Hi ? guys. In this epi I have tried something new. Sahil’s story is explained in lyrical form. So read the songs you will understand everything and hopefully you guys like it too.

Sahil’s role will be played by Parth Samthaan popular as Manik Malhotra from kiase yeh yariyaan.
Varinda Khana Sahil’s love interest will be played by Sanyukta of sadda haq.
Well I found them to be most apt character sorry as I couldn’t take up all the suggestions. Still if you guys want me to give it another thought give me good suggestions too.

@PART 11


Amanat wearing a kurta pyjama with a duppata (stole) in form of a turban around her head, with a small moustache comes and stands in middle of the hall and mimicking the manly tone speaks.

Amanat: Meharbaan kadardan zara dil thaam ke baithiye aapke samne paish karne ja rahe hai hum…

(Respected guests of honour, today we are going to present in front of you…)

Before she completes Anya in same costume as Amanat comes in a rush and hits her.

Anya: Sorry sorry sorry.
Amanat: It’s okay.

Everybody chuckles at their cuteness.

Anya: Ya where were we.
Amanat hits her and whispers: Change your tone buddhu.
Anya bites her tongue cutely.
Anya: Sorry. So paish hai aap sabke samne dil lalcha dena wali Prem katha.
(Sorry. So we are going to present you a heart throbbing love story.)
Amanat: Jiska zikr hoga itihaas ke pannon main.
(Whose mention will be made in history for ages.)

Sahil nods his head in disbelief hearing their over dramatic ways.

Anya and Amanat together: Toh paish hai kahani ek khoobsurat ladki ki aur ek handsome ladke ki.
(So we present you all a beautiful story of a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.)

{In entire play Sukanya acts as Varinda (Sahil’s love interest) and Manik as Sahil.}

Next Advik is seen sitting on a chair with a hat on his head a black and white suit and he is holding a stick, he is dressed up like Charlie Chaplin. He looks up and removing his hat throws it towards Sahil but it didn’t land at right place so he bites his tongue and then giving a cheeky smile and clearing his throat sings.

We want aa wonderful wow wait wait
You see the whole country of the system iss just
Opposition by the dev glowing
Because you are sapasticared by ralaratio
Intav seekeseshan by the tumesher are they.

All together: WHAT???

Advik sticks his tongue out and scratches his hair blinking his eyes and then bites his nails making everyone laugh with his acts.

Manik as Sahil comes from his back in similar outfit but not exactly the Charlie Chaplin look:
My name is anthony gonsalves, mai dooniya me akela hun

(he says making a sad face and then sings cheerfully)

Dil bhi hai khali ghar bhi hai khali, isame rahegi koyi kismat wali

(He makes a heart from his hand followed by a house and then swings his body holding the stick stable. While Anya and Amanat walk from opposite sides and come and stand one at each side of Manik.)

Hay jise meri yad aaye jab chahe chali aaye

(He goes to Anika and kissing her cheeks sings)

Hay jise meri yad aaye jab chahe chali aaye

(He then walks to Meher and kisses her cheeks but at the end receives two cushions one from Shivaay and another from Abeer and then he falls down as if he is hit by a great strom making everyone laugh at his antics.)

Rupnagar premagali kholi nambar 420
My name is………….

(Then getting up he straightens his hat and speaks his address.)


Advik comes back to scene and speaks scratching his hear: You see such experiment, sasamstas for the extra bangle.

All: WHAT???

Then Sukanya comes holding an umbrella wearing a frock in retro style and Manik acts like his eyes popped out and continues dreamily.

Manik: Abhi abhi isi jagah pe ik ladki dekhi hai
Are dekhi hai, aji dekhi hai
Abhi abhi isi jagah pe ik ladki dekhi hai
Are dekhi hai, aji dekhi hai

(He says looking at Sukanya who smiles and waves in response.)

Jo mujhe ishare karti hai, par kisi se shayad darti hai

(He says glaring at Shivaay who fakes a frown.)

Are darti hai, aha darti hai uff

Pyar karegi kya darnewali, meri banegi koyi himmatwali

(Sukanya pouts hearing him and he falls on the floor smiling holding his heart and everyone laughs seeing the scene.)

Advik: You se the quiet piscent of the lending iss inject
Oppositio by the glowing ermeshpiyarik
Prisoner iss the country today

All: WHAT?

