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@4:00 a.m.

Shivaay enters the room and goes to wake up Sukanya.
Shivaay whispers as Amanat & Anya are sleeping: Sukanya wake up dear.
Sukanya shrugs him and pulls the duvet up towards her face, Shivaay pulling the duvet back: Get up you need to get ready you have to go for your classes.
Sukanya lazily opens her eyes: Five minutes please.
Shivaay: Okay but hurry up.
Sukanya nods and sleeps back.

Shivaay pulls the duvet: Get up.
Sukanya showing five from her hand: Five min more please.
Shivaay: You will get late.
Sukanya nods and sleeps back.

Shivaay: Get up Sukanya.
Sukanya: Please five minutes.
Shivaay: No you took ten mins right now.
Sukanya: Pakka this is last five minutes. Please.
Shivaay: Fine get up soon.

Shivaay: Get up Sukanya, you will get late.
Sukanya: Please five minutes more.
Shivaay: No you have already taken fifteen minutes now get up or you will get late.
Sukanya: No I won’t just five minutes I will get ready quickly I promise.
Shivaay: But…
Sukanya: Why don’t you prepare breakfast till then I will get up.
Shivaay sighs: Fine what will you have.
Sukanya: Anything.
Shivaay nodding at her in disbelief goes to kitchen to prepare something.

Shivaay comes back to check on Sukanya but finds her still sleeping on bed he bangs his head with his palm.
Shivaay shaking her with force: Get up Sukanya this is too much it’s 4:20 and you have to reach school by 5 you will get really late.
Sukanya gets up with jerk: What?
Shivaay signals her to slow down her volume.
Sukanya nods: Couldn’t you wake me up earlier. Now I will get late because of you.
Shivaay’s mouth makes a perfect O while Sukanya rushes to freshen up.
Shivaay innocently: I woke her up.
Amanat whose sleep is disturbed owing to the little hustle bustle throws a pillow on Shivaay.
Amanat: Bade papa for god’s sake let me sleep.
Shivaay nods looking at the girl while Anya the sleepy head cuddles to Amanat the way she was doing a while ago with Sukanya without disturbing her sleep. Shivaay bobs his head in disbelief remembering ShivOmRu in the same posture.

Within ten minutes Sukanya come there being completely fresh, Shivaay sees her in shock.
Shivaay: Very quick Sukanya.
Sukanya: Obviously had to be quick as you have made me late already. Now I will leave bye.
Shivaay: Wait have your breakfast.
Sukanya: No I will be late.
Shivaay: Come on it will take just five minutes hurry up.
He keeps a bowl of poha in front of her and she passes a cheeky smile to him while he smiles back and goes to get first aid box.
Sukanya: Now what is this for.
Shivaay points at her wound, while Sukanya makes a scary crow face.
Sukanya: Please no.
Shivaay: Stop it Sukanya, just eat your food and I will bandage it quickly. Shivaay removes the band aid and starts cleaning her wound while Sukanya’s entire attention is on her wound and now is definitely no time to argue as if she gets late her coach will cut her into two, so she is just hissing at times and looking at all scared.
Shivaay: Sukanya why your coach has called you this early.
Sukanya: For warming up. This is our official practice timing.
Shivaay: That’s great. When will you get free.
Sukanya: 4:30. Why?
Shivaay: Umm… Do you want me to come to pick you up.
Sukanya’s eyes glitter in joy and she frantically bobs her head, Shivaay smiles at her and nods.
Shivaay: Done.
Sukanya looks at her hand and understands the SSO’s trick to indulge her in talks so that she doesn’t feel pain, she smiles at him.
Sukanya: Okay thank you now I will leave.
She rushes out.
Shivaay: But your breakfast.
Sukanya while leaving: Let it be I will have it later.
Shivaay rushes out to her and stops near the car.
Sukanya: What happened now?
Shivaay hands over a bottle, tumblr and tiffin to her: Take this. In the tumblr is your chocolate shake drink it when ever you feel like and eat your food on time.
Sukanya nods smilingly: You know what billu ji.
Shivaay raises his eyebrows asking her to continue.
Sukanya: You are typical mummy ji.
Shivaay glares her while she giggles pinching his cheeks making him frown.
Sukanya: Btw you were having headache yesterday, who’s it now.
Shivaay: An angel came and with her magic she took my headache away.
Sukanya smiles.
Shivaay: Okay now you go and have a nice day. Take care of yourself.
Sukanya: Ditto. Bye billu ji.
Shivaay stands their till car zooms out of his site and then makes his way back to the mansion.

