@PART 10…

Everybody is chilling sitting in the shed while Anika is at some distance from them attending a call.
A boy comes from behind and holding her waist swings her around. Anika initially gets scared but as soon as the person puts her down and she sees the face of the person her face gets adorned with a broad smile and she hugs the person tightly.

Person loud enough for Shivaay to hear as he had come really close to them: How are you darling?

Shivaay is all burning in rage for the action of the man and the word “DARLING” is just like fuel in fire. Anika ruffles hair of that person and kisses his cheeks and this is it for the Fire Singh Oberoi he just goes to the duo and holds the man by the collar and throws him on the floor and is about to punch that person but person gets shocked seeing him and covers his face as he sees the punch being aimed at him.

Person: SSO.

Shivaay stops as soon as the words register in his head and he gets shocked he stands back normally for few seconds and after recovering from his shock forwards his hand for the person to get up.

Shivaay: SAHIL.

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Sahil: Any doubts.
He says with a cheeky smile. Shivaay nods in no.
Shivaay: You have grown up to be such a handsome man.
Sahil: Thank you. But when did this happen.
Sukanya who came with everyone to control SSO who was in rage answers his queries.
Sukanya: Last night.
Sahil: So you knew it.
Sukanya smiling sheepishly: Any doubts baby.
Sahil: So you pranked me.
Sukanya nods making a puppy face.
Sukanya: I really wished that you would have got a punch ? at least.
Sahil with raised eyebrows: Really.
Shivaay: So you pranked both of us.
Sukanya nods with puppy eyes, while Shivaay and Sahil look at each other and then Sukanya who runs to get saved from both as they chases her. As they reach the shore both Sahil and Shivaay hold her and throw her in the water.
While from behind Advik pushes Shivaay and Krish pushes Sahil in the water.
Sukanya laughs at them seeing their shocked faces: Bhai hon toh aise Hon.
(Brothers shall be like this only.)
Shivaay: Oh really. But no brothers should be like I have.
With this splash and OmRu throw the two boys in water.
Shivaay: OmRu remember.
Om: What?
Shivaay: One for all, all for one.
Rudra: How can we forget that bhaiya.
Saying this Rudra holding Om’s hand jumps in water to utter shock of Om while the rest burst out laughing.
Anya: Papa even I want to come in.
Rudra: Come Anya.
He helps her to get in while Om brings Amanat.
Anika,Bhavya, Gauri, Meher and Abeer come there while rest jump in water.
Sahil excitedly: Hi Abeer bhaiya.
Abeer: Hi Sahil.
Sahil comes to hug him but both trip and fall in water.
Abeer sarcastically: Great job Sahil.
Sahil laughs: Thank you bhaiya.
Rudra: Girls do we need to give a separate invitation to you to come in.
Manik: Let’s write a letter.
Sukanya: Manik you should be awarded with PJ master of the year.
Manik: Pleasure is all mine.
OmRu and Abeer get their respective partners in.
Sukanya: Mumma come in please.
Anika: No Suk you enjoy.
Suk looks at Shivaay with puppy eyes pleading him, who finally comes out while all hoot for them making the duo embarrassed.

Anika begins to walk away but Shivaay stops her holding her hand.

Shivaay: Come in the water for everyone.
Anika: No I am okay here.
Shivaay: Anika stop with your tadi.
Anika: I am not showing tadi and for your information you are tadibaaz not me.

Rudra pats his head: Yaar when will they stop fighting.
Om: Never.

Shivaay: So I am tadibaaz right.
Anika nods.
Shivaay: Fine then.
Saying so he scoops her and throws her in water. Anika looks on shocked as he also comes in water. Both stear at each other and then Shivaay doing his SSO hair move walked passed her.
All of them start playing in water.
Rudra: One second.
Om: What?
Rudra: Sahil your legs are fine.
Sahil dramatically: Haww no I became a magician.
Sukanya: What had happened to your leg mamu.
Sahil: Nothing devil.
He says smiling at Oberoi’s who look shocked at him.

