@PART 31

Atharv knocks the door and enters the room. On seeing him Pinky smiles and takes him in a hug.
Pinky: My heera (diamond) grandson since the time you have come we didn’t spend time with each other.
Atharv smiles plainly: Ya granny we didn’t get much time together but today is party so let’s talk after that.
Pinky: I know that but still there are few minutes for that I want to talk something important.
Atharv nods: Say granny.
Pinky: Come sit with me.
Both sit on bed when Pinky holds Atharv’s hand.
Pinky: Atharv I didn’t want to tell this to you but after seeing you with that downmarket girl (Atharv gives confused look to her as he doesn’t get about whom she is saying) ary that Anika (he gets shocked hearing the way she addressed his mother still composes himself.) That girl is an omen the day she entered this house all bad is happening. You don’t know what happened 15 years back, she had ruined the happiness of this house, she had destroyed our happiness. You know she sat with your father feign as his bride he didn’t even know that. Your father had fallen for her but then that maharani (queen, saying in taunting manner) showed her real colours. She wanted to create drift in this house she had asked for partition. She even ruined the brothers relation. Now see she is back and yesterday only Shivaay faced such a huge problem. I am really scared for you (she says half cupping his face while he looks on emotionlessly and blankly at her). I am asking you to stay away from her.
Atharv finally finding his voice manages a slight murmur: But she is my mother.
Pinky gets angry hearing that but controls herself : Yes but you know she left you and went away. She had thrown you for some rich man. But now when she has no one to use she is back to trap your father and that too on your name. I am saying for your good and safety only. I am your grandmother and will never think wrong for you. So just stay away from her. After all you have all of us with you. Right.
Atharv nods and walks out aimlessly.
Ragini entering the scene from behind the door: Do you think this plan will work Pinky mom.
Pinky: Hmm… Obviously it is Pinky Singh Oberoi’s plan. Atharv is very sensitive it’s really easy to tame him and all these years I have tamed him so he will do as I say. Now I will throw that roadside garbage back on road.
She smirks while Ragini smiles.

Suk is walking while fighting with her earrings when she dashes into someone. She looks up and finds Atharv walking all aimlessly and being completely zooned out.
Suk snapping her fingers in front of him: Bhai…. Bhai…. (she shouts) BHAI….
Atharv looks at her confused.
Suk: Where are you lost bhai?
Atharv masking his face: No where.
Suk ignoring her thoughts forwards her earring: Help me with this bhai I am not able to do it.
Atharv nods and helps her with earring still thinking about Pinky’s words.
Suk curiously: Are you thinking about that doctor.
Atharv nods in no.
Suk: Look bhai if you are thinking about what that doctor said we will soon look into that matter. You need not to worry.
Atharv nods and passes a weak smile. While Suk is confused with his acts and worried too for her brother.

On the other side of corridor merely 12 inches from where the duo are standing Anika walks towards them but is stopped by Pinky on the way, while from far away in the corridor Shivaay is coming there.

Pinky: OMM, Teri toh aish hai. Loot le jitne maze lutne hai iss ghar me kuch dinon ki hi mehmaan hai bas. Iss ghaar se fir se dhake maar ke nikalun gi tujhe.
(OMM you are having good time in this house. Enjoy as much as you can I am going to throw you out of this house very soon.)
Anika: Ho Gaya apka. Matlab kabhi bhi kahin bhi. Halaat bhi nahi dekhti aap bas shuru ho jate ho.
(Are you done. You get started anywhere without seeing the situation or anything.)
Pinky: Waise tayaar toh hogayi hai tun par uska koi fayda nahi hai iss party me ek waiter ki aur Teri aukaat same hi hai. Koi difference nahi hai dono me. Waise koi drama maat karna niche warna tujhe Teri zajhaan dekhane me mujhe Waqt nahi lage Ga.
(You have got ready but that won’t make any difference in this party a waiter and your reputation is exactly same. Btw don’t you dear create any drama downstairs otherwise it won’t take me long to show you your place in this house.)
Anika: Please excuse me.
Saying that she walks towards Suk and Atharv who have heard the entire conversation.

