Hi ? guys firstly THANK YOU for your support. Secondly somebody in the comments section asked me to give Sukanya same eyes as Shivaay but guys it’s not always possible that Shivaay’s kids will have same eyes because there is something called GENETICS ???. Thirdly, I will clarify to all of you that MANIK is ABEER & MEHER’S son not of Abeer and Anika. Anika has only one daughter SUKANYA that’s all.
Now kaam ki baat no bakwaas let’s start with the next chappy.

All sit to have dinner, when Om gets a call he goes to receive it but soon lands back to the table.
Om: Sukanya there is a call for you.
Sukanya tasting her food makes a confused look: Call for me on your phone.
Om nods it’s then it strikes her head that she has ruthlessly murdered her phone hours back, as her hands were busy feeding herself so she asked him to put it on speaker and the very next moment she regrets the fact.


Sukanya backs off just in order to protect her ear drums that may come out just due to someone’s terribly harsh and loud voice.

Sukanya trying to find apt reason: Ac… Act… Ac…. Actually.
Sukanya louder this time: STOP SHOUTING MANIK IT HURTS MY EARS.
Manik: Fine. And actually by any chance did you again end up breaking your phone.

With these words of Manik almost half of the Oberoi clan chocked with food while Shivaay spits his water out as OmRu glare him.

Sukanya: A… Umm… Vo actually yes.
Manik: And now whose anger you took out mercilessly on the innocent phone.
Sukanya glaring Pinky: Someone is there let it be.
Manik: Phhh… Alright so what’s going on?
Sukanya: Dinner.
Manik: Great and any other update.
Sukanya: My clothes have been spoilt and I have nothing to wear.
Manik: How come?
Sukanya: Long story. You say.
Manik: Ya coach sir has given the date sheet tomorrow is a leave so enjoy and day after tomorrow we have practice from 5 in morning.
Manik: Aww… Baby Sukanya how will you get up.
Sukanya: Dear you say that word again I will make sure that your head is ripped into two.
Manik: Hahaha…
So what are you going to tomorrow.
Sukanya: Shop for myself.
Manik: Hahaha… Are you normal you and shopping.
Sukanya: I know but I have to buy clothes.
Btw what r u doing tomorrow?
Manik: Anything but accompanying you for shopping.
Sukanya making a puppy face: Please Manik. Please.
Manik: It so amazing to hear Please from you but no I Am in great mood to sleep till late tomorrow mumma isn’t here and nor is papa so I can sleep as long as I want to.
He says dreamily.
Sukanya: But Manik….
Manik: No but shut I really want to sleep.
Sukanya: How will I shop then?
Manik: Manage till evening then I will take you I promise.
Sukanya: Noooo. Hell with you MANIK MALHOTRA I WILL MANAGE MYSELF. And be ready to face buddy’s wrath for this.
Manik: Fine fine fine. But I am not gone give away my sleep for anything.
Sukanya: Fine sleep you sleeping monster.
Saying this being hell irritated she was about to hold the phone but before that Om takes it.
Om: It’s my phone.
Sukanya making puppy face: Thank you.
Om smiles.
Dadi: Sukanya puttar don’t worry tomorrow you go for shopping with one of us.
Sukanya smiles brightly: Thank you dadi.
Rudra: But who dadi? Tell now only.
Dadi: Umm… Right.
Dadi said knowing all the tantrums everyone can show.
Dadi: Go with billu as rest are busy.
Shivaay: Dadi me???
Dadi: Ya you and no argument.

Shivaay nods being confused while Sukanya smiles but feels bad that he is screwed up because of her.

