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@PART 34…

The scene starts with Suk cupping her mouth and turning her wide eyes which finally stop at a person. She looks at that person and all follow her gaze.

A person sat in full attitude on the main chair with hand resting on the side and wide smile covering the face.

Suk spells: Dadi ma.
Dadi: Ya so what did you think that by chance you came in this house it was all done by me. Shifting your competition base from Lucknow too Mumbai and then making you come in this house all is done by me.
Shivaay being shocked: What dadi you did all this?
Dadi: Haan ullu de patthe tenu ki lageya me bimaar se, ary pind da ghee makhan kha ke vadi hui haan thude varge shareer nahi hain. Bimaari tan mainue Chu vi nahi sakti.
(What did you think that I fell ill, I have been brought up by eating pure ghee and butter, diseases can’t even touch me.)

Anika: But how did you come to know about Sukanya.
Dadi: Hmm… 6 months back I had gone to Dehradun for some important work over there I had met Sukanya for the first time in the temple. On seeing her for the first time only I felt a connection with her but I didn’t understand what was it was, then Abeer saw me there and he talked to me and told everything. He even told me how he use to come here but was never told about Shivaay. He took me to your house and there I saw you and Sukanya. He offered me to meet you but I refused because I wanted that you and Shivaay should accept each other first. Since that day my mission was to bring Shivaay here but this boy is so stubborn he didn’t agreed even for once. Then Anya gave me this idea of doing drama that I am ill and guess what her plan worked.
Anya smiles brightly while rest nod in disbelief.
Dadi: So when Shivaay came back here I got to know that some doll was behind his changed behaviour. I asked Abeer to find about that and then what we found I don’t think I need to tell.
Anika and Meher curiously: What did you find?
Abeer and Shivaay chuckle hearing the duo while OmRuRiYa look at Suk who smiles looking back.
Suk: Arz kiya hai gaur farmayain…
Anika with a stern look: Farmayain…

Manik: Jisse dhundha gaali gaali Vo iss ma ke ghaar mile.
(Whom everyone was finding everywhere, she was found at your place.)
He says pointing at Anika, while Suk and Manik share a hi fi.
Anika pats her head: I knew it, I just knew it. Iss duniya ke aadhe kaand toh tune kar rakhe hai Sukanya.
(I knew half of the mess in this world is because of you.)
Sukanya raising her collars: Vo toh hai.
(Yup that’s true.)
Manik: Kuch aur hai Jo kisi ko batana hai, toh please abhi Bata do.
(Is there something anybody wants to tell, then please tell it now.)
Aryan: Well, then I will say that dadi was the one to tell me about Ragini and her plans and to save Shivaay I went on with the flow. That’s all.
Dadi: Okay so it’s enough for now.
Suk: Right now I am hungry let’s eat something.
Shivaay: Fine, but I am not cooking anything today.
Anika: Why?
Shivaay: What why? Even I need break.
Anya: Please no you know right how well our mommies cook, don’t give us this torture.
Men chuckle while ladies glare Anya.

Abeer, Shivaay and Nitya are chilling out.
Abeer curiously: Btw Nitts do you know Aryan?
Shivaay gives him awkward look while, he signals back via eyes and the duo see Nitya becoming a little nervous.
Nitya nervously: No… No… Nothing like that.
Abeer raising his eyebrows: Oh really.
Nitya getting back in her attitude: What do you mean, if I said once that I don’t know him means I don’t.
Abeer: Fine, I was asking just like that Dadi had asked me to find a girl for Aryan so asked it casually as I saw you both talking this morning.
Nitya in hurry: What the wuck? Why a girl for him. He got recently divorced from that Nagini.
Shivaay having fun at her expenses: Ya dadi knows it how difficult is it to live life alone, she has seen me that’s why she doesn’t wants Aryan to suffer.
Nitya curses the duo under her breath until she doesn’t finds the third one to curse and who is that third one???
Well, Aryan who joined the trio.
Abeer: So Aryan do you know Nitya she is Shivaay and my bestie.
Aryan: Of course, we have met in Boston.
Nitya keeps cursing him while Shivaay and Abeer look at Nitya with pierced and teasing eyes.
Abeer rounds his hand around Nitya: But you were saying you don’t know him.
Nitya: Ya not in that very good way.
Aryan: We were just friends.

Nitya’s face falls on being friend zoned by Aryan. While for Aryan he didn’t understand the reason behind Nitya’s reaction.

Shivaay teasingly: Friend not bad, isn’t it the first step to love.

Aryan glares Shivaay, Shivaay returns ‘I was saying casually’ look back to him, while Nitya gets her smile back.

Abeer: Anyways Aryan what’s your new venture now days.
Aryan: Nothing new, the same old bikes and all.
Shivaay looking at Nitya: Somebody love bikes, I mean Nitts loves them if you want her help she can be great in that case.
Aryan nods.
Abeer: You won’t mind helping him right Nitya.
Nitya punches him on his stomach but then nods with a smile.
Aryan: I will leave you guys continue.
All smile at him.
Abeer: Oho… I don’t know him.
Shivaay: I don’t think he will marry. Aha…
Nitya greeting her teeth: Fine guys, stop it.
Abeer curiously: Only once you tell us your part of story.
Nitya giving in: Fine, yes I love him.
Both Shivaay and Abeer widen their eyes and together spell once looking at each other and then looking at Nitya: LOVE?????
Nitya: Yup! The day I ran away from my wedding, on that day I took a flight to Boston, where I met Aryan we began spending time with each other, slowly I got to know about him and then I started loving him. I knew it he won’t love me back the same way as he was married and had a daughter too. Moreover, I was too confused at that time so I left from there. And now after seeing him those feelings have come back. Urghh…… Give me something I want to kill these feeling and dig them back and put them to rest for the rest of my life.
Abeer: Look it’s not wrong to love but…
Shivaay continues: It’s weird in your case.
Nitya: Shut up guys.
Shivaay: Would you tell Aryan.
Nitya: Why do you think so, right now he just “friend zoned me”.
Abeer: Someone’s being jealous.
Nitya: Jealous my foot.
Shivaay: Fine then as you wish. Who cares?
Nitya: You both are such morons. Go to hell I am not even going to look at you too.
Saying that she storms away stamping her feet.


Anika: Suk didn’t I ask you to do something?
Suk: What mumma?
Anika: I asked something from you that day remember.
Suk remembers it: Oh ya but we will talk about that later I have to hurry right now.
Saying that Suk runs leaving Anika irritated and yelling.

Atharv: Remember everything Suk.
Suk nods: I hope so they like it.
Atharv: Don’t worry they will.

On stage, Comparer: So the next performance is the duet by Sukanya and Atharv.

All pray and wish them luck. Both were worried as well as excited for their performance it was super special for them.


Atharv and Sukanya take their place as the song starts playing and behind them on a screen pictures are being projected.

The screen is devided in two parts the first picture is of Shivaay and Anika separately. The picture shocks the Oberoi’s and makes their curiosity reach another level.

