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PART 38….


Shivaay: What the wuck????
Abeer: Exactly, what the wuck???
Both turn to an ever so smiling innocent girl in the world well all was just masked up neither is she innocent nor was she in a mood to smile because the sly smirk on ShivBeer’s face didn’t go unnoticed by her both the boys walked to the main gate and opened it together.

ShivBeer welcome her while singing: Aao ge jab tum o sajna aangna phool khilenga….

No longer did their anti-melodious voice came to halt as the girl threw her bag on their faces.

ShivBeer: What the wuck????
Girl: Exactly!!! Now follow me boys.
ShivBeer exchange a naughty look and follow her as they could sense her nervousness and wish of trying to cover it up as she took in sharp audible breaths to gain a control on herself. Praying for her existence to handle the teasing’s she is going to get from the two idiots behind her. She opens the door of Anika’s house and all turn towards the door and smile seeing her and chuckle seeing the two men behind her who were trying to cope up with her luggage.

Anika smiling brightly: Nitya…
Nitya: Hye Anika… Hye, guys how is everyone?
Manik winking at her: We are great darling. How are you?
Shivaay: Seriously, Manik what do you get by flirting with each woman and the one’s who are of your mother’s age.
Manik: You got it right bro and that to for the first time.
Shivaay being confused: What do you mean?
Meher rolls her eyes on this topic while Abeer gives a cold shoulder to his son but the one’s who know the reason either pierced their lips in order to not irritate Meher or laughed it out.

Sukanya: Papa actually the matter is quite complicated with addition of a little bit theoretical problems is subtraction of a rhetorical solution and among them is a huge profit and loss equation dividing a lot of anguish and multiplying the extravagant art of flirting.

Atharv: Sweetheart you need some rest maths has affected your mental stability.
Sukanya spatting him: Very funny idiot.
Nitya: But what does that mean.
Manik: Darling, the point is one day I challenged dad to impress girls and he too threw the same on me as for the day he won so since then I am trying to win each girls heart.
Abeer chuckles: And poor couldn’t even reach half way mark till date.
Shivaay and Nitya sigh hearing the account.
Shivaay: WOW Abeer this can only be expected out of you.
Abeer: Thanks bro….

Nitya: Meher why don’t you kick this idiot husband of your’s out.
Meher overdramatically: Believe me I did it hell number of times but this idiot always finds a way back.
Abeer: Hye…. Nits don’t you dear instigate my wife or I will throw you out of my house then how will you do that….

He says winking at Shivaay and Nitya, ShivBeer share a hi-fi with chuckle while Nitya grits her teeth in irritation.
Manik: What is she going to do, dad?
Abeer trying to sound serious: None of your business you burger.
Sukanya laughs out at the nickname but Manik glares her too but to no aide.
Devika: Okay stop it all of you have your dinner first and then these kids have to study also.
All nod in agreement and quickly wind up their dinner and all the children leave to study.


Aryan is helping Krish prepare for his English exam which is the following day. Krish is sulking on the bed so Aryan decided to read out the chapter that is from his literature book so that at least he could retain a little bit for the next day.

Krish: Papa I am feeling sleepy.
Aryan: Krish look you have still one more chapter left after this and it’s me who is reading and you just have to listen and memorise. Now stop cribbing and finish these last chapters then sleep.
Krish: But papa these are too boring.
Aryan sighs: So do you expect them to ask you the Avengers story line.
Krish chuckles and completes: Avengers: Infinity warz. I want to see the movie you know papa the hero of movie….
Aryan cuts him: Krish concentrate on the lesson not on the movie.
Krish: But it’s boring unlike the movie.
He ends up cheekily to which Aryan nods in disbelief.
Aryan: Krish give your exams well then I promise I will take you out for the movie.
Krish being excited: Pakka….
Aryan: Pakka baba…
Krish: First do Ani ma’s pinki promise.
Aryan sighs entangling his finger with Krish’s: Pinki promise…. Now can we study.
Krish: Fine.