Anika: Atharv, Suk where is Shivaay?
Atharv hugs her tightly shocking both the girls.
Anika caring his hair: Atharv what happened beta.
Atharv nods in no and tightens the hug while tears flow down his eyes. By this time Shivaay too joined the trio and is giving questioning and worried look. Suk shrugs her shoulder indicating she knows nothing about the matter. Shivaay cares Atharv’s hair and bending towards him slightly whispers in concerned voice.
Shivaay: What happened to my super man?
Atharv murmurs: Nothing.
Shivaay and Suk look worriedly at Anika while she nods them to relax after nearly 10 minutes, she pulls out of the hug and rubs Atharv’s tears.
Anika: Are you feeling better Atharv.
Atharv nods while sniffing.
Anika in same loving motherly tone: What happened? Why are you upset?
Atharv doesn’t answers but asks something initially Anika feels taken aback but composes herself.
Atharv: Promise me you won’t leave me ever again.
Anika getting more worried: What happened?
Atharv shrugs the question and forwards his hand: Promise me first.
Anika putting in all her assurance in her tone: Promise I won’t leave you ever again.
Atharv turns towards Shivaay: Promise me we all won’t get separated ever again papa.
Shivaay worriedly nods: Promise Atharv.
Atharv to Suk: Promise me doll you will always be with me no matter what.
Suk: But what happened bhai and why all of this all of a sudden.
Atharv: Just promise me.
Suk: Promise bhai.
Atharv again hugs Anika while she pacifies him worry being clearly painted on every single face.
Suk to change the mood: Why every one is getting emotional today. We aren’t here to cry so stop it bhai and stop making everyone worried.
Atharv cleans his face.
Shivaay pulls him towards himself: Are you okay.
Atharv nods.
Shivaay: Btw you have completely forgotten me after meeting your mom.
Anika smiles while Atharv chuckles and side hugs Shivaay.
Suk: I wish to say aww… But if we all don’t get our legs moving downwards then I am seriously going to yawn and then sleep.
Shivaay: Don’t you dear sleep it’s no easy work to wake you up.
All smile and ShivIka walk towards stairs when Anika turns back and passes a smile to Suk.
Shivaay: now what?
Anika: Actually we want to tell you something.
It’s then when Suk is reminded about what they had to talk actually.
Shivaay: Say.
Anika looks at Suk indicating her to speak, for which Suk initially shrugs off but on getting a glare from Anika starts with her well prepared speech.
Suk clearing her throat: Billu ji, you know about Swastika Enterprises.
Shivaay: Ya. I do.
Suk: Then you would be knowing that buddy is that companies C.E.O.
Shivaay nods, while Anika gives Suk a weird look and tries to interpret what her daughter is saying.
Suk: Then you would be knowing about it’s Event Management Branch too.
Shivaay sighing: Ya I do what with that Suk?
Suk: Do you know who is the head of that branch?
Shivaay: Ya Suk, that’s Miss. Ank. Now what about that.
Suk: Have you met her?
Shivaay: No Suk. Come to the point.
Suk dragging Anika in front of Shivaay: Then meet her.
Shivaay being irritated: Whom?
Anika forwards her hand: Hi I am Miss. Ank, Mr. Oberoi.

She says piercing the inner skin of her mouth with a tight smile. While Shivaay looks on shocked.
Shivaay: What the wuck?
Anika: Actually Shivaay when I entered business world through Swastika Enterprises I wanted to hide my identity unwilling to carry the same name and lineage pressure and all so Meher suggests this name. And ya that’s one of the reasons why you weren’t able to track me down.
Shivaay nods in disbelief.
Suk confirming: Angry…
Shivaay looks at her and confusingly nods in no for which Suk takes a sigh of relief while Atharv hugs Anika and kisses her.
Atharv: WOW that means you are the best business women in Asia.
Anika nods nervously as she looks back at Shivaay giving a scared tight smile. Shivaay nods in disbelief but then smiles: May I know why are you telling this to me and that to now.
Anika innocently: Because I didn’t want you to know this from anyone else.
Shivaay smiles and nods: Thank you.
He says that as a token of thanks because at least in her life even today he held the place in her priority list where he deserves to know things about her from her rather then anyone else. Soon four of them share a hug and then ShivIka leave downwards.

Atharv: Doll we won’t leave anyone who is responsible for separating our family.
Suk nods: Are you okay bhai.
Atharv: Much better. I was confused about something but now my confusion is cleared. I am not going to leave anyone.
Suk nods.
Shivaay turning back: We aren’t going to mail a separate invitation to you two so start walking.

