Shivaay is pouring espresso in his mug when his attention moves towards a paper kept beneath the coffee machine. He takes the paper and reads it.
Rudra: Bhaiya come fast we will make breakfast today.
Shivaay: One sec Rudy.
Rudra: No sec.
Saying this he drags Shivaay who keeps the paper in his pocket.

Gauri is cutting vegies when Om comes and back hugs her.
Gauri: What are you doing Omkara ji?
Om: What am I doing?

Voice: Do whatever you want to do but let me leave first.

Om makes annoyed looks hearing his son’s voice whom he didn’t notice was sitting behind Gauri. Gauri chuckles.

Om: Then leave fast.
Advik making an innocent face leaves.
Om holds Gauri’s hand while she takes it back and moves backward looking at Om.
Gauri: What are you doing Omkara ji?
Om: Gauri ask something new you already know what I am trying to do.

Voice: What?

Both look at the voice and see Anya there.
Om: Princess do you need something.
Anya: Yup! Lambe baal wale papa I need water.
Om takes out a bottle from refrigerator and hands it over to her.
Om: Fine princess.
Anya nods and leaves.
Gauri starts cutting vegies again.
Om throws the knife a side.
Om: What Gauri today is Sunday even today you are making food.
Gauri: Why don’t you eat food on Sunday’s?
She asks keeping her hand on her waist.
Om: We do eat but can’t we continue what we were doing.
Gauri: One sec Omkara ji not we you were doing.
Gauri says moving back as she sees Om approaching her. Finally Gauri’s back hits the refrigerator and Om moves towards her.

ShivRuAniVya: Yeh ho kya raha hai?
(What is happening?)

Om makes faces ‘not again.’ While Gauri chuckles.

Rudra: O you have a room as well why doing all this here.
Om: Shut up Rudy.
Shivaay: Still Om this is our kitchen and that too open anybody can come.
Om mummers: Here everybody comes at wrong time only.
ShivRuAniVya: We heard that.
Om: Good. Then leave.

Gauri’s eyes get widen, while other’s mouth.
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya I said na Om has become paraya dhaan.
Shivaay nods and tries to pacify him.
Anika: Om if you will continue your romance here then we will cook food with your paint and canvas.
Om: Come come let’s cook before you all get over me.

Shivaay naughtily: We aren’t shameless like you Om.
Everyone chuckles and ShivRu share a hi-fi while Gauri blushes.
Bhavya: Now stop it bhaiya before Gauri Bhabhi turns beetroot.
They all proceed towards kitchen shelf.
Shivaay: RiKara you both can continue your vegetable cutting session but end it fast.
They all start cooking.
Anika: Shivaay I want to talk to you.

Shivaay: Ya say.
Anika: Shivaay I am sorry for whatever Sukanya did today.
Shivaay: Anika you need not to say anything I can understand her she is with you since 15 years she is really protective about you and it’s okay even if I would have been at her place I would have done the same. No child can hear wrong about their mother.
Om: Moreover, Bhabhi she is right choti ma shouldn’t have talk to you like that.
Rudra: But I am really happy that you are back and with you Sukanya also. I just love her she is chota packet bhada dhamaka.
Everyone chuckles.

Advik: If you guys don’t mind can we come in.
Shivaay: Since when did you start taking permission Advik.
Advik: Since the time I came to know about various other purposes of kitchen.
Om coughs listening to him while everybody glares him.
Om: What? I want water.
Rudra gives him a glass of water.

Shivaay: Come all of you.
Anya: Lambe Baal waale papa what were you doing with lambe Baal wale mumma before.
Om coughs harder while Gauri pats his back, this time Anika places a jar of water in front of him, he gives a look to her.
Shivaay: Dhub maar.
(Die in this water.)
Rudra: Seriously O in front of kids.
Om: No kids at our back.
He says clarifying the matter but everyone bursts into fits of laughter looking at his and Gauri’s condition.
Sukanya: So what’s cooking.
Om: My leg.
All laugh.
Sukanya: I will repeat I asked what’s cooking not what’s pulling.
She says laughing at his antics.
Rudra: Something exotic my our master chef.
Advik: Bade papa which new delicacy are you presenting today.
Shivaay: You guys first tell what you want to eat. Today is your holiday so as you say.
Advik: White pasta.
Amanat: Lasagne.
Anya: Sizzlers.
Bhavya: I want to eat burger.
Rudra: Today is my cheat day so I will also eat burger.
Om: White pasta for me too.
Gauri: Aloo ke parantha.
Shivaay: Anika you?
Anika: Aloo Puri.
Shivaay nods.
Sukanya smiles looking at the variety of food being ordered.
Amanat: But bade papa we will eat get this as breakfast or lunch.
Shivaay smiles: Obviously as breakfast we brothers are quick.
OmRu nod.
Anika: We will also help.
ShivOmRu shout: NNNNNOOOO.
Kids cover their ears.
They all start chatting while Sukanya is all silently watching them.
From no where she asks Shivaay: Are you angry with me?
All silence themselves and look at her and then Shivaay.

