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Shivaay enters only to encounter an empty room. Just to confirm he looks at the clock that strike 6 in the morning.
Shivaay: How come this Junior Kumbkaran woke up so early today.
Sukanya enters the room.
Sukanya cheerpily: Good morning billu ji.
Shivaay: Sukanya are you fine dear.
Sukanya: Yup what happened to me?
Shivaay: Look at the time baby.
Sukanya: Oh god how much have you underestimated me.
Shivaay: Okay but what happened today that you are up so early.
Sukanya: Didn’t anybody teach you early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
Shivaay gives her ‘oh really’ look, while she shows her tongue to him in return.
Sukanya: Btw I have some important work so I will use washroom first.
Saying this she leaves before Shivaay could even say a word.

Advik is blabbering with himself only.
Advik: Oh god what is Saku di upto today, firstly she woke me up so early today and above that gave me a puzzle too. No not a puzzle actually but her words are no less. She went away just by saying ‘You will get to know soon why I woke you up so early.’ Is she playing KBC with me this early. Please somebody save me from her.

At that very moment Om enters in the room to find Advik awake which shocks him.
Om: Oh god Advik you are up today so early. All okay champ.
Advik: Yes papa all good.
Om: Advik actually I want to have a word with you.
Advik: Since when did you need my permission papa.
Om sits besides him: Advik actually yesterday whatever happened between my father and me…
Advik cuts him: Mr. Oberoi that’s what you call him papa.
Om: Ya… Let it be go and get ready.
Om is about to leave but Advik stops him holding his hand.
Advik: Papa I am grown up you need not to hide anything from me. Okay if not me say to bade papa & Chachu you have promised not to hide anything from them. But papa please don’t keep any grudges with yourself and if not them then maybe mumma but please talk to someone. And I know you don’t like him trust me I won’t ask for any reason and you need not to explain anybody we all trust you, we believe in you.
Saying this he hugs Om who reciprocates him with same affection and kisses his head. As he is chocked with emotions he finally says one word to him: Thank you.
Advik: No need to say that.
Gauri who witnessed the beautiful moment comes in saying: Kya Shankar ji apne mujhe ek pati diya Vo bhi itna emotional, ek beta diya Vo bhi emotional. Kuch toh khayal kiya hota aapni iss chiriya ka.
(Oh Shankar ji you have given me one husband and one son and both are so emotional. You would have at least took care of your this girl.)
Advik: Stop it mom your Shankar ji has many more works other then noting your complains. Just come here.
Om extends his hand for Gauri and three of them share a group hug.

Advik comes out after freshening up and jerks away seeing Sukanya sitting on his bed.
Advik: God di you scared me.
Sukanya: What’s this?
She says pointing at his dress.
Advik: Clothes. What’s wrong with them?
Sukanya: What? Everything is wrong with them. You look worse in them.
Advik: Ya even everyone else also says that.
Sukanya: Got to change your style.
Advik: How?
Sukanya: Wait a sec.
She goes towards his wardrobe and searches for some good clothes.
Sukanya: Oh god Advik is this your cupboard or some junk yard.
Advik: Di please.
Sukanya nodding her head in disbelief: Fine.
Finally she takes out a pair of grey jeans and a white shirt with it and asks Advik to change.
After Advik changes.
Sukanya: Not bad.
Advik: Now.
Sukanya: Now your hair.
After nearly half an hour she is done with everything.
Sukanya: Much better.
Advik: I promise I will never let any girl style me next time.

Amanat comes there just to get shocked looking at Advik.
Amanat: Is this you bhai.
Advik: No my ghost.
He gets a punch from Sukanya for saying that while Amanat just ignores him.
Sukanya: What are you upto Amanat?
Amanat: Actually mom is calling you two for breakfast.
Sukanya: Okay you go I will join.
No… No… Wait you stay I will leave.
And I think both of you need to talk.
Advik nods.
Amanat is about to leave after Sukanya but stops hearing Advik who hits the right cord to stop her.
(Smart boy ?)

