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The lush green, thick bushy forest was enveloped in the darkness of night. Air motioned with little noise of fluttering leaves that rubbed each other or sounds of the owl. Rest all seemed to have drown in sleep at this very hour.

From far a bike could be herd roaring in towards the jungle. The bike stops at the foots of the jungle and a person with perfect physique gets down the bike. As the person removes the helmet we can have a much clearer look of the face, the person is none other then Nitya. She sprints her eyes through out the region and then leaving her bike and helmet behind walks in towards the deserted jungle. After walking for few yards she comes face to face with a well lit house and in front of the house sat a man sitting on the chair with a table in front and another chair besides him, waiting. Nitya walks upto him and settles in the chair.

Nitya with authoritative tone: What’s the news?

The man passes a creepy laughter to her that irks her. Without wasting another second she throws a bundle of notes on the table.

Nitya maintaining her calm: What’s the status?

The man laughs out and taking money fans his face and speaks up: They have come and are behind you.

Nitya cutting him from continuing his crap: I know that. Tell me about there plan and location.

Man: You need not to find them they are on hunt of you, they will come on their own. All I can tell you is you need to be careful. They will never forget what you people have done to them. So be ready. They will kill all of you.

He ends with devilish laughter and Nitya gets up shooting a sharp glare at him and walks off stamping her feat.

In hearts of hearts she knew this wasn’t coming right and easy. She barely had any idea how and from where the next arrow would come and whom will it pierce through. Not one but anyone could be on the target. And this is an old mess…. Very old…. She had smelled the danger when she was informed about few of the old rivals being either bailed out of the jail or having gad completed their term. The cavalcade of uncanny events had began on the day when Ragini… Ragini Malhotra was bailed out. For god knows which reason. But who? She is blank.

She sighs and taking her place back on her bike drives off.


Anika angrily shouts: NNNNOOOO…..

Shivaay trying to persuade her: PLEASE….

Anika: Aap pagal ho gaye hain billu ji….
(You have lost it billu ji.)

Shivaay: It’s not that, I want that to happen, but I don’t have an option. Only you can understand me…. Please…. It’s only you who can explain everyone…. Not me. Especially, Suk…. She will be all ready to pounce at me.

Anika being annoyed: I don’t care Shivaay maybe all this would be really important for you…. But is it even more important then us.

Shivaay helplessly holds her shoulder and makes her face him: Anika please…. Try to understand…. It’s not like I too want it but I have no option…. And stop comparing yourself. You guys are all that I have, so please.

Anika huffs being annoyed and stamping her feet leaves angrily, leaving Shivaay in a dilemma. Shivaay too leaves the room in an attempt to convince Anika, but he wasn’t really hopeful.


All the kids enter after giving their last exam. All of them were more then relieved and today they weren’t alone they were accompanied by Ishaan (their dance mate). After Atharv’s first Dehradun Darshan, Anika and Shivaay had gone around the streets of all famous markets and visited malls only for Shivaay who was adamant over not buying stuff from the markets. They visited the Topvana Temple, Shitaldhaar and few other places leaving few places to be visited on the last day that too with the everyone. Getting back to the living room all the kids throw their bags on chairs and fall on the sofa. That’s when Anika enters in her vexed mood but breaths in to calm herself, seeing all the children.

Anika: How was your exam guys?

Sukanya: It was good, mumma.

Krish: Like always, the best.

Manik: Superb….

Ishaan: Mine was amazing. I am sure I will score more then 90%.

All look at him as if he has landed from some other planet.

Abeer: Wooh!!!! That’s called confidence bro.

Ishaan and Abeer share hi-fi, once Ishaan raises his collars. While the rest roll their eyes.

Aryan pressing Aditi’s shoulder: How was your exam?

Aditi who is busy in her question paper even now nods being confused.

Meher: What happened, Adi?

Aditi: I think so my 25th question is wrong.

Ishaan being surprised: 25th question???

Aditi still looking at her paper: Ya the last one.

Ishaan being shocked: Wasn’t 23rd question, the last one.

Aditi strikes her head up in amusement and so do the rest.

Aditi: Have you lost it it Ishaan, 25th question is the last one. It’s from the novel.

Ishaan biting his nails: Accha…. 25th question bhi tha????

Aditi giving an obvious reply: Yup! On the eighth page.

Ishaan with scared face sits on the floor folding his legs and chewing his nails in nervousness: Eighth page bhi tha????

