lose the game in morning.

Kavya – laksh everyone knows that you love me, then why are you defending her

Luck – because she is my besty, and love ❤ that with you. It was just my attraction kavya

Rag – laksh calm down, come sit

Kavya – two losers are taking care of each other wow. One who lost the bike race and one who lost me hahaha

Luck – stop kavya i never loved you, it was j attraction that’s it.

Kavya – what ever saying this she sat next to her friend.

Rag – in mind – laksh thanks thank u so much, at least now you understood it’s attraction not love I’m happy (she was smiling)

Luck – Ragini thik tho hona?? Why are you smiling??

Rag – nothing, you tho loved her na

Luck – no rag, actually when I came to this college, I saw her beauty and …. You know Na I fell for her, but you are my real besty.

Rag – ok….stop adarsh sir is coming.

Luck – i hate him

Rag – but i love him

Luck – what???

Rag – i mean his teaching

Adarsh stepped into the class

Ad – good morning students sit down

Ad started taking classes

Ad when the bell rang – of you have any doubts ask me, i will be in the staff room.

Two more classes were taken by other prof also.

It was break.

Raglak went to college canteen.

Luck – Ragini, i like some one

Rag – who?? Again a new girl luck??

Luck – no no she is my old friend, she is v caring

Rag (who is she?? Is he talking about me???) – who is she lucky??

Luck – you know her, very well

Rag – what who??

Luck – hmmm suspense i will show her today evening

Rag – ok (whoo damn he can tell it now)

@mumbai, kalki restaurant ?

Swara with her colleagues came there

“its a new place… And famous too” Richard said

“yeah it is, we can get food from any near place na.. Then why here???” Swara asked

“yaar this a famous restaurant ? , we never came here and heard that the food here tastes like divine”

“ok let’s see” swara said

They all order their food and start eating

‘its awesome, and this paneer item,…. Its just like how my mum cooks’ swara thinks

“how is the food??” Richard asked breaking her thoughts

“its really awesome no words to say” swara said

“i told you Na… And you know what the chef who cooked this food is my buddy” Richard said

“what?? Really…?? I want to meet him Richard… And you never said about him” swara asked in excitement

Richard calls him

“Bhai can you meet me?? I’m in kalki restaurant ? ”

He spoke with sanky

“he is coming” Richard said

“hmmm…..” Just then swaras phone rongs

She picks it up

“hello..who is this?”


“yeah it’s me”

“can you please come to rainbow hospital”


“your friend kavitha”

Listening this she was shocked

“kavitha….??, wait im coming” she cut the call

“Richard, i must leave now bye I will come to the office after an hour and yeah give it to your chef friend”

She handed over him a tissue in which she wrote

‘the food was awesome thank you ? ‘

She rushed to the hospital.

End of the epi

Hope you liked it

And this is for rishita

If she is reading

If you find my ff boring then please dont read it. You have no right to comment on my friends, they were j supporting me. Who are you to say all that shit about them??
We don’t even know each other personally, then why are you filling much hatred towards you in my heart.
Idiots this is what you said about us. I think talking about idiots makes you the biggest idiot.
Its your opinion that it’s boring and all. Who are you to say that I should stop my ff? Its my wish to continue or not.
don’t even dare to say a word against my friends.
If you are having any problem with my ff then please don’t read it.
Like you shared your view that it’s boring l, the same way they also shared it that my ff isn’t boring.
Request/warning what ever you like, from now stay away from my friends.

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  1. Awesome episode priya dr….

  2. its was good and well say priya but this type of people doesn’t understand so its better to not think and talk to them! and please don’t think its borring! its good so don’t worry

  3. Nice oops sorry awesome update…love your ff trust me dear you have done you best…someone is bashing you and it doesn’t mean that you are not good..hope you understand be strong and make youself determined to do the best…love you and your courage

  4. awesome… And it is not at all boring…

  5. finally laksh understood difference between love and attraction.
    hope he realise his love for ragini.
    and you know that we r always with you and always ready to support you.
    so keep smiling 🙂

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    i think u r not at all worthy of all the love v ur supporters have showered on u ……….if we would have supported rishita then atleast she would have respected our support nd not let us down as u have done……..this was unexpected from u ………SHAME ON U !!!!!!

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