Advik: Stop Amy, please I need a word with you.
Amanat stops, Advik escorts her to bed and makes her sit their while he himself sits on his knees in front of her which shocks Amanat but he holds her hand and says looking at her.
Advik: I am sorry Amy I have always been rude to you I am sorry dear. Please forgive me I will never repeat it again.
Amanat: Bhai I hate you.
Advik: I know I am worst brother but please forgive me. Please.
He says almost tearing up and same goes with Amanat.
Amanat: Bhai I will forgive you but only on one condition.
Advil nods to carry on.
Amanat: You will always share your problems with me and won’t keep anything just upto you. Please promise.
Advik: Okay I promise I will tell all that you deserve to know. Is that okay.
Amanat nods.
Advik: Did you forgive me? I know I have behaved in worst manner with you but I will never let you down again.
Amanat nods: I trust you bhai.
Advik hugs her: I love you.

Voice: And me.

Both look towards door only to find Anya there.

Advik & Amanat: We love you doll.
Advik: Come on.
Three of them hug each other.
Anya: Bhai shall I ask something.
Advik nods.
Anya: Bhai is Sukanya di behind this.
Advik nods both the girl kiss either of his cheeks and say: WE LOVE HER.
Advik: STS.
Both slap their forehead.


Three of the kids descend down together.
Dadi: What is this happening today three of them are coming together and that to without any fight. Above all is Advik okay.
All look at the three and to everyone’s shock comes Advik’s new look that makes him look really innocent and cute.
Janvi: Ya mummy ji this is true.
Om to Gauri: Is he our son only.
Gauri: I am also not sure. What has happened to him today.
Om: God only knows.
Kids: Good morning everyone.
Advik: Namaste dadi.
And he touched her feet, that gives mini heart attack to the entire Oberoi clan as Om chokes on his own gulp while Shivaay chokes on his espresso and Gauri almost spits water seeing this new and huge change in Advik. Dadi after recovering from the mini heart attack blesses him.
Dadi: What has happened to you all of a sudden Advik.
Advik: Dadi you only told that we should learn from elders, so recently we got an elder to teach us good manners.

Sukanya bursts into fits of laughter seeing the face of entire Oberoi clan while Advik smirks at the family just for fun sake and being able to skilfully pull their legs.

Dadi to the rest: Kuch sharam karo khoteyoon. Aapne bacchon se hi Sikh lo kuch aagar kisi aur se nahi sikhna toh.
(Have some shame you idiots. Learn something from your kids only.)
Being embarrassed ShivOmRu stand up and touch elders feet but not before glaring at the trimurti and their founder who is laughing like a maniac.
Om: Gauri, Bhavya don’t you think that you both should also touch dadi’s feet.
Dadi: Chup kar ullu de patthe ye dono toh mera pair har din chote hain. Janvi aur Pinky bhi tum sabse behtar hain.
(They both touch my feet everyday. Even Janvi & Pinky are better in this matter.)
(She looks at Tej & Shakti) tum dono ko aab mai neyota dun aalag se.
(Do you both need an invitation now.)

Both look at each other and then nod in no and go to take blessings from Dadi.
The entire girls group + Advik have fun at the expense of their fathers.

Dadi: Now sit at your places.
Shivaay to Sukanya who isn’t able to stop her laughter: Sukanya it’s done. Now please stop laughing.
Sukanya between her laughter: I can’t help that billu ji. But trust me this was epic fun.
She says and everyone bursts into fits of laughter.
Janvi: Oh god Sukanya the day you have entered this house it feels as if our happiness has returned you have become our smile.
Pinky frowns at this comment, while Tej is expressionless but the rest smile at Sukanya.
Sukanya sits beside Shivaay while the other seat on his right is empty and Ragini comes there just to sit but before that Anya hops on the seat.
Ragini: What the hell I have to sit here?
Anya looks up and down the seat and then at Ragini from head to toe.
Ragini: What?
Anya: Sorry but unfortunately for you there is no reservation procedure kept in the Oberoi’s dinning table.
Ragini: Shivaay look at her.
Pinky: Right Shivaay let Ragini sit besides you.
Sukanya starts laughing all give her alien look.
Ragini: Does it looks funny to you.
Sukanya: Trust me aunty. It’s hell funny. You know what it gives me a feeling that Billu ji is our teacher and you & Pinky aunty are those two notorious kids of class who first create problems and then like innocent kids go and complain to the teacher.
All start laughing.
Sukanya: I mean in my entire life I hadn’t complained that much as much you two do in one day to billu ji. (she mimics first Ragini and then Pinky)
Shivaay look at her na.
Shivaay rights see what’s happening?
Everyone including Shivaay laughs at this.
Anya: Correct di even I don’t complain this much.
Shivaay: So even you are the notorious bunny of the class.
Anya cutely with a pout bobs her head in yes.
Shivaay picks her up and placing her in his lap kisses her.
Shivaay: Then I want this bunny for all by myself.
Anya giggles, while Ragini sits beside Shivaay to utmost annoyance of everyone and Anya frowns showing her angry face to Shivaay, who makes a pleading face to her. Finally after a lot of nudging and all she orders Shivaay to feed her taking all the attention of Shivaay for herself that annoys both Pinky and Ragini but Sukanya mouths a thanks to her for which she raises her collar.
OmRuRiYa who see this smile at them and especially at the clever girl sitting on Mr. SSO.
Shivaay whispers that’s audible to only Sukanya & Anya: Clever move girls.
Both smile.