Both Sukanya and Atharv were sitting on the opposite sides in snail position and getting up they perform their parts separately as the lyrics played.


Teri tarah mujhe duniya mein
Nahi koi chaah sakta
Tere dil mein fikr meri
Rahe sham-o-subah

The picture on the projector changes at one side it’s Atharv’s baby picture with Shivaay and other side Sukanya’s baby picture with Anika. While in front the duo separately perform their part showing how they have been loved by their parents when they weren’t together.

Tere dil mein har pal har dam hai
Khayaal mera hi hai basta
Tere lab pe zikr mera
Rahe sham-o-subah

They both depict the pain and problems their parents have gone through while raising them up as the picture in projector changes to the time they had spent with their parents.

Tere saath main hoon mehfooz sada
Itna tujhpe hai yakeen mera
Tapti jalti inn raahon mein
Tu saaya mera

The lighting changes as the music turns to a louder pitch and both move where the time changes and it shows how Shivaay came to know about Sukanya. One side of projector displays Sukanya’s pic while other side has Shivaay’s pic. In front Atharv acts as Shivaay while Sukanya is herself only.

Sehra bhi hai gulshan ban jata
Khushboo ki tarah jab tu aata
Iss zindagi mein har ghadi
Chaahun teri panaah

Both move away and dance at fast pace for the next wordings.

Tere naal ishqa mera
Tere naal ishqa mera
Lagda ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera zyada
Main de du sadka zyada main de du sadka
Lagda ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera

Next picture changes to Shivaay and Atharv at one side where Atharv is wearing similar outfit and both are posing with same attitude and other side of projector has Anika and Sukanya’s pic in a fun mood.

Tapti jalti inn raahon mein
Tu saaya mera
Ho ik tere seene se
Lag kar hi
Mere dil ko aaye sukoon
Jab gham koi
Sataaye mujhe
Main tujhe hi to dekhun

As the track changes, Sukanya acts as Anika while Atharv acts as his own self. The projector has Anika and Atharv’s pic. Both Anika and Atharv are reminded of the time when for the first time Atharv spoke his heart out to Anika. While on the stage via dance the duo enact the same scene.

Jazbaat mere na koi samjha
Iss duniya mein ik tere siva
Har din, har shab teri baahon mein
Hai chain mila

Sehra bhi hai gulshan ban jata
Khushbu ki tarah jab tu aata
Iss zindagi mein har ghadi
Chaahun teri panaah

Again the music becomes high at pitch and Sukanya and Atharv perform on the lyrics.

Tere naal Ishqa mera
Tere naal Ishqa mera
Lagda ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera zyada
Main de du sadka zyada
Main de du sadka
Lagta ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera

The next pic is of both Suk and Atharv together and they are reminded of time they have spent without knowing their real relation. They remember the faith and bond they have shared so far and how important they are for each other.

Ho tera naam main jis bhi ghadi
Honthon pe laata hoon
Lafzon mein kahin
Khud hi chhupa ehtraam main paata

Chahe dekh loon main sara ye jahan
Sabse haseen manzar tu mera
Rehta basta nigaahon mein
Ik chehra tera

Sehra bhi hai gulshan ban jata
Khushbu ki tarah jab tu aata
Iss zindagi mein har ghadi
Chahun teri panaah

Tere naal ishqa mera
Tere naal ishqa mera
Lagta ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera zyada
Main de du sadka zyada
Main de du sadka
Lagta ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera

The projector projects the last few pics one is of four of them together and last is of entire family together as the duo continue to dance on the lyrics. They dance in such a powerful way as if it’s their life’s last performance and they want to express all their feelings via this performance only. Each and every word of the lyrics more then anything were their feeling towards their parents, they wanted to tell them how important they have been for them.

Mere sang tu sada
Tu hai saaya mera
Chahun teri panaah

O… Mere sang tu sada
Tu hai saaya mera
Chahun teri panaah

Tere naal ishqa mera
Tere naal ishqa mera
Lagta ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera zyada
Main de du sadka zyada
Main de du sadka
Lagta ibaadat warga
Tere naal ishqa mera mera

They both come forward and holding each others hand bend in response to the echoing applause they receive from the entire stadium.

Comparer: Would you guys like to say something.
They both nod.
Atharv and Sukanya: We love you
Atharv: Mumma
Sukanya: Papa.
Both say looking at their parents filling those two words with all the emotions from their heart, while ShivIka’s eyes are by now filled with tears and both have held each others hand.
Atharv & Sukanya: Thank you.
The duo leave.

As soon as the duo walk down they are engulfed in bone crushing hug by the rest.
Sukanya: How was it?
Manik: In babes language it was khidkitod.
Atharv: I just hope mumma and papa liked it.
Aditi: Definitely they would have loved it. They were almost crying.
Manik: It had to be super awesome after all who made that presentation.
He says raising his collars.
Suk: As if we didn’t put any effort. Hmm…
Atharv: When will this get over I want to meet mumma and papa.
Krish: Stop acting like a kid.
Aditi: Look whose speaking he was crying during your performance.
Manik: Enough Adi you have teased him for a long now.
Aditi murmurs: Boys will be boys.
Suk: Where are mumma and papa? Urghhh….
Adi: Obviously looking at the performance….
Shivaay at the same time: Right here.
Both Atharv and Suk look at Anika and Shivaay who were standing there they hug their parents respectively. While ShivIka kiss their foreheads.
Atharv: How was it?
Anika: The best. Thank you so much.
Atharv smiles and hugs her again.
Manik: Okay okay control guys we need to go for group performance now. Come on Suk.
Suk: Yup coming.

She moves back to the stage while looking at Shivaay, from his smile she knew how happy he was, satisfaction, contentment, happiness, love and what not was in that smile. It was Devine for her. Looking at him she moves towards the stage for her final performance.

In the competition they were declared winners in group performance, Suk and Manik backed second price in duet while Aditi and Ishaan backed third price and for solo Aditi backed first price, followed by Manik and then Suk. Manik had dedicated their award to their coach because of whom they could win this, more then anyone he had poured the maximum effort in their dance, coach was happy as well as emotional after hearing Manik and he thanked all the members for the great efforts they had put in their dance.

The entire family congratulates the group.
Anika: Ishaan, Nitin and Rahul you guys also join us today, it’s going to be your last day here tomorrow. So come with us only.

They agree to accompany them. All the while Shivaay is with Sukanya talking to her, no actually not talking to her but irritating her as he is making her speak the word “PAPA” again and again. With this continuous dictation Suk gets irritated but for Shivaay there was no stopping but in hearts of hearts Suk simply loved saying that.
Suk: Dadi ma….
Saying that she runs to dadi.
Dadi: What happened Suk?
Suk complainingly: Dadi ma make your grandson understand.
Dadi: Understand what???
Suk: That he needs to stop irritating me, the moment I have come he is asking me to speak papa papa papa papa again again and again and again. Ask your billu to stop it.
Shivaay: Hye don’t you dear call me that again.
Dadi: Ary both of you stop it. And billu she must be tired so stop irritating her.
Shivaay with puppy face: But Dadi.
Dadi: I said it once, stop irritating my great granddaughter.
Shivaay: Not fair dadi you have changed the team.
Suk back hugging dadi: After all I am more special then you.
Dadi pats her cheeks: That’s true.
All smile while Suk winks at Shivaay who ruffles her hair and Suk backs off in annoyance.
Suk squeaks: Not my hair.
All chuckle.

