Sukanya comes back and winks at her gang who smile at her.
Pinky: Sukanya kya hua meri bacchi ko?
(What happened to my child?)
Sukanya: Nothing much she just fell down so I left her to her room.
Pinky nods.
Pinky to a servant: What are you doing with this tea.
Servant: Ma’am it’s for Ragini madam.
Pinky: She has gone to take bath you give this to me and make another for her.
Pinky starts drinking it and it’s then when Sukanya notices it and her eyes pop out and she hits Manik and covers her face.

Manik: What happened?
Sukanya points towards Pinky.
Manik: Pinky aunty what’s with her.
Sukanya nods in no.
Manik: Then.
Sukanya half face palming her face: Tea.
Manik: Which tea?
She again points at Pinky and Manik nods.
Sukanya: Jamalghota.
Manik’s eyes become twice their original size and both look shocked as Pinky drinks the entire cup.
Manik & Sukanya: SHIT.
Both look at each other and then others.
Rudra: What happened?
They tell him everything just to get fits of laughter back from them.
Rudra: Nagini ho ya Choti mom.
Sukanya looks nervously at Manik and both look at Pinky who is rushing to washroom.

Manik: It’s too late I think so I should leave.
Sukanya: Sahi kaha hai kisi ne.
(Somebody has rightly said. )
Manik: Kya?
Sukanya: Ki haar ek friend kameena hota hai.
(Every friend is a moron.)
Manik: I am serious duffer look at the time it’s 7 it will take me half an hour to reach school and the more 20 mins for completing the formalities and after 9 there will be late entrance.
Suk makes a puppy face: Half an hour more please.
Manik helplessly: Okay.
Sukanya smiles brightly.

Advik: Manik Bhaiya let’s play video game. Moreover, in this house these girls never play video games.
Sukayna: Me three.
Amanat: I also want to play.
Anya: Me five.
Advik: But video games.
All: Okay done.
They all go to Advik’s room.

Dadi: Bacche kitne khush hai aaj.
(Kids are so happy today.)
Rudra: Dadi why only them even we all are also very happy today.
Dadi nods.
Tej: Ma I have some important work I need to go.
All nod while he leaves.
Dadi: Janvi Maine itne dinon baad billu ko itna khush dekha hai jab se Vo vapis aaya tha usne toh muskuraana hi chod diya tha. Kitne pyaar se Vo aaj Sukanya ko mana raha tha.
(Janvi I am really glad for billu he is happy after so many days, after his return he use to stay so gloomy all time. How lovingly he was convincing Sukanya today.)
Om: Dadi don’t you feel an unknown connection with Sukanya. I mean there is something so special about her isn’t it.
Janvi: Ya mummy ji even I feel that. You know she is like lost happiness of our family. The way she has become part of not only our family but even our hearts I feel there is some connection. Shivaay do you even feel so.

Shivaay who is zoned out listening to everyone unknowingly nods.

Om: What do you feel Shivaay?
Shivaay comes back to present but seeing everyone’s questioning look decides to speak his heart out to them.
Shivaay: It feels as if she is a part of me. I see Anika in her every now and then. Just like Anika she can make me smile at any moment but she is even more stubborn then Anika and tadi she has that more then either of us.
Everyone smiles listening to him.
Shivaay continues: You know dadi she calls me billu ji just the way Anika does.
He chuckles.
Om: And she is like you also too possessive at least when it comes to her mumma I bet she can turn the whole world around just for her loved ones. She is fearless like both of you.
Rudra: I am sure bhaiya if you and Anika Bhabhi ever had a daughter then she would have been more or less like Sukanya.
All nod but Shivaay’s face turns gloomy and he excuses himself.

The room’s door was bolted and locked. Shivaay opened the door. The room is beautifully lighted up.
The interior of the room is jaw dropping. The room has extreme royal look, the walls have been painted in peach colour with proper light every where, a huge walk in closet, a king sized bed, with an empty frame above it. The side wall has many empty frames and a few frames are filled with pics of ShivIka, RiKara, RuVya and kids, with one family pic at top and rest empty frames.
A beautiful study table with many books kept in the rack above it.

