@PART 33…

Shakti to Pinky: You didn’t do it right.
Pinky: Shakti ji it’s not my mistake. I haven’t done anything.
Suk speaks being in trances in a mocking way: You didn’t do anything. You still think you are innocent. WOW kis miti ke bane ho aap.
(From what have you been made off.)
After ruining the entire family you are still saying you didn’t do anything.
Manik holding Suk back: Let it be Sukanya.
Suk shows her hand to him: Wait Manik let me clear her illusions.
Manik looks at Abeer being disappointed but Abeer nods in no. Who knew better then him that how badly Sukanya wanted to let her inner turmoil out, he knew that she will feel guilty at the end but she will feel much better her condition is pathetic right now.

Suk: You want to know what all you destroyed. You destroyed 15 years of my parents life. You separated them and took away all their happiness from them gifting them loneliness. You snatched my mother from my brother. You snatched my papa’s family from him, you separated a brother from his brothers. Do you even know how worst life has been been for Chote papa and chachu how they would have survived without their brother, how dadi ma would have lived without her grandson seeing her family break bit by bit. You snatched a son from his father and not only that you are the only reason because of which papa was away from you. You are the sole reason for my Mumma’s miseries. You don’t even know how she has lived for these many years, you toh don’t even know how papa and bhai have survived for so many years. You even don’t know that there were times when you would have lost both of them. I agree you didn’t know much about Aryan uncle but making papa your son was your decision. How vague and shallow you are you couldn’t even keep up your own words. These 15 years were not only exile for my parents but also for my brother and our family. And we all owe it you and your silly insecurities. After ruining everything you are saying you didn’t do any mistake. WOW I appreciate the audacity you have. I really do.
She claps saying that and runs away from there to hide her tears.

Pinky goes to Atharv: Atharv you at least trust me or…. or forgive.
Atharv: Return 15 years of my parents life, I am not asking for what I and my sister have lost return my papa and my mumma’s 15 years. Return Chote papa and Chachu those 15 years that they have lived without this family, return Advik, Amanat and Anya that time they have spent without their bade papa, return them those moments that they had to spoil because of you, Choti ma and chachi lost their brother this family lost it’s support. The day you will return them what all they have lost I will forgive you.
Saying that he starts walking out but stops by Pinky and says his last words to her: Till you do not compensate for all this don’t even think of talking to me because I don’t know what I will end up doing.
He walks out of the place.
Pinky looks at Aryan with hope and walks upto him but he moves backward shocking Pinky: I am your mother Aryan.
Aryan stops her: First don’t call yourself my mother because the man who prayed you like a god who had trusted you blindly without any second thought, look what you have done to him. If that’s what one gets from a mother then it’s better I stay with the orphan tag.
Pinky looks on being shocked while he walks out and one by one all disperse.

Shivaay is sitting by keeping his legs in the pool thinking about all the happenings that took place in previous few hours. How his trust was broken, how his life turned upside down. He silently keeps starring the pool and thinking. Now even tears feared to fall from his eyes. He knew that no one will wipe them even today like the previous 15 years, he silently quitted crying. After all what shall he measure the number of looses in his life, well they start from his birth till date and who knows how long will they continue. Loosing his brother, leaving his wife, staying with his family, being with his son and still feeling the voids, missing his daughter without the knowledge of even having one and now finally loosing his mother. Yes, he had always had OmRu with him and all he did is to spend maximum time with them as that always helped him to counter the voids of his life, the voids of missing a part of yourself that only kept increasing in so many years. He never spoke about that voids to any but the pain created havoc in his life.

Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi
Hairaan hoon main
Ho..hairaan hoon main

Anya: Papa.
Rudra: Yup say!
Krish: Big B, what’s illegitimate?
Rudra looks upto Bhavya helplessly, what shall he answer these innocent kids, what do they even know about life and how much could they handle.
Bhavya intervenes: Kids it’s nothing and don’t say this word. It’s too late you both go and change and then sleep.
Both nod and leave.
Rudra bursts out in tears, Bhavya hugs him.
Rudra: Bhavya what shall I tell them? Why Shivaay Bhaiya I couldn’t even see his condition what would he be going through. I never saw my superman, my great wall break so much.
Bhavya nods in no and hugs him.
Bhavya: Don’t worry everything will be alright.

