Me and you epi.11 by Sukor.

Precap: Chakor and Suraj’s sweet talks and rishta ki baat.
“Suraj????” her parents ask her in shock.
“You mean KN’s son. Suraj Rajvanshi” her mom said in fear
“Yes mom, but he’s nothing like KN” Chakor said.
“You know what KN did, don’t you” her dad said.
“Yes but Suraj respects women a lot”

“You know KN tried to rape me and you want to marry his son????? That isn’t going to happen. EVER!!!” Kaustari said tears in her eyes.
“Mom, I love Suraj” Chakor said crying.
“No, I want to save my child’s future. How do you know that he will support you in the future” Bhuvan said.
“Please, I know him. He loves me truly”
“Prove it or else you aren’t marrying him” her mom said angrily.
“Ok, I’ll prove it” chakor said wiping her tears.
“Isqh Mubarak, Chakor. I never thought you would choose him” Her mom said.
After hearing her mom’s disappointed tune, she ran to her room and cried her heart out. After a while she called Suraj to tell him.
“Suraj, Main pareshann, pareshann, pareshann” She sung in a sad tone.
“Chakor are you ok, are you drunk” suraj said in doubt.
“Stupid, don’t you understand I’m worried. I talked to my parents and they said no to our marriage because of The Past”
“What??????” Suarj said in shock.
“Exactly, they want you to prove that you are good for me”
“How?? Main be pareshann, pareshann…”
“Shut up, no time for jokes. Pack your bags and come here tomorrow at the earliest” Chakor said annoyed.

“To prove that you’re good guy” Chakor shouted in the phone and hung up.
“At the earliest” Suarj said starting to pack up………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Chakor is sleeping and its 12.01 when her phone rings.
“Which stupid called me in the middle of the night??????” She said in a grumpy tone and picks her phone.
“Suraj” she said while receiving the call.
“Chakor open the freaking door. I’m freezing out here” He said.
“Wait what” She looked out the window and saw Suarj sitting on his jeep.
“Dude, it’s midnight. What are you doing here” She whispered.
“You said at the earliest”
“What??? I don’t need to get anymore dumbos, I already have many” She mumbles which is heard by Suraj.

“Jungli billi, Come and open the door or I’m going to come from your window and do something” He burst out.
“Ok.Calm down “she hung up.
“I think I made a mistake choosing him” She said while tiptoeing to the main door.
She opened the door and Suraj hugged her tightly. A little bit too tight.
“Suraj why are you hugging me” she said getting out of the hug.
“Cause you’re warm” Suraj said hugging her again.
“Yah, ok” She said weirdly.
“What. Tum Jo aaye Zindagi me baat bangi” He sings teasing.
“Shut up and stop making fun of me when I sung.
“What it was funny, Main pareshann, pareshann”

Hi, how are you all beautiful people. I hoped you liked this episode and I wrote the song thing cause I was listening to songs while writing so I wish to get a lot of love as usual and I love you all very much. Also I want to know what you want to watch in Udaan so maybe I can incorporate that with my ffs. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and comment… Love reading them.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, it was hilarious, love this suraj

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear and what do you want to see in this ff in future??? Or what do you want to see in udaan??

      1. Sukorlover

        I want more sukor more moments & tracks which make sense. The current track sucks. Wish they had focused on chakor’s sports career & suraj who uses his brain & doing something substantial against the evil devils . Wished they have shown suraj making a mark of its own

      2. Sukorian

        same yaar

    2. Sukor

      Ok dear, I may use Chakor’s sport career idea in my heart is with you and you will see sukor scences in all of ffs.

      1. Sukor

        Oh and yes the track right now really does suck.

  2. Hy dear asusual aweeeeeeeeesm.agr aap puchna chahti ho k sb udaan mai kya dekhna chahte hai to sb yahi bolenge sukor scene jst sukor sukor nd sukor can u do it.wt i wona read jst ur thought.i wona read jst ur imagination.bcz i lov to live in imagination world nd these ffs r very importent for me.i wona live ur every ff.thnku u so much dear for ur lvly ffs.

    1. Sukor

      Ahh, thanks dear and I know that we all want to see sukor scenes in Udaan but the story right now is all about imli and Vivaan like seriously give us some sukor but you will see a lot of sukor moments and my imagination. Thanks again, love you!!!!

  3. Awesome, the hug scene was so funny. I agree with aanya your imagination is great so as long as sukor are your focus, we’ll enjoy what you’ll write. This update was very enjoyable.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you soooo much dear and I will focus on Sukor in my ffs and thank you again!!!

  4. Amazing. That song main pareshann pareshann was hilarious. Fantastic. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukor

      Ha,ha.. Yah, when I read it over it was funny. Thanks dear!!!!!!!

  5. Hi dr it was awesome. It was hilarious specially whn u match songs with situations. Loved it. I agree with aanya it’s true ur imagination skills n how u portray it is simply amazing. Loved to see sukor scenes with ur imagination n others also with a interesting twist.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear and you will see many sukor moments and thank u for loving my ffs so much. I really appreciate it!!!!!!

  6. Wow very good i wanna see a kamal and suraj facw of remember in bundua track suraj says once u release me watch what happenes

    1. Sukor

      Ok dear, I will try to add that to my ffs. thank you!!!!!!!

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