Entwined by Faith Part 36 The Unexpected Twist

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Heya guys I AM BACK… hehehe and my drama queen (DQ – Internet) queen bee (QB – my lappy i.e laptop) was in mood to piss me off a lot but you guys did win my heart… Even now when I had to write everything AGAIN…. its fine.. you all know it was like a punishment for me and treat for you… so this chapter has been written pretty differently… It was suppose to be something else here but I changed it a bit…

Sorry Shivu Bachha… But these blackmailers deserve it… *tongue out* and guys this is the last time I am giving you all the hint of the story ahead in the beginning… and do keep in your head it is H.I.N.T not Precap…

*Hint – Be ready to see different shades of the characters and their relationships… 😉 More mysteries ahead… new turn new mystery and unexpected revelations… *

Thank You!

and… here goes the update…


Shivaye and Atharv lands at the airport, come out to the terminal and wait for their suitcase.”(Annoyed) Damn it.. couldn’t you get a business class seat? Because of this I an having a sprain on my back… Oh god I am never gonna travel in Economy class ever again…” said one of the Oberoi is whining like a kid while another was giving him an impossible look… (Guess who?.. is who)…

“Dad! are you listening?” asks Atharv in an annoyed voice but then he sees his father already moving out of the terminal dragging one suitcase and using his phone – ignoring him. He shakes his head in a disbelieving way and mutters, “Damn… Now he is ignoring my words”. When he comes out, he sees his father sitting in the car with his head rested at back and eyes closed. He sighs deeply and sits beside Shivaye and asks the driver to move and keeps his eyes firm to his father’s face.

Shivaye feeling his sin’s continuous gaze stares him back with narrow eyes and opens his mouth.

Atharv sighs again then nods his head and murmurs, “IMPOSSIBLE”
Shivaye hears this and widen his eyes, “What do you mean by impossible – you kid”
Atharv chuckles, “Kid? Dad! let me clear you something, I am not a kid because you are the one who is sulking like one”

Shivaye is actually clutching his left shoulder with his right hand and complaining like a kid… (He was scolding his PA for booking an economy class seat) whereas Atharv is giving him an impossible look.

Shivaye: (Irritatingly) this is all because of that stupid PA of mine. He very well knew that I only travel in business class but because of him we had to travel in this stupid economy class… it was so uncomfortable.
“Dad!” Atharv cuts in but stops speaking as the car stops as the cue of them arriving their destination. Both move out of the car as they reach Malhotra Mansion.

“Shivaye!”called out Abeer who has come out to receive the father – son duo on the gate with Aryan. “What a sudden plan dude” added him and they had a small eye convo. Suddenly Aryan’s phone goes off breaking their zone. Aryan excuses himself and starts talking but he looked upset. His face was so blue… and someone was watching him with sad face… that person clearly could say that Aryan was really ‘very’ stressed. Watching him like this and hearing his talks the person stares the paper in her hands whereas tears flowed out like a river. The person ran behind the walls and is revealed to be Aditi. She sits on the floor sliding down the wall and cries and cries a lot. She touches her forehead with her knees hugging herself and cries unable to stop herself from the bitterness of reality.

Shivaye here was complaining about his PA like a kid to Anika, “Can you believe it Anika… I.. Shivaye Singh Oberoi had to go through this…” He was talking and talking whereas everyone else’s jaws dropped watching this side of him… He was following Anika everywhere and talking and talking and talking and talking and talkingand talking and talking and so on…
Finally when he complained about his PA for 100th time Anika said: Its good that your PA managed to provide you the tickets. This proves he is really effficient otherwise who can book tickets a day ahead… that too during festive seasons??” raising her eyebrows.

Shivaye halted his steps and stared his still-a-wife-yet-to-be-too… in agape. Everyone else who were watching this drama were having their jaws wide open with shock. It was as if they are watching a show where a child is running behind his mother and complaining whereas his mother is making him understand.