@SHIVAAY’S P.O.V. (while he pens down his diary.)
SUKANYA I don’t know who she is, from where she has come I simply know nothing about her I think that’s how angel’s are unknown selfless they come in your life just to change it completely. That’s how Anika came to my life once and that’s how Sukanya has entered. I don’t know why I feel so connected to her.
Everything about this girl seems to be so special I don’t know why. She has a charm that nobody has accept for my girl, my wife, my everything, my Anika.
Today after ages my heart bounced the same way it use to do when Anika was near me and today I could see my Anika in Sukanya’s eyes, she looks almost similar to Anika, almost, right almost.
I have just spent few minutes with her and in that few minutes she gave me my lost smile.
Plus this girl calls me billu ji just like Anika I mean is there anything left on earth other then billu ji. I mean I have such an amazing name but no people are least bothered to take that name but billu ji god knows what’s so interesting in that name for them.
Today when I was sitting on dinning table for the first time after years in a length to have dinner with everyone trust me all were shocked but they were really happy too but I myself don’t know why I was there when I am least interested to dine with all but I wanted to know Sukanya more and I felt that dinning table is the only place where I will get this opportunity and there she comes walking down the stairs talking and laughing with my two little princesses Amanat and Anya, three of them look so good together just like OmRu and me. It was then I noticed Sukanya wearing Anika’s outfit it actually enraged me how dear anyone touch my Anika’s dresses but then I thought dadi would have given it to her as no one accept dadi touches my cupboard but she looked so much like Anika. I was glad enough that she looked beautiful like my Anika.
Anyways all the while when I was making note of Sukanya and Anika’s looks my thoughts were disturbed by somebody shouting on phone and to my utter surprise Sukanya has just broken a phone hours ago and OmRu’s glare made things worse for me how does that even connects god these two are too much they and their glares.
And finally the thing I wanted dadi ordered me to go with Sukanya for her shopping all I wanted was to no her even better that why I feel so connected and here my dadi gives me the best opportunity she is best isn’t it? Of course my dadi is best of all.
Look now I am here at this hour in the library while Sukanya is enjoying sleeping on my bed. God these girls they can drive anyone crazy.

Sukanya was sleeping peacefully on the bed when Shivaay comes all ready and is almost shocked to see her sleeping till 8 in the morning. Shivaay goes to wake her up.
Shivaay: Sukanya…
No response.
Shivaay: Sukanya. Wake up Sukanya.

Sukanya shoos his hand away and turning other side sleeps bring a slight smile on Shivaay’s face as he remembers his days with Anika where he had faced tough time waking his lady kumbkaran and now here he is another kumbkaran to deal with. This was definitely one blissful morning for him after ages.

Shivaay a little louder shaking her: WAKE UP SUKANYA.

Sukanya doesn’t budge rather crawls in his lap to get rid of the unwanted sunlight that was irritating her sleep. This was shocking for Shivaay but for an unknown reason he loved this part too.
Shivaay creasing her hair lovingly says sweetly to her.

Shivaay: Get up dear.
Sukanya: Let me sleep mumma.
Shivaay smiles: Sukanya mumma isn’t here Baccha. Get you will get late. Don’t you want to go for shopping.
Sukanya frowns in her sleep: Let me sleep please.
Shivaay: Get up now it’s 8.
Sukanya cutely cuddling more into Shivaay: Please five minutes.
Shivaay still creasing her hair: Okay only five minutes.

Sukanya nods cutely and the her messy hair that were covering good part of her face make her look even cuter and Shivaay smiled admiring her.
After five minutes Sukanya gets up stretching her arms.

Sukanya: Good morning billu ji.
Shivaay in brain: Again billu ji I am sure it’s useless to argue she isn’t going to back off any way better I only let things go.
Shivaay: Good morning Sukanya. Get ready we need to leave soon.
Sukanya nods and lazily walks to the bathroom but then turns.
Sukanya: What will i wear now?
Shivaay: I will get you something.
Sukanya nods.

Shivaay opens Anika’s side of cupboard and takes out one of her outfits and places them on bed.

Shivaay & Sukanya go to women’s section straight away.
Sukanya gets highly confused seeing the clothes and mentally curses the situation she is in, while Shivaay gets back to his phone seeing males and all. Sukanya sees him but gives a disbelieving look as he was irritating her because in her presence he was fiddling on his phone and she was pissed up by the mess of clothes around her because for her shopping was the last thing she would do on earth. She goes to him and snatches his phone while he gives all shocked look to her.
Shivaay: What?
Sukanya: Help me choose clothes rather then wasting time.
Shivaay: I am not wasting time I am doing some important work.
Sukanya a bit irritated: Oh really. I have more important works to do then your this time pass.
Shivaay calmly: Look I have never shopped for any girl in my entire life.
Sukanya: That’s great there is always a good day to start so you start from today come on select dresses for me.