{Shivaay and Anika had taken there relation forwards three weeks before Anika is thrown out.}

Shivaay has covered Anika’s eyes with his hands and is escorting her to a room.
Shivaay: Anika I am removing my hand but don’t you dear to open your eyes until and unless I ask you to do that.
Anika nods.
Shivaay opens the door.
Shivaay: Open your eyes Anika.
Anika opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing the room, while Shivaay smiles brightly and keeping his head on her shoulder and wrapping his arms around her waist whispers in her ears.
Shivaay: How’s the surprise?
Anika without saying a word moves inside the room and traces her fingers through every nock and corner of the room and finally she touches a cradle and her eyes moisten. Shivaay back hugs her.
Shivaay: What happened Anika.
Anika: Aap pagal hai Shivaay.
(You are fool Shivaay.)
Shivaay smiles: You didn’t like all this.
Anika facing him rubbing her tears: Shivaay aap kaise keh sakte hain ke hume ek baby hoga.
(Shivaay how can you say that we will have a baby.)
Shivaay: Maybe not this time but we will have kids one time. Moreover, I have intuition.
Anika: Shivaay. Just look at this you are mad you have done so many preparations as if everything is confirmed.
Shivaay: Oh god Anika you think so much. Just tell me how is all this.
Anika: Beautiful. My to be son will love it.
Shivaay: Excuse me SON. No no ways my daughter should love it.
Anika: Excuse me I want a son.
Shivaay: Daughter.
Anika: Son.
Shivaay: Daughter.
Anika: Son.
Shivaay: Daughter.
Anika: So won’t listen to your child’s mother’s wish.
Shivaay raising his hands: I give in madam.
Anika giggles and hugs him and he hugs her back.
Shivaay: So our daughter will love it.
Anika hits him on chest but then nods in yes.
Anika: Btw Shivaay why did you get so many things. I mean look at the clothes in the closet our maybe would be baby won’t require it till he (Shivaay frowns) oooorrrr she will not require it till he OR SHE is nearly one year.
Shivaay: So what we will do more shopping for her.
Anika: Shivaay how much will you spend.
Shivaay sits on bed: As much as she wants to. I promise I will get her every happiness of the world and anything she wants. And I will always go for shopping with her.
Anika: Really Shivaay, you never come with me for shopping and as a reminder you hate shopping.
Shivaay: So what, anything for her.
Anika sitting besides him: Abhi tak pata wata kuch nahi hai toh saari attention beti ko de di aur agar vo aa gayi toh mai toh Mr. India hi ho jaungi aapki life se.
(Till now you don’t know anything and if by chance she comes then I will definitely become Mr. India from your life.)
Shivaay chuckles and hugs her.
Shivaay: Don’t worry I will take care of both my babies.
Anika gives a questioning look.
Shivaay: One our baby, second my baby that’s you.
Anika: Shivaay don’t say this in front of Rudra he won’t leave me for making his Shivaay Bhaiya paraya dhaan.
Shivaay: Hello! OmRu are my first kids and after that only anyone else can come.
Anika smiles and kisses his forehead as Shivaay lays down in her lap.
They both sit on the bed there only and talk for a while.


Shivaay smiles remembering his moments with Anika. He closes the door and scrolls down the door as tears make way from his eyes remembering all the past incidents where he first met her in temple, then when she breaks his car’s wind screen, their tadi, their fight, their marriage, their friendship and all the things they use to do together and finally when he threw Anika out of his life.
He cries keeping hand on his face.

Anika is sitting on bed with Shivaay and Sukanya’s photo in front of her eyes. Anika remembers the same day when Shivaay had shown her the room of their to be kids.

Shivaay how sure you were about your little angel, you know the gleam in your eyes that day there was no match of it, just by the thought that you will become father you were on ninth sky but who knew that I will never be able to see that same excitement and glee in your eyes ever again. You know when I got to know that I am excepting your face was the first thing that came in front of my eyes. So much I had wished that you should come to me running on hearing this news but who knew that again my destiny will do my chop and I will never be able to tell you the biggest happiness of your life, who knew that our Suk will never be able to meet her own father. Who knew that the girl whose life would have been bliss with you will end up living a life without you. I miss you Shivaay but what to do time has made me more helpless. By now you would have a family of your own just the way Pinky aunty wanted with rich enough a girl. I wish Suk could meet you once at least she will know what her father is. The true diamond just like Pinky aunty says.
Why didn’t you ever come back to me? Why didn’t you ever reply to me? Do you hate me so much Shivaay?

I don’t know when these tears became my destiny.