Tere masoom sawalon se
Pareshaan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main

Om is standing in the balcony with Gauri both are standing silently when Om ends the never lasting silence.
Om: Gauri.
Gauri: Ji.
Om: Gauri please ask your Shankar ji to help Shivaay and Bhabhi right now. I don’t have any strength to console him today. I can’t loose him again.
Gauri: You don’t worry Omkara ji everything will be fine, everything Shankar ji won’t do any injustice with bhaiya and Bhabhi they both have seen a lot and I am sure they will make through this too.
Om: Did you see Sukanya and Atharv. Sukanya she… She….
He trails at his words as imagining the kids condition is going beyond his capabilities.
Gauri: Omkara ji when they both can do so much don’t you think that they will make through this too. I am sure the new morning will bring new hope with it and all of them would come up with more strength. Trust me.
Om nods sighing a little after hearing Gauri.

Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi
Hairaan hoon main
Ho..hairaan hoon main

Anika sits on the floor leaning to the wall. She remembers all the past years of her life how one single lie broke her, how it broke her entire family, how it had pulled all of them apart. Somewhere she curses herself for doubting at Shivaay’s strength indirectly she doubted her strength because for Shivaay she was the one who was his strength and she only broke him. One lie made her son away from her, one lie made her daughter spend 14 years without her father hearing all those tantrums and curses she had heard in her childhood. She knew it well very well that what all Suk had to go through but Suk stood, she stood like her father as a wall. Wall in front of her just to dilute her mother’s miseries she fought with herself and the world all alone. On other hand was Atharv about whose miseries she hardly had any idea but he too would have gone through a lot. She curses herself as a mother.

Tere masoom sawalon se
Pareshaan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main

Outside Aditi is about to enter when a hand holds her shoulder. She looks at the owner of the hand.
Nitya: Leave him alone for a while Aditi.
Aditi: No, he has always been alone I can’t leave him today.
Nitya: I understand your concern but give him sometime, he needs to collect himself. He needs to adjust to the situation. He needs to make himself fall at place. Please leave him alone for a while.
Aditi nods and leaves.

Inside the room Aryan is sitting by the balcony recollecting how his life again betrayed him. He finds himself to be the best prey of fate. All those whom he had always trusted had betrayed him in a way or other life has only shown him bad to worse to worst. For the first time he had loved someone deeply and truly but then fate didn’t accept that too. He and his emotions have always been toy for others to play with. People have always used him like a puppet.

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi
Dard sambhalne honge
Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi
Dard sambhalne honge

Pinky is thinking about the incidents that took place a while ago when Shakti enters before she even thinks of having a word with him he takes a pillow and bed sheet and starts walking out.
Pinky: Shakti ji.
Shakti stops but without turning asks: What?
Pinky: Where are you going?
Shakti looking at her: Pinky I can’t stay with a woman who trusts others more then her own husband, I can’t stay with my wife who have accused me blindly, I can’t stay with a mother who is responsible for my children’s miseries and I can’t stay with a grandmother who failed to be one. You have failed me Pinky and sorry I can’t forget whatever you did to me.

Muskuraaye to muskuraane ke
Karz utaarne honge
Muskuraun kabhi to lagta hai
Jaise hothon pe karz rakha hai

Atharv sits on his bed holding a pic of his family that they had clicked a few weeks ago. He wishes to curse his grandmother for the entire situation but he can’t. So what if she had betrayed him but he had always loved her without any second thought he has always trusted that woman who is his grandma. He had heard that life and time plays with situations but how badly people break is what he is witnessing. His heart fills up with fear whenever he remembers those dark nights when he was all alone with Shivaay, every day, every single minute was spent being all worried, the fear of loosing his own father hanged like a sword over his head all the time. How badly he missed his family being in New York all alone. It’s easy to be away from people you don’t know but when someone very dear to you whom you know and ought to be with but can’t that feeling kills you as you see dwindling hope in voice of those people who expect you to be with them. He has seen that hope meeting the dead end in the voice of Oberoi’s whenever they use to talk that unsaid pain pierced his heart everytime. The pain that he sees in his mother’s eyes every day kills him, the urge on her eyes only adds up to the vulnerability of his life. The only person who understands him and has no hidden or mixed emotions is his doll and only she is the one with whom he had shared all his life and only she knows him in and out. She has completed the voids of his life. That’s what twins are always incomplete without each other tied by the thread of destiny.

