Nitya played by Mouni Roy: Rowdy, tom boy character. In love with her life. Waiting for someone or say her love.
Samantha played by Chloe O’Malley: Sweet yet naughty girl from U.S.A. friend of Atharv, Suk and Manik met them at Columbia workshop.
A.C.P. Adhiraj Shekhawat played by Ankit Siwach: Not much part for right now but he is friend of Anika.

@PART 32…


It’s said heart breaks hurt the most I think so they didn’t see their mother cry it tears the heart apart. Today looking at my mother in this condition is tearing me apart. Her tears are unbearable. You were right doll you were right, it take a lot of courage to see your mother cry and presently I need that courage but I don’t know from where shall I gather that courage I really don’t know. Please God help me, help me to console my mumma please help me. What wrong did she do to you that you are making her life so pathetic. Please do something God please.

Bhai use to say that when ever he saw papa cry he use to feel like dying at that moment I had never witnessed my papa cry but today when I am seeing that my heart is bleeding, I am falling weak, I am loosing my entire strength. His tears are not only making me crippled but they are killing me. I really curse myself for doing all this if truth wouldn’t have come out it wouldn’t have hurt him so much. It wouldn’t have hurt him and I wouldn’t have to see him in tears. He is THE GREAT WALL how can he break down. I want to shout out aloud please papa please don’t cry please don’t I can’t see you like this but then I am not finding my own voice today. What wrong did we ever do why are we so unfortunate to see our parents cry. Why God? Why?



Dadi: Aaj toh mai bohaat khush hun, dil khush Karta tusi Dona ne mera.
(I am really happy today and you both are the reason for that.)
She says the words rotating her hands around ShivIka to shoo away the bad sight. While the duo smile.

Om holding Suk’s ear: That’s why someone was saying two two marriages.
Suk bites her tongue and nods.
Atharv: Nothing stay in her stomach.
Suk makes faces at him.
Bhavya: So even you have hidden it from us. Not fair.
Atharv: Don’t say anything to us chachi it’s all done by your bade bhaiya.
Suk complainingly: And he was so excited that he was going to run away in morning and get married. Then I told him that he won’t find any priest early in morning only then he stopped.
She says raising her imaginary collar.
Rudra buying her words: Haaw bhaiya when did you become like this. Om bhaiya has become paraya dhaan.
All kids in unison: PARAYA DHAAN.
While Oberoi elders hit their forehead.
Rudra: What else he wants to marry and that that too without his extra sweet, extra handsome, extra hot brother Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Om: Extra large duffer you are.
Shivaay nods in agreement to which Rudra makes a puppy face.
Om patting Shivaay’s shoulder: I am so happy for you man. Finally.
Shivaay nods: Finally.

Both share a hug.
Rudra: What finally? And O bro moment without third bro not fair.
ShivKara nod and extend their hand for a hug. While three of them hug.
Anya pats Rudra’s back and with fake annoyed tears: You forgot me papa. Hug and that too without me.
Rudra wiping his fake tears bends down and hugs Anya: No never.
All nod in disbelief. ShivKara hit Rudra’s head and he stands up.
Shivaay: Duffer you have made her also like you.

Rudra: Not my mistake she is my production only.
ShivKara hit him on head while rest chuckle and Bhavya looks at Rudra in a way if she gets a single chance she will prefer to kill Rudra.

Dadi: Saab kitna acha ho raha hai. Ab mera billu aur billi ki shaadi dubara se ho jayegi.
(Everything is going on in such a good way now both my cats will get married again.)
All chuckle.

Finally an angry Pinky takes a lead in confrontation: What good mummy ji this omen will return back and you are saying it’s good.
Shivaay feels bad hearing that so in an offending manner continues: What are you saying mom, she is Anika. She has sacrificed so much for me and she has gone through so many problems just because of me. You don’t even know how much she has sacrificed for me….
Pinky cuts him in between: She hasn’t done anything I have made her do all that.
All look on shocked as Pinky reveals her own secrete, while Shivaay looks at her with eyes devoid of hope.