Somewhere she had the guilt of talking rudely to her own father no matter what was right or wrong but she has been rude to him and she could no more hold on to that guilt by staying silent all the way. On getting no answer from Shivaay she turns to leave from their.

Shivaay: Do you like cooking?
Sukanya: That’s not the answer to my question.

Shivaay handing over the same paper to her that he found from under his coffee machine: Then maybe this would be.

Sukanya takes that paper and unfolding it sees the first side on which were the words written “I AM SORRY” those were written by her and she had kept it there for Shivaay being well aware of his habit of drinking espresso every day. She turns the paper to see a sad face made above followed by a simple face and finally a smiling face.

{ ?
? }

Sukanya goes and hugs him.
Shivaay: Wooh hoo.
What happened?
Sukanya in between her sobs.
Sukanya: I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you but I don’t know what happens to me whenever somebody says a word against mumma I loose control over myself. I am sorry for being rude to you and hurting you I never meant to do that. I am sorry you must also be angry with me as I spoke rudely about your mom. You can scold me and even punish me.

Shivaay smiles at her, maybe however rude she tries to be or however bad she tries to show herself as but at the end of the day she is one innocent soul who can never think of hurting someone. A simple girl who just wants a simple life but knows the real meaning of not having a father’s name with her name which is a sin according to the society and the one who commits it is judged ruthlessly and she has bore that truth even from before the time she was born. Without even knowing the meaning of word mistake she has been considered as a sinner.

Shivaay pats her back sensing her high rising sobs: Calm down my baby girl it’s okay. I understand your point. Relax.
He cares her hair to calm her down finally after five minutes or so she leaves him.
Rudra passes a glass of water to her which she denies but Anika makes her to drink it.
Shivaay: Okay now tell me you like cooking or you are like your mom in that.
Anika glares him, while Sukanya chuckles.
Sukayna: I love cooking.
Om: Great then help us to make food.
Sukanya nods and helps them in cooking.
Om: Sukanya do you want to go to beach?
Om says remembering his promise to her that he did on the very first day of her arrival.
Sukanya’s eyes gleam in happiness and rest all is a forgotten business and she finally smiles with joy and bobs her head repeatedly.
Shivaay: Okay so let’s go to beach after breakfast.
Sukanya: Pakka.
Shivaay nod.
Sukanya: Btw I am impressed Zulfi Chachu that you remember your promise.
Om’s eyes become teary hearing that word from her.
Om: Zulfi? Really and why so.
Sukanya in her chirpy tone: Actually when mumma told me about you all I had imagined you all and then I kept everyone’s name accordingly. Like your is Zulfi Chachu, Gauri chachi’s name is Rapunzel chachi, Rudy chachu became Popeye Chachu and Bhavya chachi became Police chachi. (everybody chuckles hearing her imaginative names) Btw I had one more name for Bhavya chachi but mummy rejected it.
Anika: Ya that was so raddi and bakwaas. (useless.)
Bhavya: What was that name.
Sukanya: Shapatan chachi.
All together: Shapatan??
Anika: Ya it means… What does it mean Suk?
Sukanya: Shapatan means lady police in Punjabi.
Anika: Ya. I felt michmichi on hearing that word.
Shivaay: One second Sukanya how do you know Punjabi.
Sukanya: Actually when I was in 5th standard at that time a military officer’s son came in our school and they were from Punjabi and he had amazing Punjabi at that time our school uniform had buff colour pants it’s quite similar to khakhi colour the one which police officers wear. So he use to call us shapatan as we use to look like lady police wearing that uniform so I learnt that word from him.

{A/N: Bilkul Anika par gayi hai bolte hue kabhi nahi thakti yeh ladki.}

Anya: Even I have a friend he too belongs to Punjab.
Shivaay: Even our dadu, dadi and my mom belong too Punjab.
Amanat: So that boy isn’t in your class now.
Sukanya: No his father had a transfer so they got shifted.
All nod.
Sukanya: Btw can I call buddy, gorgeous and Manik also.
Shivaay: Buddy? Gorgeous??
Anika: Manik’s parents the one which came with me yesterday.
Shivaay: Ya I remember. Of course you can call them.
Sukanya: Thank you.
Anika notices a band aid in Sukanya’s hand as she hisses while picking the pan, while rest get worried for her and Anika gets suspicious.
Anika: Suk what happened to your hand?

Sukanya looks at her hand and then at her mother her one word and her mother will definitely blast on her.
Suk stammers: Mummy… Vo…
Anika: What? Vo?
Shivaay: Actually Anika Sukanya got hurt while hitting few guys.
Sukanya hits her head.
Sukanya to Shivaay: Aap mera baap ho ya dushmaan.
(Are you my father or enemy?)
Shivaay: Why? What did I do?