Both nod and four of them descend down the stairs with each other as a picture perfect family. The Oberoi’s adore the bond of this newly completed family.
Anika whispers to Shivaay enough audible to Suk and Atharv: Shivaay.
Shivaay: Yup!
Anika: Shivaay the world should not know about our past life. Whatever happened is ours let not that be the reason for people to mock around.
Shivaay holding her hand comforting her: No one will ever know anything and none is allowed to point at our family.
The rest three smile at his assurance while he smiles back.

Finally they reach the Oberoi’s where dadi shoos the bad sight away, while Rudra and Anya mimic her act just to receive chuckles and a spat from dadi on their shoulder respectively.

Rudra hugging Shivaay: Bhaiya I am super happy today seeing Anika Bhabhi and you together.
Atharv poking Rudra: Chachu don’t we look good with them or dad has paid you to always praise him.
All chuckle.
Rudra: Second option is more convenient.
Om slaps his head playfully.
ShivKara: Shut up Rudra!
Rudra makes a puppy face while Om ignoring him hugs Shivaay.
Om whispers to Shivaay: So finally your story is completed Mr. Ishqbaaz.
Shivaay pulling out of the hug: Haan Om akhir dil khud aaye hi Gaya.
(Yes Om, finally heart has come on it’s own.)
He says reminding Om’s shayri that he had often said to which Om smiles patting his back.
All the Oberoi elders disperse to meet the guest while the kids sit together getting bored of the party.

Among the guest many were envious on seeing ShivIka together and rumours were set on fire about their relation name of Atharv and Sukanya is also leading the rumours.

Suk: Why the hell did we call the dj if only violin had to be played?
Manik: You must be knowing that after all you only called him.
Prateek: I am getting bored.
Manik and Atharv in unison shout: Shut up!
Anya: Why are you two shouting?
Atharv: Because him getting bored is danger alert signal.
Suk: Are you people planning to kill me with your stupid talks can’t we do something more of fun.
Atharv: Like?
Anya: What about dance.
All look towards the dance stage where few couples are dancing on slow motion music which is definitely not their taste so the thought was soon chucked off with making of ugly faces.
Amanat: Truth and dear.
Atharv mockingly: WOW great let’s rotate the bottle in the middle of party so that all glare us with their pierced looks.
All nod.
Krish: Dumbshraes.
Manik: Mr. Dumb don’t give dumb ideas.
Krish: Fine you only suggest.
Manik: I don’t think so we can play any game here.
Aditi: But we can talk.
Prateek: Take a breath di you keep talking entire day stay silent for some time.
Aditi smashes him on his arm for the absurd comment.
Naira: You people are useless I wish I had a better company.
All roll their eyes and give an unpleased look to her which she shrugs.

Amanat: Freak. Why are they here?
She says pointing at the door from where two men and two women enter dressed up in black formal tuxedo and saree respectively followed by two girl one is nearly 15 while other seems to be around 8 and a boy who is approximately 13 yrs old.
Sukanya sarcastically: Manik and Atharv seem to have got a good company.
Naira: I don’t know about them but I have definitely got one.
Saying that she walks towards the clan who just entered.
Amanat: Can I just run.
Atharv making faces: Why are you freaking out?
Manik: Ya it’s me who should run.
Three of them look at each other.
Aditi comments: Seems like hatred triangle is going on.
The rest chuckle.
Amanat: Samira, Samira Raichand she is a pain in head.
She says pointing at the 9 yrs old girl who is constantly smirking looking at Amanat to which she passes a fake smile.
Manik and Atharv together: Kiara.
Both look at each other and not in disbelief.
Atharv: Kiara Raichand 24/7 self praise radio. Has no work other then ogling around riches.
Manik: The only girl I want to kill have worse experience with her. God knows what mom had gained by making me talk to her in almost every party.
Suk: You both should me thankful to me and Aditi we have often saved you from her.
Both the boys nod.
Prateek: And there is my sister’s time pass boyfriend Virat Raichand. Both are the worst nightmare. I hate the duo.
Krish: But she is your sister.
Prateek: I wish she was like a sister.
Anya: Chill bro you have me I am your most smart most intelligent most innocent and best sister.
All smile hearing her.
Atharv: Add overacting too.
Anya glares him to which he smiles irritating her further.
Atharv: Anyways guys I am going to get some juice anybody interested.
Manik: Pomegranate.
Suk: Apple.
Anya: Kiwi.
Atharv: Sorry wrong question. I am going to get poison anybody interested.
Manik: No buddy you enjoy it on rocks.
Suk: Ya with some ice.
Atharv: Thank you.
All chuckle while he leave.

