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Here is the other chapter…

PART 49….

Sukanya shouts entering the house: We are back home…..

She runs in only to see the entire family there and her cheeky grin widens to an ear to ear grin almost making her cheeks hurt but who cares.

Sukanya: Wooh!!!! I didn’t know you guys were coming.

Manik smirks after recovering from the shock of seeing her: Well, that what surprises are.

Sukanya rolls her eyes at him and hops on everyone, one by one and greets them. While Atharv who was standing with Awasthi’s is in total state of shock and as the shock slides by with in few seconds je also greets everyone who reciprocate with loads of love, hugs and kisses.

Sukanya: Well, so I have a surprise for you buddy.

Suk says placing her hand around Abeer’s shoulder.

Abeer chuckles: And what’s that.

Atharv: To be honest it’s not for you alone it’s for Nits, beautiful and you. (He says referring to Nitya, Meher and Abeer.)

Meher: Now I am excited.

Nitya: Now tell us what is it, you little devils.

Atharv and Sukanya turn them towards Awasthi family, with whom Shivaay and Anika were standing after taking their blessings.

Meher gasp in astonishment because this was one thing she least expected at the very moment nevertheless the happiness radiated from her face. While on other hand Abeer and Nitya’s face got drained of even the minutest colour it had. Their went wide in shock. Well, shock is an understatement for them. They felt the life being sucked out of them. Was all this a co-incidence or was is it some kind of pathetic joke. Things just don’t happen all of a sudden and when something is so strange. Life seems to be mocking at them.

Abeer is only snapped out of his surprised state when Pankhuri crashes on his chest.

Pankhuri: Bhaiyu, I missed you so much.

Abeer wraps his arms around her and shuts his eyes tightly to not let those tears of longing run down his cheeks. He creases Pankhuri’s back in assurance although he very well knew that it’s himself he is assuring at the point.

Abeer: Kaisi hai tun Baccha….

Pankhuri: Bohaat acchi, Bhaiyu. Aap kaise hain? Shaadi kar li apne aur apka ek beta bhi hai aur mujhe bataya tak nahia apne. Mai aap se naraz hun.

Abeer let’s out a vague chuckle and places an affectionate kiss on his sister’s forehead: Sorry….

Pankhuri: Itni asani se nahi maan ne wali mai. Aap jante ho apko kya karna hai.

Abeer nods in agreement.

Damini calls Abeer emotionally: Abeer….

Abeer looks at her as if his mother had called him after ages. He smiles and walks upto her and touches her feet to take blessings from her and she blesses him and hugs him. With every single second it gets harder for him to control his tears and with motherly warmth around it becomes almost impossible, with few tears down his eyes he rubs them off and hugs Damini even more tightly taking in the assurance. As happy as he was to have them all here, he was scared too. He actually was freaking out from inside. That horrible day of his life coming in front of his eyes every now and then. He parts the hug only to see Nitya in no better condition then him hugging Armaan and Armaan too had tears in his eyes seeing these kids around always makes him emotional. Abeer takes blessings from Armaan who embraces him happily.

Vatsalya: Oh!!! God!!! You guys are too much. Shivaay bhaiya can you imagine seeing Abeer bhai crying. I mean seriously, he has turned out to become such a cry baby.

Abeer slaps Vatsalya’s head hard: Tun nahi sudhrega….

And as Vatsalya nods both break out in laughter and give each other a bone crushing hug.

Vatsalya: After all apka shagird (student) hun mai.

Abeer: Of course, bro.

Pankhuri: Bhaiyu, I really want to meet your son. I have herd so much about him from from Atharv and Suk. Now I really want to see him.

Sukanya: For sure. (Pointing at Manik) This Manik Abeer Malhotra and Manik this is nani ji, nanu ji, mamu and mami. (She says pointing at the Awasthi’s)

Abeer: Mamu, mami???

He looks at Vatsalya and Pankhuri, while Vatsalya shies mockingly, Pankhuri dramatically rolls her eyes.

Meher says in complete happiness being surprised: I mean seriously…. You guys are married.

Abeer punches a shying Vatsalya: You fool, you spoiled my sister’s life. I will kill you.

