The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 8


Kunj leaves twinkle’s hand and she runs to the washroom.

Kunj (POV):
Oh my! I completely understand your pain twinkle. Don’t worry, maine tujhe sataya hai na toh main hi tujhe pataunga. But mujhe jo answer chahiye the woh mujhe mil gya. Thank you twinkie. Twinkie ? I like this name. Kunj blushes.

Twinkle (POV):
What do you want from me kunj? Sometimes you show you care while sometimes you show like i mean nothing to you? I don’t get you?

Evening @ 7 pm

The movie gets over and yuhi comes over to search for twinkle. When found twinkle says “sorry guys, actually my friend called up and it was urgent so i had to talk to her. By the way how was the movie?” Yuhi smile eat each other and together say “It was great!”. Our twinkle who was smart enough understood why it was great and smiled back blabbering “Kyu great nahi hogi? after all you guys had some spare time for your romance” not realizing she was loud enough to be heard. Yuvraj and mahi narrow their eyes and say “what?” while being very confused on what twinkle told. She replied saying nothing but they asked her about it so much that she got annoyed and spoke the whole thing to them about how she got to know about them. Mahi gets shy while yuvraj says to twinkle “meri pyaari baby doll, i know tu bahut achi say so keep this secret to yourself will you?” Twinkle who laughs to this and says “okok bhai but i have a condition”. Yuvi asks “abh kya hai meri maa ?” She says “promise me you will never annoy me and will buy that perfume i couldn’t buy cuz mumma said no”. Yuvi says “aaj beta tu toh kangal karake chodegi”. Twinkle replies to this saying “abh itna ache raaz pata chala hai toh thoda bhav khana toh banta hai”. Mahi shyly smiles listening to all this. Twinkle then says “bhabhi itna door khade hoke kyu has rahe ho?” Mahi says “Bhabhi ?” “Ofcourse bhabhi nahi toh kya bulao?” says twinkle while giggling. Yuvraj says “bahut hogya now lets leave for dinner”.Twinkle says “i am not hungry anymore”.

Twinkle (POV):
How can i ever be hungry with this kunj’s shit all around me. I’m never going to forgive him.

Yuvraj says “why? cuz you have eaten enough popcorn?” Twinkles thinks to herself ‘thank you bhai, you gave me an excuse.’ and says “yes bhai! I had too much popcorn so i am done”. He says “okay, then me and mahi will go have dinner”. Twinkle says “why not!” while she laughs. Mahi shyly says “how will you go home?” She says “dont worry about me i’ll take a cab. You guys go enjoy. Have a great romantic date alright?” Yuvraj says “baby doll shshsh”. Twinkle puts her finger on her lips while she continues laughing and says “okay bye love birds, enjoy your romantic date”. She leaves for home with a cab.

Sarna House:
Twinkle rings the bell for a while but later finds the door open. She enters and calls out for bebe, leela but gets no response. She later finds out a paper lying under the table. She picks it up which reads out :

“Because all you kids have left for movie and dinner, even we thought we could enjoy a little, have a meal, shop for the wedding and come back. So if you don’t find us home, then understand we’ll be coming anytime.”

Twinkle thinks “oh it will take them some time as i am already home at 7:30 and it will at least take them 2 hours to come back. hayee what will i do for so long time? On top of that i am so hungry now. I regret saying a no to bhai for dinner”. She comes out of her thought and thinks to go change her clothes. She heads towards her room and when she opens the door, she is completely surprised as well as confused. The room was completely decorated with fresh scented lily and pink roses with some candles lit on the windows. The breeze outside made the curtains to fly in the air making the atmosphere completely phenomenal. She asks to herself “who did this?” Her eyes fall on the bouquet that had a note with it which read “ hello twinkie, i know you might be surprised. But anyway, wear this dress which is packed in the gift beside this bouquet. Will be waiting❤️”.She thinks to herself “who might be doing this?” She sees the gift next to the banquet and decides to wear it. She goes to the dressing room and wears the dress. She sees herself on the mirror and finds out being it a backless dark blue maxi with slit on the right side and white flowers printed on it. She loved the dress. She wore matching accessories which made her look like an angel. She comes out of the room when she suddenly finds someone tying a cloth to her eye. She yells in fear saying “hey you! better stay away from me.You don’t know my family and brother. If they get to know you are doing wrong with me they will kill you”. But to her surprise no one responds. Someone again unties the cloth from her eyes and she is amazed to find two plates with glasses and some bowls which had noodles and manchurian in them. She thought to herself “who knew it i was hungry and exactly knew that i wanted to have chinese?” she turns around to see who had set this all up and finds kunj standing behind. Who else could it be? Kunj was standing there holding a paper which had sorry written in it.He later hands a bouquet filled with red and pink roses to twinkle which said sorry. Twinkle goes to kunj and says “you did all this?” Kunj replies “no, ghost did this all. Of course i did it! do u find any one else here?”. She asks “but why?” He says “to say sorry cuz i know i have hurt you and thought there wont be anyway better to say sorry”. She says “it wasn’t needed”. He says “of course it was! now anyway lets not waste time, i am hungry and i know you are too so lets eat”. She agrees and they both sit on the sofa facing opposite to each other

Precap : Twinj moments ☺️?
So hello all of you! drop off your thoughts about today’s part in the comments. Really looking forward to read them ☺️ Hoping for the comments to increase as i really ain’t satisfied. If the reason is that you don’t like any particular thing in this ff, please let me know so i can change it accordingly. Both positive and negative comments will be appreciated. Your comments are my support and feedback for my ff. Anyway, thank you to all those who commented. You guys really lighten up my mood. And sorry because i wont be able to upload a part tomorrow as i am a little busy in my home regarding a small function. Carry on commenting! Loves x

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  1. Kruti

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    Awesome episode yaar….nice date

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