Shivaay: Okay let’s go and have dinner outside today.
Anya: Italian.
Anika: Pav bhaji.
Amanat: Continental.
Gauri: Indian.
Rudra: Thai.
Meher: Chinese.
Nitya: Vada Pav.
Abeer & Shivaay shout: What????
Nitya like a kid: Just for a change.
Om: Nothing doing. Today the champions will tell what they want to have.
The entire dance troop hoots.
Suk: Let’s go to dhaba and eat thali.
Shivaay: From where do you get such weird ideas.
Manik: I think we should eat sea food.
Aditi & Suk: NNNOOO.
Rudra: Now what happened to you two.
Both together: Go Vegetarian.
Rudra: I don’t believe it you both don’t eat non veg how can you live.

A girl from behind: According to a study conducted by WHO UNESCO nearly 65% of the world population is vegetarian and those people do live and are quite very alive.

All look back to find a girl of nearly 10 giving the data by placing her hands on her hips and passing a sharp glare to Rudra for his words and then she folds her hands across her chest.

Rudra in a low voice: Why does she reminds me of someone?

ShivKara: Me too.
Anika: Me three.
Abeer: But who?

Rudra shouts: SAUMYA.

Girl: Excuse me, Mr. Body builder my name isn’t Saumya, it’s Samira.

Rudra cups his mouth and looks on shocked at her and so do the rest.

Manik: Why are they behaving so weird.
Anya: I wonder when do they behave normal.
Advik: I agree.
Rest of the kids: We too.

Shivaay: Beta where are your parents.
Samira: Uncle, I am waiting for someone over here that’s all.
Krish: Alone???
Samira: Why the hell do you boys think that we girls can’t be alone. We are independent…
Rudra completes: And capable of staying alone. According, to a survey conducted by Intelligence bureau 88% of boys think that girls can’t go and come alone.
Samira looks at him and corrects: 88.888%. Anyways you are a bit smart.
Om: Whom are you waiting for beta?
He says unwilling to hear any further praise of Rudra.
Samira sweetly says: Mumma.

A girl from back: Bade Bhaiya, lambe Baal wale bhaiya….

Both ShivKara turn and the rest too only to see Saumya there.
She comes and hugs ShivKara one by one.
Shivaay: Saumya. So nice to see you.
Saumya with a bright smile: Me too bade bhaiya, missed you guys alot.
Om: Then why didn’t you ever come to meet us.
Saumya: Sorry lambe Baal waale bhaiya I shifted from Australia a month back, I thought to visit you guys but then I was a little busy.
Samira: Do you know them mom?
Rudra: I was right she is her daughter only. Same to same. Fat…
Saumya: Excuse me Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi I am no more fat.
All chuckle.
Rudra bites his tongue: Ya what did you do, I mean from parantha you have become french fries.
Saumya: But you didn’t change even a bit. It’s said na once a dumb always a dumb.
ShivKara burst out laughing while rest chuckle and Rudra makes a cry baby face.
Saumya pulls his checks: Aww… Cry baby Oberoi.
Rudra: Please Saumya don’t call me that, at least not here.
Saumya: Why, do you think by any chance you have lots of respect here.
Rudra: Urgh…. Kids are here.
Kids: We have no problem you guys continue.
Rudra glares them back.
Anya: Papa, she is my pol science teacher.
Saumya: She is your daughter.
Rudra nods.
Saumya: You know what I had a little idea about it the day I met her. I mean same illogical things although they look cute on her, same that logic sign and all time health lecture. No one can do that better then your daughter. But she is far more cute then you.
Rudra: That’s not fair you can’t say like that.
Dadi: Ary bas karo itne saalon baad mile Ho aur aaj bhi lad rahe ho.
(Stop it you guys have met after such a long time and still fighting.)
Saumya squeals in joy: Dadi.
She goes and hugs her and meets everyone then she is introduced to the kids one by one. She introduces her daughter to all of them.
Rudra: Only one daughter I thought by now you would have settled down with a foot ball team.
Saumya punches him for which he squeals.
Saumya: One son and one daughter.
Shivaay: But where is your husband.
Saumya: Actually he is waiting for me in the car.
She points back.
Saumya: Samira go and call papa and Sahay too.
Samira nods and runs towards the car and calls the duo.

A man with a good build up comes out with a boy in his early teens both come with coolers on, with their hands in their pocket and attitude painted all over.

Saumya: Bade bhaiya he is my husband Saket Sinha and my son Sahay.
Saket takes blessings from elders and greets the youngers and so does Sahay.
Saumya: So what are you guys doing tomorrow let’s catch up at our place.
Anya: Not possible tomorrow is surprise….
Advik shuts her mouth while everyone else widens their eyes and glare her.
Saumya understands that their some secrete surprise for someone special and comments: Like father like daughter.
Om: So very correct both can’t digest anything.
Anya makes a puppy face.
Suk being confused: What are you peeps hiding?
Atharv: Ya… I mean.
Manik plays along: Tell me too, why to hide from me.
Amanat and Aditi: Even me.
Elders smile as they cover it us well.
Abeer: Anyways aren’t mice doing hip hop in your stomach Suk.(Suk nods innocently) I think we shall dine together for now. And tomorrow you guys should come at our place.
They agree.
Saket: Btw I saw you peeps dance you were amazing.
The troop: Thank you.
Saket: Especially that duo on Tere naal ishqa mera. (pointing at Suk and Atharv) you guys did it right.
The duo nod.
Saket: I must say it was brilliant.
Atharv & Suk: Thank you so much.
Saumya making a puppy face: Umm…. But unfortunate of me I missed bade bhaiya and bhabhi’s wedding.
Suk: Ary no not at all they both are getting married soon.
Saumya being shocked: What really?
Shivaay: Yup!
Saumya: But why?
Shivaay: Long story.

In all this Varinda was noticing Sahil whose eyes were fixed at Saumya, she slightly jerks Sahil to bring him in the present world.
Sahil looking at her: What?
Varinda: Vo tumhari behn jaisi hai aise aankhain faad faad ke kya dekh rahe ho.
(She is like your sister, why are you glaring her this way?)
Sahil: Shut up don’t call her my sister.
Varinda being shocked: Why? Why not?
Sahil smiling at Saumya: Because she was my first crush after that roll no. 23, 12, 15 & 34.
Varinda’s widen her mouth and hits him: You idiot being with your girlfriend…. Correction… Your to be fiancé you are thinking about all your crushes. How can you? Cheater…
Sahil rubbing his hand: Ary what wrong did I do?
Varinda: Take your eyes off her otherwise I will take your eyes off your socket.
Sahil looking at Varinda being totally scared: Relax sherni (lioness).