Shivaay being left with no option starts to check out dresses from the stack while Sukanya occupies a stool and sits their munching her favourite chocolate to complete annoyance of Shivaay who giving an unpleased look to her gets back to the clothes. His head was genuinely spinning on seeing such a huge variety of clothes and every now and then he muttered curses to each fashion designer and all the trends. Finally he comes up with fifty something dresses that were looking good according to him so he one by one started showing it to Sukanya completely unaware of her tantrums.

Shivaay showing her a full sleeves top: How’s this?
Sukanya: No. Not at all have you seen it’s colour dark maroon chi. Doesn’t even looks good. Cancel.
She throws the shirt away that lands on a counter near by.
Shivaay forwards a yellow balloon shirt to her.
Sukanya: Not bad I will try it.
She keeps that near her.
Next comes a middy.
Sukanya munching her choco: I think so the it should have been quarter sleeves with a bow in the abdomen region with off shoulder style.

Shivaay was like seriously she is telling me as if I am going to alter it according to her taste. He jerked himself to stay normal.

Like wise Shivaay showed her all the dresses out of which she picked up a handful throwing the others to other side and Shivaay was by now done with all this.

Sukanya: Okay I will try these and come.

Now Shivaay occupied the stool and started wandering his eyes here and there to look at dresses and occasionally he picked a few more dresses for Sukanya.
Meanwhile, Sukanya comes out of the trial room wearing every dress and shows it to him flaunting the dress as much as possible, doing cat walk and at times even clicked selfies with him and he being an innocent soul obliged to her every demand.
Finally after three hours they were heading to the counter for billing.
Sukanya: Don’t you want to take anything?
Shivaay: Well I was thinking to buy something for everyone.
Sukanya: Great I will help you to select then.
Shivaay nods and both launch back to the clothes commenting on each one of them and both were commenting whole heartedly as if they are judging some fashion show. After another hour they were done with this part too.

Sukanya: Billu ji won’t you buy anything for yourself.
Shivaay nods but where was she going to stop or budge to him this easily.
Sukanya: Fine let me select something for you. You always wear three piece suit but let’s look at something different today.

Before Shivaay could even speak a word she has already taken up her work. Shivaay smiles looking at her as she is the first person after her brothers to choose clothes for him no one ever did that not even Anika but she, she is a girl to take no, no.
Sukanya select grey jeans and white shirt with an over coat for him and pushes him into the trial room.
Shivaay comes out of the trial room and Sukanya’s words makes him to blush.

Sukanya winking at him: Looking hot billu ji.

Shivaay’s expressions are priceless: Wha… Wha… What?
Sukanya giggles at his fumbling: Oh god billu ji you are fumbling as if i am eve teasing you chill man.
Shivaay nods in disbelief and goes to change.

After paying the bills Shivaay & Sukanya start to leave when Sukanya sees food court she innocently looks at Shivaay who turns to her and raises his eyebrows in What? She gives the expression of most cutest girl blinking her eyes and this is enough for Shivaay to understand that she wants something.

Shivaay: Say what?
Sukanya rubbing her stomach: Feeling hungry.
Shivaay smiles at her: Okay let’s go.
She smiles broadly at his approval and moves to a Punjabi restaurant.
Shivaay: You want to eat Punjabi food.
Sukanya: Ya it has been ages since I have eaten Punjabi food, I am yearning for it.
Shivaay: Okay you go and order I will be right back.
Sukanya: Where are you going?
Shivaay: Just some work I will be back in ten minutes you go and sit.
Sukanya: But what will you have?
Shivaay: Anything.
Sukanya: Okay.

It has been twenty minutes and till now Shivaay didn’t turn up and this makes Sukanya boil in anger and there food also arrives but Shivaay is no where to be seen.
The food is lying on the table but Sukanya didn’t even eat a single morsel of food and finally Shivaay turns up and realises that he has messed up the situation.

