Hotel :
Kunj and twinkle continue to decorate the hall when suddenly one of kunj’s friend arrives. He goes and hugs her tight and says “oh god! i missed you so much. I am so glad that you are here”. The girl replies back saying “how could i not come when you invited me?”. They start having a conversation while leaving twinkle alone for working.

Twinkle (POV):
Look how kunj is sticking to that girl. Why don’t you marry her huh? useless. A minute ago someone says that he’ll be my assistant and will help me out with everything and on the other hand this is happening. I should have never trusted him. Wait twinkle, why is this affecting you ? Who is he to you ? It’ll be better if you concentrate in you work than this crap.

Kunj later realizes that he forgot about twinkle and introduces twinkle to his friend. He says “aashi this is twinkle and twinkle this is aashi”. He later adds “aashi what was that drama ?”. Aashi replies while laughing “c’mon its fun annoying you”. Twinkle then asks “guys what drama ?”. Kunj then explains her saying “aashi told me she wouldn’t come to attend the wedding and i was really upset cuz why wouldn’t i be? c’mon she is my best friend, and on top of that she lives in bangkok and because of this i cant even meet her. Its been so long since i met her.” Twinkle adds a sarcastic oh after he says. Twinkle then adds “assistant could you better start working now as there is a lot to do”. Kunj says “why not madam ?” Although this makes twinkle smile yet she is miffed by kunj. Twinkle starts behaving weird with kunj. She would get annoyed real quick from kunj. Kunj was quite disturbed with her behavior and later understands the reason behind her behavior.

Kunj (POV):
So madam you are angry cuz i was talking to aashi for that long ? Haye yeh kudi to mujhe tabah hi karke hi chodegi (aw this girl will destroy me). So darling you are jealous ? I like it. Lets annoy a little more what say ?

In the car (mahi and yuvraj):
Mahi continues to drive back home while yuvi staring at her.Mahi then says “what ?”. Yuvi says “nothing darling, drive your car”. This brings a really bright and wide smile on mahi’s face. Yuvraj then says “i would die for this smile”. Mahi then says “shut up! why would you die and stop flirting alright ?”. Yuvraj then replies “if i wont flirt with you then with whom will i ? and if you have so much problem then okay … i wont flirt .. i’ll flirt with someone else okay ? oh look at that girl … stop the car, lemme go talk to her”. Mahi says “you better sit her quietly or else i’ll kill”. “darling tere liye toh jaan bhi hazzir hai (i’ll give my life to you darling)” says yuvi. Mahi then adds “jaan nahi chahiye bas tu chup chap beth ja (i don’t need your life all i want is for you to stay quiet)”. Yuvraj then says “yehi toh possible nahi hai darling (this aint possible darling)”. Mahi then hits him on his chest in a friendly way and says “better shut up or bye!”. Yuvraj says “acha okay baba sorry mataji”. Mahi then replies “mataji hogi teri maa”. “ofcourse woh hi hai” says yuvi. Both giggle to this while they reach to sarna house.
Thank you to all those who comment and encourage me. But honestly since the last two episode’s the number of comments have reduced. Guys c’mon i appreciate all those people who take out time to read my ff but guys if you wont comment, i would feel that my ff aint interesting or something like that. Thank you to all my silent readers but i would really be happy if you guys start commenting. Sorry if this hurt someone. No hard feeling here.

Credit to: Monica

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