The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 41

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Part 40

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Kunj – So are you here forcefully or you were wiling to be here?

Khyati – Excuse me?

Kunj – I mean like any boyfriend and all?

Khyati – No scenes as such! What about you? Any girlfriend?

Kunj – Okay keep it to yourself alright? I do have a girl in my life. It’s just that my family has no clue about it so they fixed up this alliance.

Khyati – Ohh! So it’s a no from your side right?

Kunj – Take that as an answer?

Khyati – If you don’t mind, can I know who the girl is?

Kunj – Oh, only if you remember when bebe introduced .. she named someone as Twinkle right? She is!

Khyati – how is she in your house and nobody has a problem?

Kunj – No she is actually my sister’s sister-in-law so she came along with her and she has very well mingled up with us.

Khyati – so any plans on letting your family know about your relationship?

Kunj – ofcourse, but idk how?

Khyati – okay, I can help you .. if you want me to?

Kunj – sure but how?

Kunj – That’s great! Thank you so much!

Khyati – you’re welcome!

Kunj – let’s go now?

Khyati – yes surely!


(Twinkle’s POV)

“Oh look they’re here” bebe spoke after seeing the two of them returning back.

“So how was it? You two like each other?” bebe asked.

Both were facing the ground, basically were shy to tell and everyone knew what!

“So mein yeh rishta pakka samjhu?” bebe asked Khyati’s father.

“Ji zaroor” he replied.

Usha aunty then made everyone eat sweets in the celebration of fixing Kunj’s alliance. I put up a fake smile and later returned back to my room with the excuse of headache.


“Did he just do this? Is he really gonna marry her? Is he gonna ditch me? What am I gonna do now?” I questioned myself.

Just after a while, bhabhi comes to the room.

“Are you fine?”

“How do you expect me to be fine?”

“I understand you! Why don’t you go talk to Kunj about disclosing your relationship?”

“Actually, we fought and now I told him that it doesn’t matter to me if he marries someone else”

“Kardiya siyappa! Now go rectify your mistake and talk to him else you’ll remain sad for the rest of your life”

“Yes bhabhi”

“You better! Chall, I’ll talk to you later. Don’t forget to talk to him alright?”



I move to the kitchen as I was hungry but bebe calls me to her.

“Twinkle, did you like Khyati?”

I stood there numb, having no reaction.

“Isn’t Khyati just the perfect match for Kunj?”

“Ji bebe!”

“I knew it”

“Bebe, I need to drink water .. I’ll come in a while”


I walk towards the kitchen but something was eating me up from inside. Although I told Kunj that I’m fine without him but here I can’t even tolerate people talking about him with some other girl. I curse myself on being so stupid.

I pour water in the glass and didn’t realize that the water was overflowing until Kunj tapped my shoulder.

“Twinkle, you alright? Where are you lost?”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry”

“Are you disturbed regarding something?”

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know that, but you look tensed or say stressed out?”

“Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing like that! Btw, congratulations!”

“Oh yeah thank you!”

“I’m really tired. We’ll talk tomorrow?”


And then, I walk out of the kitchen.


(The next morning)

I quickly dress up myself into a simple black top with demin jeans remembering that Khyati and her parents were coming over to final the dates for marriage and other functions.

“How am I gonna make everyone realize that she isn’t the perfect one for Kunj and I am?” I thought to myself as the thought of loosing Kunj over someone else haunts me.

I reach in the living and find everyone busy and c’mon I know the reason. Bebe called out my name after seeing me saying she needed a help from me. I went to her and what she said shook me completely.

“Do you know what? We’re planning on keeping the engagement of Kunj and Khyati tomorrow. What’s your take on it?”

I stood there, all numb. My heart had literally stopped beating for a second.

“Bebe, don’t you think it’s too early? I mean they just met. Give them some time to know each other after all it’s about something which can change ones’ whole life”

“I agree, but didn’t you see the glow on their faces after meeting each other?”

“Yes. too much glow. I hate you Kunj Sarna” I murmur under my breath.


“JI bebe! I agree but still? Don’t you think? We should give them more time? and honestly, I don’t really think she’s that compatible for Kunj”

“Wait what? Why do you think that?”

“I don’t know bebe! All I know is he deserves someone better! and maybe that someone better is around you but you fail to notice her? The rest depends on you. I need to make a call to my friend so talk to you later!” and saying this, I leave, dropping hints for bebe!

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  1. Baby

    ohhhhh god kritika☺
    srsly luvd it sooooo mch amazing fabulous ☺
    awwww…….bechari twinkle hehe luvd it☺
    n i think bebe knows twinj luv eo pata nhi
    bt srsly adorable n cute☺
    lods of love♥
    post nxt asap☺

  2. Sara28

    Hey, Kritika!
    We don’t talk much anymore. Busy lately? But coming to the episode, it was hilarious seeing Twinkle’s jealous side. I knew Kunj and Khyati would come up with some sort of plan. That last line of Twinkle’s had my dying! ? Can’t wait to see if Bebe gets the hint or not. Love you! x

  3. Ria

    Hey Stupid,
    Everything’s messed up, isn’t it? I really am excited for this sudden twist in the story which I’m looking forward to rather excitedly. None of the two would let go off their ego. The way Twinkle explained things to Bebe? Looking forward to the next one. Hope you can post soon. ?

    All my love,

  4. SidMin

    Dude seriously loved the episode it was just beyond words I mean …. Twinkle ?? I feel sad for her … hope she does not create any Siyappa’s ….
    Love you post soon ????

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  6. Kruti

    Today Twinkle was worth laughing upon….bechari??….nd d last line.
    Amazing epi
    Continue asap

    Loads of love

  7. Presha

    hey kritikacawsome yaar mind blowng
    just loved it

  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and poor twinkle I feel like Bebe know about twinj it seen like to be.
    May be khyati and kunj told Bebe waiting for next post.

  9. It’s adorable??? and Twinkie??
    Post soon kritika dii?

    I love you! Trust me, I do. The way you write has always made me think about how fabulously you write! Specially, Twinkle’s last dialogue ? The hints were OHMYGOD ?? I’m really loving the track, it’s so funny and I LOVE to see Twinkle jealous. Looking forward for the next part. Post real soon!

    Love you ❤️?

  11. Awesome kritika I loved it and i think twinj are going to get engaged

  12. Chiku

    Dude it’s awesome ??… i loved twInkle giving hints o bebe?????oh coool maan. Lovely
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    Sorry my sweetheart??
    Haha! Okay sorry bcoz this comment is gonna be short. Actually my mocks have started and that too without any gaps so no TU till 16th. But your bday won’t

    1. Adya

      be skipped.

      Anyways, the episode was too cute. I love this jealous Twinkle, hope bebe gets some hint. I’m too excited to see what happens next.

      Hope you post soon and forgive your little PM.???
      Love you!

  14. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode…..
    And cute too ,plz post next one soon dear

  15. Ramya

    Hey kriti
    It’s amazing awesome
    But don’t know what’s upto Kunjs mind
    But somewhere feeling bad fr twinkle
    Love u keep smiling

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Jealous twinkle… That was amazing.. loving this track… Amazing amazing

  17. Shalini15

    Hey Kritika it was awesome mind blowing fabulous episode. twinkle’s jealousy was superb. hope she will not create any Syapa. Waiting to know what is in kunj mind. try to post next asap.

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