After breakfast.

Om: Okay so who all are coming with me today.
Advik: Papa can I accompany you today?
Om smilingly nods: Of course I will love it.
Gauri: Sorry Omkara ji I can’t come with you today.
Om: Why?
Gauri: I have to help Sukanya with her costumes.
Om: Oh ya today is your competition Sukanya. All the best.
Sukanya: Won’t you guys come.
Anya jumps being in Shivaay’s lap and making puppy face says: Please, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please.
Shivaay: Okay calm down. We all will go.
Sukanya jumps in happiness and hugs Shivaay: Thank you billu ji.
Shivaay smiles at the two girls.
Dadi: That’s nice it has been long time since you all have gone out together.
Sukanya: Dadi ma what do you mean. You will also come.
Dadi: Are but what will I do?
Sukanya: Dadi ma come I will show the entire world how hot is my dadi ma.
Dadi slapping her playfully: Haat. You say anything.
Advik: Dadi maan me ladoo phota na.
(Dadi you are really happy internally isn’t it?)
Dadi: Chup kar badmaash.
(Shut up you naughty boy.)
All chuckle.
Shivaay: Ya dadi you will also come our family can never be complete without you.
Dadi: Okay I will also come.
Sukanya: Great now no more drama from anyone I want you all to come and cheer for me.
All nod.
Sukanya: Nagini aunty.
Ragini: Haan?
Sukanya making an oops face although she did it purposely : Oh I mean Ragini aunty you can also come if you want to.
Ragini: No thanks I have some important work.
Amanat comments: That’s even better.
Advik whispers to her: I thought she is useless which idiot in the world has got work from her.
Amanat looking above: Only god know.
Both chuckle sharing a hi-fi.
Amanat: Papa you and Adu bhai only go today we all will stay and help Sukanya di.
Om nods and both OmVik leave for their painting session.


It’s a beautiful garden with jaw dropping scenic beauty. It feels like ultimate bliss on earth. The place has it’s own magic.
While somewhere in the centre stood two artists putting life to their canvas. One is the man with long hair and another is boy who is seated on the grass with his canvas.
Om is looking at the view in front of his eyes and that’s his son who is looking super cute to him as his face has a little amount of colour but zero uneasiness which he could always see on his face, that calmness brings a never ending smile on Om’s face.

After nearly three hours both OmVik were done with their part.
Advik: Done. Come on papa show me your painting.
Om: No first you show.
Advik: Please papa I am your son so stop cribbing.
Om: That’s what I am saying my dear son I am your father so first you show it to me.
Advik: PAPA…
Advik: Fine let’s show together.
Om: Okay at the count of 3.
Advik: Done. 3.
Om: 2.
Advik: 1.
Om: Show.

Both turn their canvas towards each other. While the father has tears filled in his eyes so does the son. Om had painted Advik on his canvas while Advik pour life to his canvas by painting his father with an extra message of “SORRY”.
Om sits on his knees in front of Advik and cupping his face says: You need not to say that.
He kisses Advik’s forehead, while Advik hugs him.
Advik: No papa I have been a worst son to you. Please forgive me.
Om: Who the hell said that to you? You are world’s best son and trust me no one can be better then you.
Advik in between his sobs: And you are world’s worst liar.
Om: You know I don’t lie.
Advik nods and hugging him tighter says: I love you papa. No matter what I will never be rude to you ever again I promise.
Om smiles at him and cares his hair.