Dadi comes down and sees Shivaay coming from outside.
Dadi: Billu where had you gone so early in the morning.
Shivaay: Nowhere dadi, I was just sending off Sukanya she has her class by five so I thought to see her off.
Dadi: Oh but she didn’t eat anything.
Shivaay: She eat little poha and I have given her tiffin hopefully she will eat on time.
Dadi smiles seeing this protective side of her Billu, she sits on sofa and Shivaay sleeps keeping his head on her lap, while she presses his head so that he can sleep peacefully.
Dadi: Billu why don’t you go and sleep in your room.
Shivaay nods in no and snuggles more into her.

@7:30 a.m.
Gauri shouts: ADVIK, AMANAT, ANYA come fast all of you. You will get late. Hurry up.
Bhavya: Late these kids will make me also late.
They say while setting the dinning table for breakfast.
Gauri: Relax Bhavya you will reach on time.
Bhavya: Come down fast.
Dadi, TejVi, ShaKy, OmRu come and occupy their seats.
Gauri: Hai Shankar ji everyone has come but these little chariya and chirota hasn’t even stepped out.
Om: Gauri by sending a speed post to your Shankar ji he won’t send these kids out you will have to go and call them.
Gauri makes an irritated face.
Bhavya: Bhabhi wait I will see them.
Gauri noda but Amanat and Anya step down quickly followed by Shivaay.
Gauri: Amu where is your brother.
Amanat: Mom it’s Amanat not Amu please. And god only knows where is bhai.
Anya: Badi mom bhai is coming he is just little late.

After five minutes Advik comes down only to encounter a heated argument between Tej & Om, both the girls were sent away so that they aren’t affected by this.

Tej: Come on Om sometimes try doing some good for your father also. It’s not always important that your entire world should be responsible on Shivaay.
Om: Please Mr. Oberoi at least I am not dependent on you or your money so stop interfering in my life.
Tej: You have grown up but still you couldn’t stand on your own feet.
Om: Are you done with your stupid ranting.
Dadi: Stop it both of you, you both start anytime even in front of children for once think what effect it will put on them.
Tej: Let his children also know how useless their father is.
Om: Don’t you dear get kids in between this.
Tej: So what will you do. You can’t even fulfil their wishes.
Om: I know what’s good for them and what’s not I don’t need to ask you. The man who couldn’t love his own family has no right to teach me what shall I do with my family.
Shivaay: Om calm down.
Om: No Shivaay he just keeps getting kids in-between his fights. He has spoilt Rudra, Prink and mine future because of his ego and fights and now he wants to do same with my kids. He himself could never be a good father and he is teaching me. I am done with this man.

Gauri sees Advik looking at the duo and holds Om’s hand and signals him to look at Advik, everybody sees this and looks towards him. His face is expressionless but his eyes can convey lots of pain. He feels everyone’s gaze on himself and just walks out.
OmRi: Advik….
But he leaves.
Shivaay holds Om’s shoulder as he is disheartened seeing Advik walking out.
Shivaay: Don’t worry he will be fine. I will talk to him once he is back.
Om nods.

Coach: Alright girls and boys attention here.
Everybody silences themselves.
Coach: So this is our place for practicing. I hope so you all remember your steps.
All: Yes sir.
Coach: Great then today you all will be practicing till 4:00 and then leave, try practicing once or twice today at your places. Tomorrow is the first round of the competition.
Here is the list of who all are participating in what all genres from our school.
Individual dance performance by Aditi in dance form hip hop, Rahul will perform for crump, Sukanya for kathak and Manik again for hip hop, Nitin for free style.
Duet performance, first one is Krish and Ishaan, second is Aditi and Rahul and last one is Sukanya and Manik.
Lastly, Group performance by Sukanya, Aditi, Manik, Rahul, Krish, Ishaan and Nitin.
Schedule will be updated three hours prior to the competition but the first performances would be individual only so get ready at your places and report three hours earlier here only.
I hope so I made myself clear.
All nod.
Coach: So let’s start with group performance first. Come on all of you on the stage now and Nitin play the music.
Coach: Sukanya what happened to your hand.
Sukanya: Nothing much sir, it’s a minor injury.
Coach angrily: You know that you have many stunts in which your entire body weight will be on your hands. Couldn’t you be a bit more careful.
Sukanya: Sorry sir.
Coach: I don’t want you to be a reason for us to loose. You get that.
Sukanya: Yes sur. Don’t worry I will not let that happen.
Coach: Beter.
Now move everybody to your positions and start dancing. I don’t want even a single mistake this time. Put that in your heads.
Manik whispers: His name should be gabbar.
Aditi: Right and then he will say Sukanya naach aur jab tak tera pair chalenga in group waloon ki sansein chalein gi.
All chuckle while Sukanya hits her playfully.
Coach: All of you stop giggling and start moving your legs.
All nod and start practicing.

