The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 42

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Part 41

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(Twinkle’s POV)

“And there they are” Usha aunty spoke as all of us heard the doorbell.

Everyone gets into welcoming them. Honestly, all of them, specially Khyati looked really pretty but is she crazy? Is it that her wedding is gonna take place or some other function? Such typical those kind of a girl who does so much taam-jham to impress a boy! and is she is not even my competition.

“Pandit ji might be coming anytime soon!” bebe spoke.

“There’s no hurry!” replied Khyati’s dad.

“But if you don’t mind, I’ve also thought of the cards that we could send to people” bebe spoke shocking everyone and giving a bigger shock to me.

‘Kya bebe! WHat’s the hurry?” asked Khyati’s mom.

“It’s not that I’m in a hurry but I’m really excited” bebe replied.

“Hogaya siyappa! Twinkle kuch jaldi kar warna tera Kunj kisi aur ka hojayega!” I thought to myself.

“Here see” bebe spoke showing few of the card designs she liked.

Everyone really liked the designs that she had shortlisted from at least 200 card styles. After solid 30-40 minutes, everyone shortlisted those cards even further to 3 cards.

“Now let the bride and groom decide their card” Usha aunty added to which everyone agreed.

Kunj and Khyati were asked to choose the card. Khyati chose her preference while Kunj still confused. As I was sitting beside him, he asked me.

“What? Did he just ask his girlfriend to select the card for his marriage with some stranger girl?” I thought.

“Anything’s fine! They all look gorgeous” I replied.

“But I can’t decide” he added.

“Yea Twinkle, help him. We all know how good of friends you two are, you know him well so you also can select for him” bebe added.

“Ji bebe” I replied.

After few seconds, I came to a conclusion and selected one which wasn’t Khyati’s preference.

“But if Khyati doesn’t like it, you can choose her’s” I spoke

“I guess, I change my decision. I like the one you choose more! That’s final, okay Kunj?” she asked.

“Sure” he replied.

“So the card is also finalized” bebe added.

“Now that’s fast, do the stuff after your marriage also this quick to give us the good news” Usha aunty spoke and everyone giggled.

I was frustrated from the inside. How could Kunj be so cool about this? Did he never love me? Was it all just lust for him? My heart told me that Kunj can never do such a thing but my mind, it told me that all that I’m thinking is true or else why would he be doing this if really loved me.


“Pandit ji give us an auspicious day for engagement which is within this week” bebe spoke, all excited.

“Ji there’s one very auspicious day but it’s too soon!” he spoke.

“When is it?” bebe asked.

“2 days later and the day for marriage, a month later” he answered.

“It seems perfect! I know it’s too early but trust me, I’ll handle it all” bebe spoke to Khyati’s parents.

“Okay! If you say so, we’re ready too” they replied.

“Great! You just prepare your daughter for the engagement and leave the rest to us” bebe told.

They nodded their head and soon left.


“Congratulations Mr. Kunj Sarna”

“See, I proved you wrong! and honestly, she’s so pretty that anyone would agree to marry her. Moreover, she’s beauty with brains! She’s …”

“Enough Kunj! I was here to congratulate you and not to hear her praises. Bye”

But before he could reply, I left, frustrated.

I reach my room, lock the door and fall down taking support of the door, face covered in legs.

“How could he do this to me? How could this challenge be so big to him that he actually marries a girl?” I thought to myself while my tears rolled down which were hidden inside me while I pretended to be strong.

I was sitting there, still and crying vigorously until something hit me.

“When he doesn’t care for me then why should I waste my time and tears on him? From now, he means nothing to me! Literally nothing! I don’t care who he marries, who he eats with, sleeps with or even dies with! He is a f**king stranger to me, that’s it!” I made up my mind at this thought and from now, I wouldn’t just pretend but actually be strong.


The sunlight shined over my face waking me up. I woke up finding myself sleeping in the couch. I don’t really remember how I ended up sleeping there. All I remember is that I was overthinking about the whole matter while sitting on the couch.

I quickly stood up and went to freshen up and get ready as I know, there’s a wedding that will take place in this house for which everyone would need help. I dressed up myself in a pink and blue patiala suit to be comfortable and moreover, to wear something different as I was a little tired of the western clothes.

Reaching the hall, I see everyone busy in some or the other work, yet again! In all the mess around, I hear the doorbell. Usha aunty asked me to open the door. I walked towards the door thinking again it’ll be one of them from Khyati’s family and in a very least bothered manner, I opened the door.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was standing right in front of me! I quickly engulfed him into a hug.

“I missed you so much bhai”

“I missed you too little sister” bhai spoke kissing my forehead.

“Why didn’t you inform me you were coming? I would’ve picked you up from the airport” I spoke showing fake anger.

“I was about to but then Mahi told me to surprise you as she is finding you very upset these days”

“Ahh, not again! I’m fine bhai”

“I know you are but being an elder brother, it’s my duty to protect you”

“Acha okay! I’m alright! Don’t make a scene here okay? If he wants to marry, let him!”

“You sure?”


“If you’re fine, then so am I”

I hug him again, a little tighter this time. We both walked to the living, his hands on my shoulder. Everyone chance by chance hugged him and talked to him for a while.

I was walking past the table when I saw something which again was about to break me down, “The Wedding Card”.

It had “Kunj Sarna Weds Khyati Sachdev” printed in bold. The words pierced my heart. I felt suffocated. I quickly ran up to my room and again locked myself.

After crying for a while, I stood up, strong and head up high to face everything with fierce heart and not a broken one.

I returned back to the living where bhai asked me where I was. I replied him back saying I went to the washroom and he nodded his head and walked to bhabhi.

“Bebe, anything I could do for you?” I asked her.

“Oh nothing Twinkle puttar! Everything is in it’s place” she answered.

Just then Kunj from behind came grumbling to bebe as to what he would wear on the engagement without noticing me.

“Twinkle, I have a work for you!”

“JI haan, bolo?”

“Take Kunj for shopping and buy something for him and yourself too!”

To show Kunj how his marriage didn’t matter me anymore, I replied,

“Ji bebe! Kunj go get ready! Today I’ll help you shop for your wedding”

He stood there startled at my reaction but later nodded and left.


We were in the mall, in a wedding clothes shop. He was busy selecting a sherwani for him while I looked out for lehenga’s for myself.

“Twinkle, could you help me select something for Khyati as well! She just called me and told she has fallen a little sick so she won’t be able to shop” he spoke.

“Sure” I replied.

After a few glances over the dresses, I found one really pretty lehenga for her and showed it to Kunj. He liked it very much and we finalized the dress. Within the next half an hour, we selected Kunj’s dress and we walked out of the shop.

“Where’s your dress Twinkle?” he questioned.

“Actually, I liked none of them so I didn’t buy any! Don’t worry, I’ll wear anything, it’s not my marriage that I have to dress up very much” I replied.

“But, you’re my best friend so you have to look pretty!” I spoke.

“I’m pretty the way I am!” I spoke with a smirk.

“Okay okay, calm” he said while lifting his hands in the air.

“I am, duh!” I speak, rather annoyed.

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  1. SidMin23

    It was nice and why kunj is happy to marry other girl is their is plan and putting behind this hope twinj get married not with other girl and do show some twinj meoment in shopping center.

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    Okay! So this episode really worth waiting. Felt a bit bad for twinkle. TBH, I believe that Kunj will marry twinkle only. So no worries!? Anyway, will be waiting for your next update. Hope you’ll get time and post soon. And ya happy valentines to you too!?❤️?

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much! x ?

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    My God!! Whats happening.. kunj ki shadi kisi or ladki se

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    Hey kriti
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