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Anika: Utho Sukanya. (Get up Suk.)
Sukanya: Mummy sone do na please.
(Mom please let me sleep.)
Anika: Uth tujhe aaj flight bhi pakdni hai.
(Get up you have a flight to catch today.)
Sukanya gets up with a jerk: Oh shit! Pehle yaad nahi karwa sakte the. Mai late ho jaungi.
(Oh shit! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier.)
Anika: Pichle ek ghante se utha rahi hun aur agar mai tujhpe paani phenk ti toh tun mujhe par chadti fir.
(I am trying to wake you up since an hour but you weren’t getting up and if I had thrown water on you then you would have scolded me.)
Sukanya: Aacha meri Jhansi ki rani bas karo ja rahi hun tayar hone khana bana do.
(Okay my Jhansi Ki Rani I will go and freshen up.)
Anika: Thik hai jao par jaldi aana.
(Come soon.)
Sukanya: Aacha ji.

Anika: Sukanya did you take your bags.
Sukanya: Check.
Anika: Mobile.
Sukanya: Check.
Anika: Boarding pass.
Sukanya: Check.
Anika: Guitar.
Sukanya: Check.
Anika: Medicines.
Sukanya: Check.
Anika: Wallet.
Abeer comes from outside: If you girls are done then kindly hurry up this girl has a flight to catch.
Sukanya: Yup! Buddy. Come on let’s go.
Anika: You took everything na.
Sukanya: Oh haan mummy ji aab chalo nahi toh late ho jayenga.
(Yes, now hurry or we will get late.)

Abeer: Okay Suk and Mani announcement has been made you both got to check in.
Sukanya: Okay. Mummy.
Anika: Haan.
Sukanya: Mumma khana time par kha laina, aapni medicines bhi le lena, zyada der tak office mai kaam mat karna, time par so Jana aur please aapna khayal rakhna.
(Mumma have food on time, take ur meds properly, don’t stay in office for long and please take proper rest and above all take care.)

Anika with a smile: Thik hai meri ma jaise tun kahe aur tu bhi aapna khayal rakhna.
(Fine as you say. But you too take care of yourself.)

Manik flaunting: Mai Hu na babes.
(I am there babes.)

Sukanya hitting his shoulder: Issi baat ka toh daar hai unhe.
(That’s what she is more worried about.)

Manik gives whatever look.
Abeer: Aab tum dono yahin ladte raho ge ya jao ge bhi.
(Will you both keep fighting here only or leave too.)

Sukanya: Buddy mummy ka khayal rakhna.
(Buddy please take care of mom.)

Abeer: Jo hukum aaka.
(As you order my lord.)

Anika: Thik hai pure Dehradun me na chaka chak poster chap wa denga ki Sukanya ki mummy ji ka khayal rakha jaye.
(We will paste posters in entire Dehradun that everyone should take care of your mom.)

Sukanya makes a puppy face.
Anika kissing her cheeks: Don’t worry I will be fine aur mai bacchi nahi hun. (& I am not a kid.)
Sukanya: Trust me mummy aap un se bhi zyada bure ho.
(Trust me mom you are worse.)

Anika makes oh really face, while Sukanya pecks her cheeks and hugs her.
Sukanya: I will miss you mumma. Bye.
Anika: Will miss you too take care.
Sukanya nods.
Manik and Sukanya along with their group leave to Mumbai.

Principle: Good morning girls and boys. We are obliged to host you all for the prestigious annual inter school dance competition that has to be held in our school.
The entire auditorium is filled with claps as the principle invites them for the biggest annual competition.

Coach: Sukanya and Aditi (a girl from their group) girls there is a problem.
Sukanya: What happened sir?
Coach: The school lacks accommodation for you two as their girls hostel wing had a fire incident a few days back.
Aditi: So sir what are we going to do.
Coach: The trustee of school have arranged an accommodation for two of you in the house of trustees only.
Sukanya: But sir how can we stay in anyone’s house like this. I mean we know none.
Coach: Don’t worry I have contacted your parents and given them all the details about those people and they are highly reputed people and we will take care of your security as well. Moreover, you have four days to adjust so I hope so you can do this.
Sukanya: Alright sir.
Coach: Great. Aditi you come with me I will take you to the person at whose place you have to go and Sukanya you wait here as a driver will come to pick you up he would be wearing OBEROI’S SECURITY tag.
Sukanya: Okay sir.
Coach leaves.