Ho..tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi
hairaan hoon main
Ho..hairaan hoon main

She is standing taking support of balcony all she knows right now is that she is hating this time.
For her life was never a cake walk. Whether that included even the smallest of things. Only she had seen her mother adjust in a small one room house, doing menial work so that she could make a living for her family. Only she knew how bad her Sahil mamu has felt and how he always use to consider himself as a liability over his sister and how he use to sneak out of the house so that he can be of some help. Only she had seen her mother being in worst of health yet willing to work as she herself can go to bed empty stomach but can’t let her daughter and brother sleep without food. Then Abeer, Meher and Manik came to her life giving it a pleasant change. They made a great family. In all this she had taken people’s atrocities their offensive words and she knew how badly it hurts to be called “ILLEGITIMATE” she know what her father would be feeling, she knows what Aryan would have gone through all these years and she knows how her mother coped up with all this. And that’s the problem she knows everything and knowing too much hurts, it hurts alot. Life always teaches us lessons and one prominent lesson that many of us don’t ever learn is “it’s better to know less and stay happy because it’s always better then knowing everything and staying upset.” The lesson Sukanya failed to understand miserably.

Tere masoom sawalon se
Pareshan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main

The off beat relations that brought that light in everyone’s life which any normal relation couldn’t, plays in each mind.
How few unnamed relations change our life, how they support us the way nobody can.
This included the relation that Anika shared with Mehbeer and Manik, Aditi and Krish those relations had no name but were meaningful more than any other. For Oberoi’s it was the relation they shared with doll whom they didn’t know a bit but she was the hope that wrote the most brightest chapters of their life. While for Atharv it was the relation he had shared with many that included Mrs. Jenny, Maria, Samantha, Manik and his baby twin sister, his doll. Those relations always being smile on his face, he has best memories maybe those short term togetherness had made a never lasting place in his life. While for Sukanya every relation came in that way whether it was her friendship with Malhotra’s or meeting Oberoi’s and being with them. Shivaay had had a mixed flavoured life his own have hurt him more then those whom he didn’t even know but they created their place in his life and for him the list is long and somewhere or other all have contributed to destroy his belief of name and lineage.
Zindagi tere ghum ne
Zindagi tere ghum ne
Humein rishte naye samajhaye
Mile jo humein dhoop mein mile
Chhanv ke thande saaye

Ho..tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi
hairaan hoon main
Ho..hairaan hoon main
tere masoom sawalon se
pareshan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main

That night some cried out miserably, while others cried bringing their heart to peace and few others shed only a drop or two.
Good; tears are colourless otherwise they would have painted the most beautiful camouflage that night. Tears no know goals they only have a path, path starting from eyes tracing down upto the cheeks and falling on the floor. They are weak at the same time symbol of power too. They can’t be defined but they have the most sensible language, the language that knows no barriers even a French can understand that language when it is spoken from the eyes of a Hindi speaker. True tears has many shades and many meanings. They hurt yet soothe.

Aaj agar bhar aayi hai
Boonde baras jaayengi
Aaj agar bhar aayi hai
Boonde baras jaayengi
Kal kya pata inke liye
Aankhe taras jaayengi
Ho..jaane kab ghum hua kahan khoya
Ek aansoo chhupa ke rakha tha

Ho..tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi
hairaan hoon main
Ho..hairaan hoon main
tere masoom sawalon se
pareshan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main
Ho..pareshan hoon main

Manik enters the room after a whole sum of two hours he places his hand on Atharv’s shoulder to make Atharv open his eyes.
Atharv gets up wiping his tears: What happened Manik?
Manik: I know what you are going through right now Atharv but presently someone needs you alot. This was the time for which you have stopped yourself from accepting babes as your mother, go Shivaay uncle needs you.
Atharv looks on weakly at him and tiredly spells: I don’t have that much strength Manik, I don’t.
Manik: Atharv if you mend things now they will always stay the same.
Atharv nods reluctantly but Manik holds him being adamant and pulls him out of the room. From other side Advik comes pulling all withered out Sukanya with him.

Manik: Babes is in terrace and Shivaay uncle is at poll side, both of you get walking.

The duo nod being completely tired.