In mean while Anika snatches the belan being used by Om for making Puri and Sukanya sees it.

Sukanya: No Jhansi ki rani.

All looks at them while Anika begins chasing Sukanya.

Shivaay: What the wuck is this?

All look as Anika chases Sukanya with her favourite weapon belan.

Advik: Di you are running as if bade ma is having AK47 in her hands.
Sukanya: Oh really bacchu when you will be in my situation you will get to know that this belan seva is more dangerous then AK47.
Advik nods.

Shivaay: Have you lost it Anika you will hit her with belan??
Sukanya: Pehle fasate ho aur fir bachane ke bajaye mummy se sawaal jawaab kar rahe ho.
(First because of you I land up in a mess and now rather then saving me you are clearing your doubts.)
Sukanya stands above the sofa kept in the kitchen above which is a window that opens outwards.
Anika: Get down Suk or if I caught you then you know what I can do.
Shivaay holds Anika: But why do you want to beat her.
Anika: Shivaay latoon ke bhoot batoon se nahi mantein.
(The one who understand only by getting beaten they will never understand the language of words.)
Sukanya makes an innocent face: But mummy it wasn’t my mistake.
Anika to Shivaay as he was holding her: Will you leave me or do you also want belan seva.
Shivaay leaves her being shocked.
Sukanya comments: Fattu. (coward.)
Shivaay gives Sukanya ‘oh really look’ and Sukanya nods in yes while he returns ‘now see’ look to her.
Shivaay: Anika she wasn’t at fault. Those idiots were teasing her.
Sukanya nods innocently.
Anika: Come down Suk.
Sukanya comes as Shivaay too nods ensuring her.
As soon as Sukanya reaches near Anika, Anika twists her ears.
Anika: How many times have I told you not to get into any mess.
Sukanya: Aaahhh…. Mummy sorry na but it is never my mistake I have told you so many times.
Anika: And I have herd it thousand times also but I have told you to ignore them or to complain to someone but you will never mend your ways.
Shivaay: Anika it’s not her fault.
Anika: Shut up Shivaay. You will not take her side she is getting out of control. And don’t you dear interfere.
Shivaay backs off listening to the roaring lioness.
Sukanya: Mummy leave my ear it’s paining.
Anika leaves her ears.
Anika: No chocolate for one week.
Sukanya’s eyes pop out: What? You can’t do this to me mummy.
Anika: I can do anything.
Sukanya: But you know I can’t live without chocolates.
Anika: Your problem not mine.

Anika moves towards the cooking counter, while Shivaay places his hand around Sukanya’s neck.

Sukanya: Phail Gaya raita.
Shivaay patting her: Don’t worry I will bring you chocolates.
Sukanya: Paka.
Shivaay nods.
Sukanya pulling his cheeks: You are so sweet.

Shivaay: Anika this isn’t right way btw.
Anika: No espresso Mr. SSO for one week.
Shivaay eyes become widen while Sukanya chuckles.
Shivaay: But what did I do?
Anika: You are having pity for your daughter so accompany her in punishment.

All chuckle on seeing the father daughter duo who are dramatically crying listening to their punishments.

Gauri: Vaise bhujai bilkul sahi kiya aapne. Inn sab ko is ki hi kaami hai. Sab ke sab bigde hue hain aur sirf aapne aapne pitaon ki wajha se.
(You are right bhujai (bhabhi/SIL) all these kids are spoiled and only reason is their fathers.)
Bhavya: Correct bhabhis there is zero discipline among these kids.
Anya: Now what you want mummy we all should get up at 4 in morning and do left right left right.
Amanat: Mummies you all will not get more innocent kids then us. We are the most shareef (innocent) people in the world.
Advik: And look at our innocent father’s (three of the O Bro’s make innocent faces as Advik says the word) they are so innocent that they can not even protect their own kids from their wives.
ShivOmRu nod their faces.
Sukanya dramatically: Aaj aap ne humara dil tod diya. Aaj in chote chote masoom bachoon ke nazook dil apke in kathoor shabdoon ki badulaat tut Gaya bikhar Gaya.
(You all have broken our fragile heart. Today the innocent heart of these small kids has been shattered due to your rude words.)
All the kids cry melodramatically while their fathers nod their head in disbelief and mothers feel a little bad.

Dadi comes there: Are kya hua bacchon.
(What happened children?)
Kids run and hug her.
Amanat: Dadi ma see your potta’s (grandsons) and their wives they are torturing us.
Sukanya: And these fathers of us didn’t even say a word.
Anya: And they broke our hearts by saying that we aren’t innocent.
Advik makes dadi look at him: Dadi ma see our faces do we look like goons.
Dadi nods in no.
Advik: Even then they are saying that we have zero discipline.
Dadi: And these fathers of yours didn’t do anything.
All kids together: NOTHING.