Rudra: Chuhe are you having any plans to come or you are going to do roadside romance only.
Sahil looking at him: Coming Pehlwaan.

11:50 p.m.
Advik: You people don’t know how much efforts it took me to make Suk di agree to be in Atharv bhaiya’s room.
Amanat: And earlier we skipped just by chance otherwise they would have know about the entire surprise and our entire efforts would have gone to gutter.
Aditi: Seriously.
Anya: But guys when will we wish them  I want to eat cake.
She says rubbing her stomach.
Krish: Stop it Miss. Fodiee.

Om: Okay guys cake is here let’s go.

He says as all elders come with a cake in trolley they open the room expecting Atharv and Suk to be sleeping due to the entire days tiredness but what they witness was totally opposite. Both were sitting with a laptop in front of them watching a movie giggling and laughing whole heartedly.
All the elders instead of wishing stand their shocked while the kids shout.


Both Atharv and Sukanya jump at their place being shocked and unaware of their presence. The duo look towards the door and then at the clock behind Atharv.
Atharv and Suk hug each other and together yell: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL/ BHAI.
They release the hug. While all the kids hug them one by one and wish them.
Anika: Weren’t you two supposed to be slepping.
Atharv: It’s her birthday how can I sleep.
Suk at same time: It’s his birthday how can I sleep.
Both glare each other.
Shivaay: Anyways, happy birthday to both of you.
Suk: Aise kaise, rukha sukha.
(Why so simple wish.)
She goes and pulls him in a tight hug shaking him totally.
Suk after leaving him: Now you can wish.
Shivaay nods in disbelief: Happy Birthday.
He kisses her forehead. One after the other all wish them and then they cut the cake.
Atharv: Gifts.
Manik: You have become like Suk while staying with her, maintain distance.
Suk hits him while he folds his hands in anticipation to protect himself.
Suk: You idiot, you fool, you are saying as if you have been gifting me every year. You are a born beggar can’t even spear money on a chocolate far away is the thought that you will give me a gift.
Manik: Side ho moti.
(Get away fatso.)
Suk: Moti…. Do I look fat too you.
She beats him more and searches for a weapon when she finds a scale kept on table she beats Manik with that who is pleading to be left but everyone is having fun at his expenses. Finally Anika stops Suk.
Anika: Stop it Suk it’s your birthday, you haven’t got licence to hit him.
Manik: Vo toh isse paida hote hi mil Gaya tha.
(She got that at time of her birth only.)
Abeer just in order to check their reactions speaks: Btw you both can fight as much as you two want because after that we will stay in Dehradun and Suk will be in Mumbai you won’t get another chance to fight.
Both Suk and Manik look gloomily at each other but cover it up with their attitude.
Suk: That’s great I will be released from him, irritating head.
Manik: Guess what in my case it’s even better. I will get rid of this jungle billi (cat).
Atharv: Perfect both will be at gain.
Suk: But I will miss buddy and beautiful.
Manik: And you would be taking away my babes from me.
Abeer nodding in disbelief: Chill guys we aren’t going right now.
Suk: Ya that’s too true.
Rudra: Btw just as a reminder, HAPPY DIWALI TOO.
Anika: Oh beta ki aaj Diwali bhi hai.
Anya: Waah kitna kamaal ke din paida hue ho aap dono.
Suk: Vo toh hai.

All pray to Goddess Lakshmi on the auspicious occasion of Diwali and pandit (priest) does puja for the day and for Atharv and Sukanya’s birthday too. All bless them and wish them long and healthy life.

The entire Oberoi Mansion was draped in lights marking the occasion of lights, Diwali. The floor proceeding the front door is covers with a beautifully coloured rangoli occupying a huge part of the entrance. The main wall of the hall occupies a new photograph that includes all the members of the Oberoi family with the Malhotra’s. Dadi gets on with ordering the workers for sweets and decorations with her helping hands that includes all her daughter in laws.

At the other side Suk passes when she is stopped by Pinky.
Pinky: Sukanya listen to me.
Sukanya doesn’t looks at her but stops to hear her, Pinky holds Suk’s chin but she retreats.
Pinky: I just wanted to wish you Sukanya. Happy Birthday and Happy Diwali.
Suk ignoring her gesture: Thank you.
Saying that she starts walking but is stopped by Pinky again.
Pinky: Sukanya listen to me.
Suk sighs stopping at her place.
Pinky: Suk I am sorry…
Suk cuts her: First of all it’s Sukanya for you. Only my loved ones are allowed to call me Suk, secondly, sorry for what. May I know that.
Pinky: Sukanya it wasn’t my mistake I did know…
Suk again cuts her by showing her hand: Agreed you didn’t know about Aryan uncle and papa, I even agree that you didn’t know anything about me. Trust me I felt really bad for you when knew all this, I thought you were innocent I was even ready to start our relation afresh forgetting everything every single thing but to my shock comes out your real colour you again proved me that you deserved all of that. You knew mom use to come here. You knew it all I agree that the harm that happened to Aryan uncle and me was unknown to you but what harm you did to your and Shakti dadu’s relation, the harm you did to your son and his wife’s relation, the harm you did to a mother and son’s relation, the harm you did to my family was all in your capacity and knowingly you did all that. You destroyed the life of this family and their is no payback for those 15 years that we have lost because of you. I accuse you for it. You had an option years back if you would have chosen wisely none would have to see this day but in your ego all you saw was mist Mrs. Oberoi.

Saying that she crosses Pinky but stops for the last time: And the way you tried brain washing my brother if everyone gets to know that none will spare you mark my words none. So better stay away from my family that includes every member accept you. You have just seen my worse side don’t force me to show you my worst. And being an Oberoi I don’t think so I need to explain you how big a demon I can be. So have Happy Diwali and better stay away from my family. I know all the means to ruin.
Saying that she does THE SSO hair move and walks off.
While Pinky stands their all ashamed of herself repenting for loosing her relations in her brisk of moves.

Priyanka, Ranveer, Prateek, Naira, Saumya, Saket, Sahay and Samira enter at a time and the scene turns upside down.

Prinku: Saumya!!!!!
Saumya: Prinku!!!!
Both hug each other.
Anika: Finally you two have come.
Gauri and Bhavya to greet the duo and they are lead in leaving their curious filled husbands and kids behind.