Sukanya was standing waiting for the driver to come when someone dashes into her.

Sukanya: Hye!
Person: Can’t u see r u blind?
Sukanya: What the wuck? Are you out of your nuts Mr. Who so ever?
Person: Advik Singh Oberoi.
Sukanya: As if I care but Mr. You need to learn manners.
Advik with a smirk: Oh really and you need to learn that this isn’t your house and you can’t stand anywhere.
Sukanya: As if you own the school and can dash into anyone you want to.
Advik: Of course I own this school but I am least bothered about you so leave my way.
Sukanya with equal attitude: Walk off.
Both look each other with a stern eye contact.

Manik comes there: Suk what’s going on?
Sukanya: Nothing just dealing with a kid.
Manik: Oh please don’t start here too.
Sukanya: I didn’t do anything.
Manik: Leave all that and I heard about your accommodation problem.
Sukanya: Ya me too.
Manik: Now?
Sukanya: Now what? Will stay where I will have too.
Manik: But.
Sukanya: Don’t worry I will take care.

In the meanwhile Khanna approaches the duo.
Khanna: Miss. Sukanya.
Sukanya: Yes.
Khanna: Car is here ma’am, I will drop you to your destination.
Sukanya: Great.
(to Manik) I will leave.
Manik: Okay call me once you are there.
Sukanya: Sure. Bye.

Sukanya enters the mansion while servants carry her luggage.
Sukanya to herself looking at the mansion: Not bad actually great this looks beautiful.
Dadi: Khanna ye kon hai?
Khanna: Dadi ji ye vahi hai jiske bare mai Tej sir Bata rahe the.
Dadi caring her cheeks: Come beta.
Sukanya bends and touches her feet to take blessings.
Dadi smiles feeling a warmth in her presence and hugs her: God bless you.
Sukanya smiles. While the rest Oberoi clan accept for Shivaay and Pinky who were there look astonished at her as if she was an alien.
Dadi introduces her to everyone and she meets everyone with great zeal. Family is her dream and seeing them together she feels a bit emotional.

Dadi: Come puttar I will show you your room.
Sukanya: It’s okay dadi somebody else will show me you take rest.
Om: Come I will take you.
Sukanya nods and walks towards stairs, while she dashes into some one and that someone is PINKY SINGH OBEROI.
Sukanya: Sorry aunty.
Pinky: Hmm.

Sukanya makes an irritated face with her reply already she was pissed off by the boy she met in the school and now Pinky who was giving an highly irritating look to Sukanya that was enough to piss her off but still she maintained her calm.

Pinky: What’s your names?
Sukanya didn’t get her out of the world English so she questioned trying to be polite: What?
Pinky: Names? Yours?
Realisation hits Sukanya: Oh! Sukanya.
Pinky: Sukanya. What?
Sukanya: Just Sukanya.
Pinky: No surnames.
Sukanya nods in no.
Pinky: Oh so your mother not telling you your father’s name. Black facing your mothers.

(Author’s P.O.V.:
This is called digging your own grave. Impressed by you Pinky you have hit the right cord. (note of sarcasm))

Sukanya: Please stop.
All look at her with shock due to her stern voice.
Pinky: Hello don’t show me your maharani type tantrums. You should say thanks for allowing you to stay here otherwise your aukat isn’t of staying in our servant quaters.