Pankhuri laughs seeing the scene while Vatsalya tries to protect himself.

Vatsalya: Ary bhai…. Please I am a nanhi si jaan, leave me. What had to happen, has had happened, now it can’t be undone.

Shivaay: That’s right Abeer, leave this idiot he has already spoiled our sisters life.

All chuckle seeing them while Abeer makes an annoyed face.

Varinda who had seen Sahil make bad faces nudges him and he turns to her and mumbles a rude “What?”

Varinda in whispers: Wooh!!!! What happened to you now?

Sahil: Suk is calling that langur mamu.

Varinda making confused face: So…..

Sahil whisper shouting: So??? (Varinda asks him to lower his voice signalling via hands and he does) What so yaar??? I am her mamu how can she call anyone mamu like that. And now look how Anika di is behaving with him. She is my di and nobody can call her di, just like that.

He complains seeing the scene in front of him where Anika amd Vatsalya are talking happily and she is pulling Vatsalya’s ears for his naughtiness.

Sahil complainingly: Look…. See…. This is ridiculous. I haven’t met my sister properly yet and that piece of scumbag is calling my sister his and he has taken my Suk away from me as well.

He scrunches his face in annoyance. While Varinda tries to control her laughter but miserable fails.

Varinda: Wooh!!! Someone is jealous here.

Sahil speaks a little louder: Hell No!!!

Varinda: Oh! Really.

She raises her brow.

Sahil covering up: Ya…

Varinda: Cool!!!

She says chuckling and then walking towards other but she turns towards Sahil, who raises his brow at her.

Varinda smirks: Burn, love.

She winks at him and walks towards Vatsalya, leaving Sahil confused.

Varinda: Hye!!! Mate…

She waves at Vatsalya to utter astonishment of others.

Vatsalya: Wooh!!!! Mate….

They exchange hug and frankly Sahil burns seeing them together.

Anika: Varinda, you know him?

Varinda: Ya, di. When I came here for my internship, he helped me alot at that time and we turned out to be friends.

Anika nods in understanding.

Vatsalya: But how do you know my di, mate.

Varinda tries to reply as her cheeks turn a little red: Ummm…..

Anika replies to Vatsalya instead finding it quite funny the way Varinda reacts: She is marrying my brother.

Vatsalya stupidly: Me….

Sahil coming forwards and entangling his hands with Varinda’s: Me…. I am Sahil. Varinda’s boyfriend and Anika di’s brother.

Vatsalya flinches a little seeing Sahil getting a bit angry but ignores it, turning to his goofy self: Hye! I am Vatsalya.

Both shake hands.

The rest of the family is introduced to AWASTHI’S while O Bro’s knew Armaan and Damini they greeted them.

Shivaay: Armaan sir, you already know my brothers Om and Rudra.

OmRu touch his feet followed by Damini’s.

Om: Sir, this is my wife Gauri and this is Rudra’s wife Bhavya. Gauri, Bhavya this Armaan sir and Damini ma. Armaan sir is Shivaay, Abeer and Nitya’s mentor. He is the one who taught them everything about business.

Both Gauri and Bhavya nod.

Gauri: Namaste sir. Aapse milkar hume bohaat khushi hui. Humne aksr bade bhaiya se apke bare mai bohaat kuch suna hai aur aaj apse milkar hum bata nahi sakte hume kitna accha lag raha hai aisa lag raha hai jaise hum apko saalon se jante hain.

Saying that she bends down to touch Armaan’s feet but Armaan holds her by shoulder and raises her up hugging her.

Armaan: Tumse milkar bhi aisa lagta hai jaise mai tumhe saalon se janta hun.

He says feeling a very similar connection with Gauri and Bhavya the way he felt with Anika. There is something strange yet relaxing about these three girls.
Damini hugs and greet both Gauri and Bhavya and she too feels the way Armaan did.

Shivaay: Aur aap dono ko mujhe ek bohaat hi special insaan se milana hai.

Damini: Ab kis se milana hai tujhe, hume.

Shivaay placing his hand around Aryan’s shoulder: Mere twin bhai se. Aryan.

Aryan folds his hand: Namaste.

The Awasthi’s nod being startled by the uncanny resemblance between Shivaay and Aryan.