Shivaay: Sukanya you didn’t start.
Sukanya without paying any heed to him puts food in both the plates and begins to eat her part.
Shivaay realises that she is really very angry so he says calmly: I am sorry Sukanya.
Sukanya doesn’t even looks at him and continues eating her food. Finally Shivaay passes a gift box to her and she looks at him with questioning look.
Shivaay: Reason of my getting late.
Sukanya cleaning her hands tears the gift paper mercilessly pouring her entire anger on it. But the next moment her eyes turn out to become soft and she looks at Shivaay.
Sukanya in a normal yet annoyed tone: Thank you.
By now it is clear to Shivaay that she isn’t a girl to be pacified this easily.
Shivaay: What can I do to make it upto you.
Sukanya: Eat your food first.
Shivaay starts eating but his entire attention is on the girl sitting in front of him and while eating he again asks: I am sorry I didn’t want to get late but that idiot shopkeeper took hell lot of time to get the model.
Sukanya: You could have bought it later as well, you hadn’t eaten anything since morning accept for a cup of espresso. Neither phone nor the shop was running away.
She scolds him like a mother and he like an innocent kid keeps nodding to her.
Shivaay: Sorry please tell what can I do to make it up to you. Please.
Sukanya had called down after her small out burst on Shivaay so now she isn’t in any mood to let this golden opportunity go.
Sukanya: Fine get me the biggest chocolate ice cream available in the mall.

Shivaay is shocked would be an understatement.
Shivaay’s mind thought: I mean are you serious girl here I am presenting you a phone but rather then that you want an ice cream. Why the hell all the girls in my life are so much out of order.

Shivaay: Okay.
Sukanya smiles widely: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shivaay smiles at her excitement.

Shivaay: Sukanya I will get the car you stay here.
Sukanya: Better come early this time.
Shivaay: Of course I can’t afford another huge ice cream.
Sukanya giggles.

A passer by boy: Hye hotty. What’s the plan. Let me spend something on you come let’s shop together.
His friend: Ya come we are free.

Sukanya pays zero heed to the boys.
Boy goes and holds her hand: Come on let’s go.
Sukanya calmly yet her blood is boiling: Leave Mr. I am not interested.
Boy holds her shoulder: We will….

Before he could complete Sukanya punches him on face and he lands up on the floor with blood oozing out of his lips.
Boy2: How dear you.
Sukanya stops him by showing hand: Better you leave I am not interested in pulling up any stunt here so just leave.

But those brainless boys were not paying heed to her words so one of them holds a rod and was going to strike at her but she holds the rod and snatching it from him beats him with the same. In no time Sukanya was beating hell out of those boys.
With in few minutes Shivaay comes there with his car and gets shocked seeing Sukanya beating the hell out of those guys he rushes to her and holds Sukanya to let her leave those boys as they were injured more then required.
Shivaay: Leave them Sukanya.
But Sukanya paid no heed to him so having left with no option Shivaay held her from stomach and took her back but she was damn furious and fast and got out of Shivaay’s hold and starts beating the boys.

Boy: Sir ji stop your sister she is really dangerous please save us.
Shivaay: Who the hell asked you to get into fight with her.
Boy2: Please sir save us. (to Sukanya) bhenji please leave us.
Sukanya: Bhenji do I look like a bhenji to you.
With this comes another kick on his stomach.
Shivaay: Leave them Sukanya they will die?
Sukanya: Let them rot in hell.

Finally Shivaay scoops her and takes her to the car, he indicates the watch man to open the door while Sukanya is trying her level best to get off his arms but this time his hold is really strong so she isn’t able to get off.
Shivaay: Calm down Jhansi Ki Rani, calm down.
Sukanya looks at him with eyes ablaze: That blo*dy bastard was abusing me.
Shivaay: What?
Sukanya: Yes and he even touched me.

That was it for Shivaay he makes her stand and with his angry young man look glares at the boys who just run away stumbling over each other, now he turns to the watchman.

Watchman: Sorry sir, when we came here ma’am was already beating them.
Watchman 2: Actually I had gone to washroom.
Watchman: No sir no please. Sorry sir actually we were doing tea party.
Watchman: Sorry sir this will not happen again.
By all the shouting and all the manager comes to them.
Manager: Sir what happened?
Manager looks at them and they explain everything to him.
Manager: Sorry sir this won’t happen ever again.
Manager and the watchmen gulps and nods.
Shivaay: Come on Sukanya let’s leave.
Sukanya and Shivaay walk to the car when a lady stops them.
Lady: Sir your daughter is really brave. I am glad that in today’s world girls have courage to face boys like these on their own. Keep it up dear.
She walks away patting Sukanya’s shoulder.
While Shivaay and Sukanya look confused at each other.

Sukanya: By any chance did she say daughter.
Shivaay blinks: Umm… May be.
Let’s go.
Sukanya nods.
They sit in car.