Sukanya smiling sarcastically: What are you so proud of This wealth (she says pointing at the house) or your surname or these servants over whom you rule. Let me tell you one thing very clearly this doesn’t belongs to you all this just belongs to a brand name OBEROI nothing is your and you without this name have no respect. You need this brand name to live your life and you only know one thing and that is how to show people low moreover, you can show only those people low who are weaker then you. But for your KIND INFORMATION I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE WHO NEEDS A SURNAME TO CARRY HER RESPECT. I HAVE RESPECT BECAUSE OF MY WORK AND MARK MY WORDS ONLY THOSE PEOPLE NEED THEIR SURNAME WHO LACK FAITH ON THEIR OWN ABILITIES AND ARE DEPENDENT ON OTHERS FOR THEIR LIFE AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM BUT MY MOM AND I DO NOT NEED ANYONE’S NAME TO LIVE OUR LIFE WE HAVE A GREAT PIECE OF RESPECT FOR OURSELVES THAT WE HAVE EARNED ON OUR OWN AND THAT RESPECT DOESN’T COMES FROM ANY NAME BUT IT IS HARD EARNED. PLUS I HAVE SELF CONFIDENCE AND FAITH SO I NEED NOT DEPEND ON ANYONE NOR DO I NEED TO PROVE MY AUTHORITY MY YELLING AT SOMEONE WHO IS WEAKER THEN ME BECAUSE THAT DOESN’T HOLDS ME UP AS I HAVE MY OWN STANDARDS SO I LIKE TO RISE TO THE HIGHEST POINT WHERE THE REST WILL BE LOW UNLIKE YOU WHO ARE MORE INTERESTED IN STOOPING TO THE LOWEST LEVEL.
Well I am sorry I am wasting my precious time on you because people like you have already screwed their own mental strength and are just influenced by rubbish and I am least bothered about garbage that is dumped in your head so better next time don’t say a word to my mum otherwise you will doubt your own existence on this earth.

Saying so she moves to the stairs leaving everyone shocked by her words and adding to their shock she does the famous SSO hair move making everyone gasp. More or less all felt that she is an alien, firstly her looks and secondly the way she acts fearlessly reminds them of two important persons of their life ANIKA & SHIVAAY.

Rudra: Aisa laga ANIKA BHABHI AUR SHIVAAY BHAIYA ka unique version dekh liya ho. Kya jawab diya hai choti ma ko. Anika Bhabhi ki language me toh tota ud Gaye unke.
(It felt as if I have seen a unique version of ANIKA BHABHI AUR SHIVAAY BHAIYA. She rocked today.)
Dadi: Sahi kaha par kya Kamal ki ladki hai. ho na ho kuch toh hai iss me.
(That’s true and she is an amazing girl and definitely she has something that makes her different.)
She smiles knowingly while the rest haven’t recovered from shock yet.
Gauri: Aaj toh O My Mata choti ma ki
All together: O my Mata hogayi.
All have a good time laughing.

While on other hand Pinky makes an irritated face planning to avenge the little devil but who shall tell her that entering in lion’s den is like inviting own death.


Being highly enraged, irritated and unknown about her room Sukanya directly enters Shivaay’s room. She just sits down on the bed and remembers Pinky’s words and her anger reaches another level at that very moment her phone buzzes.
Sukanya picks it without seeing whose on call and the call was from call centre (trust me they have perfect timing. Idiots. **sarcasm**)

While on other hand OmRu, GauriVya, reach there searching her.





There lands Sukanya’s mobile near OmRu’s feet.

OmRu: Phone no. 505.
Gauri: This isn’t Shivaay bhaiya’s phone.
Rudra: But this 505th phone that died in our house.
Om pats Rudra’s shoulder to console him.

Sukanya was moving in pendulum motion from here to there trying to cool herself down but that didn’t work even a bit she walks out to the pool side followed by the four who are in all the traces of shock.

Sukanya sees the pool and removing her shoes jumps in as now only water can cool her down.

And the four people just stare each other and mind it Gauri & Rudra were in full state to faint today all thanks to Om & Bhavya who had held them.
Gauri: Shankar ji.
Rudra: Bhabhi aaj toh Vo kuch nahi kar payenga.
(Bhabhi he can’t do anything today.)
All nod.
All together and to each other: HO KYA RAHA HAI?
The shake there head as if by doing that they will understand something.