Atharv looks at a completely motionless Shivaay, his face is of palest colour while his eyes and neck are bent down looking at the poll, disheartening could be seen via his body language only. He walks upto Shivaay and places his hand on his father’s shoulder. Shivaay slightly turns up and looking at Atharv passes a weak smile.
Atharv sits besides him: Papa.
Shivaay: Hmm…
Atharv: I am worse at consoling so please don’t make this difficult for me.
Shivaay looks at him being unable to figure out what he means.
Atharv: Please speak up what you have in heart.
Shivaay: I don’t have to say anything Atharv.
Atharv keeps his head on Shivaay’s shoulder and sits their silently.
Atharv after a long gap of silence: Maybe that’s what is meant by “man proposes and God disposes.”
Shivaay’s eyes tinkle with tears: I am scared for Anika, Sukanya and Aryan. I had you I had my family but they had none.
Atharv straightens himself: Wrong, the way I always had SJKR’s (Senior Jhansi Ki Rani/ Anika’s) blessings with me they all had someone at some point of their life. SJKR (Anika) had Sukanya with her, Aryan uncle had Aditi and Krish with him. Papa nothing happened because of you we all were triggered by our own fate, no one did any wrong please stop feeling guilty and blaming yourself.
Shivaay looks at Atharv: Are you with me.
Atharv enduringly: Everytime.
Shivaay: Will you give me something if I ask for.
Atharv nods.
Shivaay: I don’t know why you don’t call Anika as mom but I consider it, it’s because you always wanted a nod from my side. (Atharv looks on with scared eyes) Atharv do me one favour please give Anika that happiness, I have seen urge in her eyes she wants you to accept her completely please I beg you give her that place. She deserves it all more then me. She is the best mother please Atharv accept her, please I don’t want that because of me she suffers.
Atharv: Papa no one is suffering because of you please stop blaming yourself.
Shivaay pushes Atharv: Go, I said leave, go to her.
Atharv trying to refuse: Papa please listen to me once.
Shivaay pushes him: I said go, won’t you do this much for me.
Atharv: Papa please.
Shivaay points at the exit asking him to leave.

Anika is sitting supporting her back at the wall hugging her legs close to her chest when Sukanya kneels down in front of her and holds her hand and slightly presses it.
Sukanya: Mumma.
Anika looks up at her with her eyes all teary, her mascara has spread due to continuous crying, she immediately hugs Sukanya.
Sukanya creases Anika’s back: It’s okay mumma everything will be alright, stop crying.
Anika: Suk if I had trusted Shivaay a little in past today none of us would have seen this day. It’s all my mistake.
Suk pulls Anika’s face towards herself and sternly says: It’s no one’s mistake mumma and stop crying please.
Anika: Suk…
Sukanya cuts her: Mumma you trust billu ji right (Anika nods) then please be his support this time, don’t break he really needs you and equally the way you need him. Please mumma this is not the time to play blame games it’s time to be each other’s strength. Please trust your love this time. Don’t do the same mistake which you did last time.

Anika wipes her tears on hearing Suk’s words and nods making Suk feel a little relaxed she settles down besides Anika.

Anika: You are right Suk, I should be strong, I will trust Shivaay completely this time, I won’t leave him, I will be his support. (Suk nods, Anika continues after a small gap) Sukanya will you give me something if I ask for.
Suk: Why are you asking mumma please say.
Anika: I know that till now you have not called Shivaay, papa but you know whenever you call him billu ji he looks at you with a smile (Suk nods) but what you don’t know is that behind that smile pain is hidden. Sukanya, Shivaay will never force you he understands you but it’s high time for you to understand him too. Please Suk give him that happiness he has craved for that and paid for it too. Please be the reason of his smile. I know you have done this all for me (Suk looks at her questioningly while Anika cups her face) I am your mother Suk, how much ever you may try I know you more than you know yourself. Now promise me you will fulfil this wish of mine.
Sukanya hesitantly: Promise.
Anika gets up hurriedly: Then what are we waiting for come with me.
Suk: But why right now mumma.
Anika : I don’t want to listen anything just come Sukanya.
With that Anika drags a reluctant Sukanya with her to Shivaay’s room.