Sukanya is all ready in an Anarkali with her hair in a plait followed by a gajra (floral hair band) around her long plait, her hand and feet adorned with alta (red colour liquid applied on hand & feet), bangles in her hands, long ghumkas (earrings) hanging from her ears, with a simple necklace around her neck, with perfect eye make up and light make up on her face, kamarbandh (waist band) around her waist. With the most blissful and musical sound of her ghungroos she makes her way to Shivaay’s room to take her bag. She looks like an eternal beauty in traditional Kathak dress.
She enters the room while Shivaay is working on his laptop, the voice of ghungroos makes him look at Sukanya.
Shivaay: Look here Sukanya.
She turns to him showing her entire dress to him, with a smile adorning her face.
Shivaay: You look beautiful.
Sukanya: Thank you Billu ji.
Shivaay is still seeing her as she is looking really pretty in the dress.
Shivaay: When did you start learning Kathak?
Sukanya: When I was 4. I love to dance and Kathak was the first dance form I had learnt.
Shivaay: And which else dance forms do you know?
Sukanya: Kathak, Hip hop, Krump, Tango and whichever our choreographer-cum-coach sir makes us to do.
Shivaay: That’s great. So you will be performing Kathak today.
Sukanya: Ya but only for solo performance. For duet Manik & I will perform tango and for group performance hip hop. Okay now let’s leave or I will get late.
Shivaay: But still there are 3 & half hours for the show to start.
Sukanya: Coach sir.
Shivaay: Okay come I will drop you.
Btw did you take everything.
Sukanya nods and they leave.
Shivaay notices her bear feet so questions her: Sukanya won’t you wear any footwear’s you may get hurt like this.
Sukanya: Actually I can’t wear foot wears with ghungroos.
Shivaay: Okay remove ghungroos and wear footwear’s remove your footwears before your performance otherwise you will hurt your feet.
Sukanya: But…
Shivaay gives her a stern look and she silences herself and obliges to his words.

Host: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome you all to the most prestigious dance event of the year “DANCER OF THE YEAR”. As always Excel International feels highly elated to host the occasion___________________________.

Now we will like to start with competition. The first performance is solo performance by SUKANYA from ENIGMA INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, DEHRADUN.

Sukanya takes over the stage while the entire Oberoi clan cheers for her especially the Baccha party.
She performs on the song ‘mohe rang do laal’.
Manik performs his solo on the song ‘bang bang’ title track.
The duet by Sukanya & Manik is performed on the song ‘dil dhadakne do’.
The group performance is on the song ‘F.A.L.T.U.’.
(fast-forward the competition and let’s jump to the results.)

Host: I will like to call Mrs. Mahira Murthy an excellent dance performer herself and guest of honour to night to disclose the name of top 12 contests for the TOP 12 PARTICIPATIONS.

Mrs. Murthy: Good evening everyone. It was amazing to see the tough cut throat competition between all the contestants and the toughest job was to choose top 12 in each category.
So for solo performance top 12 participants are.
Sukanya from Enigma International High School Dehradun, (The entire stadium echoes with her name, while back stage everybody congratulates her.)
Amla Kocher from St. Teresa High School Kolkata.
Manik Malhotra from Enigma International High School Dehradun. (Sukanya jumps on the stage itself listening Manik’s name while for her this level of excitement Shivaay’s pats his head stating this girl will never change. Manik comes to stage to take his trophy and after that hugs Sukanya as she congratulates him with all her zeal.)

Lastly Aditi Rajput from Enigma International High School, Dehradun.
(Both Manik and Sukanya jump in excitement hearing her name and as soon as she takes her trophy both engulf her in a hug while Sukanya kisses her cheeks saying: Congo baby.
Aditi: Thankuuu meri jaan.
Manik: Girls control.
Both the girls give him ‘who care look.’)

For the duet the first Jodi is of
Priya and Sushant from D.A.V. International Delhi.
Aditi and Rahul from Enigma International School Dehradun.

Sukanya and Manik Malhotra from Enigma International School, Dehradu.

(Even after hell lot of tiredness not even a single percent was Sukanya tired her excitement is on cloud nine which is always visible from her face.)

Finally the group performances the TOP 6 are, Yes you heard that right only 6 groups will make to the next level.
The first is St. Teresa High School, Kolkata.
Jorge High School, Mumbai.
John Mathew School, Pune.
D.A.V. International School, Delhi.
Grammar School, Chandigarh.