O Bro’s look at them shockingly.
Dadi: Oye khotteyon, dimaag kahan chod kar aye ho tum teenon kun dant rahe ho in bichare bacchon ko.
(You idiots where have you lost your brains and why are you scolding my children.)
Om: Dadi we didn’t even say a word.
Anya: But you even didn’t protect us from our mothers.
Sukanya: Ya in front of your eyes my mom refused to give me chocolates for one full week even though I didn’t do a single mistake but you, you all kept watching and enjoying. None of you tried to protect me. You are also the culprits.
Rudra: WOW Sukanya do you want to be a lawyer.
Sukanya cool raises her imaginary collar.
Sukanya: I have talent in abundance but I never show off.
Anya pulls her: Concentrate di.

Sukanya nods.
Dadi goes to kitchen counter and takes the belan and hits Shivaay first.
Shivaay: Aaahhh… Dadi what did I do?
Dadi: Ullu de pattha hai tun. (You are a fool.)
She hits Om and then Rudra.
Om: DDDaaaaaaaaaddddddddddiiiiiiiiiii…..
Advik: Dadi you know papa was romancing with mumma in kitchen.
Dadi hits Om more, while Om glares Advik murmuring: I will see you later, son.
Advik shows him tongue in a teasing manner.
Dadi hits ShivOmRu while they try to run outside but the kids block their way.
Shivaay: Get aside I promise I will get all of you chocolates.
Bhavya: Bade bhaiya bribery is an offence punishable by law.
Shivaay to Rudra: Yaar yeh kanoon ki kitaab ka muh band Kara.

(Rudy close the mouth of this law book.)
Rudra: Bhaiya kanoon ke haath bohaat lamba hota hain.
(Bhaiya law has long hands.)
Om: Aur auraton ki zabaan bohaat lambi hoti hai.
(And women’s have long tongue.)
Shivaay: Aur iski vali toh dono hai auraat bhi aur kanoon ka lamba haath bhi.
(And his wife is a women and knows law too. She is extra dangerous dude.)
Rudy nods innocently.
Three of them finally get out of the kitchen from the window behind the sofa while inside everybody burst into fits of laughter and goes out to see the three brothers.

Dadi: Where are you going?
Shivaay: No where dadi.
Rudra: Dadi please leave us today we will not repeat this again.
Om: Yes dadi we understood the kids power today.
Three of them say huffing looking at the kids with fake anger.
Dadi: Good none of you should dear to say a word to my children. Now come out for breakfast.
All nod, while kids are still having fun at the expense of their fathers.
Dadi leaves after instructing them.

Shivaay: Rudy what were they saying right now.
Rudra: Innocent.
Om: And our kids.
ShivOmRu: NO WAYS.

ShivOmRu look at each other and then at the kids, due to awkward silence the kids look at the brothers who smirk at them and soon the chase game begins where all the kids are trying to save themselves from their fathers.
Finally after ten minutes all of the kids land on the sofa as their fathers tickle them.

Shivaay: So lesson no. 1.
Om: Don’t mess with us.
Rudra: As we are your fathers.

Kids nod between their laughter session.
Advik: Okay hahaha… Hahaha… times up leave us please. Hahaha…
Sukanya: Ya please. Hahaha… Hahaha…
Anya: Please leave papa.
Finally the brothers stop and bounce on the sofa with the kids, while the three O Bahu’s are laughing seeing them.
Anika: I hope so now you all would have understood how innocent you all are.
All nod.
Sukanya: Is something burning.
All smell and then it strikes them that a while ago they were cooking.

Shivaay: Pasta.
Om: Lasagne.
Rudra: Aloo Puri.
Sukanya: Sizzler.
Anika: Oh no.
All rush to kitchen and they save the food before it burns completely.

The food is set when elders come and occupy their seats.
Shakti: Food is smelling nice. What have you made ShivOmRu?
Dadi: Today only ShivOmRu haven’t cooked today three of my potta’s (grandsons) and three of my bahu’s (grand daughter in laws) with my great grandchildren they all have cooked together. So today’s breakfast is extra special.

Ragini: Oh so I think so I have come on perfect time.
Rudra: No time is perfect for you to come.
Kids chuckle.
Shivaay sternly: Rudy.
While Ragini glares Rudra who gives her a royal ignore.
Anika to Sukanya: Who is she?
Advik: Your competitor.
Anika: What do you mean?
Gauri: Bhaujai yeh Ragini hai.
(SIL she is Ragini.)
Amanat: An all time headache and chipkali (lizard.)
Anika: Why?

