The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 6


Hotel :
“Majority of the work is done. We can do the rest tomorrow.Lets leave for home” says twinkle to kunj. Kunj says okay. They start leaving when aashi says “kunj how can you forget your promise ?”. Twinkle thinks to herself “what promise is left ? to marry you witch ?” Kunj then adds “oh i am so sorry! how could i forget it ?” He then says to twinkle “dude i am so sorry! i promised aashi to take her for a movie and dinner when we meet the first time. Do you want me to drop you off home or you can manage ?” Twinkle was about to say to drop her when she changes her mind and says “its okay kunj! you can go i ‘ll manage to take a cab and go home”. Kunj asks “you sure ?” She adds “ofcourse! after all i aint a kid”. He says “okay but surely call or text me once you reach home alright?” Twinkle replies sure. Both set off in different cars.

Twinkle (POV):
He is so mean. He promised me that he wouldn’t let me feel lonely and look at him now. I seriously should stop trusting him. He can remember the promises he makes to aashi but not the promises he makes to me. Anyway, who am i to him. Aashi is her best friend and i am just a friend. But i don’t know why this affects me … him going out with someone else. Babaji what’s wrong with me.

Kunj (POV):
I know twinkle that i may have hurt you with this but its important for me to know if you feel the same about me.If your behavior is changed when i reach home, i will get my answer. Sorry twinkle but i am doing all this for us.

Sarna house:
Mahi, yuvraj and twinkle enter together. Twinkle being in a very bad mood asks yuvi if he enjoyed with his friends while she was working there all alone. Mahi then adds “wasn’t kunj with you ?” Twinkle replies “ofcourse di but he left me and went”. Mahi being confused asked “he left ? left where ? with whom?” Twinkle replies “oh actually his best friend aashi came to the hall to surprise him and i guess kunj promised her to take for dinner and movie once they meet”. Yuvraj says “no worries baby doll. You want to see a movie and have dinner ? I’ll take you okay ?” Mahi adds “ofcourse he can”. Twinkle says “okay but only if you join us mahi di”. Yuvraj being very happy says “ why not mahi di ? you wont break twinkle’s heart will you ?” mahi says ofcouse i’ll come. Yuvraj then says “oaky so its final! Baby doll, mahi and i will go for movie and then a restaurant done ?” Mahi says “sure done!”. Yuvraj then adds “But to go you gotta change so my darlings go change”. Twinkle interrupts “MY DARLINGS ? bhai aap mahi di ko darling kyu bol rahe ho (why are you saying darling to mahi di?)”. Yuvraj instantly replies “my mistake baby doll. now it will be better if you guys go change or else we might miss the movie”. Both leave.

After 20 minutes :
Both twinkle and mahi come dressed up. Mahi is wearing plain black short dress with small black pencil heel and had her hair partially tied up while twinkle is wearing a blue maxi with slits on the both the sides, her hair open accompanied by a pair of red wedges.

Yuvraj (POV):
oh dear god! Mahi looks so pretty! i could spend the rest of my life seeing her.

Yuvraj was staring at mahi continuously when twinkle says “bhai shall we leave ? aren’t you getting late now ?” Yuvraj still staring at mahi replies “sure darling i am in a hurry” which leaves twinkle confused. Yuvraj later realizes what he told and says “i meant lets leave or else we’ll skip our show”. All leave the house towards the car. Mahi drives the car while Yuvi sits behind and twinkle sits at the front seat. Yuvraj gestures mahi to let him sit in the front but she nods her head. They reach to the cinema in 15 minutes and mahi says to yuvraj “could you get us 3 tickets for xyz movie?” He says “sure why not!” They buy popcorn and snacks and get in the theatre. Mahi sits in middle while on her right side sat yuvraj and on the left twinkle. While the movie was running yuhi (yuvraj and mahi) started talking and romancing but without letting anyone know. But they didn’t realize twinkle heard everything but she kept quiet.

Twinkle (POV):
OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE REASON WHY CALLED “DARLINGS” THERE. BHAI AAP TOH CHUPE RUSTOM NIKLE. BUT YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER. I miss kunj man! i cant disturb them now. Bhai knows that i speak when i see a movie… whom shall i speak to ? i feel so lonely in here.

Its interval. Twinkle says “guys i am going to bring more popcorn” while thinking you guys can romance better now and giggles while she goes. While she goes to buy popcorn she sees kunj standing there talking to aashi while he was paying for the popcorn.Twinkle was hurt. When kunj turned, he saw twinkle and was about to say hi when twinkle ignores her faking a call.

Kunj (POV):
What is she doing here ? Whom did she come with ? but my god this girl will legit kill me. Damn she look breathtaking in her dress. God save me!

Kunj hears aashi says “where are you lost ? c’mon lets get in. the movie may start any minute”. Kunj replies sure.
Hope you guys liked it. I wrote a longer one this time as many said that they wanted it a little longer. In addition I really would thank you guys for showing so much interest into my ff. That really means a lot. Please do continue commenting! Loves x

Credit to: Monica

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