Anika: So now tell me your live story Saumya, you know I am dying to hear that.
Gauri: Right Bhaujai me too. I mean since last night butterflies are flying in my stomach imagining your love story how much more suspense will you create.
Prinku teasingly: Bhabhi butterflies are because of her story or due to some naughty… naughty…
Gauri’s cheeks turn red and Om coughs hard hearing Prinku.
Om: Shivaay, this Prinku has changed how innocent she use to be once.
Rudra comments: Not Prinku, you have changed O, you have become shameless.
Om hits his head.
Gauri: Haar harai ke aapne muh band kar lijiye Omkara ji nahi toh ek jhaap me dewaar par sata dungi.
(Silence yourself otherwise I won’t spear you.)
Om jumps back seeing her anger.
Shivaay: Anika please get Sharma’s file from room.
Anika: Aap do minute uss tuchi file ko khud ja kaar nahi laa sakti dekh rahe ho naa aap ki hum kitna important kaam kar rahe hain.
(Can’t you go and bring it yourself. You are seeing that we are busy.)
Shivaay looks at her shocked owing to her reply as the women were busy in nothing but gossips.
Rudra signals his two horror stuck brothers to look at the way he deals with his wife and both nod: Bhavya get me my protein shake. please…
He adds seeing Bhavya glare to which ShivKara nod their head in disbelief making a mental note that their dear lovely baby brother is gone from hands of his wife.
Bhavya: I wish to put you behind bars right now is your protein shake important or our important work go get it for yourself.
Rudra nods being scared and murmurs: Jailer.
Meher who was coming with Abeer hears Bhavya and throws the plate in her hands to Abeer in excitement: Wait…. Wait…. Don’t start the story without me.
Abeer holds the plate which was about to fall being shocked seeing the level of his wife’s excitement.
All the men nod in disbelief as the girls start chatting without even giving heed towards them. The wife scolded husbands look at the non scolded husbands and signal them to talk to their wives but they back off taking lesson from the scolded husbands.

They all walk away to another bunch of sofas.
Nitya laughs seeing them: Ohhhh…. Shall I consider this to be Husband’s union.
Abeer: Laugh as much as you want I am waiting for the day you kick your husband this way.
Nitya: Never ever.
Aryan: Why aren’t you going to marry?
Nitya looks at him and smiles: No I am not gossip type.
Aryan: Ya I remember.
Shivaay: Ya that’s women’s business after all.
Nitya: What do you mean?
Abeer: It’s simple that it’s not your cup of tea.
Nitya: Okay if that’s not my taste means I am not girly.
Abeer: You are a tom boy that’s true.
Nitya: Absolutely, but that doesn’t means I can’t gossip.
Rudra: Guys don’t say that way she argues really well, it’s a 100% girls trait.
All men laugh.
Nitya: Oh really.
She looks around and spots the girls helping dadi she calls all of them making the men confuse.
Nitya: Suk do you like gossiping.
Suk: No… At least not aunty ji types.
Nitya: Do you like love stories.
Suk: Not at all.
Nitya: What about Bikes?
Suk: Love them but never got a chance to drive them. But why this interview all of a sudden.
Nitya: Wait a sec. Anya do you argue.
Anya: No never.
Rudra: Obviously, she is my daughter after all.
Nitya passes an unpleased smile.
Nitya: Adi, what’s your take over boy.
Aditi looks shocked with her question and looks at Aryan who is seriously looking at her.
Aditi: Never thought that way. Why?
Nitya: No like that only. What do you think about marriage?
Aditi without wasting a single second: Never.
Nitya: Amy how do you feel when judges you?
Amy: Pathetic, I hate it.
Nitya: How would you feel Samira when you are being said something wrong and people around sit and mock.
Samira: According to…
Nitya: Cut that tell what will you do?
Samira: Kick the hell out of them.
Nitya turns to men: Don’t you dear judge a girl next time.
Lesson learnt and points marked.
Abeer feeling guilty: We were just kidding.
Nitya: I am not saying that it’s wrong, I understand it but you guys too need to.
Shivaay back hugging her: Sorry.
Abeer to hugs her: Sorry baba.
Nitya doesn’t heeds: Every individual have their own priority, their own choice, their own wishes, they are bound to make their own decision, no matter who they are your wife, your friend, your sister or your daughter all have their own choices and chances stop judging and commenting. When others say it never hurts but when your loved ones mock it’s the pathetic feeling.
All the men look at their respective significant other.
Men together: Sorry.
Nitya: What you would be doing your kids are going to follow that only.
The men nod, while their daughters smile looking at them.
The men walk to their partners and sit besides them taking a part in the ongoing discussion. All the faces of their wife’s lit up and they smile broadly.
Aditi: Thank you.

She says to Nitya as Aryan smiles at her. He too has a lot to mend indirectly only but Nitya told him what is affecting his kids the most, that’s his broken relation and he has to mend that thought in their hearts before it hurts them more.
Nitya smiles back.
Sukanya: I understand but don’t consider yourself to be different you are family.
Saying that she holds her hand and takes her to the place where the rest were chit chatting. Both Shivaay and Abeer smile at her and forward their hands spelling sorry. She spells  ‘I hate you’ both smile and take her in side hug.
Shivaay: You have made the step but I am sure one day Aryan will be yours.
Nitya: I hope so.

All get dressed up for a small get together party that involved only the family members and few members of extended family.

Suk gets dressed up in a beautiful and elegant white gown given by her mother as her birthday present looking like an angel, her tresses falling on her shoulder freely with curls at the end. While Atharv wears black pants with white shirt the first gift of his mother to him his excitement to get into that was beyond the world he looked dashing in the outfit.
While others wait for the duo in the main hall being well dressed for the occasion as both were getting ready for the surprise events to come.

Both come from two corners of the floor Suk compliments Atharv to which he shrugs coolly and Suk makes faces in return to which Atharv chuckles.
Atharv: You look like an angel, doll.
Suk: Thanks bhai.
Atharv: Happy Birthday. It’s our first ever birthday together.
Suk: Yup! Happy Birthday to you too.
Suk hugs him as both of their eyes turn moist.
Atharv: I promise I will try my best to make up for all the years.
Suk: We will do that together.
Atharv: One and the same thing.
Suk chuckles: Let’s go.
Atharv holds her hand tightly and descends down the stairs with her.

Anika’s eyes become teary all she could see were the two little kids holding each other’s hand when they were born, she remembers a nurse telling her that when her son was being taken for check up it was almost impossible to separate the twins as none was leaving the others hand. Shivaay eyes too tear up he had celebrated Atharv’s birthday many a number of times but never have he ever imagined that this day would come in his life when he will celebrate his both the kids birthday together and only he knows that he has left no stone unturned to make this day the most special one for not only his both the children but for his entire family.

Dadi shoos the bad sight away from the duo as they come to her to take blessings. Both walk upto Tej and Janvi next, they take their blessings by touching their feet.
Janvi hugs the duo: Happy Birthday both of you may God bless you two.
Atharv: Thank you badi dadi.
Janvi kisses his forehead and then Suk’s.
Suk: Thank you badi dadi.
Janvi: Suk, when Anika came to this house she took all our problems away, she became Shivaay’s support and she protected this family. When you first time stepped here you made us laugh and smile without any reason. Your are light of our house the eldest daughter, may you get all the happiness that you deserve. Thank you for getting our family back.
Suk smiles at her.
Atharv: Not fair Dadi even I am here ask God to shower his few blessings to me too, I am a poor soul.
Om: When did Rudra’s ghost enter in you?
All laugh while Rudra makes his all time cute puppy face.
Janvi gifts the duo and both scratch open the wrappers and throw that away.
Anika: Why are you throwing that wrapper?
Shivaay: Let it be it’s there day.
The twin duo smile and continue with their work.
Atharv: WOW book.
Suk: Book.
Janvi: Why don’t you like books Suk?
Suk: I do but this is Tempest a love story.

