Hi ? guys “ENTWINED BY FAITH” is a short story based on current track. I am completely pissed off by Pinky Sing Oberoi presently she is a heck lot of irritation to deal with. Plus this ss is on request of a fellow reader. She wanted me to write a plot after Shivaay & Anika’s separation where they have taken there married relation to next level.
Presently this plot will focus on the story of Shivaay & Anika after 15 long years of separation. Yes you guys read it right after 15 YEARS LATER.
So this is promo-cum-character sketch.

1. I can’t update this regularly as I am damn busy so this will be posted only on weekends or if I could complete it beforehand then I will post it.
2. The story focuses after 15 years.
3. Shivaay and Ragini aren’t married yet but Pinky is trying her level beast to hook them up but Shivaay is Shivaay no one can take Anika’s place in his life.
4. Give suggestion for the faces behind the character based on their age and behaviour.
5. Let’s start with the character sketch as too much of bak bak has been done by now ????.

{All the members are same accept for few so I will introduce only new characters if you want some changes or want to give suggestions feel free to do that.}

*Few days after Anika left Oberoi mansion she shifted to DEHRADUN. Where she started her event management business with help of Abeer & Meher who became good friends.
Anika stays in a house that belongs to Abeer & Meher.


Iss ke bare mai teen chizain jaan laina sabki health ke liye aacha hoga.

Pehli baat
Sab sun sakti hai yeh except if someone badmouths about her family. Trust me she will dig the person’s grave who dears to speak ill about her family and she will make that person rest in zero peace even in his death bed. Because she can be worst with bad and best with good.
So in short she is a never to mess with girl otherwise the person will be occupying a hospital bed soon.

Dusri baat
TADI is her attitude,
MATHS is her first true love,
DANCE is her passion,
COOKING is her hobby,
MUSIC & CHOCOLATES are her cooling systems,
BUSINESS is her dream,
PRANKS is her pass time,
HAIR & HEIGHT are her touchy topics,
HER MUMMA is her life.
So don’t you dear dear screw her up in theses matters other wise you won’t realise when she knocks you off your limbs.
Aur iske saath hushyaari mehngi nahi bilkul bank Khali karne wali padegi.

Tesri baat
Sirf kaam ki baat no bakwaas.
If she is pissed off by you better you walk off because if she makes you walk off you will cry for life.
(Aur yeh baat o my Mata queen par mehngi padegi.)

Apni mummy ki ladli and life of Anika, sweet, cute, adorable and damn notorious. Attitude toh khandani hai iss mei. Loves to live her life her way but there is always a chapter in everyone’s life that they do not read out loud and that chapter in her life is her father and her paternal family. She knows everything about them accept their names.
Anika told her the reason behind her leaving her husband’s house (Shivaay’s house) She told her everything accept a fact that Shivaay is illegitimate and their names (owing to her insecurities.)
Sukanya never questioned Anika about anything from there on as she can’t see her mother upset but…

Sukanya has always been a great help and the biggest support to Anika in her business of “SWASTIKA EVENT PLANNING” and that’s the place from where she developed enormous love for business and if today SWASTIKA is one of the best Asian event planning company then the credit goes to ANIKA, ABEER, MEHER, SAHIL & SWASTIKA the business girl herself. She has developed such enormous love for business that she is capable of handling enough no. of events on her own and she is successfully carried out many events on her shoulder after having continuous arguments with Anika as she was scared to screw her daughter’s life but SUKANYA is SUKANYA she gets what she wants and when the matter is about her mumma she can make the whole world upside down no matter who is in front of her. Mark my words no matter.
In short


(something more or less like her parents only.)
Fortunate are those whom she loves because no one whom she love and unfortunate are the ones whom she ignore because the word hate isn’t in her dictionary.

A rich spoilt brat in short and in complete.
A complete opposite of Omkara well the credit goes to two devils that took up his life for granted one his own dear grandfather TEJ SINGH OBEROI & other the one and only PINKY SINGH OBEROI.
Having a huge amount of scolding’s from his daddy dear is more perpetual habit of his then having breakfast.

Both Om & Gauri have had enough of him, while Shivaay has a big hand in spoiling the little boy.
He is 12 years old but behaves as if no one is better then him, takes a hell lot of pride in his name and takes people for granted.
Zero in the field of manners and studies but holds true passion towards ART the only thing that proves he is Omkara’s son and his love towards pani Puri and the swag of eating candy makes him Gauri’s son otherwise nothing is good in him to be called as GauRika’s son.

Papa’s princess and the shine of Oberoi house, Smile of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
A girl who has charm to make everyone droll for her smile and cuteness. She is 8 yrs old bestowed with blessings of almighty.
ART resides in her veins. Generous and Philanthropist by nature.
Hates her brother’s attitude from moon back to earth has made enormous efforts to bring a good person out of her brother but everything goes in vain. She always has void created by her brother in her life as he hardly bothers about her but she loves him from the core of her heart and is ever ready to do anything for her dear brother.

Angel of Oberoi family. Apple of the eye of every soul of the Oberoi family. Cuteness would be an understatement for this girl. Loves everyone in the family but has an exclusively special place for her Shivaay papa. The most notoriously innocent soul on earth ?. 7 yrs old.
Loves her di and the only girl to go well along with Advik (a secret behind the generous cause.)
RuVya’s only daughter who loves to irritate Bhavya to the core and is always teamed up with her papa. A fitness freak like her both parents. PJ cracker like Rudy and Fearless like Bhavya. The best combo of the duo.

Abeer Malhotra: C.E.O. Of MALHOTRA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES. Loves his wife Meher and considers Anika as his younger sister and bestie.
Crime partner of Sukanya and the only person who can save her from Anika’s rant and has a big hand in making Anika agree to let Sukanya handle few events just during her vacations completely on her own. And this had let to world war 3 in the house but by pulling up great melodrama and emotional blackmail finally Anika agreed and signed on a contract that stated she will not at all put her studies on stake and will do the work only during vacations.

Wife of Abeer Malhotra bestie-cum-sissy of Anika. Own a big and generous heart. Whenever, Abeer and Sukanya team up, she teams up with Anika to defend her but in disguise she helps Sukanya and Abeer by making Anika agree. But when she comes to her angry avatar that day Abeer has tough time handling her and all her tantrums.

Son of Abeer & Anika, 15 yrs old studies with Sukanya in same class and bestie of Sukanya. A never to mess up guys just like Sukanya. Attitude and ego are his thy name but in Anika’s language he becomes phus in front of Sukanya, who has hell lot of lively time teasing him over every single thing and the two girls he is afraid of most in the world are Meher his mother and Sukanya.
Guitar teacher of Sukanya and dance partner too.
Healthy flirt by nature and lively person.

Rest all character remain same and if there will be any new I will certainly inform on my own. Till then that’s all for the day. So do suggest the face behind the roles I will be glad to know from you all.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      I understand that di but there is a reason behind that you will get to know soon. ? so just wait. And thank you I am really glad that you read this and commented. Thank you it means alot especially when u have been supporting me always.
      Thanks alot di ??

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    Waiting baby…..New characters I loved the thought that gaurika’s son is total opposite to them…annika and abeer seriously?

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