In a while Sukanya gets out of pool while Gauri gets two towels for her and Bhavya leaves for work.
Gauri hands over a towel to Sukanya, who takes that with a smile.
Sukanya: Thank you.
On other hand Om takes another towel and making Sukanya sit starts to dry her hair and Gauri leaves to get hot chocolate milk shake for her.
Rudra: Are you fine Sukanya?
Sukanya nods.
Om: Sorry Sukanya from choti ma’s side.
Sukanya smiling slightly: Why are you asking forgiveness you haven’t done anything. So please don’t say anything.
OmRu smile at her.
Rudra: Shall I ask something?
Sukanya: Am I older to you?
Rudra nods in no.
Sukanya: Then why are you asking for permission. You can feel free to ask what you want to.
OmRu smile at her.
Rudra: Where have you come from?
Sukanya: Dehradun. It’s beautiful unlike Mumbai. Ek baat batao. (tell me one thing.)
They nod.
Sukanya: Why is Mumbai so polluted? Zero mind it zero percent if scenic beauty is here.
OmRu chuckle.
Om sitting beside her: Good question but Mumbai to has scenic beauty.
Sukanya raises a questioning look.
Om: Like Dehradun’s beauty is in it’s hills and valleys like wise Mumbai’s beauty is it’s beaches.
Sukanya nods making I understood face.
Sukanya: You know I haven’t visited any beach till date.
Rudra: Okay then you and me this Sunday off to beach.
Sukanya with a sad pout: Only you and me what about the rest.
Om: We all will to join you.
Sukanya: I have friend he can also join.
Om nods.
Rudra in investigating mood with raised eyebrows: Friend or boyfriend.
Sukanya throws the towel on him with a warning glare but who cares.
Rudra: Oh boyfriend.

That’s all now begins the chase game while from other side comes Gauri and seeing the chase game she is all shocked.

Sukanya: Run as much as you can for your life Mr. Protein shake.
Rudra: Hye who told you that.
Sukanya: Bhavya aunty said that to you in morning so I picked it up from there.

Still both are chasing each other while Om is having a gala time laughing at the duo, while Gauri is getting mad seeing the chase game.
Rudra comes behind Gauri.
Rudra: Bhabhi save me from her.
Gauri: Rudy bhaiya apne uss se panga liya hi kun?
(Firstly why did you mess with her Rudy bhaiya.?)
Sukanya: Sahi pakade ho.
Sukanya was about to catch him but he runs from behind and in that process he pushes Gauri who lands on Om and the milk shake in her hand lands on Om’s face.
Now it was Om’s turn to frown and Gauri to laugh but not before sharing a romantic eye lock.
As both of their eyes were in contact and neither had any interest in outside world, Rudra stops seeing them and Sukanya was about to beat him but he holds her hands before that and points at OmRi and she too smiles seeing the duo and covers her eyes with one hand and with other she covers Rudra’s eyes.
Rudra: Are what are you doing.
Sukanya: Shh… Bad manners you should not see your bhaiya and Bhabhi romancing each other.
Rudra makes ‘what the hell face’.
Rudra: But I have been seeing them since eternity.
Sukanya removing her hands in shock turns to Rudra.
Sukanya: Haw kitna chepde hai aap.
(That’s really bad of you.)

There comes another bomb fir Rudra, wasn’t the previous incidents enough to knock his thinking skills that now another word made his world shake. By this time OmRi come out of there traces hearing Sukanya’s loud squeal yo Rudra.

Sukanya: Don’t worry we didn’t see anything I had closed our eyes.
OmRi blush.
Sukanya: Aww… How cute.

This makes the duo to blush to the darkest shade their respective cheeks can afford. To change the topic Gauri questions Sukanya.

Gauri: Why were you Rudy bhaiya, Sukanya.
Getting back to realisation Sukanya turns to Rudra and Rudra making a scary fave makes a quick dash to Om.
Om: No Rudy because of you only firstly I am having this milk shake on my face.
Rudra teasingly: With lots of red colour.

Sukanya and Rudra chuckle.

Sukanya with raised eyebrows: Mr. Protein shake.
Rudra: No Sukanya times up.
Sukanya: This isn’t a game that you will say times up and I will agree.
Sukanya reaches out for Rudra while he fidgets and in the process they failed to realise that how close were they to pool and another step here and there followed by a


Three of them Rudra, Sukanya and bichara Om who was more like bich ka Bandar landed in the pool together.

Bad for three of them but Gauri had a hearty laugh digesting their condition and how can the Oberoi brothers let someone laugh on them and their Om pulled Gauri in the pool who was more then shocked and the rest two begin to laugh while Om gives her ‘this the result of messing with your husband ‘ look to her. While she returns a stern glare.