Every member of the group is holding each one’s hand while in front of the stage all the Oberoi’s are praying. While tension is clearly visible on Shivaay’s face and to much extent on OmRuRiYa’s face as well but the most tensed was the baccha party. And finally like after ages the last name is spoken.)


Every nervous face turns into a broad smiling face. The entire troop of dancers jumps in joy.
Aditi: Yes we did it we did it we did it.
Sukanya hugs her: Of course we did it.
They go with their coach to receive the trophy.

Coach: So guys take a day off and bug up for next level we got to make it to the finals this time did you all get it.
All: Yes sir.

Entire Oberoi family is waiting for Sukanya and as soon as she comes the first one to jump over her is the baccha party who keep praising her endlessly and hug her tightly, thanking them all she takes blessings from elders and then hugs ShivOmRuRiYa one by one as they congratulate her.
Amanat: Bade papa this goes for a party please.
Shivaay: As you guys say.

At that very moment Manik comes there and everybody congratulates him and he thanks them.
Manik: Sukanya where is your phone babes is trying it but did you break it again.
Sukanya: No baba it’s in my bag and due to all the hustle bustle I didn’t notice.

Manik’s phone rings again and he puts it on speaker while on other side is Anika, Abeer and Meher.
Three of them shout: CONGRATULATIONS GUYS.
Manik& Sukanya: THANK YOU.
Abeer: So my dear little girl and my son do you guys want a surprise.
Sukanya’s excitement is completely on another level hearing about a surprise.
Sukanya: What surprise buddy?

Anika: It’s a surprise dear so why don’t you guys first come out of school.

As the words reach Shivaay’s ears his heartbeat stops for split seconds since a long time he was feeling someone’s presence around him but wasn’t able to understand who was the person and this voice makes him shiver while the rest also stop their works and look towards the mobile with lots of hope.

Sukanya: Please mummy say na.
Meher: Aare you both first come out of school.
Sukanya: Okay fine.
Sukanya and Manik followed by the entire Oberoi clan reach outside the school.
As they come outside both of them look at each other rub their eyes and look at the three people standing in front of them. Sukanya hops on Anika hugging her and rather say encircling along with her in excitement, while Manik hops on both Meher and Abeer.
As Sukanya was twirling with Anika, Anika didn’t notice the Oberoi’s but as soon as Shivaay got a single glimpse of Anika his entire world came to a stand still.

Lafz kitne hi tere pairon se lipte honge
Tune jab aakhiri khat mera jalaya… hoga
Tune jab phool, kitabon se nikaale honge
Dene waala bhi tujhe yaad toh aaya hoga

Shivaay’s mind remembers his every single meet with Anika and Sukanya, his first encounter with both Anika and Sukanya , their tadi, breaking of windscreen by Anika and on other hand how Sukanya had kicked the hell out of the boys outside the mall, the water fight with Anika and Sukanya where once Anika had drenched him in water nearly 15 yrs back while Sukanya had poured entire jar of water on him a few days back, the moment when Anika fought about medicines with him and the time when Sukanya had thrown his medicines away, the morning when he had to wake up his lady kumbkaran and the morning when he woke up his Junior Kumbkaran, the time when Anika use to tease him calling billu ji and how Sukanya calls him billu ji, the possessiveness of Anika on seeing him with Tia and possessiveness of Sukanya when he is with Ragini. Their love for moon. When for the first time he had poured his bit of heart to Anika and his conversation with Sukanya last night.
That conversation rang in his ears innumerable number of time.

“Shivaay: Who all are in your family?
Sukanya: Mumma and mamu. That’s all.
Shivaay: Are you missing your dad.
Sukanya: You know since when I have come here for the first time I got to know how beautiful a family is. How caring they are. I just have my mumma but here I came to know how beautiful is family. Craving for a family is worth isn’t it.
Shivaay: Ya it’s always worth.
Sukanya: Shall I ask you one thing.
Shivaay nods.
Sukanya: Where is your family? I mean your wife and children.
Shivaay: My wife and I are divorced.
Sukanya: I am sorry.
Shivaay: No. Actually I am sorry I lost her.
Sukanya: Are you still waiting for her to return.
Shivaay nods in yes: Ya I wish that one day she comes back to me, one fine day but maybe by now she would have moved on.
Sukanya: How long have you been waiting for her.
Shivaay: 14 years, 8 months & 29 days.
Sukanya: Such a long time. Still expect her to come.
Shivaay: I don’t know by my heart beats so that once before dying I can see her again.
Shivaay looks at her and so does she. His eyes had a never ending wait, with infinite pain but still among all this shone a ray of hope.
Sukanya: I will pray that you get your wife. You love her alot right.
Shivaay: Ya a lot.
Sukanya: You know the coincidence between your and my story.
Shivaay nods in no.
Sukanya: I am also waiting for my father from 14 years. Since I was born.
She says with her eyes going moist, Shivaay holds her shoulder and she keeps her head on his shoulder.
Shivaay: I will pray that you meet your father soon.
Sukanya smiles plainly at him.”

