What are we..? ~ episode 2 (raglak and swasan)

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Sanskar was in the parking area of his apartment

he was taking his bike out

suddenly a person kicked his bike with their car.

“what the hell” he shouted at them

“sorry, sorry….” a girl stepped out

she was in her black top and jeans with her hair left out.

“sorry..?? see this my bike..”

“we will repair it, you dont worry” another girl stepped out from the car.

she was wearing a long green top under the same coloured leggin, with a side fishtail braid. a small bhindhi on her fore head

“repair and you both, I can’t trust you guys”

“ok then take our car today” the girl in jean replied

“but kavitha….” swara said

“ok ok you drop us to our offices and take our car” kavitha said

“hmm thats a good idea, and what about my bike?” sanskar asked

“we will ask our friend to get it repaire” swara said politely

“ok then give me car keys” sanskar asked them keeping his palm infront of kavitha

“wait, if you do something with our car?” swara asked

“phone no. lelo mera” he said in irritation

“ok give” kavitha said

“989898998, happy now?? I’m getting late, and I need my bike my tonight understand??”

“kya ho tum?? we are giving you our awesome bmw car ”

now sanskar saw that car carefully, yes it was a black bmw.

‘wow a bmw??, I always wanted it’

he remembered some thing

‘ “papa, I want a bmw” sanskar asked rp

“sure, the moment you join our business, we will buy it”

“business?? you know na I’m not interested in your so called business and all” ‘

‘why am i even recalling those moments?? sh*t no, they must know how happy iam now with my job, my aim my everything’ he thought

sanskar was driving car

swara’s phone was ringing

“sissy calling”

swara picked it up

“my lil sissy, kya hua??”

“di how do you know that some thing happened?”

“I know everything meri laadoo, again a fight with laksh maheshwari”

listening this sanskar applied the breaks

“areh!! kya hua??” kavitha asked

“nothing” saying this sanskar concentrated on his driving.

swara was talking to her sissy

“no di, because of him I lost” she said with a sad tone

“ohh come on!! is this again because of that kavya??”

“ha di, kavya and me were dirving the bikes, and we had a competition in btw and lucky… damn i will not leave him” raginis phone was not in her hands it was grabbed by laksh

“swara di, tumhari sis bhi na, she doesn’t even help me in getting my kavya” laksh said

“laksh… your kavya? from when chote??”

“didi don’t call me chote ok”

listening “laksh” sanskar dropped tears from his eyes

‘years passed, I dint talk to him, and this girl……’ he thought

“hey stop there, thats the modelling agency” kavitha stopped him

“btw whats your name handsome?” she asked him

“sanskar” he told

“im kavitha, I gave a missed call to your mob, feed my no. ok?”

sanskar nodded in yes

“swara…baby I will not come home tonight, don’t wait for me ok?” kavitha told to swara

“ok kavi byee”

“swara…” sanky called her

“wheres your office?”

“its two streets away from here” she asnwered.

“ohhh is it the famous soft ware company”

“yes it is and will you please shut your mouth im talking to my sissy” she told

“laksh, say”

“di byeee now, ragini ko thik karna hai”

“ok chote, bye take care of my sissy”

“aur mera kya???”

“raginis there na, she will take care of you”

“who..?? that shaitan?? no way di”

“you are really gone now” ragini shouted in anger

she cut the call

“sanskar….” swara called him

“don’t talk to me, can’t you see I’m driving” he said in a anger tone

swara gave him an anger look

“kitna ego hai isse” she said in a low tone

“what??” he asked her

“concentrate on your driving mr” she said

“get down now” he said

“what?? its my car, don’t you dare talk to me like that”

“your office duffer” he said

“duffer?? teri toh..!!” she said closing the door

“pick me up, sharp 5pm and take this money get it repaired your selves”

“what?? you told that you will get it repaired”

“now im giving you money take it, gaya toh kuch bhi nahi hai, except the right light”

seeing him fuming in anger “ok ok give me the keys, I will get it repaired by the peon in our office”

he gave her the keys and left the place.

@kalki restaurant

“thank god you are here, come fast” my fellow chef said

“what happened??”

he took him to the kitchen, it was all messed up

sanky got angry seeing his kitchen in this state

“what is this???, who did this??”

“sanskar sir sorry, I’m new here and…..”

“and?? what?? if you are new you must have stayed away from cooking, what will we answer the customers now, this is the most reputated restaurant in the city”

she started crying

“someone plz take her out, I need to arrange the kitchen first and you all make the customers sit for 10 more miinutes”

saying this he took his position.

end of the epi

hope you like it

hope its not too boring

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