After two hours Aditi enters the room only to find Aryan sitting in same position as before, she back hugs him while he rubs her arm.
Aditi: Papa.
Aryan: Just be with me Adi, you give me a lot of strength.
Aditi: I am always there but at times it’s good to cry too.
Aryan: For whom, for whom shall I cry. For a mother who never knew me or for that women who rose me up making my life a living hell.
Aditi: No cry because you want to, cry so that you feel better, forget what all happened start it afresh you have a lots to do and the best part is Krish and I will always be with you, always. Your shadow can leave you but not us.
She says as her tears wet Aryan’s shoulder who pulls Aditi in his lap and both cry hugging each other.
That night Aryan promised himself whatever may happen now all his life is for his kids, he won’t let them face any problem, no matter in how worse situation he himself is.

Atharv was leaving when Sukanya and Anika enters. On seeing the mother son duo Sukanya leaves towards the poll side, giving them some time together.

As Shivaay sends Atharv away his eyes give in and tear up. But this time a hand wipes those tears away. He looks up and finds Sukanya there.
Shivaay: Sukanya.
Sukanya nods and sits besides him.
Suk: You remember that days when you told me about your wife and what all you did with her.
Shivaay looks at her and nods remembering how years back once he admitted his love and what all he did with Anika to his doll being in drunk state.
Suk: You know how you told me everything.
Shivaay nods like a child.
Suk places a pad and pen in his hands: You write one thing, I will write another. The same way we did that day.

Shivaay had told everything to Sukanya but next day he felt it to be wrong so he called and asked forgiveness from her but then Suk asked him not to hide his emotions, hidden emotions do not make anyone strong they rather weaken the person, but as always the great SSO couldn’t speak even a word about his emotions, then Suk asked him to type and message her.
Presently, Shivaay takes the paper and starts righting and keeps the paper in front of Sukanya.

Shivaay’s first note followed “Felling guilty for being a reason.”
Suk replies by writing on the paper only “It’s good, it shows, you still value and love others more then yourself. Your priority didn’t change. It was, it is and it will be your family. Guilt often helps end few miseres’, don’t worry you will throw that guilt in junk super soon.”

Shivaay reads her note and continues to write, “I don’t think so I have spoilt so many life’s including yours how can you forgive me.”
Suk writes and replies, ” Somebody once said to me how much ever we may struggle, we will only get that much how much is written in our destiny but still with our prayers we rewrite our destiny and today what happened was the result of those prayers.”

Shivaay takes the paper and continues to write his confused state of mind on it, “I have lost so much.”
Sukanya smiles and writes back , “No you didn’t loose because you have more in hand, trust me 40 years later when Samantha will be officially your daughter in law, all of us would have forgotten this period, we would be happy enjoying bhai’s wedding.”

She forwards the paper to Shivaay biting her lower lip. Shivaay without noticing that takes the paper and on reading it chuckles a little and looks at Suk who smiles at him, he holds her head and pulls her forward and gently kiss her forehead.

Suk: We know each other since years worst could have happen if Atharv and I had never met, maybe none of us would have been able to make it up till today. Let forget all that and please let’s move on. We have already lost alot let’s not loose another second even. You only say, one for all…
Shivaay places his hand on her already forwarded one: All for one.
And finally he breaks down crying hysterically and hugs Sukanya. Who tries to coax him.

Atharv looks at Anika whose eyes reflect alot of guilt.
Atharv: How are you?
Anika: Better.
Atharv holds her by shoulder and hugs her: You are the best mother I can have, stop feeling guilty for someone’s else deeds.
Anika who had held her emotions fails to hold them any further, her tears make a fresh path from her eyes.
Anika: I am sorry Atharv, I was never with you when you needed me.
Atharv nods in no and wipes Anika’s tears: You were always with me, you know more then papa I remember you, he always told me about you and maybe you weren’t physically present but then your teachings were always with me they supported me through many ups and downs. I wasn’t alone. We together, trust me as much as you remembered me, I too did. Whenever you prayed for me God always herd your prayers he solved my problems. Your prayers have made me survive for so long. You did that none else.
Anika cries as she hears these words from her son. Atharv hugs Anika and she continues to cry.
Atharv: Please forget whatever we lost, let’s live and grab the most of whatever we are going to have.
Anika nods.