Aryan keeps reading the lesson and in between questions Krish to which Krish answers being totally drained out by the time they reached the end of the last lesson Krish had dosed off in Aryan’s lap to which Aryan smiled he knew that Krish was exhausted as he just had one day to prepare for his exam so keeping the book aside he picked Krish in his arms and tucked him in his room. Then taking a glass of milk he enters Aditi’s room to find her studying Science.

Aryan caring Aditi’s hair: Adi Baccha now drink this milk and sleep. It’s quite late.
Aditi: No papa I still have four chapters left.
Aryan: It’s okay Adi you have two days for that. Now drink milk and sleep.
Aditi: But papa….
Aryan cuts her: No Adi no more argument drink milk and take rest I will wake you up early.
Aditi gives in and nods.


Aryan looks at the clock and walks to his room to wake up Krish as he has an exam today. Before he could even enter the room he hears a knock on the main door he walks to the door and opens it only to find Nitya standing there.

Aryan: Good morning, Nitya.
Nitya with a soft smile: Good morning, Aryan. How are you?
Aryan: I am good. Please come in.
Nitya: Thank you. Today is Krish’s exam, right.
Aryan nods in agreement.
Nitya: Well, Meher asked me to help you. So if you don’t mind. May I.
Aryan smiles and denies politely: No that’s okay, I will manage.
Nitya tries to make him agree once again: Please Aryan.
Aryan: Okay, can you wake up Aditi by the time I will wake Krish up.
Nitya with a flattered smile: Of course, why not. Where is Aditi’s room?
Aryan pointing at Aditi’s room: There.
Nitya nods and walks to Aditi’s room as Aryan mumbles a quick ‘Thank you’ to which Nitya smiles.

Aryan has been trying to wake up Krish since last twenty minutes but to no vail at that time an irritated Aditi comes in the room after hearing her father’s continued pleading going in vain.
Aditi: Leave it papa this idiot won’t wake up like this. I will handle him.
Aryan: Are you sure.
Aditi: Ye papa. Chill you go.
Aryan: No don’t you dear shout or scold him.
Aditi gives an angry squeal and says: Fine…. Wake him up on your own then.
Aryan holds her and stops her: Okay…. Okay…. Wait you wake him up he is already late.
Aditi switches off the AC and pulls Krish’s duvet and pulls off the curtains and opens the window allowing the sunshine in.
Aditi: Krish either you get up right away or I am pouring water over you.
Krish pulls his pillow on his head: Send papa, di you are very bad and switch on the AC.
Aditi feels like pulling her own hair: Get up you little monster you have an exam today.
Krish: Ya I will wake up give me five minutes.
Aditi shouts being irritated: KRISH WAKE UP!!!!! YOU LITTLE MONSTER….

Aryan shuts his ears to protect them from being damaged while Nitya who had taken charge of cooking to shuts her ears hearing the shout, Devika who was performing her prayers almost lost control over aarti ki thali but managed by the end. Last but not the least ShivBeer who just entered the house almost tripped over each other and huff stabilising themselves. But the only person who stayed unaffected from the voice is great Krish who sighs in annoyance and drifts in his duvet. ShivBeer rush in the room at the moment.

Shivaay: Adi are you okay.
Aryan gaining a hold on his own self: Adi you go. I will wake him up.
Aditi: But papa….
Aryan: Adi I don’t know whether he will wake up from your shouting or not but I am sure we all will go deaf.
Abeer: I side him, Adi. We all shall wake Krish up. You go and chill. Give some rest to your throat.
Aditi huffs and leaves the room stamping her feet.
Shivaay: This Krish is just like Suk, sleepyheads.
Abeer: Let’s pour water on him. I have seen Anika do that with Suk and it really works.
Aryan: Are you sure.
Shivaay: No I think so it’s a bad idea. We should pat him then he will wake up.
Aryan: I have tried that Shivaay.

Abeer: Guys conference hall mai hain hum ek bacche ko hi toh uthana hai.