After enjoying in water all come back to shed while few leave to get changed.
Shivaay: Sahil.
Sahil: Ya SSO.
Shivaay: Aren’t you angry over me.
Sahil: Nopes.
Shivaay nervously-cum-suspiciously: Why? When I had promised you that I will always take care of your sister and I didn’t fulfil that promise. Why aren’t you angry?
Sahil looks at Shivaay with a constant smile.
Sahil: May be because I know you more than others.
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Sahil smiles at him and saying a last word moves away: You will know it soon.
He leaves Shivaay in total confusion but he gets distracted by a call, the caller id brings a wide smile on his face and he picks it up.
Shivaay to P.O.C.: So finally Mr. Got time to call me. How are you champ?
P.O.C.: I am good and sorry I already told you why I won’t be able to call you and now you are throwing tantrums at me not fair at all.
Shivaay: Okay okay relax I just asked casually, so what are you plans my boy.
P.O.C.: I will be coming to India soon. What’s say?
Shivaay: Come soon I am waiting for you.
P.O.C.: Shall I think you are missing me.
Shivaay: Hye don’t try being cute with me doesn’t suits you.
P.O.C.: Nor you.
Both chuckle.
Shivaay: So how did your exams go?
P.O.C.: Exams got over yesterday and I have talked to your P.A. He will do the last minute formalities at school. After this am I allowed to stay with you please.
Shivaay: After this I am not going to send you anywhere so just be with me and I have few things to tell you.
P.O.C.: What things?
Shivaay: You come here then we will discuss.
P.O.C.: Hello Mr. Suspense Setter Singh Oberoi why do you first speak if you don’t want to disclose the entire matter.
Shivaay: Mr. Curious Singh Oberoi just wait for the correct time to come.
P.O.C.: Fine. I got to go talk to you later.
Shivaay: Bye champ take care.
P.O.C.: Bye and ditto.

Shivaay cuts a call with a smile and then looks at the shore where Sukanya is sitting after changing her clothes he moves towards shore and sits besides her.

Shivaay: What are you thinking?
Sukanya: Why life is so complicated?
Shivaay smiles: Trust me dear feelings are mutual.
Sukanya smiles.
Shivaay: Will you ever forgive me for what I did?
Sukanya: What did you ever do?
Shivaay: I left you.
Before he completes Sukanya cuts him: Did you have a choice?
Shivaay: I didn’t know anything so how come I would have had a choice.
Sukanya: So why are you saying sorry when you weren’t at fault.

Shivaay sighs this girl is something that goes above his head.

Sukanya: You know we need some time.
Shivaay: For what?
Sukanya: You are my father but let’s move from the journey of father to papa a little slowly as even I have journey from being a daughter to your daughter. I hope so you understand. We both need some time actually all of us need some time to cope up with this all this is too sudden to absorb.
Shivaay nods: I can understand take your time I will wait.
Sukanya: Me too.
Both smile at each other a little sad but more content.
Sukanya: Thank you.
Shivaay: For what?
Sukanya: For showing me this side of my mumma.
She says pointing at Anika who is talking and laughing whole heartedly.
Sukanya: I have never seen mumma so happy, so lively as if all the problems are over she is a different and her best version with you.
Shivaay smiles: And thank you for coming in my life.
Sukanya: Will everything be back to it’s place soon.
Shivaay holds her hand ensuring her: Don’t worry we will make it work.
Sukanya nods: Shall I ask something.
Shivaay gives his nod to her.
Sukanya: Are you hiding something from us.

Shivaay suddenly becomes conscious of himself as the words register in his mind, he could see something in Sukanya’s eyes that is different and unusual as if she is at the verge of breakdown of her inner turmoil, the question she asked is not just a simple question but has a deep hidden meaning the pain in her eyes scares him to the core, she looks more like a mystery and he is definitely going to have a hard time cracking this nut which she has built around her.

Shivaay covers up: Nothing. Any problem.

Sukanya covers up her emotions: No just asked like that.

They both sit their without exchanging a word but soon Shivaay leaves as Om asks him to get changed so they can leave for their dinner.