Pinky loosing all her senses: I made her do all that and you want to leave me for her. No Shivaay you can’t do that you are my son you can’t let that happen. Just throw this girl out.
Shivaay being: No ways she is my wife.
Atharv: She has all the right to be here and she deserves all the respect and love.
Suk looks at Atharv with a smile as his words make her understand that he has accepted Anika without any grudges. While Anika looks on with tears in her eyes both Atharv and Shivaay were speaking for her she felt really overwhelming.
Pinky shouts: Atharv have you forgotten what all I had told you.
Atharv: No I didn’t and I didn’t even forget what you said right now. How did you force my mother to leave?
Finally it strikes Pinky that she blurted out the truth and she looks towards everyone few were smiling at her that included Kamini too as she was enjoying Pinky’s condition, few looked at her with disgust while other in disbelief.
Shivaay: What did you do? Speak up.
Shivaay says loosing his cool.
Pinky holding Shivaay’s shoulder and creasing his chest: Shivaay whatever I did I did it for benefit this low class girl isn’t worth you and is just a cheater. Throw her out of your life it’s me who has done everything for you. I am your mother.
She says loosing her control over her mental state.

Shivaay sarcastically: Which mother?
Pinky looks shockingly at Shivaay as his words register in her ears.
Pinky: What are you saying Shivaay?
Shivaay: I know it all. You blackmailed Anika to leave me stating that…
Shivaay trails at his words and looses control over his limbs and slips backwards but OmRu hold him.
Shivaay looks at OmRu as tears falls down his eyes he cribs, cries and wails like a four year old and to comfort him Om pulls him to his embrace. The shaken state of THE SSO was no less then an earthquake for everyone. He just kept murmuring”I am sorry”.
Pinky looks at Anika and slaps her hard taking everyone’s attention: You did all this. Now you must be happy you have destroyed my family you have taken away my son from me. What did you get after telling him the truth? Look at his condition you are responsible for that. How dear you tell him the truth.
She slaps Anika again in her madness but this ti
me Shivaay pulls Anika towards himself and hides her behind his back while OmRu stand their looking like a shield to the duo.
Shivaay in a stern voice: Not my wife. She didn’t tell me anything I heard you giving her warning three days back that’s why I left the house. Then Abeer and Aryan told me about the hardships Anika had to go through all because of me and only me. She isn’t at fault.
Pinky being offended as if all the words of Shivaay had fallen on deaf ears: Still you are taking her side she is an omen she wants to separate us.
Shivaay folds his hand: I am sorry for whatever I did till date and thank you for whatever you have done for me.

Saying that he moves backward making everyone shocked.
Dadi who has had enough shouts: Will somebody tell me anything.
For a while all look at each other and then Om takes the lead to explain.
Om: I will tell you dadi ( he looks at Pinky with disgust) choti ma blackmailed Anika Bhabhi 15 years back stating that Shivaay… Shivaay….
Shivaay completes: I am her illegitimate son.
All look on shocked. While Shakti is all numb at the accusation.
Shakti in low voice: What are you saying? All this is non sense.
Pinky: Ohhh…. You think all this to be non sense. But you didn’t find it to be wrong when you were doing it. Ya it is truth that Shivaay is Kamini and your son.
Shakti raises his hand but stops mid way and shouts: Shut up Pinky. You are testing my patience. What rubbish are you speaking.

Pinky: Rubbish you find it to be rubbish. Ya why will you believe me who am I to you. Go go ask that Kamini only she will tell you everything. She only told me 15 years back the truth, she showed me your true colours.
Shakti being angry: What true colours haan. I share no such relation with Kamini we were just friends in college and after that we never meant and how can you even think that I can cheat over you.
Pinky: Oh so you think I am lying. Ask her only if not her then ask this Anika she had performed Shivaay and Aryan or Mahi whatever he is, she performed their DNA test and results were positive.
All look at Anika questioningly.
Anika nods and speaks feebly: Ya I did that and results were positive.
Shivaay stumbles hearing the on going conversation but OmRu hold him tightly.
While in all this three minds ting for the first time with answers and not questions. Manik, Atharv and Suk in unison: Kamini…. Kamini Shukla.
Pinky nods on loosing all her energy.
Atharv: Dr. Samar Srivastava.
All look at him.
Manik repeats: Was that Dr. Srivastava your family doctor who told you all that?
Pinky: Haan. What will you do of that now?

Suk: Perfect just perfect. Make the family doctor say anything everyone will believe them blindly after all we trust them.
Atharv: Right, now I understand it completely.

Manik: That means Kamini aunty told Pinky aunty that she lost her child and handed her Shivaay uncle calling him to be her son.
Atharv: She maybe wanted to blackmail Pinky aunty but that wouldn’t have worked and then she thought that she will come back after few years so that she can ruin Oberoi’s with completely but then that too didn’t work as Aryan uncle backed off.
Manik: That means everything from planning, plotting, kidnapping and planting Aryan uncle was part of Kamini aunty’s plan and when all her plans backfired in her aggression she aimed Pinky aunty and told her that Shivaay uncle isn’t her son but is illegitimate child of her and Shakti uncle.
Atharv continues: Pinky dadi was the most easiest target as she carried a laden of insecurities. So Kamini aunty very cleverly aimed at her.