Shivaay justifies his point innocently: Bacche ko nahi Kumbhkaran ko….

Aryan: Let’s give it one more try.

Three of the boys nod and agree. They walk to Krish and try pestering him to wake up but again to no vail.

Abeer enthusiastically shouts: I have an idea….
Aryan being irked completely: Pandit ko bulva kar mahurat niklwaon Ga tab batayega….
Abeer: Wait and see….
Shivaay and Aryan shift to one side giving Abeer his space who being left with no option picks up Krish and taking him to the bathroom puts him in the batch tub feeling the cold water Krish wakes up with a jerk.
Krish making crying face: Aap log bohaat bure ho sone bhi nahi dete.
He tries coming out of the tub but stops hearing Aryan.
Aryan speaks calmly yet sternly: Mr. Krish dare you come out of the tub before bathing I am done with your tantrums for the day, you have an exam in an hour so get ready fast.

Krish nods innocently seeing whom both ShivBeer melt and feel bad for the poor boy.

Shivaay kisses Krish’s cheek: Hye Krish don’t worry give the exam and after that sleep as much you want.
Krish nods innocently and complaints: Baba paani bohat thanda hai.
All the three men chuckle.
Aryan: Shivaay, Abeer you both leave I will get him ready.
Krish huffs and crossing his hands angrily on his chest says: No I am big boy and I am not talking to you papa, you have put me in this water.
Aryan defending himself: It’s not me but Abeer…. Your iron man….
Abeer winks at Krish to which he annoyingly huffs and angrily places his hands on his waist.
Abeer pulls his cheeks and kissing him says: You get ready and give your exam then you can punish me…. Fine….
Krish: I will do that. Now papa make me ready fast. You people talk so much and I will get late.
All look at him in shock as how he changed his side so cleverly.
Aryan: Oh…. Ho…. Where did that big boy go now?
Krish: Time papa….
Aryan nods in disbelief and makes him ready.


ShivBeer enter the kitchen to see the biggest disaster of their life.
ShivBeer: What the wuck?
Nitya turns to them with a forced smile: What?
Shivaay controlling his chuckles: Are you cooking?
Nitya mocking sarcastically: No I am washing clothes in kitchen.
Abeer says mockingly: No on a serious note. What are you doing? Burning food around.
Nitya smacks the spoon in the pan and making a sad crying face says: I was trying to cook for Aryan and kids.
Abeer: Wooh!!!!!! Trying to impress baby….
Nitya: No…. Not really….
Shivaay: Yes…. Really baby….
Nitya shifting her eyes to the food she is trying to prepare: Whatever…. But this food is a disaster.
Shivaay: Chill and get aside let me cook. Otherwise everyone will have to stay hungry only.
Nitya: Ya your department suits you better.
Shivaay: But on a serious note, what are you planning Nits?

Nitya looks at him with a faded expression: I don’t know. But I am here for something else. Actually.

Abeer while helping Shivaay: Something…. Like What?

Nitya looks at ShivBeer for a while trying to analyze whether the time is right or not for her to say this but then giving up on her tussle she decides to spill the beans as according to her they had to be enlightened: There is a lurking…..

She stops as at the very moment Aditi barges in the kitchen.

Aditi noticing the awkward silence on her presence: Did I disturb you guys….
Abeer looks at the open mouth of Nitya but then nods in disagreement: No…. You didn’t. Say what’s the matter.
Aditi: Oh… Nothing much it’s just that Ani ma is calling you guys.
Shivaay nods: Okay we shall be coming in a while.

Aditi nods and leaves both ShivBeer turn to Nitya with sharp gaze.

Shivaay: Continue….

Nitya pulls in a sharp breath: Leave it. I don’t think so this is the right time. Just you guys stay….. safe….. and….. careful…..

She speaks slowly while analysing each of her words that makes both ShivBeer more doubtful.

Shivaay: Look Nitya if there is something we ought to know, say it.