Shivaay: Are you alright Sukanya.
Sukanya: I think so you should ask those boys that they are alright or have reached to hell.
Shivaay smiles at her and it’s then he notices her hand which is bleeding profusely and he stops the car.
Sukanya: What happened why did you stop?
Shivaay holds her hands delicately as if she is a glass doll and if he doesn’t holds her properly she will break.
Shivaay a bit strictly with loads of concern: Look at this Sukanya you were saying that you are fine and her your hand is bleeding.
Sukanya: When did this happen?

Shivaay glares her and she realises what she has caused. He looks for the medicine box but doesn’t finds it.
Shivaay: This Khanna is gone today I had asked him to keep first aid box in every car and check it regularly but this fool.
Sukanya: Relax it’s okay it’s not hurting. Moreover, I am used to it.
She says cheerfully to bring down Shivaay’s temper but rather this rose his temper.
Shivaay: Used to it. What do you mean by that? Do you keep kicking people out of no where.
Sukanya: Only when they get over my nerves. Relax I am alright.
Shivaay: What alright and all I have heard that and I can see it’s result also this much alright you are. (he says showing her hand yo her.)
Sukanya makes puppy face with a pout.
Shivaay: I will take you to hospital.
Sukanya jumps on her seat: Nooo. No need of that your house is just ten minutes from here please not hospital it’s a small wound. Trust me please.
She pleads him and he helplessly nods. Shivaay takes out hi handkerchief and covers her wound. Shivaay rides to home but all the way his entire concentration was on Sukanya who was cheerfully fiddling in the car sometimes playing music or checking out the glove box.

Shivaay enters with Sukanya while rest all were present in the hall itself.
All: Hi.
Shivaay: Rudra go get the first aid box.
Rudra: What happened?
Shivaay a little angrily: Get it first.
Rudra nods and leaves.
Dadi: So how was your shopping.
Sukanya: Great.
Shivaay sarcastically: Ya more than great.
Dadi: What happened to you billu?
Shivaay holds Sukanya’s hand and shows it to dadi: Look at this dadi, this girl got into a fight and after that ended up hurting herself but madam is least bothered about the wound.
Sukanya is about to say something but Shivaay shushes her.
Shivaay: Not a word SUKANYA, just go and sit.
Sukanya nods obediently and sits beside Om who asks her about her well being and she replies she alright smilingly, Om to smiles at her.
Rudra brings the first aid box.
Rudra: Here you go bhaiya.
Shivaay: How much time you take Rudra?
Rudra makes an innocent face and Sukanya signals him to let it be so he nods.
Shivaay sits in front of Sukanya and removes the handkerchief the bleeding had stopped but still blood is on her hand so Shivaay removes it very carefully making sure that it doesn’t hurts her at all. Then he cleans the wound with Dettol and after that he takes out an antiseptic seeing which Sukanya jumps.


All just get shaken by her loud sound.
Shivaay: What happened?
Sukanya making face: I don’t need this antiseptic I am alright you have applied Dettol and that’s enough.
Shivaay: No Sukanya that’s not enough. This will help your wound to heal soon.
Sukanya: No that’s not required.
Shivaay: Come on Sukanya stop acting like a kid.
Sukanya pleads him: No please no.
Shivaay is in no mood to let her go away like that so he forwards his hand to hold hers but next moment she jumps on Om to be saved.
Sukanya: Please save me.
Om: Relax it won’t hurt.
Sukanya: No you know nothing it will burn like hell. I know that.
Om: How?
Sukanya: I have lots of experience.
Om is trying to involve her in a conversation but she sees Shivaay approaching her hand so she moves to another sofa crawling all her way.
Shivaay’s hand slips and Om’s face gets filled with the antiseptic.
Shivaay: Sorry Om I was trying to apply it to her hand but she just ran off.
Other side Rudra holds her: Bhaiya here she is.
Sukanya: Your my friend or enemy.
Rudra: Enemy.
Sukanya nodding her head: Sure I am.
Looking at other side she shouts: SPIDER.
To her luck her trick works and Rudra jumps leaving her.
Shivaay: Duffer she bluffed you.
Rudra making an innocent face: How must I know I am really scared of spiders.
Om hits his head: Useless.
Bhavya: Humne kaide ko pakad liya hai aab yeh kanoon ke lambe hatoon se farar nahi ho sakti.
(I have held the culprit now she can’t get rid of long hands of the police.)
Sukanya: Bhavya aunty you know I have heard that Sham uncle is going to throw all the eggs out of the kitchen.
Bhavya: Really. I will go and see him.
Sukanya nods as Bhavya leaves her and goes towards kitchen.
Rudra being confused: Who is Sham?
Sukanya: God knows.
They understand that she tricked them again so the brothers begin to chase her while rest of the kids help the elders to hold Sukanya. Sukanya runs all around the hall making everyone follow her finally she hides behind Tej and Shakti who just entered the mansion.