The sentence “I AM WAITING FOR MY FATHER SINCE 14 YRS.” Rang in Shivaay’s head like somebody is banging his head. Then he looks at both Anika and Sukanya, he stumbles only to be caught by OmRu who support him like his pillars, within seconds he had lost his entire energy he looked up at the duo again and only few words came out of his mouth in form of whispers.

Shivaay: Sukanya is my daughter.

OmRu look at Anika & Sukanya and nod with tears in their eyes as they remember each and every moment spent with her.
Rest of the Oberoi’s are shocked while Pinky ki toh O My Mata hi hogayi.

Teri aankhon ke dariya ka
utarna bhi zaroori tha
Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi
Bichadna bhi zaroori tha

Finally Sukanya releases the hug and goes to hug Abeer at that very moment Anika sees the Oberoi family and with in a second the floor under her feet is swiped off.

Both Shivaay & Anika share an eye lock pouring their wait, love, pain, guilt and every single hidden emotion in that eye lock. Once there use to be a time that the walls didn’t stop them but now even the air between them felt heavy.

They remember all the promises they did to each other when they were married and when Shivaay promised her that he will always be by her side no matter what nothing will be able to separate them.
Then they remember their last conversation when Shivaay throws out Anika of his life.

Zuroori tha ki
Hum dono tawaaf-e-aarzoo karte
Magar phir aarzu’on ka
bikharna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka
utarna bhi zaroori tha

Sukanya distracts Anika by taking her towards Oberoi’s holding her hand.
Sukanya: Guys this is my mumma and mumma this the family I live with.

Both Anika and Shivaay look at each other.

Shivaay’s P.O.V.
WOW what a day my own daughter is introducing me to my wife. What a fate I have got. Brilliant.
(note the sarcasm in his tone.)

God what’s happening I never expected this. I wasn’t ready for it. What will I say to Shivaay now and what about Sukanya. Please god help me out of this situation.

Sukanya introduces them but none heard her words accept for the kids.
Dadi is the first one to break the silence: Anika.
Anika looks at her and bends to take her blessings dadi hugs her.
Dadi: Where were you puttar?
Anika’s eyes tear up as she hugs dadi even tighter without uttering a word.
Sukanya and the baccha party looks confused at all the elders.
Sukanya biting her nails in confusion: Do you know each other.
This brings all of them to present and Anika clears her face.
Dadi: You all must be tired let’s go home first then we will talk.
Anika: But…
Dadi: That’s an order.
She nods and all begin to settle in car while Shivaay and Anika hadn’t exchanged a word but Abeer takes Anika to talk to her for few minutes.

Abeer: Anika I think this is the right time to tell Sukanya everything.
Anika: Are you sure.
Abeer: Will you be okay.
Anika nods.
Abeer: Take care and if you need anything then tell me.
Anika leaves after ensuring him.

Manik: Dad what happened all of a sudden.
Abeer & Meher look at each other, Meher gives him a nod to tell everything.

Everybody enters the hall while Dadi sends all the kids to change while elders stay beside.
Dadi: Anika puttar, Sukanya meri par poti hai kya.
(Is Sukanya my great granddaughter.)
Anika looks at Shivaay who is eager and really impatient for her answer even though he is sure to quite an extent but her one word can change his life. Anika can feel the restlessness and closing her eyes she nods her head, Shivaay breaths his long held breath as tears make a way through his eyes.