All glare him with shock but then all the kids burst out laughing while being accompanied by Atharv, Abeer and Aryan.

Aditi pats her head in disbelief, as she too laughs out forgetting her question paper.

Manik: Suk…. Kya keh raha tha ye??? Kitna marks ayenga iske…
(Suk…. What was he saying???? How much marks will he receive….)

Suk replies rolling on the sofa: 90% above….

Manik laughing loudly pats Ishaan: Bhai tun pass toh ho jayega na…
(Bro, will you be able to pass the exam.)

Ishaan makes faces and gives a scared look, while the rest continued laughing.

Krish tries controlling his laughter and console Ishaan: Relax, bhaiya. It happens sometimes.

Aryan raising his eyebrows: How many times has it happened with you Krish?

Krish bites his tongue: No…. No…. No…. Not…. Not with me papa.

All burst out laughing seeing his nervousness.

Anika: Alright, leave your exams now they are over.

Manik with a victorious smile: Yes, they are.

Suk: Finally.

Atharv melodramatically: Yes…. Finally… But I think so Aditi is still stuck there.

Aditi with puppy face: Bhaiya…. My….

All shout together: 25th question.

And burst out in fits of laughter.



Gauri: What???? Bade bhaiya aisa kaisa kar sakte hain?
(What???? How can bade Bhaiya do this?)

Rudra: Exactly, Bhabhi.

Bhavya: Guys, he is also correct at his place. Try to understand him too.

Om: I side Bhavya. He too doesn’t wants to stay away from them but he has no option this time.

Rudra: No O….

Om being annoyed with Rudra sides Shivaay: Oh!!! Really…. If it wasn’t so then why would he have rushed to Dehradun just the day after they left. He obviously cares for them na.

Gauri understanding his point of view: You are right Omkara ji…. But Bhaujai won’t understand and nor would the kids.

Bhavya: They are just a little insecure and we should help bhaiya convince them.

Om smiles sheepishly: Or do something that doesn’t gets their insecurities into play.

Rudra being confused like other two, opts to voice: What do you mean O?

Om presses his temples gently: Rudra ask Khanna to get our chartered plane ready and all of you pack some clothes for two days at least.

Gauri: Where are we going?

Om turning to other side says with a sly smile: Dehradun….

Bhavya: What?

Gauri: But Advik has his exam after four days.

Om: Relax…. Relax… I know Adu has his exam and that to of arts, above that it’s a practical and he will give his best so chill. After all he is my son.

Gauri nods her head in disbelief while the other two chuckle at Om’s proud expressions.

Om: Come on do the packing till then Rudy and I will get kids and you two reach too…. We will wait.

Gauri: Thik hai….



Atharv, Sukanya, Manik, Aditi and Krish were preparing the give away gifts in their room as they wanted to gift those to all the new and dear ones. It was Aditi and Sukanya’s idea but the rest too opted to help them so that the task speeds up.

While in the kitchen Anika and Meher were preparing dinner…. Actually, only Meher because Anika was all red in anger ready to burst it out on anyone who dears to mess so she was mercilessly killing the vegetables, which she called chopping. Meher was looking at the poor vegetables with mercy filled eyes.

In the living room Shivaay was rambling in worry, while Abeer, Aryan, Nitya and Ayi were witnessing his stupidity.

Nitya throws the magazine with a bang on the table.

Nitya: Have you lost it Shivaay!

Shivaay stops in his way and turns to Nitya, gazes her being annoyed and ignoring her begins to walk again.

Abeer: What’s the problem, man?

Shivaay again stops: You know it Abeer.

Aryan: First relax and sit Shivaay.

Shivaay sighs and sits besides Aryan who pats his back to comfort him.

Tring….. Tring….

Shivaay: Who the hell is there now?

All chuckle at his annoyance.

Abeer: Wait, I will see.

Abeer opens the door only to find no one there he tries searching but to no vail, Aryan and Shivaay to come to see but they find none so they turn to leave only to be halted by a loud shout.


Manik: Umm…. Suk….

Sukanya: Bol… (Say…)

Manik: When are you guys planning to leave?

Sukanya shoots her head up at the question only to find Manik being pre-occupied with his work, but what made her look upto him wasn’t the question but the way that question was asked with a multiple emotions. After scrutinising him for a while she gulps and says meekly: In two days.

Manik: Hmm….