Suk: Guys I am getting bored.

Voice from back: Maybe not for long.

Both Manik and Suk become statue hearing the voice while the rest suspiciously look back. Suk and Manik exchange a confused look and in slow motion turn towards the voice only to get the shock of life.
Both in unison shout: Samantha!!!!
Samantha winks at the duo while placing her hands over her waist.
The duo run and hug her one by one.
Suk: What a surprise no shock Sammy. How come you here?
Samantha: Actually the deal Mr. Oberoi has signed is with my dad.
Manik: That’s great why didn’t you inform us that you are coming here.
Samantha: I wanted to surprise you guys but when I came here I saw both of you and I was surprised but then I think we all are surprised.
Three of them chuckle and then Suk introduces Samantha to her siblings whom she meets happily exchanging greetings.
A little time later.

Samantha walks upto ShivIka when duo were talking to each other and Atharv. Atharv gets shocked seeing Samantha there but the next words from Samantha swipe the floor beneath the trio’s leg.

Samantha to Shivaay, Anika and then Atharv: Namaste Sasur ji, Sasu ma aur pati dev.

Anika almost faints hearing her while Shivaay supports her who has almost lost control over the glass in his hands while Atharv spits the drink in his mouth being embarrassed to the the core.
Samantha gets shocked with their reaction but then continues.

Samantha: Kya hua mera Saar ke Sai.

She says in English accent with broken Hindi, giving heart attack to Atharv while, Anika is already in coma and Shivaay all he wants is to turn deaf at the moment. He couldn’t be a husband completely and here Samantha is making his father in law and above that her Hindi was a full torture which is a disaster but understandable.

OmRuRiYa come there and Samantha greets them: Namaste sausur ji’s and sasu ji’s.

All of them widen their eyes.
Om teasingly but still being in state of shock: Shivaay tune bataya nahi ki Atharv ne shaadi kar li.
(Shivaay you didn’t tell us that Atharv got married.)
Shivaay glares him.
Rudra: Nahi bhaiya hume koi problem nahi hai hum samajh sakte hain Baccha bahaar pala bhada hai par girlfriend tak toh thik tha itni jaldi shaadi. Underage nahi hogi.
(No brother we have no problem we can understand that he has grown up in foreign but girlfriend would have been okay, wife so soon it’s shocking. But isn’t Atharv underage.)
He says questioningly to Om who does the logic sign still not being able to overcome the state of shock.
Atharv being irritated and on seeing everyone look at him suspiciously, speaks irritated: Keep quite all of you. (turning to Samantha he continues while shouting dragging attention of the nearby but then he passes them an embarrassed smile to cover up) DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ARE YOU BLABBERING. (Samantha glares him to which he lowers his voice) What are you speaking Samantha. Please don’t speak Hindi as you are no less disaster in it.
Samantha glaring him curtly: Who are you to say that too me. A poor racist.

She emphasises at the last word while Atharv wonders what did he do to be called as a racist he smacks his head as he thought to find logic in Samantha’s words.

Atharv: Look Samantha I mean speak Hindi once you know meaning of every word correctly and you can pronounce them in a better accent.
Samantha: And who gave you this misunderstanding Mr. Oberoi that I am going to listen to you. Who are you?
She completes flickering her eye lashes upwards in a questioning manner.
Atharv being irked: Fine don’t listen to me hear your friend only and keep creating blunders.
The word friend reminds Atharv of two people making his blood boil, he looks in the alternate direction where he finds two people laughing at his expenses to his shock both of them were joined by his siblings now the things was crystal clear to him. Adding fuel to fire Anya and Krish come there with a flower in their hand and both present that to Samantha shocking the elders who think about the last time these kids have been so generous to them and answer was “NEVER”.
Anya and Krish together: This is for you Bhabhi.
Elders widen their already wide eyes while Atharv angers increases many folds he glares the little kids who make faces at him and soon try to leave.
Atharv: Get your master mind you two.
Krish pretending as he is oblivion of what Atharv is speaking: What are you talking about?
Atharv bending to his level: Just get the duo.
He says dangerously to which both Krish and Anya get scared and run from there.
Anika: Why are you talking to them like this? Who knew that my son would make me mother in law so soon.
Gauri looking at Samantha: Waise chiriya to yeh bohaat hi sundaar he.
(Btw this girl is really nice.)
Om mockingly: Haan ek kaam karo le jao usse ghaar me aarti kar lo uski.
(Ya right take her in home and welcome her with full pop and show.)
Gauri taking his words seriously walks towards Samantha but gets pulled back by Om himself who pats his own head.