Pankhuri: Ary waah! Mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha ki apka ek aur bhai bhi hai aur vo bhi judwaa.

Shivaay nods: Hai toh ab.

Anya: Ek minute, koi hume bhi introduce kar do. Humari toh koi value hi nahi hai.

She is rolling her eyes in annoyance like an attitude freak princess.

All chuckle hearing her.

Armaan walks to her and cupping her face says: Let me guess…. You are Rudra’s daughter. Right?

Anya flaunts her hair in appreciation and nods making everyone chuckle at her cuteness.

The Awasthi’s are introduced to the kids and vice versa, followed by everyone sitting down to talk with each other.


Devika: Ragini, what are you planning to do now? Just stop being so stupid and blind in your arrogance that you end up hurting your own kids.

Ragini laughs looking at her: Kids…. My kids. They are my kids and that’s none of your business mom. And why the hell are you worried about my kids so much, when you didn’t give a shit about your own kids.

Ragini says raging in anger while looking at her mother with deadly glare. She never did and never will realise how much she has ever hurt her mother with her words and actions and even with her presence.

Devika huffs in defeat: Why? Why are you doing all this? Aryan never dud anything wrong to you nor did Aditi or Krish. Why are you hell bent on spoiling their live?

Ragini roars at her: Because they are Oberoi’s. Any person in whose veins THE OBEROI’S blood flows in my enemy. I hate them and I hate you too. You are so worried about them, I wish you were this worried for me. I am your daughter. You didn’t give a shit about me. (she says as her voice softens a bit but gets back to the same raging tone within seconds) Those Oberoi’s are the culprits but no you don’t care. They killed your husband. You didn’t do a thing. They killed your daughter. You didn’t care. They got us on the road. You didn’t care. The fact is you don’t care about anybody accept for yourself. Instead…. Look at you. You are with those Oberoi’s who are reason of our destruction. They are blo*dy murders.

Devika breaking down: Shut up Ragini…. Just shut up…. You have to accept the fact that your father passed in an accident and he wasn’t killed. For god’s sake.

Ragini cutting her in between: Are you blind or what….. They took my father and my sister away. My baba and my Diyuti away from us. That murder even took many other people’s life. Armaan chachu too lost his family. He too left from here. My best friend was also killed in that murder. I just had her only her. She was the only one to accept me the way I was. Armaan chachu’s daughter Surbhi, my best friend. Her sister Naumi and my Dyuti they also were best friends. We were so happy. But those Oberoi’s…. They destroyed us. They killed all of them and I won’t spare anyone. No one will be spared….. No one….

Devika: Stop it Ragini. Why don’t you understand? In all this you will be the only one to loose.

Ragini laughs like a maniac: What’s left to loose mom?

Devika crying badly and folding her hands: I beg you. Don’t do this. Please…. Don’t Ragini….

Ragini crudely: Stop it mom. It’s useless. But yes if somebody came in between my prey and me. I won’t spare that person. No matter who he or she is.

Saying that she storms away leaving her mother in tears all by herself.


Shivaay: Guys…. How all of sudden you came here?

Gauri: Yeh toh aap Abeer bhaiya aur Nitya di se hi puchiye bade bhaiya. Un dono ne hume kuch nahi bataya bas kaha ki hum apna saman pack karain aur New York chalain.

All turn towards Abeer and Nitya who gulp in getting so much attention.

Abeer: Vo…. Actually….

He coughs and Nitya gives him a murderous glare.

Nitya: Umm…. We want Shivaay and Anika to get married day after tomorrow. All the arrangement have been made, you guys only have to attend the wedding.

All look at her in shock but she shrugs it away as if she has just told them that her car got punctured and the news was nothing of much importance.

Shivaay: Have you guys lost it. It’s a wedding, so many arrangement, so many people, so many things have to be done. It’s not a joke. You don’t wear a suit and get married like that.

Nitya: Umm…. Actually, I will be leaving within few days and I want you guys to get married and if you talk about that pomp and show wedding that will be dome in India. This is just a simple church wedding. Please….

Everybody looks at each other in astonishment.

Sukanya: I think….. It’s kinda cool….

Manik: It sounds interesting….


Wedding bells….

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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