Sukanya: Btw lambe Baal wale uncle ek fayda hua aapko swimming pool me girne ka.
(Btw long hair uncle you have been benefited by falling in swimming pool.)
Before Om can ask Rudra jumps up in curiosity.
Rudra: Kya?
Sukanya: Your milkshake got cleaned.
Rudra: Hahaha…
Sukanya smiles.
Rudra: It was a PJ.
Sukanya hits him making an irritated face.
Gauri: Stop it both of you and let’s get out of here.
All nod obediently.


Gauri: Ab kya hua?
(What happened now?)
All make we don’t know face.
They leave the pool and walk to the place from where sound came.

Sukanya’s bag is lying open with a box of paint on it.
Sukanya’s eyes open in wide shock.
Sukanya: Shit my clothes.
She rushes down only to find her clothes all scattered and filled with paint.
A girl was standing near the bag with head down making a cute sorry pout face.
Sukanya checks all her clothes but they all were filled with coluor.

Girl cutely: Sorry.
Sukanya looks upto her blinks her eyes although she was angry but looking at her cuteness she couldn’t keep up with the anger that was the charm of RAVITANYA SINGH OBEROI.
Rudra: Anya what did you do?
Anya: Sorry papa actually bhaiya had taken my cake and was making me run behind him and in the process I dashed into this bag which fell open and from above a big box of paint (she shows using her hands the size of box) came and fell thaa… On the bag.
All giggle listening to the sound effect.
Anya: Sorry didi.
Sukanya adorning a helpless smile: It’s okay. What had to happen has happened can’t help you see.
Anya nods.
Anya: Btw who are you.
Om: Anya, she is Sukanya di. There is dance competition in your school remember (Anya nods) she is a participant of the same and will be staying with us only.
Anya: Oh that’s great.
Sukanya: But you didn’t introduce yourself to me cutie pie.
Anya smiles: Hi I am Ravitanya.
Sukanya shaking hand with her: Nice meeting you Miss..
Anya smiles at her.
There enters another girl with all tired face who just throws her bag on the sofa along with her self.
Om: What happened Amanat?
Amanat: I am damn tired dad.
Anya: Why did you work in field whole day?

Anya receives a cushion from Amanat for her illogical logics but how can she help that she is one and only daughter of Rudra Singh Oberoi and stupid logics was an inherited trait.

Amanat: Our teachers screwed all are games and hobby periods as they had to complete the syllabus and owing to the dance competition there would be few days where we won’t be able to study so only to catch up they made us study for entire day.

(AUTHOR’S P.O.V.: Trust me this use to be worse when teachers take up the free periods I use to hate it?)

Dadi: Par tum charon kun bhega hue ho?
(But why four of you are wet?)
Anya: Ya and it’s not raining even.
The four look at themselves and each other and give ‘now answer’ look to each other.
Gauri: Nothing dadi ji we all just fell in pool.
Dadi, Amanat & Anya together: TOGETHER.
They nod.
Anya cribs melodramatically: That’s not fair papa you all played pool games without me.
Rudra: No Anya we weren’t playing we all accidentally fell into pool.
Amanat: Oh hello! Accidently one person can fall in pool not four of you. So don’t fool us.
Gauri hits Om’s shoulder and gives him ‘see tour daughter’ look while he makes innocent face murmuring: What’s my fault.
This receives him a glare from Gauri indicating all is your fault.
Rudra pinches Om.
Om: Ouch! What Rudra?
Rudra: You both don’t start romancing each other have some shame all are sitting here only even dadi.
Om: We aren’t romancing each other.
Sukanya: Guys if you are done please concentrate on the investigating department.
She says looking at the three inquiring pair of eyes.
Rudra: Umm…. Amanat did you meet her?
He changes the topic looking at Sukanya, who smiles mouthing ‘wage attempt ‘ and he gives a cold shoulder to her.
Amanat: No. Whose she?
Rudra gives I am proud of myself look to Sukanya indicating his success in diverting their minds and this time Sukanya gives a whatever look.
Sukanya: Hi I am Sukanya and I will be staying here owing to the reason for which you teacher made you study whole day.
Amanat makes an oops expression and shakes hand with Sukanya: Nice meeting you di.
Sukanya smiles.
Dadi: Go and get changed four of you.
All nod and move.
Sukanya: Wait. What will i wear?
Rudra: You have two bags right.
Sukanya: Wrong. (All give her confusing look). I mean right but in other way the other bag has all my costumes and kits for dance so practically I had only one bag.
All nod.
Rudra: Why don’t you share Amanat’s clothes.
All give him are you insane look and it’s then he understands that she can’t wear them.
Gauri: I will give you a suit.
Sukanya: SUIT.
Gauri: Why? What happened?
Sukanya: Actually I don’t wear suits I can’t handle them.
Gauri: Oh wait. Let me thik then.
Dadi: Gauri you go I will see to it.
Gauri nods and leaves with others.