Anika and Meher are talking to each other.
Meher: Ani what are you thinking and why are you so disturbed?
Anika: Meher all this is happening in so mush rush that I am feeling so confused. All this is complicated. I mean just yesterday Shivaay came to know about Sukanya and today we are here. Whenever I see them I see an inseparable bond. I always use to say that Sukanya is an exact copy of Shivaay same anger, same tadi, same softness for loved ones the same potential of not caring for their life also when it is about their family. I mean everything is same but how will I tell Shivaay everything even Sukanya doesn’t knows that. Life played such a game with all of us. How much ever may I try to win but at the end of the day truth is that I have lost badly. I can’t make them sad but it will be further injustice if I don’t tell the truth to Shivaay. I know he deserves to know it but I am helpless after years I am seeing him and above all I am seeing my family so happy. I don’t know what to do and how to do?
Meher: Relax Ani everything has a right time and there will be right time for you to tell Shivaay the truth and trust me he will believe you.
Anika: It’s not about belief their are other things that are disturbing me too.
Meher: Like.
Anika: Where was Shivaay for 15 years, if he didn’t marry anyone that means he has been waiting for me and if that’s the truth then why didn’t he search. Meher, 10 years no single newspaper was talking about THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI no one blo*dy knew where he was but after 10 years Shivaay Singh Oberoi becomes the sensation of business world once again. What got him back all of a sudden? And how come Suk landed in Oberoi mansion just like that one day. I mean few things can be a coincidence but not everything. Not every damn thing.
Meher: Okay I get calm down.
Anika: I can’t.
Meher: Look Ani if you stress yourself like this it will be of no use. Just calm down and try talking to Shivaay maybe he can help you. Or maybe if not today but soon he will tell you everything. You both need to gain each other’s trust if not for yourself then do it for Suk once again. She is the only reason you are standing here today isn’t it.
Anika nods.
Anika: I hope so things sort out soon.
Meher: Don’t worry at the end it will happiness only for you.
Anika smilingly nods.

Meanwhile, Abeer joins Sukanya.
Abeer: What do you think Suk?
Sukanya: This is hell complicated I have never imagined things going this way.
Abeer: I told you this is a mess but you were determined to enter. Weren’t you?
Sukanya a little angrily: Do you think I had a choice I have had enough already. All this is getting on my nerves and god knows how will he react when he gets to know about this.
Abeer: Well on the mention of HIM I need to tell you that he is coming.
Sukanya with shocked yet tired look: When?
Abeer: In a day or two.
Sukanya: Billu ji knows that.
Abeer: Yes of course he knows by now.
Sukanya: What will we do? Who’s who I am not able to interpret.
Abeer: I think so there are more tales to open. There is alot hidden in the family. Even I am confused can’t make head and tail out of this mess.
Sahil comes and occupies a seat behind Sukanya.
Sahil: When were you going to tell me about this?
Sukanya: When everything would fall in place.
Sahil: And may I know why?
Sukanya: Because you would have never allowed me.
Plus there are more things that aren’t a part of your knowledge, telling you in advance don’t point me later.
Sahil: Like what?
Sukanya: Someone else needs to know that before you.
Sahil: One question.
Abeer and Sukanya look at him and nod.
Sahil: Did you know that SSO is your dad before coming here.
Sukanya: No I didn’t. Buddy just said that my father lives in Mumbai, I didn’t have even a pinch of idea that the person who is my father is the man named SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. All thanks to the efficient secret keepers like you. (note sarcasm)
(after a pause she continues getting a little serious)
You know what guys I think neither of them knows everything someone is playing with them and god only knows why.
Abeer: So are you going to find it out.
Sukanya: Do I have an option.
Abeer: No. But I will suggest wait for him, let him come and you both can decide what to do together.
Sukanya: No I want to know few things before his arrival.
Sahil: Whose arrival?
Sukanya: You will know that soon.
Sahil: Why so many mysteries?
Sukanya: Trust me you know really few now my head is blasting with every single thing.
Abeer: Relax buddy I am with you.
Sukanya hugs him: I really need you guys.
Sahil: Okay I will help you that too without a question. Pinki promise.
Sukanya smiles at him: Thank you mamu.
Abeer: But…
He looks into Sukanya’s eyes as if she understood.
Sukanya: I really want that but I don’t know. I mean you see it’s
Abeer: Complicated.
Sukanya sighs: Very much.
Anika: What are you guys discussing?
Abeer: Nothing.
Anika sighs as she knows it’s useless to try they won’t spill a bean.
Anika: Okay then let’s go we have dinner lined up.
All nod and move towards the car.
Shivaay: So what do you guys want to eat?
Amanat: Anything will do but please fast otherwise I will die of hunger.
Shivaay: Okay drama queen.
They all go for dinner and after dinner Abeer leaves with Enigma crew and Anika, Sahil and Sukanya accompany the Oberoi’s to OM.