~Oberoi Mansion~

Nitya is sitting studying a case file with her furrowed eyebrows. She suddenly gets a call and jerks standing hearing the news. The only thing she says before cutting the call is, “I am coming to Dehradun” and hung up.

~Malhotra Mansion~

“Never did I imagine watching Shivaye like this” speaks out Meher who has her eyes pulped out.
“He is like this with Anika, Dadi and Nitya because he feels they can handle him and he can show his childishness with these three” said Abeer who is smiling watching his friend like this after years.
Atharv stares Abeer so does Abeer and they smile fully when they see each other feeling happy of the bond. “I’ll go and meet Suk and Manik” says Atharv and Abeer tells Krish to lead him upstairs.

“By the way uncle, where is Aditi?” asks Atharv but before he could speak Aditi enters with tears stricken face. “Aditi!” cries out Atharv who is in the middle of stairs and runs down to her. Hearing his voice everyone notices her and become worried. Atharv stands infront of her and cups her face worriedly. Aditi who was in a trance comes in sense and cries out loud. “Adi? Adi, bachha? what happened bachha?” asks Atharv in a brotherly tone but she wails harder and hugs him tighter. Krish who is watching his sister cry, starts crying too. Watching him cry Shivaye pulls him in his embrace caressing his head.

“Champ don’t cry, shhh” says Shivaye soothingly.
“Why is Aditi dii crying?” he says tearfully but Aditi is crying clutching Atharv tighter and tighter.
Sukanya and Manik hear the commotion and comes there only to see both of them crying. Aditi is crying in Atharv’s embrace and Krish is clutching on Shivaye. Atharv motions Sukanya from the mirror who nods her head and brings water. He slowly with reassuring words pulls her out of the hug but his hold was still soothing her. He made her sit in the chair and helped her drink water.

“What happened bachha?” asked Atharv in a deep brotherly tone. “Bhai!” was the only word she spoke when they hear Aryan’s worried voice “Adi? Krish? What happened beta? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?” his voice clearly showed panic watching his children cry. As soon as Aryan kneels in front of her Aditi hugs him , “I missed you dad. I don’t care whatever it is but please don’t leave us”says crying. Krish comes out of the hold of Shivaye and hugs his father too. aryan on the other hand had no idea what happened but he knew that HIS KIDS will be with his forever. And then he promises, “I promise Princess and Champ I will never let anyone take you away.” making everyone shudder in chills but happiness with is tone.

~Malhotra Mansion~

Aryan, Aditi and Krish are in Aryan’s room. He is caressing the kids who have stopped crying but their face still had the traces of their agony. He was not able to understand why was Aditi crying so much then suddenly he saw a paper in her hand. He releases the paper and sees it only to be shocked and tremble like a leaf. He stares at Aditi who is already string him teary eyed. Now he understood why was she crying. His eyes were full of tears but Aditi could see fear too because now he understood why all happened and he was scared to loose her and Krish. Aditi slowly hugged him through his waist and said, “you promised me dad, you promised that whatever will happen you will never leave me us. And also never let us go” with these words she stares him and she felt happy to see her father smiling wide in relief and he blew a tender kiss on her temple and repeated his promise once again and this time he was more than sure that he will never lose his children even if they will know the reality. Krish woke up and hopped upon Aryan’s lap and hugged him and went to sleep. Aryan and Aditi stare him wide eyed and look at each other and have a hearty laugh. he then lied down embracing Aditi too who went on a peaceful slumber with a slight smile on her face.

12:30 AM

Aryan has clutched his phone in one hand and another hand has the paper. “I wish you were here sweetheart. It was my fault because of which you are not with me today. I miss you” he says watching a picture on his phone whereas a tear roll down his chin unaware that somebody has seen the picture and heard his words very clearly.

– Amore Marine

Heyaa…. Finally it is here… Hope you like it and do tell me if there is any loophole… You know guys I just wanted to give some space to Aryan and Kids so here it is and let me tell you it was all sudden idea… But … this chappy is one of the most important for the upcoming chappies…


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