Dadi takes her back to Shivaay’s room and opens his cupboard and takes out a dress of Anika and gives it to Sukanya to change.
Sukanya smilingly takes that and goes to change.

Om and Gauri after freshening up are seated on bed while Om is thinking something and Gauri is drying her hair.
Gauri shaking Om: Om where are you lost.
Om looks at her: Nowhere.
Gauri: Say na Om.
Om: Gauri, Sukanya. You know when I met her I felt as if…
Gauri completes him: We know her since ages.
Om nods: You too.
Gauri: Ya. I don’t know why but it feels as if we have a connection a deep connection as if I know her very well maybe not personally but my heart feels close to her.
Om: Same. Same is with me.
Rudra who just came there: Same with me too.
The way she chases me and teases me it feels same like Shivaay Bhaiya use to years back.
Gauri puts her hand on his shoulder to comfort him and Om hugs him.

Amanat enters the room and seeing OmRu hugging she knew that the atmosphere was too emotional.
Amanat closing her eyes: Oh god is this a house or romantic movie shoot going on ever where someone or other is romancing.
Om: What who is romancing whom?
Amanat: Chats and you, you both are doing Bromance and sometimes you and mummy or chats and chachi at other times. I am done with you all mend your ways kids stay in this house.
Om: Thik hai nani ma.
Amanat frown while rest chuckle.
Gauri: What are you doing here?
Amanat: Dadi ma has called everyone for lunch so come fast.
All nod.

Sukanya is talking to dadi and at that time OmRuRiYa enter from back side as Sukanya’s back is facing them so they didn’t see her face but what assumption they made to confirm that they looked into each other’s eyes but there was only a layer of tears and unexplainable glee in their eyes while their kids were looking at their parents with alien feelings.

OmRuRiYa went there and out of excitement Rudra pulled Sukanya to himself and hugged her without seeing her face and almost shouted to make the whole house deaf.
Sukanya was startled by sudden action of Rudra so she was too numb to answer him even but she could feel that wait that he had undergone for his Bhabhi in his embrace and more then that when his tears touched her shoulder.
OmRi and Bhavya by now had seen her face so their faces hung down in disappointment and sadness adorned their face, Sukanya was shocked by all this.
Om patted Rudra.
Rudra: She isn’t Bhabhi.
Rudra with tears in his eyes looks at Om as if he is lying: Stop it Om I know you want to talk to Bhabhi that’s why you are lying to me.
Om nods no but the very next second when Rudra moves his face to complain his Bhabhi about his long hair creature he realises that the person he had hug wasn’t his Bhabhi but Sukanya he moves away.
Rudra clearing his tears: I am sorry Vo… Actually.
Sukanya cuts him: It’s okay.
Rudra smiles at her.

Advik sees Sukanya: What the heck are you doing her.
Sukanya with same high voice as Advik: Same goes to you too.
Advik proudly: This is my house.
Sukanya patting her head: Sabhi ke sabhi akkad khan bhare hue hai yaahan par.
(All egoistic people are here.)
Om: Advik she is a guest and will stay here only.
Anya provides the rest of the needed information to him.
Advik makes an agitated face same goes with Sukanya.
Om: And better behave Advik firstly she is elder to you and secondly she is our guest I hope so I made myself clear to you.
Advik nods.

After lunch.
Dadi: Sukanya puttar go and take some rest you must be tired.
Sukanya nods and leaves to Shivaay’s room as she knew no other place and she was wandering in his room only since she entered the mansion.
Rudra: Dadi she went to Shivaay Bhaiya’s room.
Dadi: No problem let her be there for time being billu isn’t home right now and he will come late like always by then I will ask a servant to get a guest room ready.
All nod.

The mansion was silent all over as everyone was busy in their works or resting in their respective rooms.
It then Shivaay enters the mansion totally drained out and tired.
Servant: Sir do you need anything.
Shivaay: No.
Servant leaves.