Sukanya: Please save me from them they are very ruthless.
Shivaay: Bade papa & Dad you both leave her.
Shakti: But what has happened? Why are you all running.
Pinky: Because this girl has made our house a circus. She is guest but behaving as if she is the owner of this house.
All look her with disgust accept for Shivaay’s whose concentration was still on Sukanya and her wound.
Shivaay: Stop it Sukanya and come out I am serious right now come on come out.
Sukanya nods in no and hides behind Tej and Shakti holding their coat tightly. While Shivaay sighs at her childishness and stubborn behaviour.
Tej: Relax Shivaay she is just a child she will do what you want but be nice to her.
Shakti: Ya bhai Saab is saying right.
Speaking to each other both move forward while Sukanya is still hiding behind them, while ShivOmRu smile understanding Tej & Shakti’s trick but to their bad luck Sukanya to understands that and before they reach to ShivOmRu she just rushes from behind them and runs, making all of them sigh for her antics. Shivaay looks at Tej & Shakti.
Tej: Don’t look us like that we tried our level best.
Shakti: Ya Shivaay for the first time bhai Saab tried to do something so skilfully.
Tej: Really Shakti.
Rudra: Stop it two of you but the main point is you both couldn’t hold Sukanya.
Realisation strikes them that Sukanya has had a great escape.
Shivaay: SUKANYA.
Sukanya from back where she is standing behind dadi: Happy realisation guys.

ShivOmRu look at each other as if all of them understood what’s in others mind so the nod at each other. Three of them move from three different directions to encircle her while Sukanya smirks at them the famous SSO smirk and Shivaay raises his eyebrows and meanwhile three of them were about to hold her but Sukanya jumps on sofa and three of the brothers land up one over the other and the entire Oberoi clan bursts into fits of laughter seeing them accept for Pinky who makes a disgusting face.

Shivaay: Get both of you.
Rudra who was above gets up followed by Om & Shivaay.
Om sighs: God Advik was easier to handle then this girl.
Advik raising his collar: See papa now you understand my value.

While Sukanya makes puppy face.
Om: Ya I understand but still you have made me run miles.
Advik give ‘aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta’ look to him and the rest laugh at them.
Bhavya comes from kitchen: Sukanya whose Sham ji.
Sukanya: He…
Bhavya: Ya he.
Sukanya: Oye Teri you don’t know him.
Bhavya nods in no and tries to think hard about that person.
Sukanya: No problem even I don’t know.
Bhavya give her ‘you fooled me’ look and she nods happily.
In the time being what Sukanya didn’t notice was that by now Shivaay was behind her. Shivaay holds her by her wrist really tightly.
Sukanya: Ah. You this is cheating.
Shivaay: Great then.
Sukanya: You are a cheater.
Shivaay just nods while Sukanya is still trying to take her hand back but this time Shivaay isn’t allowing her to do that. Sukanya holds Janvi by her shoulder as she is the only person near him and pleads her.
Sukanya: Please save me.
Shivaay: No badi ma don’t you even try.
Janvi backs off. Holding her hand Shivaay makes her sit on the sofa while her eyes are almost tearing and Shivaay sees that and gets worried and handing over the medicine to Om cups her face but not before asking him to apply that via his eyes.
Shivaay: What happened Sukanya is your hand hurting.
Sukanya nods in no.
Shivaay: Then.
Sukanya: This medicine will burn alot.
Shivaay: Shh… Shh… Come on you are so brave you hit all of the boys single handily and you have hospitalised them and now you are crying over such a small thing you are so brave my girl.
Sukanya is still not convinced.
Anya hops on Shivaay’s back and talks to Sukanya: Ya did you are so strong and this ointment won’t hurt a super girl like you.
Amanat: Yes didi you are strongest of all and please don’t cry we can’t see you like this.
Both Anya and Amanat clean her tears and Anya makes her lips curve in smile with her hands and finally Sukanya smiles giving life back to Shivaay, who finally takes a sigh of relief.
Advik: You are such a drama queen look your ointment is also done and you didn’t even feel any pain.