Advik: Because her pass time is to stick with bade papa.
Sukanya: Mummy be aware now she is your headache from today.
Anika nods a little confused but her confusion turns to anger when Ragini hugs Shivaay although Shivaay doesn’t respond and soon breaks the hug.
Ragini: Shivu I missed you.
Rudra: Really but last afternoon only you went to your house.
Om: Shh… Rudy.
Rudra tries to speak but is shrugged by Om repeatedly.
Anika: Let’s have breakfast.
Ragini: Who is she Shivu?

Sukanya before anybody can answer: My mom.
Ragini: Oh I thought you are here for your competition but I think so you are at family holiday and that to on others expense.

Sukanya: No actually my mom is independent and she doesn’t needs to drool over people only for money sake.
Shivaay sternly: SUKANYA.
Sukanya looks at other direction.
Shivaay: Ragini, Sukanya is my daughter.
Ragini: Oh so Anika is your Ex-wife.

Both Shivaay and Anika look at each other, both didn’t want to admit the harshest reality of their life but they were left with no option, while Sukanya is disappointed to the core, she never wants to hear this that’s the reason she introduced Anika as her mother not as Ex-wife of her father.

Shivaay: The food is getting cold we should eat it.

Sukanya is about to leave from their but Anika holds her hand and makes her sit forcibly. Shivaay sees Sukanya and her eyes tell him how much he has failed her, he could see that he has lost his own battle and this shatters him further but he silently sits to eat, today Ragini sits beside Shivaay but it no where mattered to Sukanya who is genuinely angry with Shivaay while Anika’s silence speaks volumes to both Shivaay and Sukanya. Her hurt and pain both are immeasurable. While Ragini keeps nudging Shivaay who is least bothered about her and is busy calculating his failure in his life.
Though Sukanya is silent but she isn’t the sole person to hate Ragini here how can Advik, Amanat and Anya stay away from there mission ‘Nagini bhagao.’ While Anya hops on Shivaay to distract him, who smiles at her plainly understanding her move whereas, Advik guides Amanat to through juice on Ragini so that she leaves. Sukanya who notices this smiles at her bro-sis gang although faintly but she is happy that they are with her in her every move.

Anika is sitting on the bed while Sukanya is sitting besides her.
Sukanya: Mumma please don’t be sad.
Anika: I am not sad Suk.
Sukanya: You are hurt.
Anika nods looking at her.
Sukanya: You still love him right.
Anika: I don’t know. Sukanya a relation is based on trust more then love. Shivaay and mine relation was initially based on trust and only after that love came in our life but now there is no trust even love can’t hold us together. The live I have for him can make me jealous for Ragini but the broken trust has nothing to do in it.
Sukanya: Mumma nothing is beyond repair.
Anika: Ya nothing is beyond repair but cracks always remain.
Sukanya: If you don’t want cracks then build it all over again.
Anika: It’s not that easy.
Sukanya: Nothing is easy mumma. Nothing has been easy for us till date but you always have tried. When it was about me you tried, when it was about mammu you tried. Now when it’s about you why are you backing off.
Anika: What if history repeats itself.

Sukanya: Mom history will repeat itself but now it would be you guys who will have to decide will you also repeat your mistakes with the repeating history or you will create a new history for yourself. Life is really long and one day down the lane today will also be a history it’s in your hands you want to cry like today or cherish it.
Anika looks at her and then lays her head in Sukanya’s lap trying to interpret her words.
Om comes with the rest: She is right Bhabhi please try for once and I believe Shivaay and you. This time maybe you guys can make this work. You know till date neither of you were complete but your mere presence completes him and his presence completes you. Bhabhi please give yourself a chance please.

Bhavya: Please bhaujai this house is nothing without you and we all want you back. Try for us.
Sukanya: Na chachi mom has always lived for others this time not for anyone else but she has to do things for herself.
Anika gets up from her lap and cupping her face says: Will you be with me always.
Sukanya: I can not live without you mumma.
Sukanya hugs Anika.
Advik, Amanat and Anya: And we can’t live without you all.
Rudra: Please Bhabhi do not leave us again we won’t be able to live without you.
Anika nods.
Anika: But that Ragini.

Bhavya: Anika Bhabhi don’t ask she has again come in our house. She got married to someone named Aryan Rajput and got shifted to London but six months back she divorced her husband and came to India stating that she is a victim of domestic violence and since then she keeps sticking to bade bhaiya, who is just helping her as friend but choti ma wants them to get united.
Anika: What if she is saying truth?
Bhavya: No Bhabhi she is doing all this just for sympathy. She keeps clicking selfies all the time.
Sukanya: She is truly Nagini.
Anika: Don’t worry I will see her.
Advik: Great then.
Om: Okay now get ready we will go to beach.