The room was dim as curtains were drawn and lights were off moreover due to rainy weather the sky was also being covered by dark clouds, so Shivaay couldn’t see Sukanya sleeping on bed he removes his coat and bounces on his bed to take a power nap after getting changed, it was then when his hand hits Sukanya and she peeps out of her blanket just to scream.
Sukanya: Chor… chor… Chor…
Shivaay gets startled by her shouts.
Shivaay: Hye stop!
But Sukanya was busy shouting her lungs out that was enough to gather everyone in the room. Shivaay being left with no option closed her mouth with his hands. His hands covered her mouth and she silenced at that time Shivaay could see her eyes clearly and those eyes reminded him of somebody special actually very special. Those eyes looked so much like his Anika’s eyes. He blinked twice to thrice just to capture the clear picture of her eyes and to match them with Anika’s eyes.

Dadi: Kya hua Sukanya?
(What happened Sukanya?)
Sukanya pushes his hand away.
Sukanya: Dadi look theif.
Om switches on the lights to see who is the one and all get shocked seeing Shivaay and someone was beyond shock whose eyes were ready to jump out of the socket and that person cupped her mouth just to overcome the shock. Soon recovering from it and remembering few things Sukanya says
Sukanya: Dadi ma actually I was sleeping here with lights off and suddenly he came and I thought he is a thief.
Dadi: No he is my eldest grandson my billu.
Sukanya giggles: Billu.
Shivaay: Excuse me you can’t call me that.
Sukanya nods giggling at the word.
Shivaay gives an irritated look: Dadi how many times I have told you not to call that name at least not in front of outsiders.
Dadi: Chup kar khotteya she isn’t outsider she is like my child.
Sukanya smiles at dadi.
Shivaay: But who is she and what is she doing in my room?
Dadi: She is Sukanya and she is participating in dance competition and she will be staying here only.
Shivaay: That’s alright but why my room.
Dadi: Vo guest room isn’t ready pest control is going on there so I have let her to stay here only.
Sukanya: It’s okay billu ji you can rest on the couch I will take the bed. I am not that bad to throw you out.

Expression on the face of Oberoi’s was worth a watch. For them it was like after ages somebody had the audacity to speak to The Shivaay Singh Oberoi like that.

Sukanya continued: And sorry to disturb you all, you all can go and do your work.
Shivaay who was the first one to recover from shock voiced himself: Excuse me you mean that I should sleep on couch and that to in my own room and don’t call me billu.
Sukanya: Okay then you can leave the room.
Shivaay: Why the hell will I leave the room this is my room.
Sukanya: Really.
Shivaay nods.
Sukanya: Then what am I ?
Shivaay: Guest.
Sukanya: And according to Indian culture guests are___.
She asks dadi.
Dadi: God.
Sukanya: Right. Guest are god and you can’t say no to god.
Shivaay: So.
Sukanya: So you can’t say no to me. Moreover, I am hell tired I have had a very hectic day today so I need to sleep.
She says while moving to bed and yawning.
Pinky: Oh hello! Miss. Sukanya these are the manners that your mother has taught you.
Sukanya turns and gives a deadly glare to Pinky that was enough to shut her mouth to utter surprise of the rest.
Sukanya: What my taught me is none of your business and I am glad that at least you know the word manners otherwise I thought that you have no far and wide connection with the word.
Pinky: Stops. And gets out of the room it’s my sons room and you can’t stay here.
Sukanya gives her ‘oh really’ look.
Shivaay: Leave it mom. She is right she is a guest and she can stay here till she wants. I will go to Advik’s room.

Sukanya gives a victorious smirk to Pinky.

Sukanya: Thank you billu ji.
Shivaay nods but then the word strikes him: Not again.
Sukanya makes a puppy face and blinks her eyelashes looking super cute that brings a wide smile on Shivaay’s face and that smiles gives an inexpressible relief to the Oberoi family accept you know who.

Sukanya and Shivaay’s day out.

{Guys I don’t know ki tum sab ko kitna maza aaya Pinky ki omm pad kar but I loved writing it. So do review this part especially Sukanya and Pinky’s convo and Sukanya’s meet with Shivaay.}

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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