By now Kamini’s face looses all it’s colour while rest are still confused.
Pinky: You mean Kamini said a lie.
Atharv nods in a way “what do you think?”.
Kamini defensively: You are lying and what proof do you have. It’s all theory. More over DNA test is a proof.
Suk being unaffected by her throw back accusation: DNA test did happen but only of Aryan uncle and Billu ji. Not of Billu ji and Pinky aunty or yours. There is no base of your accusation and if you want proof I have that too.
Atharv, Manik get the doctor I will get the files.
Both nod and leave while she brings the files

After few minutes doctor was there and Kamini was scared to hell seeing him.

Suk: You asked for proof here they go. These files are those files which have reports of Pinky aunty and Kamini aunty.
Om: What in it?
Suk: Chote papa the report that I got from our house of Pinky aunty stated that she gave birth to a child but that’s not true.
Shakti: Then what’s true.
Atharv: Actually she gave birth to twins.
Pinky: What?

Manik: Ya and the report that you had since so many years was forged by Kamini aunty. Actually when you gave birth to twins at that time Kamini aunty also gave birth to a son he was the last symbol of her husband that’s what she told to the doctor (He says looking at doctor Srivastava.) and then she took away one of your child that’s Aryan uncle all the years she kept brainwashing him against Oberoi’s. So that she can use him on right time but at the end moment on knowing that Shivaay is his brother Aryan uncle backed off.
Suk: In short the truth is that Pinky aunty gave birth to two sons and Aryan uncle and billu ji are her and Shakti dadu’s son.
Atharv looking at doctor: Are you here to eat feast, speak up you dumb head.
Doctor looks at them and nods in no and then Manik shows him his phone and soon doctor changes his decision.

Doctor Samar Srivastava: Yes they are right. Years back Kamini ji came to me and gave me money to do all this and I agreed to her and told Pinky ji that her son died as soon as he was born Pinky ji believed me and was heart broken as she could not conceive after that so I suggested her to take Kamini’s son and Kamini gave Pinky’s son to Pinky only but by stating him her own son. Pinky kept this as a secret as she thought her family won’t accept her. After that what happened I don’t know.
All hear him being shocked and Pinky breaks down.

Atharv remarks looking at a broken Pinky: As you sow so shall you reap.

Pinky falls on the sofa and cries hysterically at the disaster so created, she not only insulted her child but also her own husband. She abused her own motherhood. It was the fruit of her mistrust on her own family that lead to her destruction. “FAITH” the five alphabet word has the strength to shake the mountain and the same five alphabet word has the strength to destroy life. The only word has two sides just like a coin one can make you and other can break you. Choice is yours all yours. It’s well said a fact that your tomorrow depends on the choices you make today be wise with your decision if you want wiser tomorrow’s other wise time knows it all it’s the master mind after all.

Aryan with all shattered hope feels miserable without any mistake of his, his life was being played and he knew nothing. All his being all these years was a big lie a very big lie. He feels as if life is mocking at him only god knows why his fate was written in such a way. Where was he at fault, what mistake did he do all his questions have no answer absolutely no answer. Unlucky him can’t even blame anyone.
He walks upto Kamini and folds his hands in front of her: Ma please forgive me if I ever did anything wrong to you I am sorry I have always been a burden to you. But please answer me what was my fault? What wrong did I do? Why me? Why?

Saying that he falls on his knees and cries.
All look on being shocked his condition was more vulnerable then anyone else there. He was one innocent soul whose life was destroyed in urge of money and greed.
Aditi wasn’t able to see her papa in this condition she goes and hugs him as tightly as possible all she wanted at the very moment was to take away her fathers pain she has seen him break down at many points of his life but today was worst. Aryan holds Aditi and looks at with his vulnerable eyes she nods in no and wipes his tears off and hugs him. Krish was all in trances unable to make head or tail out of the situation.
Accept them two more people were equally heart broken like Aditi seeing Aryan’s condition one was Nitya and other was dadi.

