Epic love #kanchi os # by vrushti


Hii! Guys I m back with my new os!!! I know u all r waiting for neat part of my fs but got some idea for short os so thought to write it!!! Please guys if u dont like it or If u find some mistake then its a humble request for u to comment me and tell me as I will try to improve myself…. Thanku big big wala dear sissys as ur comments made my day happy and memorable and thankes even silent readers too who liked it…. It really means a lot for me guys…. So now I will not do more bakbak and start the os….

Lets start….

The story starts with a lady shown sitting on a hospital bed holding a new born baby and making the baby stop crying with a constant slow shake…Made by her body… . The room was echoing with the voice of child’s crying and lady’s words-dont cry baccha!!!! Dont cry!!! Shhhu!!! Shhhhuuu!!!! Shhhuu!!! (Ofcourse she is sanchi guys)
Her eyes started pouring drops of tears seeing the child crying!! She hugged the child as her mind and heart got bonded with the child in no time!! Just then one lady comes out of washroom and takes her child from sanchi!!
Lady-thanku dr sanchi sooo kind of u! U handled my child as ur own child! My family members havent came still so u cared for me like a family member….
Sanchi till then slowly slowly wipes her tears….
Lady-may god bless u with a lovely child!!!
Sanchi smiles and leaves from there….
Some time passes…
Sanchi was thinking about it the whole day…
In the evening kanchi reached thier house….
In their room…
Kabir was busy in his laptop as usual….

Sanchi thought for somewhile and went to washroom…
After few minutes…
An angelic figure came out of washroom wearing a super hot short read colour nighty with floral design on top…. She was looking damn cute! Kabir rolled his eyes and was stunned to see her first time in shorts and she was looking really very attractive….. He started staring her with his mouth open…. Sanchi gave a victorious smile seeing his reaction on her gesture…. He was about to get down from bed and make his way towards her but he thought for some while and controlled his feelings… He caught one pillow and gripped it tightly as if he was angry or helpless and want to speak something but but his mouth was zipped with a invisible chain!!! He strongly ignored her!! Sanchi was in a big shock to see kabir’s reaction but finally went to him and started approaching him to come close to her but he disagreed…. She tried a lot but all in vain…. Now she got red with anger….
Sanchi-what is this kabir??!! Why r u ignoring me?!
He was busy in his laptop and wasnt giving attention to what she is saying!!
Sanchi (got teary now)-why kabir? Why r u doing this to me?? Our marriage has completed three years and still we dont have the relation of wife and husband!!! I want to be a mother kabir!! I want to be a mother….. (and she starts crying bitterly)
Kabir didnt reacts and sees the time….
He gets up and takes water from jar in the glass and removes medicines from its packet and goes to sanchi to make her have it…..
Kabir-its medicine time sanchi take and have it!!
Sanchi denies and throws that medicines in front of him showing her anger!
Kabir-please sanchi have it… (gives another medicine from the packet) dont be childish!!
Sanchi brings fake smile on her face….
Sanchi-if u dont want to listen me why I will listen urs? I m not going to have these medicines!!
And she goes and sleeps on the bed angrily!
Kabir felt helpless!!

Few days passed and this was became their daily routine… She was in no mood to listen him and have medicines despite his constant requests…. Her condition was worsening day by day….
One day they both were sitting quite in their room… Sanchi on sofa folding the dried clothes and kabir with his laptop on the bed!
Sanchi remembered when she was intern and still their marriage was not fixed and they were still lovers… In kabir’s cabin he pinned he to the wall and was about place his lips on hers she disagreed saying-mr kk wait till our marriage.. After our marriage I wont stop u!! And smiles….
Kabir respected her decision and kissed her forehead wispering in her ears- I m eagerly waiting for that day!! And the both shares a bone crush hug!
Kabir too remembers their first night!
When he was about to enter his room where his beautiful wife was waiting for him just then veer handed over him some files…. Actually reports of some tests done by sanchi herself to know if she is capable to be a mother and if her disease wont affect on her baby during pregnancy!! Before going inside he read the reports and was shocked to know that if she becomes pregnant she wont be able to give birth to the child as her body is not strong enough to give birth to a child! It was fixed that if she becomes pregnant then she or their child would die surely so to avoid this all kabir was avoiding her!! He never told her truth as he was knowing very well that she wont bear the pain and will breakdown….
He stopes thinking and goes to washroom…
She takes the clothes and goes to wardrobe to keep them…. While keeping she mistakely opens kabir’s drawer and finds reports infront!! She takes them and reads it and gets a shock of her life…. Now her pale face turned sad and teary and she brokedown as if god has taken her birth right from her!!
Kabir came out of washroom and was stunned to see sanchi on floor crying bitterly with the reports in her hands…
He went to her and sat hugging her tightly with tears….
Sanchi-sorry kabir! I made u suffer more because of me… Please forgive me!! I failed to understand u….!
Kabir-its ok dear now dont cry!!
Sanchi-but kabir I want to be a mother!! I want to experience how it feels when the innocent life grows inside me…. I want to feel the carvings…. I want to talk to our baby when my voice becomes audible for that small thing…. I want to hold our baby and give the happiness of whole world and also want to spend my blood to give life to my small once or else dispite dying once I will die daily with the guilt for not being able to be a mother and also not being able to make u father!!
Kabir-but I cant lose u sanchi!!!
Sanchi-I m losing myself kabir that too daily a bit by bit!! Take it as a last wish of mine! Atleast because of our child u will get the reason to live!!
Kabir agrees with the great difficulty….
He carries her in his arms and makes her lie on bed comfortably…. He lean down to kiss her and they shares passionate kiss…. Soon they both got imitate and their souls were finally one…. The room went darker and the moonlight shone bright and made a weak light in the room…. They both slept peacefully that day….
After few days they got the news of her pregnancy and they both were equally happy and sad!! But sanchi cheered up kabir….
In her pregnancy she experienced a lot new thing which were making her happy and excited day by day…. Kabir and her besties along with their families took best care of her and fulfilled her every wish!
Finally her nine months were completed and it was the day of her delivery…. After a long suffering she gave birth to a little angle but with the good news they also got the bad news of her death???!!!
After 5 yrs….