Amanat & Anya:
Track change…

{Song changes and now Manik comes in black pants with white shirt while Sukanya is standing fiddling on her phone clicking selfies wearing a one piece.}

Manik snatches her phone while she tries getting it from him and the track plays and Manik mouths the words:

Pal do pal kaa yeh safar, pal do pal kaa sath

(All the while the snatch game continues and Sukanya shows him angry face. But he continues his teasing session.)

Hamne hanskar aapse yuhee kar lee bat

(Manik pulls Sukanya from her hand and then twirls with her irritating her. Finally Sukanya snatches mobile and starts walking away while Manik follows her like a flirt and She shows attitude to him.
Manik holding Sukanya’s scarf puts it around her waist and then pulls her and by that she falls (not actually but as a dancer she can show that easily) while Manik continues teasing her.)

Aapne kya samjha ke ho gayi bin badal barsat hoye
Oye hoye hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne
Hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne

(Sukanya looks at him pissed off and angrily then she gets up rubbing her elbow and with a jerk turns Manik towards herself.)

Pal do pal kaa yeh safar pal do pal kaa sath

Manik smiles at her.

Pal do pal kaa yeh safar pal do pal kaa sath

Sukanya smirking at him angrily continues and dances to irritate Manik:

Hamne hanskar aapse yuhee kar lee bat
Aap lekar aa gaye mere ghar barat
Oye hoye hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne
Hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne

Manik: What did I do?

Sukanya gives him ‘Don’t act innocent ‘ look and sings while showing attitude and dancing around him showing her anger:

Aap naa mano aapke dil me hai chor
Ek ladkee ko chhedna kaa matlab kya hai aur

(Sukanya goes to Anika and Meher and making him remember how he kissed her sings to Shivaay and Abeer who glare Manik angrily.)

Mang rahe ho dil aise jaise mange khairat

Sukanya dances on the following words with Rudra who happily accompanies her:

Oye hoye hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne
Hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne

Pal do pal kaa yeh safar, pal do pal kaa sath
Hamne hanskar aapse yuhee kar lee bat

Manik innocently holds Sukanya’s hand and sings:

Aao karle dostee gussa chhodo yar
Ham dono me ek din ho sakta hai pyar
Aao karle dostee gussa chhodo yar
Ham dono me ek din ho sakta hai pyar

Arre naa din aayega aisa, naa aayegee woh rat
Hadh kar dee aapne, hadh kar dee aapne

Manik as Sahil: What’s your problem?
Sukanya as Varinda (Sahil’s love interest): You are my problem you are a flirt, arrogant and you only know how to use people.



Fast forward…



Advik: So the story goes like after Varinda misunderstood Sahil she didn’t talk to him and he also didn’t follow her. He was heartbroken not because she wasn’t with him but because she thought him to be a cheap person. So one fine day she sees his beautiful side and then after talking to her friend she understands she was too harsh in judging Sahil so she decides to pacify him.
(While he speaks the scenes were being played by Sukanya & Manik.)


Sukanya as Varinda: Sorry Sahil I am sorry.
Manik as Sahil: Excuse me do I know you.

Saying this he begins to move making Sukanya/Varinda upset but then she comes up with an idea.

Sukanya/Varinda sings:

Kudee Kanwaree Tere

Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Manik/Sahil looks at her shocked, while she comes and with her finger pushes his face down:

Aise Nazar Kar

Nichche Nichche Nichche Nichche

Manik/Sahil removes her hand and walks a little while she sings:

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Sukanya comes and holds her ears and at time joins her hands:

Mai tun Galtee Ho Gayi Ok,

Mainu Maaf Kar De Ok,

Ainve Chhad Ke Na Ja, Aa Ja Aa Ja Ok,

Kudee Kanwaree Tere

Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Aise Nazar Kar

Nichche Nichche Nichche Nichche

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Manik/Sahil harshly to Sukanya/Varinda:

By the Way What’ S Your Problem,

By the Way Tumhein Kya Karna Hai

Sukanya/Varinda teasingly:

By the Way Kuch Vade Karne Hain,

Unhein Poora Karna Hai

Sang Jeena Hai Sang Marna Hai

Manik/Sahil with same attitude:

To Karo Na Jo Karna Hai,

Don’t Bother Me,

Sukanya as Varinda:


Manik as Sahil nods. To make him jealous Sukanya as Varinda dances with others. Like here in the scene Sukanya first dances with Abeer, then Rudra followed by Om and finally Shivaay. But her words are for Manik/Sahil only.:

Resham Si Zulfein Behakee Nigahe,

Tujhko Bulaaye Yara Tu Chal

Teri Safar Ki Main Humsafar Hu,

Mere Sanam Mere Saath Chal

Thamke Banh Meri

Samajh Le Ki Yara Koyi Lagta Nahin Hai Mujhe Tujhse Pyara

Mera Chain Chura Ke Na Ja,

Aise Na Ja Aa Ja Aa Ja .