Soon laughing clan reaches there.

Atharv: You idiots what did you make Samantha do?
Suk innocently: What did I make her do????
Samantha: One second, what did I do? You are such an irritating nuts Atharv.
(turning to Shivaay) you only tell…. Sa…. Sau…aaaaa… Sasur ji what did I do?
Shivaay stands like a statue for him all are aliens in front of him right now. While kids giggle.
Anika: Samantha… Right.
Samantha nods.
Anika: Dear do you know the meaning of sasur ji, sasu ma and pati dev.
Samantha proudly: Of course I know. Sasur ji mean uncle, sasu…sasu ma means aunty and pati dev means friend.
Anika looks on in disbelief and nods her head in disagreement making Samantha scared.
Samantha: What? What does it mean then?
Shivaay: Sasur ji means father in law.
Samantha widen her eyes understanding the blunder she created a while ago.
Anika: Sasu ma means mother in law.
Atharv: And pati dev means husband.
Samantha cups her face with both her hands scratching her cheeks as she comes to know about the real meaning her eyes become ablaze hearing Suk and Manik laugh who were the reason for this blunder.
Atharv comments: Now be with doll only.
Samantha slaps him on shoulder.
Samantha to Suk: What the hell Suk?
Suk makes a puppy face and blinks her eyes: You only said that now you are here so I won’t get bored.
Samantha: That no where means you will prank me and that to in front of Atharv’s parents (she whispers) what will they be thinking about me now.
Anika who hears that smiles: Don’t worry Samantha (holding Suk’s ear) we know very well who did all this.
Suk wincing dramatically: Ouch….. Mumma…. Bhai save me (Atharv gives a royal ignore to her pleads) billu ji save me from your jungle billi.
Shivaay also doesn’t hears her pleads as she had again pranked him and that too in the same way although he was loving it but felt a little bad for Suk’s ear but he ignores it seeing his Lady don.
Suk complains: Sabhi ke sabhi ek no. ke gadaar Ho.
(You all are traitors.)
Saying that she frees her ear and runs towards the door.
Atharv squeaks from back: I will settle the scores.
Suk looks at him and shows her tongue when she hits someone. Cursing her fate she turns but soon smiles.
Suk: Hye Mr. Ghost.
Mr. Ghost ?: Hye devil! What’s up?
Suk: Roof.
Mr. Ghost: And fool down.
Suk narrows her eyebrows on being called a fool but clever, she is: Oh never mind I understand you are habitual of beating your own drum.
Mr. Ghost: Aww…. Devil do you expect award for such a pj.
Suk: Oh not at all. Well what are you doing here?
Mr. Ghost correcting his collar: I am guest here and not waiter like you.
Suk: Oh Mr. Guest, I am host.
Mr. Ghost: That’s why you suck my blood.
Suk punches him to which he shows his tongue.
Mr. Ghost: If you are here definitely Ank will also be here. Where is she?
Suk: Find her yourself I am not your servant.
Mr. Ghost: Well never mind.
He looks around and on tracing Anika he walks to her and then hugs her which is noticed by Shivaay he gets angry but controls remembering the last time when he was mistakenly going to punch Sahil.

Shivaay to Abeer: Who is that man?
Abeer: Who?
Shivaay pointing at the man with Anika: That man with Anika.
Abeer looks at the man and smiles: A.C.P. Adhiraj Shekhawat, he is quite a close friend of Anika. But why are you asking.
Shivaay still looking at Adhiraj with curt look: Nothing just like that.
Abeer nods understanding his jealosy.
Shivaay again: What is he doing with Suk?
Abeer: I said he is close friend of Anika so he is like a friend to bunny too.
Shivaay after another few minutes: How much close friend?
Abeer chuckles inwardly: Very close.
Shivaay nods and after another few minutes: Since when do they know each other.
Abeer: Umm… Many years.
Shivaay nods.
Abeer: Btw why are you asking and why taking so much interest in that.
Shivaay glaring Adhiraj with whom Anika is laughing: Nothing.
Abeer: All okay.
Shivaay gritting his teeth still looking at the scene: Perfectly okay.
Abeer: Btw you were going to make some important announcement what was that.
Shivaay smiles remembering that: You will get to know.
Abeer nods.