Sukanya looks at her that has been bandaged and then at Om who smiles at her then she moves her glare to Shivaay. Sukanya starts beating both on their chest with one hand for each saying: CHEATER.. CHEATER… CHEATER.
ShivKara hold her hand and she makes a puppy face.
ShivKara pull her cheeks.
Shivaay: Be careful miss. your hand isn’t completely fine.
Advik: I told you she is a drama queen.
Sukanya hits him with a cushion while he successfully dodges it away.
Advik: Bad shot Miss. Sukanya.
Saying this he shows tongue to her and the chase me game begins. At last Shivaay holds both of them at an arms distance while both are trying their luck to get off his hold but poor babies don’t know that he is much stronger then them.

Shivaay sternly: STOP BOTH OF YOU.

Both stop bringing all their activities to a halt and stand straight scared of Shivaay’s tone.

Shivaay: What’s up with you two? Why are you messing with each other so much.
Advik: She started.
Sukanya: Excuse me who was the one who showed attitude yesterday.
Advik: You.
Sukanya: Oh really.
Shivaay: Wait. Why are you angry on him Sukanya?
Sukanya: Because he is arrogant, egoistic and irritating.
Advik: No that’s not me.
Sukanya: Ya yesterday it was your ghost in school.
Shivaay: Okay like this we will go no where. So raat gayi baat gayi now shake hands and forget whatever happened and start afresh.
Both turn their faces to opposite direction.
Om: Come on guys grow up. You both are enough mature that you let the things go.
All nodded.
Advik forwards his hand to shock of Om who shakes his head twice to ensure what he is seeing.
Advik: Sorry it was my mistake.
Om: Are you Advik only.
Advik hits him on stomach but Om smiles and kisses his cheeks.
Om: Proud of you.
Advik gives his brightest smile to him and he ruffles his hair.
Sukanya smiles seeing the father and son duo. While Advik looks at her getting her back to reality.
Sukanya shakes hand with him: It’s okay.
Shivaay: Good kids.
Both smile proudly.
Dadi: Waah billu you did amazing job.
Shivaay just moves his hand in his hair.
Sukanya: Aww… So cute.
Shivaay looks at her and she pinches his cheeks.
Gauri: Go and freshen up Sukanya.
Sukanya: Ya.
Wait actually we have bought few things for all of you.
Anya: Really.
Sukanya: Yes. I will show you.
Everybody settles down while Sukanya hands over them their gift. She gifts everyone including Pinky who takes it but not before giving her all time most disgusting look of her which is ignored by Sukanya.

Amanat: WOW di this is so beautiful.
She says showing off her violet colour frock to everyone. All praise her.
Anya: But mine is more beautiful.
She shows her off white frock to everyone.
Advik: Suku di which one is better.
He says winking at her as both the girls rush to her and Sukanya glares him with ‘I will kill you’ look, for which Advik chuckles.
Om whisper to Advik: Saku di, not bad learning manners Han.
Advik makes an angry face for which Om laughs and hugs him make Advik smile.
Anya: Say didi who is looking better.
Sukanya looks at the two helplessly cursing Advik for putting her in this mess she can’t hurt any of them so she looks here and there at others to help her but they give deal yourself look. While Shivaay is keenly looking at her to figure out that how she will deal with them.
Sukanya finally speaks: Anya you look beautiful in off white dress and Amanat you look gorgeous in violet one.

Shivaay mouths to her ‘clever move’ for which she mouths ‘I know’.

Khanna: Shivaay sir someone is here to meet Sukanya ma’am.
Shivaay: Who?
Sukanya gives a confused look.
A boy come from behind: Me.
Sukanya’s eyes sparkle seeing him she goes to him and hugs.
Sukanya: Hogayi Teri neend Puri.
(Have you completed your sleep.)
He nods and chuckles.

Another voice come from the gate.
Voice: Hi guys what’s up?


But point is whose? ???
Who enters O.M.?

1. OmRuRiYa & Dadi.
2. Shivaay
3. Anika
4. Sukanya

Do reply guys because i will be posting the next only after knowing the answer for this.


Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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