Manik still ignores her so she goes and pulls him asking forgiveness all the while:

Tere Sapno Ki Rani Hoon Mai,

Jaate Kahan Hai Soniye,

Kudee Kanwaree Tere

Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe Pichchhe

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Aise Nazar Kar

Nichche Nichche Nichche Nichche

Jaata Kahan Hai Soniye

Manik pushes her and she falls.


Amanat: Finally he realises his mistake of being harsh and as Varinda was really sorry for her act so he forgives her.

Advik: Then what they became friends.

Amanat: And friendship is the first step to

Advik, Amanat and Anaya: LOVE.


Sukanya and Manik finally dance on a song together:
kitna pyara hai ye pyar pyara pyara
hua hai pahli bar hota hai ek bar fir na hoga ye dobara

Manik goes and forwards his hand to Meher for a dance, while Sukanya forwards her hand for Shivaay, Amanat forwards her hand to Om, Anya goes to Rudra and Advik to Gauri all of them come in centre and dance for the two lines:

haye mera dil chura ke le gaya churane wala mera katil

haye mera dil chura ke le gayi churane wali meri katil

Sukanya goes and brings Anika and gives her hand in Shivaay’s hand, while he takes it and both share an eye lock and start to dance slowly, while Amanat and Advik rotate their parents and they collide to each other and RiKara start their slow dance and Abeer joins Meher while Rudra brings Bhavya to dance with him while music plays in background:

ye dil tujhpe aaya hai aate aate

darde dil to jata hai jate jate

(ShivIka look in each other’s eyes as the above line playa the words were depiction of their life. They want to tell each other so much but words didn’t reach their mouth all both of them want right now is that the other one reads their feeling in their eyes.)

jage hai soye hai hum dono khoye hai

(RiKara look into each other’s eyes while Om lovingly creases Gauri’s cheeks and she looks down as her cheeks turn red with the glare of Om.)

kaisi tanhai hai masti si chhai hai ye mausam hai pyar ke kabil

(Rudra kisses Bhavya’s cheeks without coming in anyone’s notice and winks at her while she hits his chest and smiles shyly.)

haye mera dil chura ke le gayi churane wali meri katil

(All of them rotate their partners and then dance slowly looking in each others eyes.)

They all share eye lock as the lights goes dim and finally stop dancing hearing loud applause from everyone.

Manik: Waah! What a moment.
In meanwhile Sahil tries sneaking out but OmRu hold him, while Sahil’s legs are golded and hands entangled one with Om and other with Ru as they pick him and bring him to their Bhabhi.

{Kitne aache dewaar hai. Nazaar na lag jaye kisi ki ??? }

Anika holds Sahil’s ear and twists it making everyone laugh at his condition. Shivaay puts his hand on Sahil’s shoulder without helping him.
Sahil: SSO ask your Jhansi ki Rani to leave my ears.
Shivaay looks at Anika who glares him and then Shivaay looks back at Sahil and nod no and whispers.
Shivaay: I look good in one piece only.
Sahil: Nothing can happen of you.
Anika: Now tell me everything about her.
Sahil: Bata toh diya aapki beti ne ek no. ka chalta firta dhol hai yeh ladki, majal hai kuch reh jaye iske pait me.
(Your daughter has already spilled all the beans what’s left to say now. She is just like a drum can’t keep any secret.)

Sukanya becomes angry and comes in front of him and pushing him with her finger speaks: Ek toh Maine aapki madat ki.
Pata hai na ki VM ne aapko sirf do din ka time diya tha mummy se baat karne ka. Apme toh itni Si bhi himaat nahi hai ki aap mummy ke aage muh khol lo muh par toh jaise silencer laga hua hai na. Aur upar se agar Maine help ki Jo ki aapne hi mangi thi uske baad bhi aapko problem hai.
Aur Vo kya keh rahe the aap mujhe.

(At first place I helped you.
Moreover do you remember VM has given you only two days to tell everything to mumma and you are such a big coward you can’t even say a word in front of mom. And above all if I am helping you and that too on your request and then also you have problem. And what did you call me.)