Prateek gets someone to the kids party.
Atharv: Namaste Kamini dadi.
Kamini: God bless you.
Atharv: Sukanya, Manik she is Prateek and Naira’s dadi, Kamini dadi.
Duo take blessings from her.
Kamini: Atharv beta where is your Pinky dadi I have some work with her.
Prateek: Don’t worry dadi come with me I will take you to her.
The duo leave.
Manik: Kamini, I think so I have heard this name somewhere before.
Suk: I too think so.
Atharv: There are so many people with same name stop straining your little brains.
Manik: Very big pj dude.

At other side.
Kamini to Pinky: Why your face is so dull? Oh bringing back your bahu again in this family. How much efforts you have made to keep her away but see all got drained in water.
Pinky: OMM now you need not give me your gyan I know what I shall do and what not. Above that Anika coming back in this house is impossible.
Kamini: Not bad you still imagine things Pinky.
Pinky: Shuts up. Enjoy the party after all people like you don’t get enough opportunity to come to such high class parties.
Saying that she leaves.

Shivaay to Anika: Are you ready.
Anika: Ready for what Shivaay?
Shivaay: Umm… You will know that soon. Are you getting bored here.
Anika: No why.
Shivaay holding her hand: No if you are getting bored we can go somewhere else and spend quality time.
He says in a way that he means it.
Anika blushes and takes her hand away: Stop it Shivaay.
Shivaay: Fine if not away then let’s dance.
Anika: No I am not dancing.
Shivaay pulling her along: Come on we make perfect partners.
Anika: How come.
Shivaay putting his one hand around Anika’s waist pulls her closer while with his other hand he entangles it with her another hand and starts slow dancing: Remember khaye ke paan Banaras.
Anika chuckles.
Anika: Of course kanji ankhoon wale bagad bille.
Shivaay: Khidkitod Anika.
Shivaay rotates Anika.
Anika: How amazing those days were.
Shivaay sensing her being upset: Anika I promise our future will be even more amazing.
Anika smiles and keeps her hand on his chest and rests her head there, while Shivaay holds her waist firmly and both move on the music slowly.

After a while Shivaay leaves Anika and occupies the central stage.

Shivaay: Ladies and gentlemen May I have your attention please. (All look at him.) Firstly thank you so much guys for joining us and making the eve really special. (All clap). Well to make this night even more beautiful and remember able I want that lady standing on the dance floor in navy blue gown (pointing at Anika, who gets shocked) to join me.
Shivaay nods and mouths a please. Anika walks upto him and he taking her hand escorts her to the middle of the stage.
Shivaay: Well many of you may know her as Mrs. Oberoi.
A media man stops him in between: Sir, isn’t she Miss. Ank the Queen of event management in Asia.
Shivaay: Well you are right in that case.
He says with a proud smile.
Another media man: Didn’t you both get separated years back.
Shivaay: I was coming to that only. We did separate for the world years back. Sorry had to do that divorce drama but the reality is we never got separated. My wife Anika (he says pressing Anika’s hand) was being threatened and as we were expecting at that time (many people gasp hearing that) so I thought it would be better to keep her out of all this business world thing. Very few know her as Miss. Ank and that was because she had to hide her identity for the same cause. But now after such a long time there is no reason for us to worry and because of that few things remained undone. So today to do those undone things I would like to take the first.
He looks at Anika and coming close to her he looks into her eyes making her widen her eyes to which Shivaay smiles.
Shivaay: Anika, I could never full fill your dream of giving you a good fancy wedding and now when we are going to complete some 15 years of our marriage WILL YOU RE MARRY ME.
Anika looks at him and whispers: Didn’t we really get divorced.
Shivaay whispers back: We were never divorced.
Anika smiles and then looks at him while he smirks.
Anika takes the mike: So Mr. Oberoi you want to give me a fancy wedding.
Shivaay nods.
Anika: Then for getting a yes from me you got to give me a fancy proposal.
Shivaay looks on shocked while Oberoi’s and Malhotra’s clap and hoot for Anika.
Shivaay cribs: That’s not fair.
Anika whispers: Hiding that we aren’t divorced wasn’t also fair enough Mr. Oberoi.
Rudra from down the stage: Come on Bhaiya do that it’s about Oberoi’s respect.
Shivaay nods and sighs getting his breath in control.
Shivaay: So which type of proposal do you want.
Anika: Lo ab ye bhi mai bataun.
(Come on now this should also be told by me.)