All rush downwards and find Ragini with her injured feet and Shivaay is helping her.
Ragini: Aahhh.. Shivaay it’s paining.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Ragini I have called the doctor and he is on the way.
Pinky: O my Mata what has happened to my bacchi since that day only something or other is happening with her.
Anika whispers: Which day.
All chuckle.
Sukanya: Long story will tell later.
Ragini: I am sorry Shivu because of me you have to cancel your program.
Sukanya’s face falls in a second which is noticed by Shivaay who is more confused with the fact that he never said about cancelling the program.
Sukanya: So you won’t be coming.
Shivaay: I didn’t say that.
Pinky: But how can you go leaving Ragini in this condition.
Shivaay: Mom I understand your point but it’s not such a big deal we will leave once doctor check her and it seems to be a minor sprain only for that I can’t leave my family like this. Please try to understand I have promised them.

Ragini’s gets enraged listening to Shivaay, while Sukanya smirks at Ragini.

Pinky: But Shivaay…
Shivaay: Mom if you really think that somebody should stay with her then please do me a favour stay with Ragini today.
Ragini remembering Pinky’s boring words: No no need you just drop me home while leaving actually mom was waiting for me so.
Shivaay: Great. Khanna ask the driver to get the car ready and leave Ragini once doctor checks her.
Khanna nods.
Shivaay to the rest: Now what are you all waiting for go get changed.
All nod and leave.

Both the girls are ready and are talking with Anya and Amanat while Anika is wearing her accessories.
Shivaay enters: Good you all are ready.
Anya: But why aren’t you ready bade papa.
Shivaay: I am all ready princess.
Amanat: Doesn’t looks like that.
Sukanya: Billu ji we are going to beach not for a round table conference.
Anika: It’s useless girls Shivaay has nothing in his wardrobe accept for three piece suit.
Shivaay: So I like wearing them.

Sukanya: Is it your permanent dress code.
Shivaay: Somewhat.
Sukanya: Then change it today.
Anika: Nice idea Suk go arrange something for Shivaay to wear in which he looks better then this.
Shivaay to Anika: What do you mean I don’t look good in this.
Anika thinking: Umm… Good. Ya you look okay but still your dressing sense is not that good.
Sukanya: Guys hold on I will get something fir billu ji.
Anya: Check papa’s wardrobe that may help.

Anika, OmRuRiYa and Advik are in hall.
Anya: Deviyon aur sajnoon dil thaam ke baithiyi aapke saamne hum paish karne ja rahein hain.
(Ladies and gentlemen here we welcome to you all.)
Amanat: Billu ji ko.
(Mr. Cat.)
All look at the duo confusingly as they never call Shivaay like that but soon understand that why she said that.
Sukanya comes down and gets aside giving them full view of THE SSO in jeans and shirt.
Rudra: These are my clothes.
Sukanya: Ya thanks for them.
Pinky: O my Mata Shivaay what have you done.
Shivaay: Not me but these three girls have done this to me.
Amanat: You only said it’s holiday and it’s our day so you complain now.
Shivaay: Okay girls I have already given in.
Anya raises her hand in air indicating him to pick her up which he does happily, she kisses his cheeks.
Anya: You look cute billu ji.
Shivaay: Hye! Not you.
Dadi: But who did this billu.
Shivaay: What dadi everybody is calling me Billu today not fair.
Anika: Because you are looking like billu only today sweet and innocent who listens to others. While the rest of the time you are busy in your own tadi bagad billa kahin ke.
Shivaay: Oh don’t you say that to me. You are Jhansi ki Rani and you are the biggest tadibaaz in the world.
Anika: Please billu ji.
Shivaay: Don’t call me Billu. You panika.
All accept OmRu and dadi: PANIKA.
Anika: Billu ji don’t spoil my name.
Shivaay: First you started that Anika. God knows how many names you have given to me.
Rudra: Sadu Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: Right. What?
Om: Even Calculator Singh Oberoi.
Dadi: Bagad billa.
All burst into fits of laughter.
Anika: There are many more. Like Stone Singh Oberoi, Jwala mukhi Singh Oberoi, Khadus Singh Oberoi, Mobile Singh Oberoi, tadibaaz….
Shivaay: Stop it stop it Anika are you done with list of your achievements and spoiling my name. I have such a nice name.
Anika: I call you by that also.
Shivaay: Then what’s the need of taking these names.
Anika: Shiv ji bhagwaan (god) has many names like Neilkanth, Shiv ji, Shanker ji and many more did you ever ask him what’s the need for his so many names when he has one name Shiv ji.
Shivaay nods in no, while Rudra does his famous logo sign saying “logic”.
Shivaay: But how does this connects.
Anika: It has a big connection you see…
Sukanya: OOOOOOOOOO mother India hold on hold on.
Anika stops.
Sukanya: We don’t have to spend our vacation here watching this free movie of your no doubt it’s quite entertaining but we can continue this later as well. Right.
ShivIka nod.
Amanat: So let’s go.