@10:00 p.m.

After a long session of crying and all Shivaay comes back to his room with his eyes puffed, he goes and cleans his face and comes back with his head spinning badly. He takes his box of meds when Suk enters.
Sukanya: Billu ji what happened?
Shivaay: Nothing.
Sukanya: Then what are you taking meds for.
Shivaay: Sukanya don’t come between me and my medicines.
Sukanya: Why?
Shivaay: Please Sukanya.
He takes out five packets of tablets from the box and Sukanya’s eyes pop out.
Sukanya: Oh god! What has happened to you.
She says checking his forehead.
Shivaay: Just some headache.
Sukanya: Then why so many medicines.
Shivaay: Precautionary sake. I don’t want to land up having fever.
Sukanya: It’s like a person having heart burns and saying let me go for by pass surgery so that if tomorrow there is some problem with my heart it gets cured in advance.
Shivaay: Lame.
Sukanya: Fine.
Snatching his meds.
Sukanya: You want meds. (Shivaay nods, while Suk places them back in box.) okay then take it.
Saying so she starts running, while Shivaay being left with no option runs behind her.
Shivaay: Sukanya return it please.
Sukanya showing the box while running: Take it.
Shivaay tries taking it but fails as she escapes easily.
Shivaay: Suk please Baccha.
Sukanya: Okay I have a condition.
Shivaay sighs: What condition?
Sukanya: You will not eat medicines uselessly.
Shivaay: No and no one can come between me and my medicines.
Sukanya: Fine then take it if possible.
Shivaay runs to her as they reach near pool and Sukanya is about to fall as her entire concentration is at Shivaay and she misses to see the pool. Shivaay holds her hand and pulls towards himself while the medicines fall in pool.
Sukanya: Hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… Aapki meds ka toh ram naam Satya ho Gaya ??.
Shivaay glares her and angrily says: Sukanya my head is blasting and you threw my medicines in the pool.
Sukanya making a puppy face: Okay I can make it up.
Shivaay: How?
Sukanya takes him in the room and makes him sit on bed.
Sukanya: Sit here I will be right back.
Shivaay: Suk…
But she leaves.

Sukanya knocks the door.
Gauri: Come in.
Sukanya enters.
Om: Are Sukanya you need not to knock the door you can come whenever you want.
Gauri: Ya Sukanya. Come sit.
Sukanya: No actually I want hair oil.
Gauri: Why all okay.
Sukanya: Ya all good but Billu ji is having headache so thinking of giving him head massage before he gobbles down the entire chemist shop.
RiKara chuckle.
Om: But do you think he will do as you say.
Sukanya: No one can say no to me. Especially when this is there to help me.
RiKara look confused at her and she makes a puppy face.
Om: Oh puppy face. Very cute but he is THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Do you think it will work.
Sukanya: If he is THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI then I am also SUKANYA.
She says throwing her hair backwards.
RiKara nod.
Gauri handing her over the hair oil: All the best.
Sukanya: Thank you.
Om: All the best.
Sukanya: Copy ditto.
RiKara smile at her as she leaves.

Shivaay: Finally, where were you?
Sukanya showing oil bottle: To get this.
Shivaay: What for?
Sukanya: To make Puri.
Shivaay: What?
Sukanya: Chill it’s just to give you head massage.
Shivaay touching his hair: No no no. No ways I am not letting you touch my hair.
Sukanya: Don’t crib like kids and just sit.
Shivaay: But…
Sukanya glares him and he making puppy face sits on the bed while Sukanya takes some oil in her hands and starts massaging his head. Shivaay closes his eyes to feel relaxation he smiles while she is massaging his head.
Shivaay: So shall I consider this as compensation for my medicines.
Sukanya: Okay you can consider it that way to.
Shivaay: Shall I ask something?
Sukanya: Why are you asking just shoot.
Shivaay: Why this massage?
Sukanya cheerfully replies: You know when ever I have a bad headache mumma gives me a head massage and then I feel relaxed. So I thought this is a better way rather then eating an entire chemist shop.
Shivaay: Excuse me they were merely five tablets.
Sukanya: Seriously billu ji. You know if we eat tablets unnecessarily then rather then curing ourselves we damage our body and if you continue one single tablet for a long time then that will stop affecting you only. Mumma always says everything is good but only in certain limit not in excess. You should not eat so many tablets uselessly.
She sees Shivaay who isn’t speaking a word and is just smiling she taps his shoulder and he opens his eyes.
Sukanya: Want happened?
Shivaay: Your hands have a magic.
Sukanya smiles: So done that you will not eat meds unnecessarily from today onwards.
Shivaay: I have a condition.
Sukanya signals him to carry on.
Shivaay: You will give me this massage when ever I want.
Sukanya happily nods.
Sukanya: Done.
Shivaay: Then it’s a word from Shivaay Singh Oberoi that he will never eat medicines unnecessarily.
Sukanya smiles while her hands are still massaging his head.
Sukanya after good half an hour of massage: Want to sleep billu ji.
Shivaay nods. He lays down on bed while Sukanya covers him with a duvet.
Shivaay: Where will you sleep?
Sukanya: In Amanat’s room. I have asked her already.
Shivaay smiles.
Sukanya: Good night billu ji. Sweet dreams.
Shivaay smiles: Good night. Take care.
Sukanya nods and leaves from the room after closing lights.