@1:00 p.m.
Coach: Alright you all take a brake for 30 mins and after that I want you all back here.
All nod.

Aditi: Suk, what’s in your tiffin.
Sukanya: No idea I didn’t check it.
Manik: Suk you have come to Mumbai from Dehradun but this tiffin hasn’t left you.
Ishaan: I am sure aunty would have told them to give her tiffin.
Sukanya: Shut up Ishaan it’s nothing like that. Moreover, I loved the fact that billu ji has sent me tiffin.
All: Billu ji.
Manik controlling his laughter: Ya that’s what she calls the biggest business tycoon THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
Aditi: Are you nuts girl.
Sukanya: Can we have our food please.
Nitin: Did he make this food?
Sukanya bobs her head happily.
Aditi: WOW I mean seriously, he made this for you god every girl drools over that man. He is a Greek God.
She says dreamily, Sukanya snaps her out of her dream world.
Sukanya: Come back to earth darling. He is really elder to you. Plus, if you want to talk then talk about his contribution to business world that’s more overwhelming rather then drooling over his looks.
Aditi: Let it be you don’t start please. He did this he did that. Our ears will bleed we have been listening to this since 7 years. Grow up girl.
Sukanya: He is the real king of business look although it has been just 3 years to his return in the business world still he is an unbeatable ruler of this world. Aa if business has been made for him.
Krish: Girls cut it. And please let’s eat something.
All nod.
Sukanya opens her tiffin and her eyes pop out: PIZZA.
The dance gang closes their ears listening to her shout.
Manik: Relax Suk. Stop going nuts over it. We all know how much you love it.
Sukanya: This is my favy.
Manik: Fine then eat it.
Sukanya starts gobbling the pizza while the entire gang looks at her hopelessly as she is never going to share not even a bite.
Manik: Idiot eat slow and can’t you see that all are sitting here.
Sukanya: No. At least not right now.
She says while smashing other piece in her mouth while rest eat the food they have ordered from canteen.
Within ten minutes there was no trace of anything in Sukanya’s tiffin while rest were also done. The gang decides to walk around the school as they still have 15 minutes for their class.

A boy hits a girl who falls down and her arm gets bruised.
Boy: Don’t you ever dear stop me.

Sukanya rushes to the girl and makes her stand.
Sukanya: Are you alright Amanat.
Amanat cleaning her bruised elbow: Ya I am fine.
Sukanya to the boy: Hye you don’t you have manners or you haven’t been taught how to behave.
Boy: Shut your mouth and who are you.
Sukanya: Well I am nowhere wrong in thinking that you are a manner less person.
Boy: Hell with you.
Amanat: Let it be di he is just another gone case on this earth ignore him.
Boys is about to push Amanat again but before that Sukanya pushes him away.
Sukanya: Don’t you dear touch her even otherwise you will land yourself in a big trouble.
Boy : How dear you touch me even. Do you have any idea who I am?
Sukanya curtly: Do you think that I even care. It will be better for you if you leave.
Boy pointing at Amanat: I will see you later.
Amanat just shows cold shoulder to his warning.
Aditi to Amanat: Who are you?
Sukanya holding Amanat from her shoulder pulls towards herself: Why the do you tolerate this fool.
Amanat: I am fed up of him and in no way want to indulge in a fight with him at least not today.
Sukayna: And may I know why?
Amanat: Not in mood.
Manik: Alright girls chill he is a a topic long gone.
Sukanya glares at him while he asks her to calm down.
Manik: Anyways Amanat meet our team (he introduces everyone) and guys she is Amanat Singh Oberoi the one with whom Sukanya is staying presently.
All: Hi Amanat.
Amanat: Hello.
Amanat to Sukanya: Relax di I am fine.
Sukanya: Infirmary?
Amanat points at a room: That way.
Sukanya takes Amanat there and gets her treated while Amanat being left with no option agrees to her like an innocent child.
Manik: Amanat are you free.
Amanat: Ya actually we have dance class but dance room is occupied by other contestants so I am free.
Manik: Will you like to watch our practice then.
Amanat: Bingo. Yes.
Manik doing a hi-fi with her: Great then. Let’s go.
Nitin: Gabar.
Amanat: What?
Sukanya: Nothing. We will look after it.