It’s said heart breaks hurt the most I think so they didn’t see their mother cry it tears the heart apart. Today looking at my mother in this condition is tearing me apart. Her tears are unbearable. You were right doll you were right, it take a lot of courage to see your mother cry and presently I need that courage but I don’t know from where shall I gather that courage I really don’t know. Please God help me, help me to console my mumma please help me. What wrong did she do to you that you are making her life so pathetic. Please do something God please.

Bhai use to say that when ever he saw papa cry he use to feel like dying at that moment I had never witnessed my papa cry but today when I am seeing that my heart is bleeding, I am falling weak, I am loosing my entire strength. His tears are not only making me crippled but they are killing me. I really curse myself for doing all this if truth wouldn’t have come out it wouldn’t have hurt him so much. It wouldn’t have hurt him and I wouldn’t have to see him in tears. He is THE GREAT WALL how can he break down. I want to shout out aloud please papa please don’t cry please don’t I can’t see you like this but then I am not finding my own voice today. What wrong did we ever do why are we so unfortunate to see our parents cry. Why God? Why?


The day was like every other day but only for others not for the Oberoi family. Their dim life had to shine to the brightest colour today. Those lost charms from their faces have to make a way back to their face. The day had a magic, a different magic that made it pretty different from other days. Sun shines in the horizon as the ever so silent Oberoi mansion gets filled with noise of workers moving here and there cleaning the mansion and starting their regular chores.

Dadi descends the stairs to reach the hall and the first person she meets is Aryan who was waiting to have a word with her during their conversation the rest of the family to comes their.

Aryan: Dadi, I want to take your permission.
Dadi: Permission for what Aryan.
Aryan: Permission to leave.
Dadi looks shocked at him: What? Why?
Aryan: Dadi tomorrow Adi and Krish’s competition is getting over so we need to leave. Please permit me to go.
Dadi: No Aryan I can’t allow you. You are son of this house.
Aryan holds her hand: Dadi please, you asked me to stay here so I came, now allow me to leave.
Pinky: You are my son how can you leave.
Aryan curtly: Maybe that’s the reason I want to leave.
Pinky feels bad by his words.
Aryan: Dadi I am sorry but I can’t stay here any more.
Saying that Aryan starts walking but someone stops him placing hand on his shoulder. Aryan turns to find Shivaay holding his shoulder.
Shivaay: I know the last time we met I hated you, but this time the respect and love I hold for you is created by you (he folds his hand) please stay back, I too need you. Your entire life you have waited for me to accept you as a brother. Trust me Aryan I have lost a lot now I don’t want to loose anyone. Please stop for your brother, if you have done so much for me do one more thing, please be with me from now on.
Aryan holds his hands and nods in no: I will always be with you but I don’t have any right to stay here.
Shakti: Who said that, as my son and this house’s son you have all the rights to stay here. Maybe you weren’t with us for so long because of few people but now that will not repeat.
Tej: Yes of course you have all the right to stay here.
All look on shockingly at him.
Janvi turns Aryan towards herself: Maybe you do not want to stay here because of Pinky but we all want you to stay back, if you respect us a little then it’s an order from me you have to stay back and if you can accept me as your mother I won’t hear another word from you.
Aryan looks at her and then smiles giving his assurance and Janvi hugs him, while the rest smile. Aryan looks at Shivaay and both hug each other.
Rudra gets emotional seeing this and cribs: Not fair O Bro’s without me.
All chuckle at his childishness, while both Shivaay and Aryan extend their hand for him.
Rudra pulls Om stating: You are also our brother don’t do any formalities.
Om hits him on his head and three others say: Shut up!!!
Abeer: Oh God If you guys are K3G Bharat milap then let’s talk something productive.
Rudra: Oh let’s go and eat then, I have not taken my protein shake in all this emotional chaos.
Bhavya: Oh God, why can’t you think of something else accept for protein shake.

Before Rudra speaks Abeer stops him and the walks towards the three musketeers who exchange a scared look seeing Abeer come towards them with serious face.

Abeer: Manik what did you do with that doctor’s money?
Suk: Ya even I wanted to know that?
Manik pulling his collar up: Donated that too the orphanage.
Suk: Seriously, you made that man bankrupt.
Manik: He should be thankful that I made him bankrupt only.
Suk and Atharv nod.
Abeer: That means you hacked his account.
Manik’s eyes go wide hearing Abeer he knew today he is gone for sure his journey to hell is confirmed. While Suk smiles as she is going to have fun at his expenses.
Abeer: Great job my son, how many times do I need to tell you that you are not going to do that.
Manik innocently defends himself: Vo he wasn’t spilling the beans.
Abeer: I will deal with you later.