Dadi who has witnessed the entire scene smiles seeing her billu sleep so peacefully after ages. Till last night he looked so pale but today everything seems to have changed with in a blink he is sleeping with a beautiful smile adorning his face and all calm and composed without any frown. Dadi mentally blesses Sukanya for bringing happiness in their family and most importantly for bringing calmness in Shivaay’s stormy life.

Pinky comes out of washroom it’s then Sukanya, Advil, Gauri & Bhavya reach their talking to each other.
Advik: Girls look their.
He says pointing at Pinky and three of the girls along with Advik hide behind the wall to see Pinky.

Shakti: What happened Pinky why are you going to washroom again and again. Is everything ok.
Pinky: Svah kuch okay hai. Mera pait ki o my Mata ho gayi hai.
(Nothing is okay. O my Mata of my stomach is happening.)
Shakti: Did you eat anything wrong.
Pinky: Wait…. Wait…. Wait….
Shakti: What happened??????
Before that only Pinky rushes into washroom making Shakti confused and the hidden gang to laugh their stomachs out.
Gauri: I swear of Shankar ji, Sukanya you did marvellous job.
Sukanya making a nervous face: But will aunty ji be fine.
Bhavya: Relax Sukanya nothing will happen to her.
Advik: Stop worrying Suk di if the arrow has left the bow already then it has to hit a target. So what if it’s choti dadi instead of nagini.
They chuckle seeing Pinky coming out and her drained out condition as she throws herself on bed but soon rushes to washroom again.

Amanat & Anya’s room is a perfect example of a princess’s room. The entire room is painted pink textured and white curtains are adorning the room. A frame above the bed has captured a smiling pic of both the sisters along with their brother in a perfect beach location and another wall is covered up with all family pictures. The room has a walk in closet and windows opening to eternal outside beauty of beach that’s adjacent to the O.M..
Amanat: Did come.
Sukanya goes and sits by their side.
Sukanya: Your room is very beautiful.
Anya says thanks jumping on Suk’s back.
Amanat: Bade Papa, papa and chote papa together decorated the room three years back as a compensation.
Sukanya: Compensation?
Anya: Ya compensation as we didn’t bade papa for years together as he was in New York so as a compensation to that loss they gave us this room.
Sukanya: And Advik.
Amanat: God knows he has a secret with bade papa.
Sukanya: Oh!
OmRuRiYa enter the room.
Gauri: Chalo bacchon har hari ke so jao aab tum dono.
(Come on kids get to the bed quickly.)
Bhavya: Did you both brush.
Both the girls nod.
Rudra: So Sukanya today you are sleeping with them.
Sukanya: Ji. I will just go and freshen up.
They nod while she leaves.

Sukanya comes back and sees OmRu making their respective daughters sleep, while Om is narrating them a story Rudra is adding effects to the story. Sukanya smiles seeing them with an unexplainable pain in her eyes.
Om’s words bring her out of her trances.
Om: Come on Sukanya come sleep you have to go early tomorrow.
Sukanya: Ya can you wake me up at 4. Actually even if put on the alarm I won’t get up. Sorry to disturb you.
Om creasing her hair: No worries you sleep I will wake you up exactly at 4.
Sukanya: Thank you.
Bidding good night OmRu leave while Amanat and Anya make Sukanya sleep in between them and cuddle to her.

Advik’s part of story.

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