Dadi: You all came.
Shivaay: Ji dadi.
Dadi: So how was your day?
Kids: Awesome.
Dadi smiles.
Rudra: Dadi there is a surprise for you.
Saying this he closes dadi’s eyes.
Dadi: What are you doing Rudra?
Rudra: Dadi wait a minute please.
Rudra nods and Sahil comes in and takes blessings from dadi by touching her feet.
Dadi removes Rudra’s hand and looks emotionally at Sahil and hugs him.
Rudra being shocked: Dadi do you know him?
Dadi: How can I not recognize Sahil although he has grown up but still he has that same naughtiness on his face.
All chuckle.
Dadi: When did you come puttar?
Sahil: Few hours back only dadi.
Dadi: Come I will get the guest room ready.
Shivaay interrupts: Dadi what’s the need Sahil has his own room he will go there only.

Anika, Sahil and Sukanya look at him. Well this man never gave Sahil’s room to anyone they were shocked but really happy too.

Dadi: ShivOmRuRiYa I have to talk to three of you come to my room after freshening up.
They nod.

After 20 minutes ShivOmRuRiYa come in her room.
Shivaay: Ji dadi you called us.
Dadi: Billu, since Anika has come here we didn’t get a single second to talk to you all but this is urgent.
They nod.
Dadi: Billu when is he coming.
Shivaay: In few days.
Dadi nods.
Dadi: So what have you decided about him.
Shivaay: He is coming here and will stay with us only I will talk to Anika about him before he comes.
Dadi: Puttar make sure that none of them gets hurt.
Shivaay nods while Om back hugs dadi.
Om: Don’t worry dadi everything will be okay.
Rudra: Yes dadi we all are there we will take care of everything together.
Dadi: I trust you all but take care billu that none of them gets hurt.
And get his room ready he is coming after so many years he shouldn’t complain at all.
Shivaay: Don’t worry dadi I will set his room on my own.
OmRuRiYa: And we will help Shivaay/Shivaay bhaiya/ bade bhaiya.
Dadi nods.
They leave wishing her good night.

Dadi: Bhagwaan ji please complete this family this time. I pray in front of you. Please.

@4:00 a.m.
Both Shivaay and Anika get up to wake up Sukanya.
When Shivaay is about to wake Sukanya he sees Anika and gets shocked.
Shivaay: How come you woke up this early?
Anika: Life teaches us everything Shivaay. Every single thing.
She says and tries waking up Sukanya but the tantrum queen is no less she loves her sleep more then anything.
Anika: Wake up Suk.
Sukanya: Mummy 5 minutes please.
Anika: Suk you will get late.
Sukanya: Mummy you go and get ready by then I will wake up pinki promise.
Shivaay comments: She is Junior Kumbkaran.
Both chuckle.
Anika: She isn’t going to wake up anyway sooner. You say why are you up so early.
Shivaay sitting besides her on the bed itself: To do the same thing you are doing. She has the ability to drive a sane man insane.
Anika: She can do anything. But she seems totally lost these days.
Shivaay: Any problem.
Anika: I don’t know maybe I got to talk to Abeer about her.
Shivaay: Why Abeer?
Anika: Abeer is Suk’s buddy she considers him to be her best friend more then me Abeer knows her. She can hide her feeling from me well like you but at the end I know her she can’t be ahead of her mother.
Shivaay: But why does she hide.
Anika: Maybe because she has seen me broken and doesn’t wants to hurt me any further. I don’t know why she thinks this way but she does. Year after year she has changed for everyone she has become mature but for me I have lost my innocent daughter some where. This world has been too high on her.

Shivaay holds her hand to comfort her as he feels hell guilty, life is no where easy for him too, he is failing each passing second and more then anything he is falling down. But his hand and thoughts bot gets jerked and face gets covered with a smile as Sukanya crawls in his lap.

Sukanya mummers: Why do you guys talk so much? Can’t you both see that you are disturbing me.
Anika: It’s 5 madam wake up or be read to have a word with your coach sir.
Shivaay’s eyes become wider as time is just 4:05 and Anika said it’s 5. Sukanya gets up with a jerk.
Sukanya: Shit couldn’t you wake me up earlier mommy.
Sukanya looks at the watch kept on table and then glares at Anika who is giggling.
Sukanya: What mom this is not fair?
Anika: Now come on get ready fast or you will actually get late.

Sukanya makes faces.
Every mother has her own ways with her children isn’t it?

