Epilogue – Papa Chup Raho



3 Years Later:

“Hurry up Ishaan!” AP shouts, rushing everyone in the house to be ready.

“Maa, he’s gone to the parlour.” Lakshya says as he comes down, dressed as a groom.

“Hey Bhagwan, this boy, he’s gone parlour on his wedding day too.” AP sighs as they’re getting late for the wedding.

“Maa, he never spared normal functions so wedding day is fair enough.” Pari says as she walks out with Adarsh and 2 little children.

“Awww, Adiyom Aur Payal are looking soo cute.” A 6 months pregnant Swara smiles as she walks out with Sanskaar, who is holding a 2 year old daughter.

Adiyom is ParIsh’s 2 year old son and Payal is his fraternal twin and the daughter of ParIsh.

“Swahili is looking no less.” Pari compliments SwaSan’s two year old daughter, Swahili.

“I’m back.” Ishaan smiles as he walks in in his wedding attire with his hair freshly cut and is looking dashing.

“Thank god, now let’s leave, Ragini, Tanvi, Sujata, Ram, Yash, Ishita and Ji must be waiting at the venue.” AP says as she walks forward.

“Yup, lets leave.” Ishaan says and walks out followed by Lakshya, ParIsh, AP, SwaSan and the children.
At the wedding venue:

“Hurry up, we need to welcome the baraat.” Ishita shouts as she walks forward.

“Ishita, I told you to sit and relax, what are you doing here?” Yash asks as he walks up to his wife.

“But Yash, this is a wedding environment, how can you expect me to sit calm? My sisters getting married.” Ishita happily exclaims as he looks at Yash.

“Yeah but…” Yash says but gets interrupted.

“Yes, I know I’m pregnant and I should sit down but my tension won’t let me sit, quickly call Sujata aunty for the welcoming.” Ishita tells and is revealed to be 8 months pregnant.

Soon the crackers are heard exploding and the band start playing their music, alerting everyone that the grooms have arrived.

“Lo, they’re here.” Ishita says and she looks at Yash.

“Hayy, they’re already here.” Sujata shouts as she rushes forward with the platter.

Ishita gets relaxed seeing Sujata walk forward for the welcoming.

DP and RP come forth and stand behind Sujata. Lakshya and Ishaan walk at the door step and their welcoming starts.

Sujata manages to pull Lakshya’s nose but before she could pull Ishaan’s, Ishaan pulls hers.

“Chhore!” Sujata shouts and frees her nose.

“Naak pulling rasam finished, if the ladki wale can pull the grooms nose then why can’t the groom pull theirs? You see, welcome ke badle welcome.” Ishaan says with a smile and all chuckle slightly, including Sujata.

As they enter, LakIsh take their perspective seats. Soon Ragini and Tanvi walk down and sit at the Mandap.

Both of the couples smile at each other and the wedding ritual begins.
Few Hours Later:

The wedding was over and the brides were taken home, as they reached home, they finished the final ritual and last ritual before going to bed.

Parineeta’s POV:

I never thought I would have a perfect family, 4 adorable devars, a loving mother in law and father in law and cute si devraniyan and of course, a perfect husband and two small children.

I feel blessed and happy to be gifted such a wonderful family. I hope we don’t get jinxed and stay happy and as a perfect family.

“Pari, where’s Adiyom?” Adarsh asked as he walks inside the room with Payal.

I smiled “With his Daada Daadi, he’s gone to trouble them.” I uttered as I walked up to him and took Payal.

Adarsh smiled at me and pecked my forehead. I hope he stays like this forever. I must’ve done some good deeds in the past that I’ve got a wonderful husband like Adarsh.

End of Pari’s POV.

Swara’s POV:

I’m glad that my sisters are here, with me, I can’t believe we’re a perfect family now, it’s like a dream come true. I never expected all of this because in childhood, I always used to think it’s only good to dream about a perfect family but I was wrong.

A perfect family isn’t made by Me, it’s made with Us and that’s what makes each and everyone of us special.

“Swara!” Sanskaar called out as I turned.