Dadi walks upto Aryan and places her hand on his shoulder he looks up at her and she pulls him in her embrace.
Dadi rubbing his back: Puttar, you are very strong and you didn’t do anything wrong. Ye toh Waqt ki maar hai Vo chahe toh patthar ko bhi sona bana de ya fir sone ko patthar. Bas un samajh le ye kismaat ka ek khel tha Jo aaj khatam Ho raha hai isse beet te Waqt ke saath widaa kar aur dekh jis bhagwaan ne tujh se tera Saab kuch china tha uss ne tujhe Aditi aur Krish jaise bacche bhi toh diye hain. Shukaar mana eho jaye bacche naseeba naal milde na.
Aryan sniffs and nods, while dadi pulls him out of her embrace and he rubs his tears off.
Om comes forward and places his hand on Aryan’s shoulder, Aryan looks on shockingly: Kuch Waqt lage Ga hume itna asaan nahi hoga par agaar hum saab saath rahenga toh te mushkilain bhi kaam ho jayain gi.
Aryan nods and both hug each other in a way of comforting.

Shivaay who isn’t able to take all this speaks up so that the trio head can continue: What else do you know?
He wanted to know everything but little did he know he was inviting his own pain but for him today that thing mattered the leas he was ready to bear it all but he wants all this to come to an end for once and for all.

Suk: Same happened with mumma too.
Her words shock everyone and all look at her.
Anika: What do you mean?
Manik: It’s said that history repeats itself that only happened but this time game was played by someone else.

Atharv clears his throat and looks at Dr. Srivastava.
Dr. Srivastava continues: When 15 years back Anika was brought to my hospital I performed her operation. At that time a lady came to me and asked me to write in report that Anika’s once child died and she paid me for that.
Shivaay holds his collar: How can you do that? For some money you write anything are you a doctor or a criminal.
OmRu pull Shivaay away.
Suk: Is that lady present here?

Doctor points towards Ragini and Continues: Someone else was also with her.
Om: Who?
Dr.: I don’t know the name she may know it.
Anika pulls Ragini: Who was with you?
Ragini: I don’t know anything and this doctor is lying.
Anika slaps her four to five time until and unless Gauri and Bhavya don’t stop her.
Gauri: Agar tum chahti ho ki tumhara muh na tod Dain hum toh haar harai ke sab kuch Bata do.
(If you don’t want that we should break your mouth then spill the beans.)
Bhavya dangerously: Otherwise I have other ways too.
Ragini being scared: Ro… Roop chachi.

All look on shocked at her.
Dadi: Roop….
Rudra: Roop bua, how is she related to you.
Ragini: Your Roop bua is my chachi years back when you people disowned chachi and had sent chachu to jail our family underwent crisis and then I decided I will ruin you people and in this Roop chachi helped me. I wanted to win over Shivaay but Anika didn’t let that happen so I decided that I will use Aryan against you people but he too didn’t bide by me I don’t know why. Because if him I had to wait so many years but after such a long wait too I didn’t get anything.

She speaks enraging everyone. Anika slaps Ragini tightly making her shake.
Anika: Because of you my family had to suffer. I won’t leave you.
Bhavya holds Anika: Let her be Bhabhi now court will decide her punishment. I will call the officers and they will arrest both of them and put them behind bars.
Shivaay: Wait. (he walks upto Ragini) where is Roop Bua?
Ragini: I don’t know.
Aryan: She won’t answer that easily. I think so Bhavya you will need to use thied degree to make her speak.

Ragini: You people have no proof against me and without that you can’t even touch me.
Suk: Oh hello did this doctor become Mr. India.
Ragini: Who will believe him he himself is a criminal.
Manik: Right. Then maybe your self confession video would help.
Ragini shockingly: Video.
Atharv: Oh come on such a big revelation how is it possible without the most important member. Do you remember Khanna ji.
Suk shouts: Khanna uncle.
Khanna comes there: Yes Sukanya. All work is done.

Suk: Great that’s the reason I kept his name director uncle you see.
Doctor to Manik: Now give me my phone please.
Manik throws his phone to him.
Doctor being shocked: What is this you have taken all my money.
Manik: Thank god that we aren’t throwing you behind the bars. Now out.
All look on shocked seeing his attitude.
Meher murmurs: Genetic problem.
Abeer looks at her with puppy face while she returns a stern glare.

Pinky looks at a broken Shivaay and holds him: Look Shivaay I didn’t do anything I knew nothing.
Shivaay: But you knew that Anika and Abeer come searching for me every six months or so but you never let them meet me.
His words shock everyone but he gives a broken look and walks away.

To be continued….

Hi ? guts sorry for the delay but this is the second time I am writing this it got deleted before. Forgive me for delay.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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