Manik from behind: Dhol.
Sahil glares him.

Sukanya: Haan dhol. Dhol lagti hun mai aapko.
Aur kya mera pait me.
(Yes you called me drum do I look like a drum to you.
And what else did you say about me.)

Advik: Apke pait me koi baat nahi pachti.
(You can’t keep any secret.)

Sukanya: Haan mera pait mai kuch nahi pachta.
Apko toh mujhe thank you bolna chahiye. Chocolate deni chahiye, party deni chahiye. Chocolate world lekar Jana chahiye. Ulta aap mujhe hi khari khoti suna rahe ho. Kya pati ban na hai ke daily soap wali saas. Nahi decide kar lo harkatein toh aapki bilkul waise hain.

(Ya you can’t keep any secret.
You should say thanks to me. You should give me chocolate, take me to chocolate world but no you are here throwing tantrums at me.
Decide what you want to become a husband or mother in law of daily soaps who keeps taunting her daughter in law.)

Sahil: Shaant ho ja meri ma shaant ho ja. Maaf kar de mujhe. Thank you so much ke tune meri help ki aur tun jahan kahe gi ma tujhe wahan le jaunga par aab chup ho ja gussa mat kar.
(Calm down dear and thank you so much for helping me. I promise to take you where you ask me to take you but please don’t get angry.)
Sukanya: Nope. You…
Before she continues with her ranting Shivaay closes her mouth to utmost relief of Sahil.
Sahil: Thank you SSO.
While Sukanya tries to get rid of his hold but he is very strong for her to even get rid so she gives in.

Anika: So tell me everything about her.
Sahil: Di… Vo… Actually.
Sukanya raises her hand.
Anika: Is it a classroom Suk.
Suk nods.
Anika: Say.
Suk shows Shivaay hand and Anika asks him to remove.
Sukanya: I have answer of your every question.
Manik comments: I wish you were this efficient in class too.

Everybody giggles.
Sukanya: If I wasn’t efficient in class then till today you would have been in 2nd standard only.
All burst out laughing.
Anika: Okay before you guys get on with fight tell me about the girl.
Sahil: Why she is Sukanya, her job resume.
Sukanya: No I am her matrimonial bio data any problem.
She shows him her tongue and so does he.
Anika: Now speak.
Sukanya adjusts her throat.

Name: Varinda Rathore.
Age: 24 yrs.
Blood group: AB+
Height: 4’4″
Eye colour: Brown
Hair: Long, black and silky.
Languages known: Hindi, English, Marathi and French.
Qualification: M. Com.
Profession: Image Consultant.
Presently she has her own office in New York but soon shifting to India. Belongs to Rathore family from Mumbai itself. She lives in a joint family including her dadi Mrs. Sangeeta Rathore, her dadu Mr. Rajveer Singh Rathore, her father Mr. Surayaansh Rathore, her mother Mrs. Nandita Rathore, her Chachu (uncle) Mr. Ranvijay Rathore her chachi (aunty) Mrs. Samiksha Rathore, she has a real brother Abhimanuy Rathore and one cousin brother Naksh Rathore and one cousin sister Manya Rathore. Her father and chachu have a big name in business world but she is independent. Her mom is a social worker along with her chachi.

By the end everyone is looking at her in disbelief.

Anika gaining her scenes: Is that all or anything left.
Manik: Ya. Sukanya you didn’t tell her birth time, in which hospital she was born, which doctor brought her in this world, how many nurses were there in the hospital.
All laugh while Sukanya hits him.
Sukanya: Shut up you idiot.
Shivaay: I know Rathore family we have professional relation with them. If Sahil wants we can talk to them in a day or two.
Sahil smiles happily and hugs Shivaay.
Sahil: Thank you SSO.

(he then turns to Anika) di what about you.
Anika: First show me her pic.
Sahil shows Varinda’s photo to Anika and she smiles seeing her.
Anika: She is beautiful, even seems to be smart then how come she agreed to be with you.
Sahil makes a puppy face while all laugh at his expense.
Abeer: Beta Sahil aab toh adat daal lo abhi tak toh sirf hum sab tumhari taang khich rahe hain shaadi ke baad tujhe Teri biwi sidha karegi.
(Sahil get habitual of all this till now only we are teasing after marriage your wife will get you on track.)

After a while of discussion they all leave to room and dadi stops Abeer, Meher and Manik on Sukanya’s secret request as she really needed them as a support.

Sukanya in SSO style. ?

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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