Nitya squints her eyes at the duo as she could sense seriousness both in their voice and the atmosphere, leaning on the kitchen lap she fidgets with her fingers a clear indication that she is upto something but question remains, What is it?

Nitya: Look guys I need sometime, I will let you peeps know once the right time comes. But all I recommend is…. STAY CAUTIOUS….

The depth in her words makes both ShivBeer nod involuntarily.


Shivaay is video conferencing with OmRu and seems quite tensed as after narrating his part he has only received glares from his brothers.

Om: No…. Shivaay you can’t.
Rudra: O is right bhaiya, you seriously can’t. Bhabhi won’t permit. Leave Bhabhi Suk will not spare you and why only Suk Atharv, Adi, Krish and Manik none will spare you.
Shivaay sarcastically: WOW!!! Guys thanks for your enlightenment but now will you both please, tell me a way out.
Om: There is no way out. Drop the idea.
Shivaay: That’s not in my hands.
Rudra: Bhaiya then nothing will be left if you don’t give up on this idea I am sure Suk won’t forgive you for this.
Shivaay: Alright, fine don’t scare me. If you guys can’t help then don’t even scare the shit out of me.
Om: Shivaay can’t you do anything.
Shivaay: Om do you think if I would have had a choice I wouldn’t have opted for it.
Om: Then there is only one way.
Rudra: Ya only one way.
Om looks at Rudra with pierced eyes as in trying to figure out what’s going on in his head and passes him a questioning look.
Rudra: Ary…. There is only one way matlab be the Bali ka billu…
ShivKara shout: WHAT?
Om patting Rudra’s head: It’s balli ka bakra…. You fool.
Rudra: Ary but Bhabhi calls bhaiya, billu. So either he can be billu or bakra how can he be both the things at a same time.

Shivaay pats his head while Om does the honours by hitting Rudra’s head who was busy doing his logic sign.

Before they can continue Atharv jumps on Shivaay’s shoulder making him spell: What the wuck?

Atharv: Not fare papa you are talking with Chote papa and Rudy pa without me.
Shivaay nods in disbelief seeing his son who has turned overly melodramatic now a days.
Shivaay gets up being already pissed off: Fine talk.
Atharv: What happened to him?
Om: Nothing, leave him and tell us how is your Dehradun trip going on.
Atharv: Awesome Chote papa…. Dehradun is so beautiful…. I wish we all stay here only. You know mumma, papa and I are going for sight seeing tomorrow.

He says dreamily making OmRu chuckle at his excitement and happiness. They so badly wanted to see him this happy and today when they see him like this their euphoria is inexpressible.



Before we end guys I want to ask something from you peeps….

It’s just a small rapid fire… So answer me quickly okay….
You have to choose one out of the two and this would make the next parts definitely more exciting.

1. Hills or beach……

2. Australia or New York….

3. Sun shine or Moon light….

4. Thriller or drama….

5. Comedy or serious….

6. Big Fat Indian Wedding or Vacations…

Guys do reply these six rapid fire questions as they will decide the upcoming track.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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  1. Hey shivika I have been a huge fan of your story since the first episode, but it was not updated for a while now.
    Well your story is amazing and I love it a lot.
    And this update was very nice
    1.well beach hogaya hai,toh hills
    2.well ,I would opt for New York.
    4.dono hi chalega
    5.serious hona chahiye, par comedy zyaada ho toh acha rahega
    6.pehle wedding Phir honeymoon ke naam par vacations

    Well, it was a mind-blowing update, and post the next part soon

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you so much dear ? and I am glad you liked it. I shall consider your opinions well I must say you were shrewd at choosing ??….
      Great to see you comment and I am quite elated.
      Take care ? dear….

  2. Nithu

    Hola……i think u did a lot of research on sleepy heads…!!!
    And for ua questions
    Comedy and serious(both?)
    Big fat indian wedding….mm i love them.. but its common so i ask you yo prefer vacations…!!
    And if u prefer moonlight i suggest u to opt for beach….cuz its beautiful…!!!