Everybody enters.
Coach: So are you guys ready.
All: Yes sir.
Coach looks at Amanat: Who is she?
Sukanya: She is Amanat. If you don’t mind can she sit here and watch our practice.
Coach: Okay fine.
Amanat: Thank you sir.
Coach smiles, while the gang looks at each other with weird expressions.
Manik: He smiles also.
Krish: Bang on this is the news of the year.
Ishaan: A big discovery.

Coach: If you all are done shall we start. Come on Sukanya start from your solo performance.
Sukanya nods and goes on stage to show her performance to him.

@4:30 p.m.
Everyone gets free and walk outside, including Sukanya who catches up with Advik, Amanat and Anya.
Sukanya: Hi guys.
Amanat & Anya: Hi di.
Sukanya slightly pulling Advik by shoulder: Hi Sadu.
Advik just walks out without a word.
Sukanya being confused: What happened to him?
Amanat: No idea.
Anya: His face is hung since morning.
Maybe he is disturbed.
Sukanya nods.

Four of them get shocked seeing Shivaay leaning to the car waiting for them with his coolers on.
Amanat: He is not serious.
Anya: Pinch me di I can’t believe it’s bade papa.
Amanat pinches her.
Anya: Ouch di.

Sukanya to Shivaay: Were you serious billu ji.
Shivaay: What do you think?
Sukanya: You were.
They sit and drive off all the while Shivaay noticed Advik who didn’t speak a word nor did look anywhere accept for outside the window, while Sukanya had dosed off in the front seat and Amanat and Anya are busy talking to Shivaay who is replying to their each question and listening to them with lots of patience.

As soon as they reach Amanat and Anya rush in while Shivaay stops Advik.
Shivaay: What happened Advik?
Advik: Nothing bade papa. I will just go and rest I am tired.
Advik leaves without giving any further chance to Shivaay to question him.
Shivaay looks inside the car and sighs seeing Sukanya sleeping.
Shivaay: Not again. I really can’t wake her up.
He goes to her side: Sukanya wake up we have reached home.
Sukanya doesn’t reply as she is sound asleep.
Shivaay: Oh god now what?
Janvi: Pick her up and take her in she looks quite tired.
Shivaay nods and scoops her in his arms and takes her in his room and places her on bed and covering her with a duvet leaves.

Om: Shivaay did you talk to Advik.
Shivaay: I tried talking to him but he just left saying he is tired.
Om: I am worried for him god knows what’s going on in his head.
Shivaay: Relax Om I will talk to him you don’t worry.
Om: How shall I not worry Shivaay, Mr. Oberoi and mine relation is effecting children in this family and I can’t take it.
Shivaay trying to console him holding his shoulder: Don’t worry Om, Advik is enough mature to understand things. You please calm down. By taking tension you won’t be able to solve problems.
Om nods and both the brothers share a hug.

“O bro moment and that to without me. Not happening.”
There Rudra joins the hug bringing a smile to his brothers face. They being in problem and he not getting their smile back to them can’t happen at least not in this birth.

Sukanya is quite pissed off by Advik’s behaviour towards everyone so she walks to his room to talk to him but he isn’t present there and finally she finds him by the pool side. He is sitting silently looking at the pool, she walks upto him and sits beside him without saying a word.
Advik: What are you doing here?
Sukanya: Nothing just came to exchange a word with you but I think so you are quite preoccupied with your thoughts.
Advik: Nothing like that say what you want to.
Sukanya: Is all okay bro you are so silent since morning.
Advik: All is okay.
Sukanya: You can share if you want.

Advik looks at her and passes a painful smile his eyes says to her that he is hurt beyond measures and there is something that is troubling him like hell. Sukanya places her hand above his hand to pacify him but that doesn’t works well and he shifts his gaze back to the pool.