“What happened Sanskaar?” I responded as he walked inside with Swahili.

“Why is princess saying that you didn’t give her the chocolate?” Sanskaar asked as he looked at me, holding Swahili in his arms.

“Sanskaar, she ate some this morning and too much chocolate isn’t too good for her.” I said, telling him.

“Chocateeee.” Swahili softly winces with a puppy face as she looks at Sanskaar.

She is Sanskaar’s princess and he never says no to her, I guess I will have to take the hidden chocolates out, her and Sanskaar, by god… chocolate lovers.

“Swara…” He trials off, looking at me with his puppy eyes this time.

Oh gosh, these two baap beti will melt me fully one day.

“Fine.” I sighed and walked to the drawer.

“Hifi.” I heard Sanskaar say.

Both Swahili and Sanskaar gave each other a Hifi.

I smiled at them, I feel blessed to have Sanskaar in my life, he’s not only a good husband but is an awesome father who would always keep our children smiling.

End of Swara’s POV.

Ishita’s POV:

I never actually thought I would get such a caring and loving husband like Yash. He actually matches my dream prince but hey…. Who said dreams can only be dreamt? See, I dreamt and I made it real.

I can’t believe I’m having a child, my first child our first child. I’m so nervous but Yash, he’s such a sweetheart, he said we will do it together. He gave me courage to bring this child into the world.

I turned to the side and smile, seeing him asleep.

He already thought of names, if it’s a boy then he will name him Shivaay and if it’s a girl then he will name her Ishaani, Ishaani is okay but I will name my daughter Yashita and my son Ishaan… Yashita or Ishaan, sounds perfect.

I still believe I’m living in a dream but no dream is bigger than your hope and no hope is smaller than your ability.

End of Ishita’s POV.

Ragini’s POV:

I can’t believe I’m married already, to the guy I love. I never expected love to knock at my door but I feel blessed.

Everyone say they’re blessed and I agree but can you imagine marrying your dream man? That’s awesome isn’t it?

Lakshya is perfect in all way and the biggest speciality of him would be that he loves a lot. I’m glad I’ve got someone like Lakshya to love me.

This family is perfect, God too my Maa and baba away from me but gave me Maa, Papa, Devar Ji, Jethji’s, Bhabhi’s, Devrani and nieces and nephews. What he took was small but what he gave is big, I’m glad.

We’re officially a happy family, I thought as I lied down, consummating our marriage.

End of Ragini’s POV.

Tanvi’s POV:

Finally I’m Mrs Ishaan Maheshwari, finally we’re one. I never thought to get someone like Ishaan as I was very sassy and classy girl. That day Ishaan talked to me was a beautiful day, if he didn’t and it didn’t lead to an argument then how would’ve I found him?

He’s an awesome person and before being my husband, he’s my best friend, I love him too much that sometimes I’m afraid I might lose him, I want to keep him close to me so that I could not see him distancing.

Along with Ishaan, I received such an awesome and perfect family. I actually feel blessed, I’m finally married.

Married to my love.

I hugged him tight while lying and closed my eyes.

Never expect too less and never hope too less, once you hope and expect, you achieve a lot more than you think.

End of Tanvi’s POV.

Why not AP’s…


I got my family back, what I lost, I got it back, a perfect family. A loving Husband, amazing Children and grandchildren.

I feel blessed to have my family with me.

What god give gives for a reason and what god takes takes for a reason, never feel disappointed or sad because there’s a lot more to come down as blessings.

As I closed my eyes, I could dream or perfect family.

I hope we stay like this, smiling and happy.

End of AP’s POV.

End of Epilogue.
How was the epilogue? Well this was it, I know ending was rubbish but sorry.

Haven’t proof read sorry for any mistakes.

Will be back with another story in a weeks time.

Till then take care, keep smiling and stay blessed ✨ Love you all ?

PS – SwaSan and RagLak Fans… thank you for the support and… you know the new story, ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’ don’t read it because the pairs are not SwaSan and RagLak ? And Do Dil Ek Jaan readers… The next episode will be written and given out by Angel… ?

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