Shivaay: So sorry baby but now get ready fast.
Sukanya: Morning bad and good morning to you two.
Shivaay: What?
Anika sees Sukanya turning to explain so she cuts her: Suk you leave I will explain. (Suk nods and leaves.) Morning bad means her morning isn’t good and good morning she is wishing two of us. Now get a side I have to make breakfast for her.

Shivaay nods and Anika leaves but soon realisation strikes Shivaay and he runs behind Anika.

Shivaay: No Anika you can’t cook.
Anika: Why?
Shivaay: Because eating burnt food isn’t good moreover Sukanya has a long day and she has to do dance practice as well. So please.
Anika: Excuse me Shivaay I don’t burn food always and now I know how to cook.
Shivaay: Fine but I will help.
Anika sighs and nods.
Both cook for Sukanya together.
Anika: Shivaay shall I ask something.
Shivaay: You need not to take permission just say.
Anika: Didn’t you ever try searching for me ever once I left.

Shivaay looks at her as scene flashes his eyes but soon he blinks it away trying to stay normal in front of her. Yes, he is hiding, hiding something very big from her but he can’t say it to her as few things are beyond repair but when truth comes out the destruction is beyond cure too and this is no way he going to say it to her.

Shivaay: Anika do you live in Dehradun since 15 years.

Anika looks at him as he gives a wage try to change the topic but she to let’s it happen as there is no reason left for her to know the things she is already a shattered soul and no healing is going to help. 15 years is no less a time for two people from being one to become strangers all over again. They may know each other in and out but the strange wall is like a ridge between the two and separation is of 15 long years this is no where going to be easy for any.

Anika: Hmm.
Shivaay nods and both concentrate on cooking avoiding any further communication.

Kids were back home from school and were doing their homework while ShivOmRu were cooking for dinner along with their respective partners and Dadi had called Abeer, Meher and Manik to join them for dinner to show her gratitude and meet them as they didn’t get a chance to exchange any word.

Abeer: Did you figure out anything Suk.
Sukanya: No nothing at all. I am not able to understand who shall I talk too or from whom shall I ask.
Abeer: Ask someone who is really close to Shivaay and would be with him in New York as well.
Suk: Like???
Abeer: Like his P.A. Or…
Suk: Director uncle.
Abeer nods.
Suk: Perfect I can do this much.
Abeer: Great and all the best.
Sukanya hugs him: Thank you buddy.
Abeer: No need my little bunny.
He says ruffling Suk’s hair, while she smiles slightly.


Shivaay: Anika my apron’s string got open kindly tie.
Anika nods, when Ragini enters.
Ragini: Hi guys. How are you?
Expression of every face changes.
Rudra: Good before you came and will soon regain ourselves as soon as you leave.
Ragini: Very funny Rudra.
Shivaay to make Anika jealous: Ragini can you tie my apron’s knot.
Ragini smilingly nods.
This entire scene is witnessed by Oberoi kids as well. Raging ties the knot while glaring and smirking at Anika, who stays silent for the while.
Kids enter the kitchen and elders smile while Rudra points at Ragini and Sukanya nods.
Ragini is done with her work and moves a little aside and Anika is about to leave but Amanat holds her hand and signs her to calm down.
Sukanya smiles at Ragini to utter shock of everyone but then she walks at the back of Shivaay and taking a pair of scissors from the counter cuts the knot and all gasp with her act and soon everyone accept for ShivIka, Sukanya and Ragini burst into fits of laughter, while Anika is proud of her daughter and smiles brightly at her, Shivaay is just shocked and Ragini feels embarrassed.
Sukanya by gritting her teeth speaks to Shivaay while handing him scissors and the apron cloth: Na rahe Ga baans na baje gi bansuri.

{A/N: Guys this for all those who wanted to kill Ragini for tying the knot of Shivaay’s apron. ??????.}

Sukanya to Ragini: You are our guest you don’t look nice standing in kitchen why don’t you go and have a word with Pinky aunty in hall she would be definitely missing you.
Ragini being left with no option walks out but stops hearing Anya.
Anya: 6 inches heels not bad you recovered super soon.
Ragini turns towards her: Excuse me.
Anya: Ya yesterday only you fell down and sprained your leg and today you are doing cat walk in this 6 inches heel not bad. I like your spirit.
Ragini smashing her feet walks away but only after glaring them.
Rudra does hi-fi with his daughter.
ShivKara comment: Like father, like daughter.
And nod their head in disbelief.
Bhavya: But this was best. In choti ma’s language.
Gauri: Nagini ki O My Mata hi hogayi.