Then he walks towards Suk and smiles, this makes Suk sure that she is gone for the day, seeing her buddy’s this avatar is never a good sign, mentally she said bye bye to her family and hi to yamraj.

Abeer: How did you get those files?
Suk: Umm… Library.
Abeer: That’s for one for file how did you get the rest four files.
Suk: Mom’s file was with Sahil mamu.
She says smiling nervously while Sahil gives her ‘if you dear drag me in this I will kill you before Abeer.’
Abeer: Okay that counts for two files, rest three how did they come to you.
Suk: I… I think mice are doing hip hop in my stomach we should eat something first.
Abeer smiles: No problem they will do total disco in your stomach but first you have to answer me.
Suk tries her luck again: I will tell later alone.
Anika: What are you hiding that you need to tell him alone.
Suk murmurs: Who kept your name Jhansi ki Rani it should have been detective Rani.
Abeer smiling sheepishly: What?
Suk: Bache ki jaan loge kya.
(Will you take child’s life.)
Abeer: Of course because now these kids are getting out of hand.
Manik murmurs: When were we in your hand?
Suk hits him with her elbow to which he whines.
Suk says giving in: Fine, we went to hospital…
Abeer boosting her: Ya you can do it.
Suk looks at both Atharv and Manik and both give her helpless look.
Suk continues: We gate crashed the hospital to get those files.
She says making everyone to widen their eyes.
Abeer: WOW great job, at what time?
Suk gives him she can’t say that look but he gives a stern look.
Suk: Umm…. We went with Khanna uncle you can ask him.
Khanna uncle…. Khanna uncle….
Khanna comes from behind and three of them turn they act like crying joining their hands asking him to help them but Khanna gives a confused look to them.
Abeer: Fine which hospital had you taken them to, Khanna.
Khanna: Hospital???? Why will they go to hospital???? God should never put them in such a situation ever.
Three of the kids pat their head and look back at Abeer.
Abeer walks upto Atharv, to which Atharv gets hell scared but confused too that what gad he done.
Atharv innocently: I didn’t do anything.
Both Manik and Suk glare him for backing out cleanly.
Abeer: You helped them and then you even punched doctor’s driver too, if I am not wrong.
It’s then when Atharv remembers how hard he had punched the driver who was threatening them, driver had to loose two teeth’s with a little blood before being house arrested.
Atharv: That was accident.
Abeer: Ya, accidentally he lost his tooth too.
Suk: Two.
She clarifies to utter dismay of Atharv but Abeer gives a mocking appreciation look to her.
Abeer: And who else was with three of you. Hmm….
Manik and Atharv look confused with his question.
Manik: Papa itne kamd karne ke liye hum kafi hain.
(Papa we are enough to do all this.)
Abeer gives him oh really look and then looks at Sukanya who is looking downwards nervously.
Abeer: So will name the guards you had appointed to keep an eye on everyone.
Suk looks at him and passes a forced smile and then looks at Advik and Aditi both smile and join the three.
Abeer smiles seeing all of them nervous.
Anika: Suk you have spoiled all of them, can’t you stop all this.
Suk: Bhlai ka toh zamana nahi raha.
(You can’t do anything good in this world.)
Anika: Stop your drama Suk, why can’t you ever understand the intensity of any situation. Do you ever realise how dangerous things can turn out to be.

Suk looks down as she knows somewhere or other things couldn’t have turned the way she had expected them to turn and then blunder could have happened.

