Me and you epi.12 by sukor

Recap: Chakor’s family agrees to the marriage if Suraj can prove that he is a good choice.
“Ok, right now sleep in the car until morning and park your car somewhere my parents can’t see” Chakor says.
“Ok, text me, I’ll get bored in the car” Suraj says while getting into the car.
“Sure” Chakor said and went inside tiptoeing to her room.
She went to her room and started texting each other. They kept texting until 3.00 and finally went to sleep.
Chakor woke up at 9.00 when her mom called from downstairs.
“Chakor come down, your lover is here from 7.00” her mother yelled.
“Coming” She said hurrying to the bathroom.*7.00, nice start Mr.Rajvanshi*
She came down in a pink hemline kurtha with white bottoms.
She came down to see a hilarious sight. Suraj was cooking breakfast and his face was covered in pancake flour.
“Hi, mom” she said giving her mom a little kiss.
“Hi, your lover is making pancakes for you” She said drinking tea.

“Mom, he has name… Lover!!!!!!” She said with a funny voice.
“Ok, whatever go help that poor guy” She said going to the living room to watch Choti Bahu.
*Poor guy, him.Haaaaaahaaaaa*Chakor thought.
“Hi, sweetu” Suraj said blowing some flour on her.
Chakor gave him a stare. Then she smiled at him.
“Hi, my sun” She said hugging him from the back.
“Making pancakes for me” She said sweetly.
“Chakor are you ok, why are you talking so sweetly” he said touching her head with his floury hands.
She yanked his hands away.
“Yoooo, get your dirty hands away from me” she said with aggression.
“Whew, you’re back” he said sighing.
“Ok, let’s cook” she said splashing him with water.
“Teri ma…” he said.
“Everything ok” Kaustari called from the living room.
“All fine”
Chakor and Suraj made the pancakes with love and ate them by each other’s hands
Kaustari was watching all of this* Maybe he is ok but let’s tease him more*
“Chakor, let’s go shopping with your lover” she said.
“Mom!!!!!!” chakor said with frustration.
“Ok, let’s go shopping with Suraj” her mom repeated.
“I’ll be happy to take you to shopping” Suraj stood up.
“Thank you handsome” her mom said sweetly.
“You’re welcome, beautiful” Suraj said bowing.*Beautiful. Handsome, whoa there* Chakor thought.
They cleaned up and got ready for shopping. Kaustari was grinning thinking about this so special trip.

That’s all. So you liked??????? Comment below and can you guess what Kaustari’s planning for the shopping trip???

Precap: Shopping trip!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Veey good and kauatri teasing suraj was funny

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear… What do you think Kaustari’s gonna do???????

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved how kasturi was teasing suraj. Waiting for next

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear

  3. Nice episode. A little funny too. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukor

      thanks dear

  4. Awesome, such a light-hearted episode, much needed. The scene where suraj was checking if chakor was ok was so funny. Loved how kasturi was teasing suraj. Eagerly waiting for their shopping trip.

    1. Sukor

      Ah, thanks dear. And it is very needed, Tried to make it funny cause of that

  5. Cant wait for the shopping trip I bet she will tease Suraj by making him carry all the shopping bags or something like that. Keep going cant wait for more Sukor

    1. Sukor

      Hahaha, good idea and thanks

  6. Sukorian

    aah u bring a smile on my face today the best udaan thing ?

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear, glad you smiled cause of my ff.

  7. Helo preet soooooooo sory for late cment.u know i lov to read ur ffs.asusual awsm dear nd this war funy also.waiting for next part.sory once again.u mis me or not?lov u dear.

    1. Sukor

      Sorry for replying late. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday party so we were busy preparing and that’s the reason I couldn’t update my heart is with you. And duh,, I missed you. What do you think of me, huh??? I am not heartless, why would I not miss such a nice friend?????????

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