Bataao yaad hai tumko
Woh jab dil ko churaya tha
Churaai cheez ko tumne
Khuda ka ghar banaya tha


Shivaay comes in with a gift in his hand.
Anika: What’s this Shivaay?
Shivaay hands it over to her: Gift for you.
Anika opens it and finds a beautiful moon shaped pendent in it with their pic and word “SHIVIKA” inscribed on it.
Anika: Aww… This is so beautiful.
Shivaay makes her wear the pendent.
Shivaay: Anika this pendent is our togetherness. I promise I will never leave your hand. I will protect you till my last breath. I will always be there with you whatever may happen. Promise me you will be with me always.
Anika with a layer of tears: Pinki promise Shivaay I will always be there with you.
A: What had you promised me Shivaay and what you gave?
S: Why couldn’t you keep up your words Anika? Why? Where have you brought us? Why did you do this to me you didn’t tell me about my own daughter only. Why?

Woh jab kehte thhe
Mera naam tum tasbih mein padhte ho
Mohabbat ki Namaazo ko
qara karne se darte ho
Magar ab yaad aata hai
Woh baatein thi mahaz baatein
Kahin baaton hi baaton mein
Mukarna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka
Utarna bhi zaroori tha

Shivaay: Why Anika? Why did you keep her away from me?
Pinky pokes her nose between: Are Shivaay she is taking advantage of your innocence. This is all planning of this small town girls they very well know who to trap rich people. Now after so many years she is back here just to take your advantage.

With these words of Pinky one another voice rings in Shivaay’s head and that’s of Sukanya, the words she said to him yesterday night.

Pinky smirks at Anika: Looks…

This is a shock to all of them and they look at each other with eyes wide open.

Shivaay: Calming himself down: Anika can we have a word.
Anika nods and follows him to library.
Dadi: What will billu do?
Om: Dadi don’t worry he will handle her, I am sure this time he won’t let Bhabhi go away.
Rudra: Yes dadi this time it’s about Sukanya also.
Dadi smiles looking at them.

Both Shivaay and Anika are sitting but none dear utter a word finally Anika breaks the ice.
Anika: Aap kuch kahenga Shivaay?
(Will you say something Shivaay?)
Shivaay: What do you want to do?
Anika: I don’t know.
Shivaay: For a while let’s keep all the grudge away and if you are okay with it let’s tell Sukanya everything.
Anika: She knows everything actually more then anyone but she didn’t know your or anyone’s name. Rest all she knows.
Shivaay nods.
Anika: Shivaay.
Shivaay: Ya.
Anika: Don’t you want any explanation from me.
Shivaay: If you think you owe me one you would have came back once you got to know about Sukanya.
Anika: I cam Shivaay.
Shivaay looks at her with utmost astonishment.
Anika: I came to you when Sukanya was born, I came with her but I wasn’t allowed in.
Shivaay goes back to his past and remembering something cups his face and just one word comes out of his mouth: When?
Anika: 14 yrs back.
Shivaay: I wasn’t here.
Anika: Where were you?
Shivaay: New York.
Anika questioningly: New York? Why?
Shivaay: Just for some reason let it be.
Anika: No that’s important for me.
Shivaay raising his voice a bit: But not for me. Can we please drop this topic here. Right now we have lot more to handle. Do you have any idea how we are going to say all this to Sukanya and how will she react.

It is a useless attempt by Shivaay to change the topic but even Anika let’s it to happen as she can see some un spoken misery in his eyes.

Anika: I will talk to her. She will understand and how she will react I don’t know.
Shivaay: You are her mother and you only don’t know.
Anika in her fighting mood: She is your daughter completely unpredictable.
This makes sense to the great SSO so he silences himself.

Both look at each other letting the silence do all the work, Anika creases Shivaay’s face while Shivaay creases her face, the emptiness in them made them feel like hell. Their eyes were telling each other about the wait they have gone through. They compose themselves and with innumerable unanswered questions make their way to hall.

Wahi hai sooratein apni
Wahi main hoon, wahi tum ho
Magar khoya huaa hoon main
Magar tum bhi kahin gum ho
Mohabbat mein dagha ki thi
So kaafir the so kaafir hain
Mili hain manzilein phir bhi
Musaafir thhe, musaafir hain
Tere dil ke nikaale hum
Kahaan bhatke, kahaan pahunche
Magar bhatke toh yaad aaya
Bhatakna bhi zaroori tha
Mohabbat bhi zaroori thi
Bichhadna bhi zaroori tha
Zaroori tha ki
Hum dono tawaaf-e-aarzoo karte
Magar phir aarzu’on ka
Bikharna bhi zaroori tha
Teri aankhon ke dariya ka
Utarna bhi zaroori tha


Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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