Advik: How peaceful is this water. Why can’t life be like that?
Sukanya: Quite philosophical dude but I really don’t know.
Advik: Leave it.
Sukanya: But life for water is also not easy it has faced it’s own troubles. It comes flowing from the glaciers and has landed up here. It must have also faced troubles but it is quite clever to hide that under it’s calming effect.

Advik smiles a little feeling a bit satisfied with her answer although Sukanya herself can’t make head and toe of her stupid explanation.

Advik: I hate dadu.
Sukanya: But I thought you love him.
Advik nods in no: I hate him alot. He leaves no stone unturned to make my papa feel miserable. He always has problem from the three brothers being by each other’s side. I don’t know why papa hates him but I too don’t have any soft corner for him. He never leaves a single opportunity to insult papa, even today he did same just because papa didn’t opt for business like him and bade papa has a bigger name in business. Di, is money so important that it will decide whether the relations will be made or broken. You know just for dadu’s happiness and he shouldn’t rant on papa Rudy Chachu joined our family business but still that man wasn’t satisfied. When bade papa wasn’t here papa use to look after his business but dadu always had problem with that too. He foraged papers and handed entire business to papa that belonged to bade papa just because papa was taking care of it. Papa got hell angry on dadu and he transferred everything back to bade papa’s name. Everyday dadu blames bade papa and he is behind papa like anything he insults papa everywhere although papa never asked for even a penny from him. Papa is world’s best artist and a self made billionaire but even then that man isn’t satisfied. You know when Amanat was about to born dadu had foraged the papers and transferred the business on papa’s name (his eyes begin to tear up remembering that incident) papa refused to it and then they had an argument but after that bade papa came to me and bad mouthed about papa and blackmailed me to accept whatever he says I was shocked and then I told everything to mumma and even papa herd it at that time papa’s anger knew no bounds he shouted at dadu for dragging me in his matters just for his ego that time mumma had pain and we had to take her to doctor but dadu kept ranting rather then thinking about the situation, Janvi dadi begged him to let them go and finally Shakti dadu took us to hospital everybody was very scared, Rudy Chachu and Bhavya chachi came there and were trying to console everyone but papa was just trying to pacify me and he was hell worried for mumma as we were late mumma had many complications I would have lost my sister (he says with his vision blurring due to tears huffing due to tears, while Sukanya’s eyes are filled up with tears and she tries comforting him but he continues) you know after one full night doctor’s saved both mumma and Amanat that day I had promised my baby sister that whatever it may take I won’t let her face the wrath of dadu at any cost I will do my best to keep her away from all this. After few days we came back only because dadi ma wasn’t well and papa couldn’t leave the entire family on Mr. Oberoi as he has already broken our family. Few days later I went to dadu to tell him I will do whatever he wants but he won’t say or do anything wrong with papa. Di, trust me I had never seen my papa breaking more badly then on the day when Amanat was born but when she came and papa held her his smile was priceless.( he smiles remembering Om and Amanat on that respective day, with tears still overflowing from his eyes.) I changed myself so that I can be according to dadu a demanding jerk but still he never leaves an opportunity to hurt papa, I can’t see papa like that I can’t. You know I love to paint and my best time with papa use to be when we use to paint together but just for dadu I left that too, I hardly paint now and that too by hiding from everyone’s eyes. I have always been rude to Amanat so that she stays away from dadu just to keep her away from his evil plans. I can never face my sister because I have hurt her alot but I had no other way.

He finally breaks down and Sukanya takes him in a hug, creasing his back to calm him down, she cleans her tears and after a while makes him face her and then wipes his tears off.

Sukanya: You Advik you have most pure heart in the world.
Advik: That’s what comes from three of the elder O Bro’s.
Sukanya: But there one thing that you did wrong.
Advik: What?
Sukanya: Adu you know Tej uncle wanted to change you and you fulfilled his wish in handy. You being changed is his victory and Om uncle lost it. Mark my words Advik never let anybody change you because in the game where somebody can change you, you will be the one to loose as you have lost yourself at the first place.
Advik: What shall I do now?
Sukanya: Let’s change the game now.
Advik: How?
Sukanya forwarding her hand: Are you in with me.
Advik nods and places his hand on hers.


