Hotel :

Kunj is helping twinkle decorate the tables and chairs. Twinkle calls out for the workers when one of them informs that they have left to have lunch. Twinkle then mumbles to herself “these workers are useless and if I wait for them to work … I can never have my work done on time”. While speaking to herself she didn’t realise that she was loud enough for kunj to hear her and therefore kunj then adds “do you want any help from your fellow assistant ?” this makes twinkle smile. Kunj thinks to himself that for this smile he could do anything. Twinkle then adds “could you please help me put those balloons and banners”. Kunj says “sure why not ?”. Twinkle then climbs up the ladder while kunj passes the balloons to her to hang it up on the wall. He helps her to stick the banner to the wall. He then hands her the basket of flowers which is supposed to be hanged on the walls. He later excuses himself from twinkle as his phone rings. Twinkle continues to hang those flowers when suddenly she losses her balance from the ladder and was about to fall on the ground when kunj comes and rescues her by holding her in his arms. Both of them get lost seeing each other while kunj starts caressing twinkle’s face. They suddenly realize and kunj leaves twinkle in a way so that she doesn’t get hurt. To not make things awkward between them, kunj says “cant you work properly ? if something would have happened to you then what would happen to me?”. Kunj later realizes what he has said and then quickly speaks “ take care idiot” and leaves.

Kunj (POV):

Oh shoot! am I high ? what did I just say ? what will she think about me now ? but shit that girl is so mindblowing. Her eyes, I could stare at them for the rest of my life. Wait what are you saying kunj ? are you starting to fall in love with her ? shut up! It will be better if you start to work.

Twinkle (POV):

Wait what ? did he just say that ? does he feel like that ? cmon idiot stop thinking too much. He wont fall for a girl like you. You are such an idiot and he is so smart and handsome. But still a part of me still thinks he feels the same. Oh god you just think too much, you’ve got a lot of work to be done it will be better if you concentrate more on that.

Restaurant (mahi and yuvraj):

Yuvraj introduces mahi to his friends. They eat and talk for a while. Mahi then excuses herself saying “guys I’ll be back in a minute” and then leaves. Yuvraj also excuses himself after mahi leaving and says he’ll be back in a while as he needs to make an important phone call. He follows mahi and sees her heading towards the washroom. He waits for her to come out and when she comes out he says “thank you for helping today”. Mahi says “I already told you don’t have to be”. Yuvraj then adds “actually the reason why I am here is that there is something in you that attracts me. I am sorry if this will freak you out but I think I really like you”. Mahi who is extremely happy listening to this says “do you really ?”. yuvraj says “what you think I am kidding ? it feels so nice when I am listening you talk. I don’t know if you believe in me yet but honestly I really think there’s more than friendship in us”. Mahi stands there paralyzed. Yuvraj says “can you say something ?” Mahi replies to this saying “I feel the same about you and I am so glad that this has happened that we met. I never met a guy like you before. Thank you lighting my world”. Hearing this yuvraj hugs her tightly. When breaking the hug yuvraj kisses her on her left cheek leaving her completely surprised and then he leaves towards the direction where his friends are sitting. She comes back and sits beside yuvraj. When she continues talking to others, yuvraj hold her hands under the table and mahi gestures him to leave her hand while he holds her hand even tighter. She tries to free her hand. Suddenly mahi’s phone rings and its usha saying her to return home as she needs her help. Mahi then says that she has to leave and that she’ll love to meet again. She says bye to everyone and the yuvraj stands up and says “guys you carry on, I gotta go help my parents in arranging the event here”. Everyone agrees and mahi and yuvraj leave together towards the car.

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..

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    nice epi monica

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    Monica…it was lovely dear…

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey Monica
    I know I m damn late in commenting…but seriously yaar ur title n story is superb
    I really liked it
    Just one suggestion that can u please put up some twinj pics on ur dp…becoz ur ff is a lively one n ur dp is not suiting
    Carry on with ur work…u r doing great❤❤

  5. Hey,,, monica
    First of all sorry coz i hadn cmnt bforr coz i was so busy n i read u all epi just now only n thought to cmnt on last1 only as i had less time
    Ohh sosorry again bahot bakbak karliya
    Nyways ur ff is……………….is…….(let me think naa) …yaa ur epi was super…duper…hit wala….amazing…fab n unique1 loved it

    Do cont asap

  6. It wz a gr8 epi… Luvd twinj pov’s

  7. Angita

    Amazing yaar nice one

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    Loved it waiting for the next episode pls post it asap 🙂

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    Amazing Monica u r doing superb ….what a ff yrr awesome …
    Episode was tooooo good ….loved it

  10. Oohh superb epi!!! Do post ur next epi soon

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    nice epi..
    loving this track

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    Awesome epi..

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    Monica, it was amazing dear. Really loved it.?

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    amazing yr amazing monica luvd it

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