Me and You epi 13 by Sukor

Precap: Chakor and Suraj cooks and fun.
“Let’s go” Kaustari says to the Sukor while she looks the main door.
Chakor is wearing tight jeans with an off-shoulder crop top. Her stomach is a bit exposed and Suraj can’t stop staring at how stunning she looks. They all sit in Suraj’s car and arrive at the mall. They get out of the mall and start acting like crazy when they enter the store. Chakor runs to a clothing store with her mom and Suraj stands there not knowing what to do. He follows them and find them with their arms already full of clothes and it has only been a minute since they arrived.*Whoa there, crazy ladies* Suraj thinks.
“Suraj, aren’t you going to buy anything special for me???” Chakor yells while heading to the try room.
“I think you will have enough” I yell back.

She doesn’t reply so I silently start finding something for her.
“Mom, can you help me??” Chakor yells from the room.
Suraj looks around to find kaustari not there.*Exploring, I guess* He thinks.
He slowly goes to the try room where chakor is and expects the door to close but maybe it isn’t. He turns the knob and the door is open. He finds Chakor standing facing the wall in a blue lenghna, her doris open. He is speechless.
“Mom, can you help me with my doris” She says still facing the wall.
Suraj is about to tell her that he isn’t her mom but doesn’t and slowly touches Chakor’s bare back. Chakor shivers from the touch. She knows his touch, she turns around in shock and her hair hits Suraj’s face.
“You!!!!! What are you doing here” she says with attitude.
“Your mom wasn’t there so I thought I will help you” Suraj says with guilt.
“And you just come in??” Chakor asks.
“I am your boyfriend”
“I am your boyfriend??”Chakor mimics him.
“So, have some shame”
“Do you need help or not” Suraj asks with frustration.
“Yes, I mean tell my mom to help me” 7
“I do it or you do it” Suraj says in a challenging tone
“Ok fine” Chakor says facing the wall again.
“But don’t you dare to do something else” Chakor says without thinking.
“Like??” Suraj asks as he laughs.
“You know what I mean” Chakor blushes.
Suraj slowly starts to tie her doris and Chakor heartbeat was rising by every move of his touch. He finishes tying the dori and slowly touches Chakor’s whole back while Chakor stands there not being able to do anything. Suraj’s hand moves her hair from her shoulder and kisses her neck and Chakor moans. Suraj smirks to see his effect on her. He does that on the other side and then puts his hand on her waist and rests them on her stomach. Chakor can’t control this anymore; his touch makes her go crazy. All this is interrupted by Kaustari as she is about to open the door.

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  1. Oooon asusual amazing.jst sukor sukor n sukor.lov to read ur ff.waiting for next part.i like noughty suraj.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks, love suraj as well.

  2. One more thing awsm pic dear.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear, not by me but thanks.

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved sukor romance

    1. Sukor

      thanks dear.

  4. Amazing

  5. Awesome, loved sukor romance, naughty suraj 🙂 . Kasturi came at the wrong time. Can’t wait to find out if kasturi will see suraj or not.

    1. Sukor

      thanks dear. You have to read the next epi to find out!!!

  6. Bidisha Karar

    Awesome. Plz upload soon the next part. Can’t wait.

    1. Sukor

      thank you dear.

  7. Wow very good i really enjoyed it

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear, glad to hear

  8. Amazing cant wait for d next part. Love ur pic. At least here we will be able to see their cute nok jhok. Jangli billi and pakandi wali. Sirj is sooo cute and naughty. As always. Keep going Dr. ? ??

    1. Sukor

      Ahhhh, thanks and I like my Suraj too

  9. Nce….luv our romantic sukor….nd suraj is so naughty….update soon dr….desperately waiting for the next part of ur ffs…

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear.

  10. Sukorian

    very nice love the dori scene ?

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