Shivaay nods in disbelief and then looks at his last hope towards his kids who were having fun at his expenses with all their starters. He gives them a pleading look.
Finally, feeling pity at his condition Suk and Atharv message him two different ideas and poor soul is again in a fix to use which out of the two. But finally he comes up with a collaborated idea.
The screen at the back is set where one by one ShivIka memories from past are displayed. Shivaay comes in front and holds Anika’s hands the lights in hall are dimmed.

Shivaay: I promise you Anika that even when you will turn old and have white hair and I will be still a heart throb of girls (Anika gives him ‘oh really look to which Shivaay chuckles and nods) I will be by your side even then.
Anika smiles.
Shivaay: I promise to uphold your respect till the last breath of my life. (Anika looks on annoyed with his words but then he presses her hands in assurance.) Your respect will always be my priority. You were, you are and you will always be Anika the Khidkitod Anika.
Anika smiles as her eyes tear up but Shivaay rubs her tears.
Shivaay: I promise that from now on whatever will come our way we will fight it together and I will never leave you, never.
Anika places her hand on his chest being emotional while he holds her hand.
Shivaay: I promise you that our kids will always be happy. They will learn about life holding our hands we will be always there for them.
Both look at Atharv and Suk, as Atharv is teary and Suk is controlling her tears and Atharv side hugs Suk.
Shivaay: And….
Anika looks at him and repeats as the silence goes on for too long: And…
Shivaay comes near to hear while Anika skips a breath: I HAVE FULL FAITH ON YOU.
Anika smiles.
Before moving back he whispers to Anika: I LOVE YOU.
Only Anika hears that and Shivaay tugs her hair strand behind her ears. Anika keeps looking at him while he looks everywhere but Anika.
Anika: Yes.
Shivaay being shocked looks at her: What?
Anika: Yes. I promise that I will keep your pride that’s in your family.
Shivaay lips: Our family.
Anika smiles: Our family. I will never let you down and our families respect will always be my priority.
Shivaay smiles.
Anika continues: I promise that we will always be together till every second of our life.
I promise we will raise our kids with utmost love and care and will be their support through out our lives.
We were, we are and we will always be ENTWINED BY FAITH.
Shivaay smiles brightly looking at her and waiting for her to continue.
Anika smiles seeing his excitement but ends up: Yes I will marry you again.
Shivaay smiles as she smirks.
Shivaay: Thank you that you didn’t do my chop in front of everyone.
All laugh hearing that.
Shivaay: Anyways now I will like to introduce our kids to you all.

With that both Atharv and Sukanya walk on the stage few clap seeing the happy family, while few are jealous and some are irritated but Ragini and Pinky look on with hatred but the rest of Oberoi and Malhotra clans happiness can not be expressed in words, today words fall less for explaining their elation they can neither stop smiling nor clapping it was one of the happiest days in history of their family that had arrived after so many years. Their faces were glowing in love for all the four. They were more happy then the family on the stage.

Shivaay smiling at his brothers who aren’t ready to spear a second to let him speak but finally the stop clapping so that Shivaay can continue: I will like to introduce you all to Atharv Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Sukanya Shivaay….
Sukanya corrects him: Sukanya Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
She completes her name looking at him and he looks at her eyes with pride making her smile in satisfaction.
Shivaay: So let me introduce my daughter Sukanya Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika’s eyes tear up listening to the duo and Shivaay’s acceptance makes her believe that he is a MAN OF WORDS. Atharv nods in disbelief with a huge bright smile it’s not easy to digest two SSO’s at a time but only two ASSO’s can do that one for each you see.

Revelation in a go.

(You all can take a breath of relief now. Hehehe…)

Sorry for being super late not your mistake but what to do tests and all keep me pre occupied.

Target: 100 votes 70 comments.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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