Janvi: Ya.
Atharv: She hates love stories.
Suk: Anyways I won’t mind adding it to my collection, let’s see how is a romantic novel.
Janvi smiles.
Suk peeps into Atharv’s book: Poetry by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Isn’t he Amitabh Bachchan’s father.

Atharv nods: I wanted to grab this for so long.
Suk: But it would be in Hindi.
Atharv shouts in defence: And I know how to read Hindi.
Suk backs off in away that she didn’t mean to offend.
Janvi: I am sorry Suk I didn’t know your taste.
Suk: Ary chill it’s always fun to try something new.
Janvi smiles back seeing Suk all happy.
Next was Tej’s turn to gift them, Suk stands awkwardly in front of him while Atharv stands with a smile he knew him well.
Tej: So what do you both want?
Dadi: Ary Tej you have to gift them not crack a deal.
All laugh, while Tej looks here and there.
Atharv: Nothing bade dadu only your blessings.
Tej nods.
Suk: But I need something.
Tej: Say what?
Suk in her attitude avatar: Your business skills, you got to teach me business.
Tej: Tej Singh Oberoi never accepts anyone’s commands.
Suk: And Sukanya never requests. Let’s keep it to business you had to gift me something and this is what I ask for. So deal.
She says forwarding her hand.

Tej looks into her eyes as a business man he knew what the youngsters can do but if the business had to be done in best way then experience and new blossoming thoughts both play their role, he was master of his field and Suk is the new talent and she has all that to offer which a rising business person can and no true teacher would fail to see her talent and aspirations she is the changing era of Oberoi’s and with that Tej shakes hand with her finalising the deal. Suk smiles professionally.

Tej: The first rule of business make the wisest choice you pulled it well dear.
Suk: I know that Sukanya never takes anything for free, I am not used to inheritance thing, you can test my abilities and if you find me enough capable then you can go on.
Tej: I know that. See you in the field.
Suk nods.
All look at her few astonished and more with pride. The girl definitely had a spark in her.
The duo walks to Shakti and Pinky and take their blessings. Pinky walks to Atharv but holding Suk’s hand he backs off showing his disapproval.
Shakti comes forwards and creases Atharv’s hair understanding his situation Atharv smiles sadly at him: Happy Birthday to both of you.
Both thank him.
He gifts the duo with tablets and both smile, while their mother shrieks in anticipation to which they smile even wider.
Next the duo hug the RiKara couple and take blessings.
Atharv: So Chote papa what’s special this time.
Om smiles and walks away behind him lied three stands being covered with white cloth. Suk and Atharv first open the one in front of them on Atharv’s side was a painting of Atharv to which he smiled and Sukanya’s side had her painting, the painting of the day of her first level of competition when she was wearing the traditional Kathak dress every single paint in the canvas spoke about her beauty, it was the most beautiful painting she had ever seen, while for Atharv he had had a huge collection of his painting from Omkara that flooded his room back in New York.

Suk looks in emotionally at Omkara with a smile brightening her face, Om pulls her in a hug.
Suk: Thank you Zulfi papa, this is beautiful. You are best and I love you.
Om smiles listening to her: I have herd someone say that the people who are good find good in everyone else too.
Suk smiles at him.
Atharv pulls the cover off from the last portrait that had a painting of the duo together both hug Omkara in excitement for his best gift ever to them.
Om: Guys leave me.
Both: No.
Om laughs at the duo: Ary come on now don’t get emotional.
Atharv: Your fault you made us emotional these are the best paintings thank you soooooo much Chote papa.
Om creases his hair in anticipation.
Gauri: Ary stop it it’s my turn now.
All smile as the twin duo walk upto Gauri. Gauri opens a box and feeds Atharv gajjar ka halwa that she has been feeding him all these years.
Atharv: You never forget it. (Gauri nods) and it’s always the best.
Saying that he hugs her while Gauri kisses him.
Sukanya: Even I like it.
She says with a puppy face and Gauri pushes the second spoon in her mouth.
Suk: Yummmm….. You defeat everyone in making this it’s the best.
Gauri: Thank you.
She then gifts the duo dresses to which both smile and thank her.
Next the walk upto RuVya duo.
Suk: Come on Chachu no kanjusi today.
Atharv: And no protein shake too, please.
All chuckle while Rudra makes a sad face.
Rudra gives bracelet to Sukanya and Atharv on which their name is inscribed, Bhavya gifts the duo all the latest video games to which both get really happy. Thanking them the walk upto MehBeer.
Suk: What’s up buddy?
Abeer: Whatever you say bunny.
Suk acts like acting while Abeer gives her a box wrapped properly. She scratches away the paper in rush and opens to find a new camera the way she had asked she hugs Abeer for the gift and fulfilling her wish Abeer smiles and kisses her forehead.
Atharv: Where is my gift?
Both Meher and Abeer walk aside to make way for him to look at a huge box.

All get shocked seeing a huge gift box, out of excitement and curiosity Atharv walks to the box and opens it and somebody shouts”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from inside he bends down in response to protect his ear. As soon as he gets up he gets shocked seeing Samantha come out of the box, while Shivaay and Anika nod in disbelief but rest have a roller coaster ride of their laughter. Atharv looks back being irked by the prank as he knew that next would come the session of teasing. Samantha gets out of the box and pushing Atharv back hugs Sukanya and wishes her while Atharv wide opens his mouth.

Manik: Close your mouth, by opening it Sammy isn’t going to wish you maybe mosquitoes do.
Atharv hits him for his silly joke at this time.
Samantha: How is the surprise?
Suk controlling her laughter seeing Atharv and her parents reaction says: Superb. The best.
Manik teasingly: Btw it’s your pati’s birthday too.
Suk and Manik share hi-fi while Atharv and Samantha’s reaction is priceless.
Anya teasingly: What did you get for bhaiya, Bhabhi?
She says stressing the word making everyone roll in laughter.
Atharv: Bhabhi? Bhabhi ki nanand tun ruk.
Saying that he chases Anya all around while Samantha looks on confused.
Samantha: Bhabhi? Nanand? What’s that.
Amanat: Simple, you are our Bhabhi and we are your Nanand.
Samantha pointing at all kids confisedly: Nanand all???
Advik: No.. No only girls boys are???? What are boys????
Krish: Dewar.
Advik: Ya right devar.
Krish: Btw do you have any siblings.
Samantha still being confused: No. But why?
Krish: Good now we won’t have to find Atharv bhaiya’s shoes in his wedding.
Atharv from behind angrily: Oh really…
Krish grits his teeth passing a smile and starts to run making Atharv chase him.
Amanat from behind: Idiot the wedding would be in church.
Aditi adds: And in church their is no such ceremony.
Krish: Pehle nahi Bata sakte the iss marathon se bacch jata mai.
(Couldn’t you tell me that before I would have escaped from this marathon.)
Finally being tired of chasing Atharv comes in front of elders being unable to run more. The other two sigh and hide behind the elders.
Samantha: Nana….
Atharv: Shut up! They are making you sister in law and you are becoming.
Samantha: What the hell? Get one thing clearly Mr. Oberoi I will die but never ever even think of being with you.
Atharv with wide eyes: What? What did I do? Stop blaming me.
Samantha: Oh really it’s always because of you I am pranked.
Atharv: Look I have no capacity to fight with you so please let’s quit fighting.
Samantha: You mean I am interested in fighting.
Atharv: When did I say that?
Samantha: Oh so am I lying.
Atharv: No I never said that.
Samantha: Urghhhh….
Idiot Atharv,
Totally mad you are,
You need a doctor,
Get yourself help Atharv…
She says in singing way.