All laugh while Shivaay just smiles.

Sahil enters the kitchen.
Sahil: What happened who was that yellow pumpkin becoming tomato in anger.
All laugh hearing his description.
Advik: Mamu she is Nagini.
Sahil making weird faces: Nagini?
Amanat: Her name is Ragini but her behaviour is like a nagini.
Sahil: Oh okay.
Om: Where were you Sahil?
Sahil: Walk.
Sukanya mischievously: And talk.
Anika: Talk with whom.
Sukanya: Ratoon ki pari.
(Fairy of night.)
Sahil glares her.
Anika in her investigating mood: Which pari (fairy)?
Sahil forwarding a chocolate to Sukanya without coming in Anika’s notice requests Sukanya to stay silent, while Sukanya smiles mischievously.
Sukanya: It’s a song mom.
Anika: Which song I didn’t hear it ever.
Sukanya looking here and there: Mamu’s friend has composed a new song.
Anika looks her with raised eyebrows.
Sukanya says looking at the utensils: Btw what’s cooking?
Anika: Khichdi and that too between your mamu and you.
Sahil: No di it’s nothing like that, no khichdi at all.
He tries to cover up.
Shivaay: Anika let it be food is done let’s eat.
He says ending the topic while Sukanya and Sahil sigh in relief but Advik, Amanat and Anya nudge the duo to spill the beans but both escape.

Dadi: Sahil puttar what are you doing these days?
Sahil: Dadi I have completed my education so I was in New York for training for past few months now I have returned only, so I am thinking of working under someone initially to get experience and then maybe I start my own business.
Dadi: That’s good. Now you have grown old what are your plans to marry.

Sahil coughs as dadi asks him this question while Sukanya and Manik who are seated besides him giggle looking at his condition.

Sukanya: Dadi ma tusi tension na lo mumde da future taan bada bright shright hai.
(Grandma the boy has a really bright future.)

She says winking at Sahil who is freaking out because of her and Manik’s continuous teasing session.

Om: So do you have a girlfriend Sahil?

Sahil gets a 440V shock with Om’s question while Sukanya and Manik laugh like maniacs seeing Sahil’s expression.

Sukanya: Why don’t you guys find a good girl for mamu he is getting older now.
Manik: Ya and he won’t get any good girl once he become old. Just imagine his wife will sing “mai kya karun hai mujhe Buddha mil Gaya”. (What shall I do I have got an old man?)

Sahil mouths to both Suk and Manik ‘I will not leave you both’. While everyone is laughing hearing them.

Shivaay: So what type of girl do you want Sahil.
Sahil: I.. Umm… I… Vo… Ummm….
Advik: Mamu you want to get married in this birth only or the next one.
Amanat: Or maybe Manik bhaiya’s words come out to be true.
Sahil: Shut up both of you.
Anika: What’s the scene Sahil?
Sukanya: Wait everyone I will explain.
Sahil: You are ever ready for everything.

Sukanya nods and goes to Manik, Amanat, Anya and Advik. She whispers something to them and they laugh hearing her and agree to her.

Amanat wearing a kurta pyjama with a duppata (stole) in form of a turban around her head, with a small moustache comes and stands in middle of the hall and mimicking the manly tone speaks.

Amanat: Meharbaan kadardan zara dil thaam ke baithiye aapke samne paish karne ja rahe hai hum…

(Respected guests of honour, today we are going to present in front of you.)

Before she completes Anya in same costume as Amanat comes in a rush and hits her.

Anya: Sorry sorry sorry.
Amanat: It’s okay.

Everybody chuckles at their cuteness.

Anya: Ya where were we.
Amanat gits her and whispers: Change your tone buddhu.
Anya bites her tongue cutely.
Anya: Sorry. So paish hai aap sabke samne dil lalcha dena wali Prem gatha.
(Sorry. So we are going to present you a heart throbbing love story.)
Amanat: Jiska zikr hoga itihaas ke pannon main.
(Whose mention will be made in history for ages.)
Anya and Amanat together: Toh paish hai kahani ek khoobsurat ladki ki aur ek handsome ladke ki.
(So we present you all a beautiful story of a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.)

Q.) Suggest a face for Sahil and his love.

That’s all for the day guys and THANK YOU ? to all those who commented and yes if you want a quick update from me then I want good number of comments please.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
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