Finally after an half an hour drive where Sukanya asks all of them about the places she sees outside the car and they tell her about the places they reach beach finally.

Sukanya sees Abeer and Meher sitting on the sand but Manik is missing she goes and back hugs Abeer almost making him roll in her excitement as she could not meet him yesterday properly while Meher laughs seeing her childish excitement.

Abeer: Oh my god bunny relax.
Sukanya: I missed you buddy.
Abeer: Me too my bunny. So how is all now.
Sukanya: Super cool.
Then she hugs Meher who reciprocates to her with all her love. Sukanya introduces them to the entire family.

Manik comes from back and empties an entire pack of popcorns on Sukanya’s head who gasps due to sudden action of Manik.
Manik: Kaise hai moti.
(How are you Miss. Fatso?)
Sukanya turns towards Manik with a deadly smile and punches him on his stomach.
Manik: Aaaahhhhh…..
Abeer starts laughing while Anika glares at Sukanya.
Sukanya: Run for your life Mr. Malhotra.
Manik starts running while Sukanya follows him.
Anika shouts: SUKANYA….
Abeer: Let it be Ani you know they will never change.
Meher: Ya Ani it’s useless to shout on these idiots they will never change for good after all who has trained them for this.
They stare Abeer for which gulps in fear.
Abeer: Girls look it’s not my fault at all I am innocent.
Anika: Ya we know how much.

Somebody hugs Anika from waist.
: Hi maa.

Oberoi’s with eyes wide open: MAA.
Anika turns to the person and hugs him.
Anika: How are you Krish?
Krish: Awesome. How are you maa?
Anika: Perfect Baccha.
Aditi: Hye Beautiful. Remember us or…
Anika hits her playfully: How can I forget all the idiots of my life.
Rahul: Point hai.
The entire Enigma troop hugs her.
But Shivaay’s mind is fully stuck on the word “maa”.
Amanat: Hi guys.
Aditi: Hi Amanat.

Anika: You know her.
Krish: Ya maa we know her very well she is Sukanya di’s friend she came to see our practice session too.
Shivaay: Who all are they Anika?
Anika: They all are Sukanya’s dancing crew.
She introduces everybody.
Anika: And this is Krish Rajput brother of Aditi. Youngest of all my favourite and the best tutix artist of the crew. He stays with his nani and is our neighbour in Dehradun his parents live in London almost all the time he stays with us.
Shivaay sighs hearing that while OmRu giggle at his condition.

After a while both Sukanya and Manik come near them both are drenched more in soil then in water.

Anika: Welcome back guys.
Sukanya sits beside her.
Manik: Hye Babes how are you.

Sukanya and Shivaay: What?
Manik: Babes. Don’t tell me Shivaay uncle that you also have problem with that word.
Shivaay glares him “isn’t it obvious”.
Sukanya: Don’t you dear call my mom babes from here on.
Manik: As if you don’t call my mom gorgeous.
Sukanya: Because she is.
Manik: So I call babes, babes because she is.
Sukanya: And you flirt with my mom.
Shivaay: WHAT?
Sukanya: Yes.
Anika: Stop it. I have no problem then why are you two jealous cats behind my Manik.

She says sensing what’s coming next as till now she had to handle only one jealous cat but now two jealous cats and both are jealous of one poor soul Manik who is like son to her.

Manik gives the duo victorious look.
Sukanya: Whatever.
Anya: Let’s make a sand castle.
Amanat: Good idea.
Advik: Why you girls always have such cheesy things to do.
Amanat: Bhai did we ask your opinion.
Anya: So why are waiting time on him. He will never agree.
Sukanya: But how is a sand castle made.

Manik: Just the way you make snow man.
Sukanya: This is a castle and that’s a snow man no connection.
Manik: There is a connection. You girls will never understand.
Sukanya: So you mean boys can do anything and girls can’t.
Manik: Any doubts Miss. Sukanya.
Sukanya: Alright so challenge is on let’s see who makes better castle in just an hour.
Manik: Done BOYS V/S GIRLS.
Abeer: Manik are you sure.

Manik: Of course dad but why are you asking.
Abeer: Just by seeing your past record though to confirm.
Manik gulps: Dad I know you love Sukanya more then me but that doesn’t mean you can’t even support me.
Abeer: No my dear son I was just trying to save you but if you yourself are interested in dying then why shall I stop.
Anika: Don’t worry Manik I am with you always.
Abeer: Okay on your marks.
Sukanya, Amanat, Anya and Aditi on one side, Manik, Advik, Krish, Ishaan and Rahul on other side.
Abeer: On the count of three.
Abeer: 3….2….1…. Start.
They start making the castle.