Rudra remembering past sings: Billu ki shadi hogi…. Remember how you made that song Bhabhi.
Anika nod and both share a hi-fi.

Rudra comments: They fight just like our bhaiya and Bhabhi. Such a perfect combo.
Shivaay smacks him on head while the rest chuckle.

Suk: Okay guys stop it both of you, you guys can continue later.
Atharv sighs: Thank you.
Shivaay placing his hand around Atharv’s neck whispers: In starting your mumma and I also use to be like this only.
Atharv backs off in shock as Shivaay chcuckles.
Atharv: Papa please you also don’t start.
Suk: Sahil mamu and VM. Come on now you two.
Sahil: Confused girl…. You always confuse me.
Suk: After all I deserve something good.
Varinda: Let him be here you two go.
Saying that she gives her gift to the duo.
Suk opens to find a huge box filled with accessories from antique to modern all making her gasp. They were one of the best collection she had ever got. She thanked Varinda for the ultimate best collection that she had got for her. Atharv gets a designer back pack with impressive work over it he finds it to he cool and thanks the lady.
Suk: Competition has become hard for you mamu.
Sahil: So what nobody can give a better gift then me.
Varinda tauntingly: Maybe your roll no. 22 33 & all those could give.
Sahil: Actually it was…
Before he corrects Varinda passes a piercing glare to him.
Atharv : What with the roll no. mamu.
Sahil: Wrong question at wrong.
Suk: I am waiting mamu.
Sahil: Stop being impatient girl.

He gifts Suk a chocolate tower to which she genuinely drools. How right he was about his gift being the best only she knew that. It was like her life is being gifted back to her. Only a chocoholic could understand her true feelings at that point of time.
Suk hugging Sahil and fake crying: You made me emotional such an amazing gift. I love you mamu. Only you understand my true feelings.
Sahil pats her back fake consoling her.
Sahil: After all I am your mamu.
Suk: Ya true. These chocolates I mean they are… Ummmm…. Heaven. My mouth is becoming watery.
She pulls out a chocolate from the tower and starts relishing it as if there is no tomorrow. While all nod in disbelief. She is a pure chocolate person.
Atharv: Mamu what for me.
Sahil gifts him a beautiful office pen with the word ASSO inscribed on it. He puts it in Atharv’s pocket.
Sahil: Missed you champ.
Atharv nods smilingly: Me too mamu.
Suk: These chocolates are amazing.
All look at her as she spoilt the emotional moment.

Suk: So who is next.
Kids shout: WWWEEEE.
They hand over cards and hand made bouquets and sculptures to the duo both hug their siblings and thank them for all their efforts.
Both walk to Aryan and Nitya as they stood together. Aryan gifts Suk the duo with a concerts ticket to which Suk happily hops over him and Atharv thanks him. Nitya gifts the duo with two chains having a family picture in it, both thank her for the special gift.
Next Prinku and Ranveer gift Sukanya with accessories and Atharv with a watch. While Saumya and Saket too gift the duo.

Suk: Manik, my gift.
Manik: Do I look like a fool to you that I will gift you.
Atharv: At least gift me.
Manik hugs Atharv: Bhai my blessings are with you.
Atharv: Keep them in your pocket only.
Suk: Useless burger, either you are giving me a gift right now or…..
Manik: Or what? Hmm…
Anika: Stop teasing them Manik give what you have for the duo.
Manik: What babes it’s fun teasing them.
Suk: Come on hurry up.
Manik: Okay close your eyes.
Suk: Oh hello SRK stop it give what you want to fast.
Manik: Please…
Suk closes her eyes and forwards her hand.
Manik: Now open.


Suk shouts and throws what is in her hand. Suk beats Manik while everybody laughs.
Suk: You idiot you duffer. What’s this.
Manik picks it up: Snake….
Saying that he forwards it in front of her while she jumps back.
Atharv: Hye Dumbo you don’t even know the difference between a plastic and real snake.
Sukanya glares Manik for his dumb pranks. She looks here and there and taking a glass of water empties it on Manik.
Manik: What the hell?
Suk: Who asked you to mess with me Mr.?
Manik: Urghhhh….. You are mad.
Atharv: Any doubts.
She glares Atharv.
Manik: Now I am not giving you anything. Hell with you.
Suk: Fine who cares. Go to hell.
Atharv: In between you two I am at loss. Duffers.
Suk: Papa you are left now.
Shivaay points her to look back at Manik, She looks back and finds him holding a teddy bear.

She walks to him with shock: You know I have no craze for them.
Manik: Yes I do but I have even seen those eyes of yours which use to roam around the toy shop looking at the teddy bears in your childhood.

Shivaay continues: He worked for me correcting my computers for one full day and earned money to give this to you.
Suk’s eyes welled up with tears and she looks at Manik who is just smiling looking at her: That’s why you were making me laugh so that you can make me cry.
Manik shrugs it. Suk takes that teddy bear.
Suk: It’s different to gift happiness to someone it’s even better to gift them their dream. Thank you.
Manik: Happy Birthday.
Atharv: I wish somebody gifts me a teddy too….
Samantha gives him a gift: Happy Birthday Atharv.
Atharv looks at her and then takes the gift to find a beautiful cubes joint at a place with all their memories from Columbia it had four of them on the cube tower.
Atharv smiles seeing it: Thank you.
Samantha smiles back.
Atharv: Okay now papa your turn mumma is already done.
Both walk to him.
Shivaay to Suk: Ready.
Suk nods and soon her eyes get covered and she is escorted to a place.
Suk: What’s it papa? Tell na please.
Shivaay: Wait a sec more Suk.

Suk hears a shriek sound of opening of door followed by loud gasps she wonders what is in front. Shivaay opens her blind fold and asks her to open her eyes. Suk looks at the room in front of her. It was the same room Shivaay had made for her 15 years ago and how desperately he was waiting for this day when he would see Suk enter the room only he knew that.

Suk: Is this the room mumma you use to talk about.