La la la la la…….
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta

Sukanya: So from tomorrow our plan will begin. First you explain me the entire schedule of Om uncle.
Advik: Okay, so papa gets up at 5:30 and goes for a walk, then he comes back by 6 and gets ready, he wakes up Amanat, Anya and me and then mumma. Finally he comes for breakfast at 8 and then he mostly drops us to school but as tomorrow is Saturday he will directly go to gallery or maybe for painting with mumma, Amanat and Anaya at times. I mostly don’t accompany them.
Sukanya: Okay great then I will meet you at morning till then you go and rest.
Advik: Don’t tell all this to anyone please.
Sukanya nods smilingly.
Sukanya: Good night and sleep tight.
Advik: Sts.
Sukanya: Sts?
Advik making isn’t it an obvious face: Same to same.
Sukanya nods.
Advik goes and hugs her really tightly and murmurs: Thanks you didi.
Sukanya hugs him even tighter and kisses his hair: No need to say that. I am always there for you.
Advik smiles at her.

Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon Ki fiza ye
Aaye na doori dilon Mein
Karti hai aakhein dua yeh
Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..

Advik leaves the place but Sukanya sits their. A pair of eyes that were glued onto the duo since the start of the talk comes and occupies seat beside Sukanya.

: Thank you how much ever had I tried he wouldn’t have spoken his heart out to me or anyone.
Sukanya looks at the voice with a jerk as she didn’t realise when someone came and sat beside her.
Sukanya: You scared me billu ji.
Shivaay smiles sipping his espresso.
Shivaay: Thank you.
Sukanya: You need not to say that.
She looks up towards the moon.
Sukanya: So beautiful isn’t it.
Shivaay: Moon?
Sukanya nods.
Shivaay: It’s very beautiful.
Are you missing someone?
Sukanya nods.
Shivaay: Whom?
Sukanya: Everyone.
Shivaay looks at her confused.
Shivaay: Everyone?
Sukanya nods.
Shivaay: Who all are in your family?
Sukanya: Mumma and mamu. That’s all.
Shivaay: Are you missing your dad.
Sukanya: You know since when I have come here for the first time I got to know how beautiful a family is. How caring they are. I just have my mumma but here I came to know how beautiful is family. Craving for a family is worth isn’t it.
Shivaay: Ya it’s always worth.
Sukanya: Shall I ask you one thing.
Shivaay nods.
Sukanya: Where is your family? I mean your wife and children.
Shivaay: My wife and I are divorced.
Sukanya: I am sorry.
Shivaay: No. Actually I am sorry I lost her.
Sukanya: Are you still waiting for her to return.
Shivaay nods in yes: Ya I wish that one day she comes back to me, one fine day but maybe by now she would have moved on.
Sukanya: How long have you been waiting for her.
Shivaay: 14 years, 8 months & 29 days.
Sukanya: Such a long time. Still expect her to come.
Shivaay: I don’t know by my heart beats so that once before dying I can see her again.
Shivaay looks at her and so does she. His eyes had a never ending wait, with infinite pain but still among all this shone a ray of hope.
Sukanya: I will pray that you get your wife. You love her alot right.
Shivaay: Ya a lot.
Sukanya: You know the coincidence between your and my story.
Shivaay nods in no.
Sukanya: I am also waiting for my father from 14 years. Since I was born.

She says with her eyes going moist, Shivaay holds her shoulder and she keeps her head on his shoulder.
Shivaay: I will pray that you meet your father soon.
Sukanya smiles plainly at him.

Koi Khushi Ho koi gum Ho
Kahi jyaada kam Ho..
Baatenga Jo Ho aata
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Lafzoon ka yeh rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta………..
La la la la la……

Sukanya: Do you mind me asking why did you guys got separated.
Shivaay: Maybe due to some misunderstandings.
Sukanya nods: Do you know billu ji, my buddy always says that there are three sides of every story, one yours, another theirs and finally the truth. When we take decision just by knowing one side we often end up in a mess. This time if you meet your wife try knowing her side as well maybe she had her reasons too.
Shivaay gets a little lost thinking about Sukanya’s words but then comes out of his thoughts: I will surely do that. Maybe that helps.
Sukanya: And please don’t be heartbroken if she has moved on maybe she had her own reasons to do that. Don’t judge her.
Shivaay nods: I will try. Thanks for the advice.
Sukanya smiles: Any time.

Okay guys I have one last question from you all.
How many of you would like to read that baby track in this ff???
Come on guys ping me up quickly but mind it the track will be almost same or a little different.

That’s all for now guys.
Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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