Advik: Manik bhaiya because of you all the boys are in trouble. What was the need to put forward the challenge.
Manik: Shut up Advik be positive.
Krish: Bro do something those girls have made Hal of the castle and here we are just playing with sand.
Ishaan: Idiot see how girls are making and get some ideas otherwise we will get humiliated because of this Manik.
Advik: You will go after this but trust me these sisters of mine will not leave a single chance to pull my leg.
Manik: As if Sukanya will leave me. She will paste banners in whole school as I lost to her. I thought making snow man and castle is same. But here this castle is breaking after each second.
Ishaan: You dumb head it will break only you aren’t using any water to stabilise it look how girls are doing this.

Advik: Ya right.
I wish you would have challenged them for video game then we could have make them loose.
Krish: It’s useless Advik bhaiya Manik bhaiya has made world record in loosing to Sukanya di.
He chuckles while Manik hits him playfully.
Ishaan: Hye don’t be more smart Mr. Chota packet.
Krish: Please bro you leave it more then Manik Bhaiya you know what all Suk di can do.
Manik: Remember his condition on previous Christmas.
They chuckle.
Advik: What happened?
Manik: He was trying to scare Sukanya and when she got to know about his pranks she made him Santa Claus for two days and made him to run from one place to another.
Advik laughs just imagining Ishaana’s condition.

Abeer: Idiots do some work or you will keep talking. I am sure you will bow down the heads of boys.
Rudra: At least make something of sand rather then playing with it.
Shivaay: These boys are hopeless.
Manik: But how shall we make this.
Advik: Give some tips.
Om: Mitti ko tarasho…
(Handle the sand….)
ShivRu: Stop it O/Om.
Advik: Ya dad we had asked for advice not sleeping pills.
Rudra laughs: Smart boy. His sense of humour is improving staying with me.
Om hits his head: Shut up.
Abeer: Manik takes water and mix sand in it and then make castle. This duffer even doesn’t know a bit about it and threw the challenge as if he is a master.
Advik: Papa.
Om: Ya.
Advik: You also make something out of sand you are expert in it. We will do by copying you.
Rudra: Hawww… You will do cheating Advik.
Advik: Please chats you don’t talk about cheating and all this doesn’t hoes with you.
ShivKara and Abeer chuckle at Rudra.
Om: Okay wait I will make something you all trying making it the same way.

Anya: Adi di keep a look at boys they are very clever. We should always know about the strength of the opposition.
Sukanya: Chill Anya this is just a game not a war zone.
Amanat: Hamesha Satark rahin, savdhaan rahin, hushyaar rahin aapki suraksha aapki zimadari hai.
(Always stay alert. Your safety is your own responsibility.)
Aditi faking a salute: Okay crime patrol’s brand ambassador.
Anya: Amanat di you are talking exactly like mom now a days.
Amanat smiles.
While Sukanya and Aditi nod their head in disbelief looking at the seriousness of the duo.

Abeer: Okay guys. 3……2…..1…. Times up. Stop both the teams.

Both the teams back off.

Shivaay: WOW girls a three floor castle. It’s really nice.
Girls: Thank you.
Then all look at boy’s castle and burst out laughing.
Rahul: Actually we had made beautiful castle. Better then girls team.
Aditi: Then where did it go. In the air.

Amanat: No di the had made a beautiful castle in air.
Manik: It’s not like that we had made the castle but then flood came and our castle got wiped.
Sukanya while laughing: Really Mr. Malhotra now even you get wiped off with the same flood.
Abeer: Manik you are useless man you bowed the head of boys down.
Manik: It’s not like that papa.
Anika: Are stop it Abeer don’t scold Manik. Boys well done you at least tried.
Aditi: No trying and all they were just busy chatting.
Advik: Oh hello! We were discussing not chatting.
Anya: I wish bhai the amount of energy you have used in your discussion you would have used that in winning the challenge.
Gauri: Where is Omkara ji?

Shivaay: He was here only.
He says looking around.
Rudra: He is there.
He says pointing at some distance where Om is doing something with sand. All go towards him and see what he is doing and get shocked by seeing a beautiful painting made out of the sand.
Anika: Beautiful Om.
Shivaay: Seriously this is amazing Om.
Om smiles at them.

Om being completely zoned out:


Sukanya: WOW Mr. Intense Singh Oberoi.
Om comes out of his thoughts listening to her words.
Anya: But lambe Baal wale papa what does this painting mean.

She says pointing at the sand where Om had painted two DOVE birds.

Om: Anya dove birds are symbol of purity and togetherness. They symbolise a pure relationship. In which people can go apart but they will never forget each other.

Shivaay and Anika look at each other and share an eye lock as Om’s words register in their minds. Sukanya notices this and smiles at them but doesn’t disturb them.

Voice to Anika: Hi darling.

Shivaay: How dear you?
He goes to hit the voice.
Voice: SSO.

Any guesses whose the voice?

That’s all for the day guys sorry for the delay but I couldn’t pen this down due to some reason but I hope so this is enough long and you all like it. All suggestions are welcome.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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