Anika nods smiling at her. Suk walks in the room she creases every knock and corner of the place. Not the beauty but the essence of the room touched her heart every wall and every single thing of the room somewhere depicted Shivaay’s wait to her. It was a simple room yet the most aesthetic site she had ever seen.
Suk looks at Shivaay and says: Thank you.

He smiles back at her, her emotions choked voice was an evidence of what she felt presently. Never, never in her life she had felt so happy no one ever treated her this way, she wasn’t this special to anyone but today every single person in this place wanted to see her happy all they want is the smile on her face that should never wear off. Unable to handle so many emotions she sits on the bed being a crying mess.
Shivaay: Hye! Why are you crying.
He says placing his hand on her shoulder hugging her a bit.

Suk wiping her tears off chuckling a bit says: I am not crying it’s just I am too happy to handle all this. Never ever have I felt so special. All these gifts, card, room, all the efforts all the love it’s just to overwhelming. I am not habitual of handling so much of happiness at a time. That’s all. I am not crying.

Shivaay hugs her somewhere he feels really bad all the happiness she deserved, she was deprived of all that. She deserves everything and too it’s best. This girl without doubting, without playing blame games she handled everything with utmost maturity something not so common for her age. Dadi signals everyone to leave but Anika nods in no so dadi drags her away.

Shivaay creasing Suk’s back: You want to say something.
Suk nods: Ya, but promise me you won’t blame yourself, please.
Shivaay: I promise you. Pinky promise.
Suk nods sniffing she speaks: I was used to everything, there weren’t much of the times when I was made to feel this much special, not anyone’s fault only the situations were that way but buddy has always done his best, he never made anyone feel like a liability on him, he has loved and cared for me like a father. But there were always some voids in my life. It’s hard to explain (she presses Shivaay’s hand and keeps fidgeting with his fingers all the while looking downwards.) I have told him everything about me still I could never express my pain to him I didn’t want to stress him but mumma and buddy always use to understand. I….

She trails at emotions while Shivaay pats her and hugs her.

Shivaay: Shhhh…. It’s okay.
Suk: It hurts papa, it hurts alot. I agree I say it’s okay but it’s not. It feels worse to be away from your family. I never like doing all this nonsense but it hurts to hear people say things like that. It hurts alot.

Saying that she cries in Shivaay’s arm while all he does is to pacify her. He wasn’t guilty for anything right, not for anything not because of the promise but something else overshadowed that feel and it was Sukanya’s trust over him. That helped him feel better.
After a while Shivaay speaks to her: Are you feeling better.
He passes a handkerchief to her and makes her drink water.
Shivaay: Now forget the past and let’s start afresh.
Suk nods smilingly.
Shivaay gets up.
Suk hugs him: Thank you for this gift mom told me how you bought her here for the first time. This is beautiful.
Shivaay: Oh what about those gifts that are lying in the cupboard.
Suk looks at him while he nods. Both move towards the cupboard and open it.

Shivaay: Happy Birthday I had to clear the dues for previous 15 years isn’t it.

Suk looks at him in ‘oh really’ way and then nods making him chuckle.

She opens all the gifts one by one with Shivaay’s help. Accessories to video games, dresses to football, guitar to dance videos everything was a part of those gifts. Suk jumped in excitement seeing those gifts, she was on the ninth sky receiving all those gifts. Finally after an hour or so they walk to the rest all smiling heartily making Anika sigh in relief.

Atharv: Oh hello where is my gift.
Shivaay dramatically: Ohhhh…. It’s your birthday to I just forgot it. Sorry man.
Atharv: Really…. That’s great now I will be taking away your laptop and then I will see how you forget next time.
Shivaay: Hye don’t even think of eyeing my laptop.
Anika: Stop irritating him Shivaay. He is the birthday boy you can’t tease him like this.
Suk: Right give him some chocolates or toffees.
Atharv: Ohhhh…. Madam don’t forget you haven’t given me anything.
Suk: Don’t even expect.
Atharv: Like father like daughter.
Suk: You are saying as if you have given me. You are no less.
Atharv: Ladies first.
Suk: Ya but I am a girl.
She says with a pout.
Atharv: I am elder.
Suk: That’s why saying you should gift me first.
Atharv: Urgh… Nobody can win in talks from you.
Suk raising her imaginary collar: No one.
Atharv knowing that it’s useless to stretch the argument forwards a big box to her.
Suk opens up the box and the contents inside make her almost faint.
Suk: WWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW………… Did I ever tell you how much I love you bhai. This is paradise.
She says pulling out her HARRY POTTER WORLD from that box jumping over Atharv.
Atharv: Ya you never told that.
Suk: No worries maybe this defines it all.
She moves her hand in direction towards the door Atharv looks their and his eyes pop out of the socket he rushes and engulfs the two people in a bone crushing hug. Those two were none other than Mrs. Jenny and Maria.
Shivaay gets them to meet the rest while Atharv’s smile doesn’t leaves his face for a second also.
Shivaay: Anika she is my neighbour, friend, support everything Mrs. Jenny and her daughter Maria. They were my backbone back there in New York. If not them I wouldn’t have ever been able to manage anything.
Anika meets them thanking them while Mrs. Jenny blesses the couple.
Mrs. Jenny pointing at Suk: Doll, right.
Suk nods and hugs her: Thank you I owe you long time.
Mrs. Jenny: No not at all dear. Seeing this family happy clears all the dues.
All smile and welcome her.
Atharv to Suk: Thank you for getting them here doll.
Suk: Shut up.
Atharv chuckles.
Shivaay placing his hands on Atharv’s shoulder from back speaks to him: Thank you for coming in my life and making it so amazing for me the best gift God ever gave me was you.
Atharv: If you don’t want to gift me anything that’s okay but don’t make me emotional.
Shivaay chuckles and holding Atharv’s hand makes him wear a watch while Atharv looks back at him.
Shivaay: You deserve that you have proved yourself. I don’t know how you did that but you are a reason for all of us to be happy.
Atharv: But this was your first watch given by Chote papa you love it the most.
Shivaay: That’s why I am giving it to you. Keep it safe my boy.
Suk: One thing I didn’t understand that day you gave me a watch and today to him. Why?
Om coming from back: Because your papa has always had a great connection with his watches. He never bought one for himself and all the watches he has signify a relation in his life.
Suk: Weird.
Shivaay: That’s me.
They smile.

Okay. Guys.

So finally the thing I wanted to tell you all is that this is the last update by me. But that doesn’t means the story ends here. Story here on will be continued by Amore di, I am super sorry for not continuing it but due to my busy schedule of studies and exams I can’t write any further. Trust me I feel vulnerable but then I have no option I never want to leave things half way but then this time I will have to as many of you keep waiting and i feel bad for making you people wait so long. Super sorry for doing this but trust me Amore di is a great writer and she will pull this story off in an amazing way. The next parts will be published in this book only but by her.
Keep supporting the story same way guys and encourage di with same enthusiasm and zeal. THANK YOU.

Longest ever update, total words #11106.

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