Anika continues: How many times do I need to tell you, that others get affected by your actions too.
Abeer: Anika, it’s ok.
Anika: Don’t you dear protect her this time Abeer, she is crossing her limits now. Will you mind to tell me Why did you do all this.
Suk doesn’t says a words but keeps looking down without a word.
Gauri: Rehne di jiye na Bhaujai, bacche hain ye sab hota rehta hai.
(Let it be, they are kids and they keep doing all this.)
Anika: No Gauri ot happens for once not always.
Bhavya: Bhabhi you should be happy that they are fine now.
Anika: Till when will we keep calming ourselves down thinking that nothing happened.
Meher: Anika, stop it she didn’t do anything out of purpose, you know that.
Om: Right Bhabhi she just did that so that things get sorted out and if everything is back to normal somewhere she is too behind it.
Shivaay makes Anika look at him: Anika, I can understand what are you going through and Sukanya will not repeat this again.
He looks at Suk and signals her to agree.
Suk: Ya I won’t do that again mumma.
Anika looks at her angrily.
Shivaay trying to pacify her: Anika, I promise she won’t do that again. Right Suk.
Suk nods frantically in yes.
Shivaay: Let it go please.
Anika looks at him and sighs: Fine, but if this happens again then mark my words I am not going to leave you Suk.
Suk nods agreeing.
Manik: Thank god.
Abeer: What thank god, you will be getting your punishment.
Manik’s face falls: What?
Abeer: I am taking away your laptop.
All cover their ears.
Suk comments: Jaan jaye magar laptop na jaye.
(May my life go, but I won’t leave the laptop.)
Manik: Shut up Suk.
Shivaay: Stop acting strict Abeer it doesn’t suits you and Manik keep the laptop he isn’t taking it.
Abeer: Kya yaar.
Shivaay: Chup.
Atharv: Excuse me peeps.
Bot look at him.
Atharv: Can you both explain what’s going on between you two.
Nitya: I told you earlier too that I have doubt on you both now see even he has that.
Abeer: Nitts both are different things.
Shivaay: And don’t you dear say that again.
Nitya gives a whatever look.
Rudra: Ya bhaiya even I am confused what’s going on between you two no sorry three, that day Nitya Didi punched you left right and you didn’t even say a word.
Shivaay looks at Abeer and Nitya both look cool enough, so he decides to spill his part of story.
Shivaay: Fine let’s settle down we will tell everything.
All sit at their places to hear the narrative.
Nitya starts dramatically: Ye uss samye ki baat hai…
(Once upon a time…)
Abeer: Cut the crap. There is nothing of that sort. Our story is pretty simple and short. We three were college friends.


Shivaay: Yup, from being partners in crime to partners in exams everything we use to do that together.
Nitya: You can call us those cool spoilt stardoms of the college.
Om: Shivaay and cool????
Nitya: That why I was saying once upon a time.
Shivaay: Please Nitts. Our bond use to be unbreakable.
Manik: One sec. Mom and dad are college sweethearts that means mom knew everything.
All look at Meher who covers her eyes with her hand and nods.
Manik: I don’t believe it mom you didn’t tell me.
Abeer: Why should she tell you everything. Who are you?
Manik hits him with a pillow: I am not talking to you.
Abeer chuckles.
Suk: Continue before I get heart attack due to Goosebumps.
Nitya: Like every friends we too have a long story but cut that. The main point is we know each other since college time. And after college like all other friends we too got separated and as Shivaay lived in India he came back here, Abeer stayed back to complete both his studies and love story and I flew to my dream world.
Shivaay: And then I met Abeer 15 years back on the night when I was going to leave Mumbai, I told him everything about myself, Anika and our child. I asked him if he could then would he find Anika for me. I never thought that he would do that.
He completes being in trances of that time.
Abeer: This duffer doubted my friendship.
Shivaay: Sorry baba.
Suk: One sec if you knew everything then why didn’t you tell him.
Abeer: Do you think I never tried, I tried more then anything but your father had only become Mr. India.
Shivaay: That was my another mistake, in my own land I forgot that I should once talk to you. I though that I told him and he would have forgotten it but that never happened.
Abeer: You are mad not me.
Shivaay: Sorry baba forgive me for that.
Abeer: Not in this birth at least.
Nitya: Cut it guys I am genuinely tired of your sissy acts.
Abeer & Shivaay: Did we ask you to poke your nose.
Nitya gets away hearing that.
Suk: Ok that’s alright but then how did all this happen. Look from day one I had the idea that you are upto something but I am not getting it how did you do this as definitely someone else is involved too, but who?
Abeer: Don’t you know.
Suk nods innocently.
Abeer: Don’t tell me you forgot.
Suk looks on being completely confused but soon something strikes her and her eyes go wide and she cups her mouth.


Come on guys race your minds I have given many loop holes for this one join it and solve the puzzle.


Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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