A man is shown carrying a little angle in his arms and making his way towards his car!!
Man-baby no icecream! U have bad clod naa?!!
Girl-please papa I promise I will scold that cold to go away and it will leave me fearing with my dhamkies!!! U know naa how expert I m in giving dhamki!… Aaacheee!!!
She rubbs her nose…
Man-no ji! Sorry ji! U wont get to eat icecream!
She gets sad!
Man-but angle I can make someone eat golgappas!!! (Points his finger towards golgappa stall)
Girl-yipeeee!!! Golgappas!!! My dad is best!!!
Man-thats like my junior miss golgappa!!!
After eating golgappas they reaches home…
The girl goes to her room running and hugs a lady saying her maama!!!
Man stands there teary!! (The man is none other than veer and the lady is isha!!! And the name of the girl is kanchi!!! )
Kusum keeps hand on his shoulder….
Kusum-u have done a big favour on me veer adopting kabir’s and sanchi’s child after their death!!

When they got the news of sanchi’s death after sometime on a stretcher they got to see kabir’s dead body as when he was on his way to reach hospital and his sanchi in great haste he got involved in a car accident!! Some peoples called ambulance but befare reaching to the hospital he left his breath! ???? both of their’s heart stopped beating at the same time and their boths souls went together to eternity! Maybe to keep their promise that they will live together and die together!
Bg song-tujhe yaad kar liya hai aayat ki tarah!
Fb ends…
Veer-dont worry aunty we will take good care of kanchi like our own child! She must never get to know the truth!! We want to be her real parents! Kanchi is now our child!!
Kusum-sanchi and kabir must be getting happy to see both of urs love towards kanchi!! God bless u both beta!!
Veer-(in mind) really sanchi and kabir’s love was epic!!
The story ends with the scene of kabir and sanchi’s smiling image on the sky!!!

Hey guys I m really very sorry!!!
I dont know what crap I have written!!! ?????
Please forgive me!!!
I m ready for rotten tomatoes? and sandles?!!!
And its a big request to u guys to please please comment!!! Those who dislikes too comment to help me improve!!
Love u all loads
Good morning
Happy bhaubeej!!
Take care….

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  1. Khamoshi

    RJN it was an epic OS dear..it was emotional though..bht i enjoyed the magic u have created it this. Truely u made me speechless.. bahot achha likhti ho yaar..mazaa hi aa gaya. Sachi story lagi jo dil ko chhu gayi ?☺.
    Happy Bhaubeej to u too dear ?

  2. It’s fabulous emotional story. Enjoy while reading it

  3. amazing

  4. Shivaniiii

    It was really epic dear.

  5. Dhruti

    amazing and emotional os……..but enjoyed while reading…………..

  6. Niyaaa

    Awwwwwwsommmmme nandini u know what end bhale hi sad ho per dear i m fall in love with ur os… It just outstanding beyond beyond beyond everything.. Kabir sacrifice..awww Love doesn’t means only for physical it real means to be soulmate ruh se rista like that even after death.. Kanchi r died but met in heaven.. What to say more.. No words for praised to u.. Post ur other fs dear… Lovvvvv u dherr sara… Tc bye

    1. Rajnandini

      Omg its such a big compliment for me dear…..soooo sweet of u sissy….thanks a lot for prasing me soooo much aur sach mai yaar ye rooh ka rishta naa bada pyara pyara hota hai! And I wonder ke jin logo ka yesa rishta hota hai unke liye love word kitna pure hoga! Not like now a days gf bf type!!! Anyways sach mai yaar tune mujhe satve aasman par pohocha diya! Love u loads deat sis….

  7. Its so amazing

  8. Awww..it was awesome

  9. Aaaaaaa,,ur tht fabls os cmpelld me 4 just crying like child.. Really,,such an amazing idea nd os it was.. I am just speechles..

  10. I am really speechless. It was so emotional ? that it almost made me cry but it was outstanding! I loved it

  11. Anee

    OHHHH Vrushti……………..yaaaarrrr really really heart touching…story thi…..I was fell bad…and almost to cry…on kaanchi’s death…..but dear…..u did ur job very well……Luv uh loads..

  12. Riyarocks

    CVR, happy Bhaubeej dear(abhi nehi…iss par pm mein baat karenge)……..now coming to ur os…… yaar tune mere dil ki o my mata kardi………pehle laga tha sanchi guzar gayi, toh dil toot gaya……uske upar se, ……..dil thoda sambhla hi tha ki kabir bhi mar gaya……mera ye chotu sa dil, phir se toot gaya….tune meri ganga jamuna ko nikaal di…..flood ki tarah bahe ja rahe hain, abhi tak……..but yaar, Ishveer ki part, jaise iss flood mein ek relief ka kaam kardia……… toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good sweetieeeee……….tujhe kya kahoon, teri tareef mein kaha gaya meri har ek baat, tere saamne feeki padjayegi…….luv u dherrrrrrrr saara meri CVR:):):)

  13. Riru

    It was emotional bt awesome pls post next part asap

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