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thankuuu di….
      And yes I remember our all the discussions. I know that we have our similar streaks on all the social topics and why not the youth got to have some fire in them.
      Well I need not do any research on the sleepy heads as I am one big sleepy head myself give me a good enough bed and I can sleep for hours in the row and that’s what I have been doing now a days sleeping for hours no matter it’s day or night ??….
      How is life going on for you????
      How are you?

      Take care ? and yes loads of hugs for you as you are one of the most supportive commenter ever…. Love you di ? ??….

      1. Nithu

        Uk what im also a big sleepy head…god knows how my mom and dad wake me up…!! We both have many similarities…Im very much fine…how abt you..!! Im soo happy that ur writing this ff…i missed it soo much..uk i missed soo much that i used to read previous parts of ur ff…!! I love it soo much…!!

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Yup!!! Di we have too many similarities my parents too have had worst time waking me up they have tried everything from pluging off the air supply too putting water on me…. Best part is I have turned water resistant and I can sleep like for an hour with any cooling ???….

      Don’t ask about my life right now I am all messing it up. Hope to get it sorted soon…

      Thanks for loving me sooo much that I came back running…

      Love you loads di…

      Take care ??

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear…
    Big fat wedding

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you dear and I shall consider your opinion for sure….
      Take care ? dear….

  4. hi shivika dear full entertaining update natunki krish and his actions so funny..
    1.beach part completed in Mumbai so hills part i like hills very much
    2.well my option is New York.i love that city
    3.moonlight -i liked moon light nature and scenes
    4.both otions
    5.serious but dont miss the joke parts.
    6. vacations

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hye dear!!!! Thanks alot for putting forward your opinion I too love moon and hills.
      So as you said New York can you brief me a bit about the place as I really don’t know much about it….. I shall be highly thankful to you for that….

      Take care ? and bless you dear….

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Awesomely amazing epi..well mujhe uthana bhi itna hi mushkil kaam hai..loved that krish scene…will be eagerly waiting for the next..well i opt for
    2.New york
    5.comedy bhi hona hai aur seriousness bhi..
    Take care..

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hye! Prabha in earlier comments section you mentioned whether I remember you or not???

      That’s not fair…. How can you even think I will forget you. Let me clear one thing if you have ever touched my life in any form then it’s not possible for me to forget you…. So don’t worry I have a bit of good memory to always remember few people.

      Anyways, thank you for putting your opinion forward and I shall definitely consider it.

      Take care ? dear….
      And ya I am not angry on you so don’t stress yourself ?

      1. ItsmePrabha

        arrey yaar..I was kidding back there..but it was so sweet of you …..

  6. Hills
    Moon light
    Big fat Indian wedding

    1. Awesome episode

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you dear ?

  7. Vacation

  8. Banita

    Hlo Shivika…
    Amazingg epi dr…. I was missing this ff nd ur writing nd u came up with it…
    Sorry for late comment dr…
    3)Both i mean start at moon light nd end with sun shine

  9. Shivika22kapoor

    Hye!! Banita… Great to hear it from you and no need to be sorry dear. I am glad that you liked my work and thank you for sharing your opinion….

    Take care ? dear…

  10. Shivika22kapoor

    Just check the below comment dear it’s a reply for you…. ?

  11. Hiiii shivika di.
    It’s Ritika. I m a big fan of ur ff. They r just awwwwsome.
    Even I m a sleepy head and its hard ti wake me up.
    What happened to Nitya now?
    Btw what is Shivay bhaiya’s part?? I mean is it reveled.
    And rapid fire ans:-
    1) Hill
    2) New York
    3) Moon light
    4) Drama
    5) Comedy
    6) A big fat Indian Wedding.
    Btw who r playing Abeer and Meher.
    Waiting for next.
    Take care.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hye!!! Ritika….
      I too am a sleepy head ??….
      Abeer is being played by Pearl V Puri and Meher by Asmita Sood….

      And a big thank you for commenting and I shall definitely take your opinion in view.

      Take care ? dear and stay blessed….

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