Atharv: Ary guys, before we leave I want to go there…. Umm…. That….

Aditi: What that bhai???

Atharv: That place…. Umm…. I am not remembering it’s name…. That cave…

Aditi excitedly: Robber’s cave.

Atharv: Ya… Right.

Krish: Me too…

Atharv looks at Manik and Sukanya and on finding both of them upset, speaks delightedly: And what if we all party tonight.

Manik: Good idea.

Atharv: Doesn’t seems to be. I mean look at the way you are saying that. Chill man…. We aren’t leaving today itself.

Manik nods with a simple smile.


All the kids squint their eyes throughout the room but then realise that these words echoed from downstairs. So they rush down.

With in a jiffy of moment Sukanya, Atharv and Manik found themselves being taken in bone crushing hug by Advik, Amanat and Anya, while Aditi and Krish had sprinted out to hug OmRu. Om laughed out as Aditi hugged him really tight and he jiggled her in his embrace like a baby. While Anika and Meher had hug Gauri and Bhavya with all emotions being overflown.

Abeer: What a surprise guys?

He says excitedly rocking Anya in his arms who is having great time messing his hair. Although, he doesn’t like anybody touching his hair but Anya and her cuteness had demanded an exception.

Om whispers to Shivaay: Did you tell them? (pointing at the kids)

Shivaay nods in disagreement.

Om passes an ensuring smile and “THANKS” him for not doing that.

Shivaay: What? Have you lost it Om?

Rudra jumping in between the duo: Exactly, bhaiya. O has lost it completely. I don’t know why did he drag all of us here.

Anika distracts three of them from there discussion and questions Om: Ary, Om we were about to come in two days, what was the need to come here.

Om gives a sad look: Okay, Bhabhi if you don’t like us being here, then we will leave.

Anika opens her mouth in astonishment seeing her mature devar doing melodrama: Om…. I didn’t mean that.

Om chuckles: Relax, Bhabhi. I know that but what to do you guys aren’t coming back.

All snapped their heads up and shout: WHAT???

Shivaay being confused comes up a little later and that too with a confused: WHAT!!!

Om: For God’s sake stop shouting and listen to me first.

All nod.

Om: Well as Shivaay is leaving to New York….

Before he says another word Sukanya and Atharv pounce with a shocking: WHAT????

Kids being confused: What!!!

Shivaay looks horror struck at Om and repeats a meek: WHAT….

Rudra being irritated: Ary cut your What? (he says with shock) What! (he says being confused) And What. (he says plainly.) first listen….

Om being highly obliged gives and thankful look to Rudra: Thanks Rudy….

Rudra nods proudly.

Om: I was saying that Shivaay is going back to New York for a weeks time as he has some urgent work.

Sukanya being disappointed voices a desperate “No…”

Shivaay sighs in being highly afraid of her reaction and the time had clicked in and he felt as if he is awaiting a tide standing on the shore. He genuinely trembled with jitters but soon that feeling left with Om’s words.

Om calmly: Right…. That’s why I am saying Shivaay won’t go alone but take Anika Bhabhi, Atharv and Suk with him. That would be fine with all of us. Won’t it be…

All saddened faces turned into bright and hopeful smiles.

Shivaay hops on Om and thanks him for his idea, numerous times.

Om: So I thought to spend a few days with you all before you people leave.

Atharv shouts being unable to keep his euphoria to himself: That’s a terrific idea.

Anika: But all of our luggage….

Gauri: Bhaujai, you don’t worry. Bhavya and I will help you with it.

Meher: And I am also here do we will wrap up our entire work soon.

Amanat: But I want to go around Dehradun.

Sukanya: Of course we will go but tomorrow, today we are making gifts.

Advik: We will help you in that then.

Manik: Perfect. Let’s go.


Atharv: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Family times @ DEHRADUN….

He says to his switched on video cam.

Right then from behind Manik hops on him and continues: Mehrbaan, kadardaan aur sabhi mere nikame yaar, aaj hone wala hai dhamal aur kuch Kamal.

The entire day is spent moving along the lanes of Dehradun visiting the temples and prominent places. Everyone had gala time and enjoyed alot. The fervour didn’t even dim till late night as all of them decided to have a night up. The entire night was filled with loads of fun and dance. Although elders thought that the youngsters would get tired soon and drift to their rooms but the scenario turned other way round with youngsters staying up till late and elders sleeping early.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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